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S K E T C H E S These sketches were my first sketches of the class. They were exploratory and random. I think I did well here by involving different line types, shading, textures, and subjects.


These sketches include 2 add replacements and our scale/perspective sketch. I feel these are my best sketches in achieving the project goals and using creativity to find a unique solution.


{MY PROCESS} Below are the thumbnails for AWTTF where I had to incorporate me in the drawing. I had to try to incorporate a great sense of vertical or horizontal line and something from the stories. I tried to provide many options for each object so I had a lot to chose from

THUMBNAILS To the left are the matte painting thumbnails where I used an action figure as the main subject and created backgrounds to chose from. Below are the thumbnails for UBS where I had more freedom to chose my subject for the thumbnails. I provided a variety of choices for each project.

Week 1

I wanted to create motion with my avatar. I also wanted to create a dramatic background, that is why I used such a dark back ground, to make the figure pop. I didn’t think that my non use of detail worked in the arm and body of the figure though.




Week 2

I feel like this was my worst project that I did in this class. I didn’t do the thumbnails correctly and on the final, I didn’t get the proportions right in the perspective . Though, I did do the stippling correctly according to the light source.




Week 3


This project was one of my personal favorites. I enjoyed picking the subject matter and also working with watercolor for the first time. I used pictures of ballerina shoes and theater curtains for reference to get the perspective and lighting and shadows correct.



Week 4


For the final I changed the trees back to more cartoon looking with the trees and trunks from the rough. I added shading underneath the trees and towards the bottom of the trunks since the lighting is coming from the tops of the trees.



Week 5



This project was a little tricky because my action figure was leaning from the right so I had to create a background that she could lean out from. I chose Harley Quinn from batman. She was also carrying a cupcake bomb so I incorporated that into my design as well. I had a hard time with the shadowing.


Week 6

I decided to take the product project and redo it. I chose the hello kitty doll instead of the piggy bank and I chose an interesting position by sitting it on my dresser and looking up at it while a flash light pointed down at the doll.




Illustration Final Book  

sketches, thumbnails, drawings, and renderings from my illustration 1 class

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