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Global Warming Is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Global warming has reduced the snow-covered areas in the northern hemisphere, and has caused many of the ice floes floating in the Arctic Ocean have melted.

Causes of global warming: Thanks to the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere and other gases responsible for the greenhouse effect of solar radiation that reaches the Earth is held in the atmosphere. As a result of this heat, the average temperature on the surface of the Earth reaches about 60 째 F, which is conducive to the development of life on the planet. However, as a result of the burning of fossil fuels and other activities associated human industrialization process, the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere has increased considerably in recent years.

Consequences of global warming: Climate - Global warming has caused an increase in temperature average surface of the Earth. Due to the melting of portions of the polar ice, sea level underwent a rise of 4-8 inches during the past century, and it is estimated that there will continue to increase.

Health - An increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface will bring as result in an increase in respiratory diseases and cardiovascular, infectious diseases caused by mosquitoes and tropical pests, and in prostration and dehydration due to heat.

Surface water quality - Although the magnitude and increase frequency of rain events, the water level in the lakes and rivers will decrease. Further due to the evaporation caused by the temperature rise.

Terrestrial ecosystems - As a result of global warming, the tropical region will extend to higher latitudes, and the forest region pines will extend to regions that today are part of the tundra and taiga.

Can we do something to reduce gas emissions and the consequences of global warming? Everyone can do something to reduce gas emissions greenhouse warming and consequences overall. Among other things, we: - Reduce power consumption -Limit water consumption -Use recycled paper - Walking or use public transport - Recycle aluminum cans, plastic and glass

Global Warming  

Global Warming, causes, consequences and solutions.

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