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Gregor Schneider ‘GERMAN ANGST’ 03.04 – 03.05.2014

DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY is pleased to present GREGOR SCHNEIDER, ‘German Angst.’ Awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2001 for his infamous work ‘Totes Haus u r,’ exhibited at the German Pavilion, Schneider has earned a reputation as an outstanding artist and as the creator of an utterly baffling oeuvre. In 2007 Schneider built the confronting Kaldor Public Art Project, 21 beach cells, which created a dominating presence on Bondi Beach, Sydney. Schneider also installed 'Basement Keller Haus u r' 1985 - 2012 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The eleven-by-four-metre room shipped from Rheydt, was carefully inserted into the architectural fabric of the Gallery. A suite of photographs documenting 'Totes Haus u r' accompanies his work at the museum. The provocative artist is well known for the sensory aspects of his work. Since 1985 he has been rebuilding the interior spaces of his home in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt, Germany. As walls are removed or ceilings lowered, Schneider’s spatial incursions create a sense of claustrophobia. Such feelings of unease are heightened when the artist includes in the work lifeless, sculptural bodies covered in plastic or real people repeatedly performing everyday tasks. His work consistently features hollow rooms, haunting spaces and dark mausoleums. The original work ‘Haus u r’ 1985 –now, is the foundation for the building work that he produces for exhibition purposes.

Schneider's fascination with darkened, asphyxiation rooms has become an art genre in itself. His work alludes gruesomely to sex, death and suffering. "One builds what one no longer knows", he states, and his work exemplifies the tricks that the human mind can play when stretched far beyond the normal. Schneider wants his work to help us to reflect upon and overcome our worst nightmares. That these fetid rooms have become highly sought after by collectors and museums certainly reveals how compelling we find the most disquieting aspects of the human condition. In 2008 Schneider became embroiled in controversy after saying he wanted to create a space in a museum in which people could die. His argument was that society's horror of death was so acute that we prefer to ignore it, leaving people to die in the clinical impersonality of a hospital rather than somewhere beautiful. His impassioned response reflected on the endemic cruelty in our society that leads us to blatantly disregard our final act.

Gregor Schneider TOTES HAUS u r, Venice 2001, 24 rooms from developed and doubled rooms of the House u r, Rheydt 1985-2001, mixed media © Gregor Schneider / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

TOTES HAUS UR, 2001, German Pavilion 49t h Venice Biennale In 2001, Schneider was awarded the Golden Lion at the 49t h Venice Biennale for TOTES HAUS u r, (Dead House u r) in the German Pavilion, relocating the entire interior of a two-story residential house inside the exhibition space in Venice. This was an artistic work of an architectural scale. It responded to the avant-garde exhortation to leave the realms of the symbolic and to engage directly with social and political reality, but at the same time it undermines this exhortation in that it produces nothing other than what was already there, “I was interested in freewheeling actions.” Gregor Schneider’s practice is different from that of the readymade, with his own hands he reproduces existing rooms in the same place and subsequently, for exhibition purposes, reconstructs these in another place. Thus he takes over and affirms an existing building, constantly seeking to make a connection with what it is not, with an uncanny deeper level that fundamentally questions the existential possibility of dwelling, of finding refuge in a house.

DIE FAMILIE SCHNEIDER, October - December 2004, 14 & 16 Walden Street, Whitechapel, London E1

In his first major project in the UK, Gregor Schneider constructed a new work, bringing his long-standing interest in repression, reproduction and repetition to a very ordinary street in London’s East End.

Die Familie Schneider took place in neighboring, identical houses – 14 and 16 Walden Street. The houses were open by appointment only and visitors – always two at a time – collected the front door keys from a small office on the same street. One visitor entered 14 Walden Street alone, whilst the other entered the neighboring house. After a period of ten minutes, the visitors emerged, exchanged keys and entered the second house. At no time was there ever more than one visitor in each house.

CUBE VENICE 2005, CUBE BERLIN 2006, CUBE HAMBURG 2007 In 2005, Gregor Schneider was officially invited to realize the CUBE VENICE 2005 at the Piazza di San Marco in Venice during the 2005 Biennale. The sculpture was rejected due to its "political nature”, intended to be an independent sculpture in form, function and appearance, inspired by the Kaaba in Mecca. The rejection at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin’s contemporary art museum housed in a former train station, came after Mr. Schneider had been invited to construct “Cube Berlin 2006” by the museum’s director, Eugen Blume. The general director of the State Museums of Berlin, Peter-Klaus Schuster, halted the work, even though the catalog, with Mr. Blume’s essay, was already at the printer. In 2007 the CUBE HAMBURG was realized in the courtyard of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Under the artistic direction of the curator, Dr. Hubertus Gaßner, different aspects of a Malevich painting from 1878-1935 were analyzed in an exhibition entitled "The Black Square – Homage to Malevich". “Malevich himself wanted to build exactly this cube — for Lenin’s grave, actually,” said Mr. Gassner. “And without a doubt he would be thrilled to see Schneider’s box standing out there.”

21 BEACH CELLS Commissioned by Kaldor Art Projects (Project 16), Gregor Schneider transformed Sydney’s Bondi Beach in 2007 into a giant cage titled 21 beach cells. The 4 x 4 meter cells contained amenities for visitors – an air mattress, beach umbrella and black plastic garbage bag – and were soon inhabited by beachgoers looking for a site to rest and find shelter from the sun. The shadow image of Guantánamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray – and Australia’s own immigration detention centers – became a site for relaxation. 21 beach cells captured the atmosphere of the time, an environment of global terrorism, detention of immigrants and the Cronulla race riots, questioning Australia’s egalitarian self-image.

Art Gallery NSW, ‘BASEMENT KELLER Haus U r’, 1985 – 2012 John Kaldor Family Collection in collaboration with the Art Gallery of New South Wales Commissioned for the contemporary international contemporary art collection at Art Gallery of NSW, Gregor Schneider created an eleven-by-four-metre room that has been shipped from Rheydt, Germany, and carefully inserted into the architectural fabric of the Gallery. A suite of photographs documenting Totes Haus u r accompanies his work.

‘u r 10-6, Haus u r, Rheydt’ ‘u r 10-2, Haus u r, Rheydt’

‘u r 10 Haus u r, Rheydt’ ‘u r 10-5 Haus u r, Rheydt’

‘u r 10-3, Haus u r, Rheydt’ ‘u r 10-1, Haus u r, Rheydt’

1995, 2/6, framed, b/w hand proof print on Agfa paper, 42 x 52 cm each, set of 6: $30,000, $5,800 each Terms of sale of all works shown: 10% deposit on reservation. Balance on collection. Prices as of April 2014. All prices listed may change without notice. All prices include GST.

’u r 1, Haus u r, Rheydt’, 1986, b/w print Agfa paper, 2/6, framed, 42 x 52 cm, $5,800

‘u r l u 15 Haus u r, Rheydt’

‘u r l u 16 Haus u r, Rheydt’

1988, 2/6, framed, b/w hand proof print on Agfa paper, 42 x 52 cm each, set of 2: $10,500, $5,800 each

‘WEISSE FOLTER Düsseldorf’, 2007, BLU-RAY, 20:04 min, 3/6, $14,000

‘u 7 – 10, Haus u r, Rheydt’, 1987, b/w print Agfa paper, 2/6, framed, 42 x 52 cm, $5,800

‘Man lying with an erection’, 2001, silicon, trousers, T-shirt, 158 x 70 x 21 cm, $140,000

‘u r  l  u  14,  SCHLAFZIMMER  (A),  Haus  u  r,  Rheydt’ ‘u  r  l  u  14,  SCHLAFZIMMER  (II),  Haus  u  r,  Rheydt’  

‘u  r  l  u  14,  SCHLAFZIMMER  (B),  Haus  u  r,  Rheydt’    ‘u  r  l  u  14,  SCHLAFZIMMER  (III),  Haus  u  r,  Rheydt’  

‘u  r  l  u  14,  SCHLAFZIMMER  (I),  Haus  u  r,  Rheydt’      ‘u  r  l  u  14,  SCHLAFZIMMER  (Schlafen),  Haus  u  r,  Rheydt’    

1988, 2/6  , framed, b/w hand proof print on Agfa paper, 42 x 52 cm each, set of 6: $30,000, $5,800 each

‘u r 8, TOTAL ISOLIERTER TOTER RAUM (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/15/16), Giesenkirchen’ 1989-91, 1/6, framed, b/w hand proof print on Agfa paper, 42 x 52 cm each, set of 15: $75,000, $5,800 each

‘IM KERN, Rheydt (I)’, 1996, b/w print Agfa paper, 2/6, framed, 42 x 52 cm, $5,800

‘IM KERN, Rheydt (II)’, 1996, b/w print Agfa paper, 2/6, framed, 42 x 52 cm, $5,800

‘u r 12, TOTAL INSOLIERTES GASTEZIMMER (1), Haus u r, Rheydt’

‘u r 12, TOTAL INSOLIERTES GASTEZIMMER (3), Haus u r, Rheydt’,

1995, 2/6, framed, b/w hand proof print on Agfa paper, 42 x 52 cm each, set of 2: $10,500, $5,800 each

‘HAUPTSTRASSE Garzweiler’, 2008, BLU-RAY, 5:13 min, 3/6, $14,000

ZWILLINGSTOCHTER (No.1) Rheydt’, 2008, silicone, clothes, plastic bag, 20 x 60 x 112 cm, $88,000

Gregor Schneider   1969              Born  in  Rheydt,  Germany   1989  -­‐  92  Studied  at  Dusseldorf  Academy,  Munster  Academy  and  Hamburg  Academy       Solo  ExhibiKons   2014              Synagoge  Stommeln,  Pulheim,  Germany   Schauspiel  Koln,  Cologne,  Germany   Gregor  Schneider,  German  Angst,    Dominik  Mersch  Gallery,  Sydney,  Australia   Moules,  Oeufs,  Frites,  The  Ridder:  House  for  Contemporary  Art,  Maastricht,  The  Netherlands   Amateurvideos,  CAPRI,  Dusseldorf,  Germany   2013              Golden  Lion  2001  -­‐  2013,  Gallery  Wako  Works  of  Art,  Tokyo   Gegenwelten,  Museum  Schloss  Ambras,  Innsbruck,  Austria   Süßer  du`,  Summerhall,  Edinburgh   2012              scheiß  e  -­‐mails,  Future  Gallery,  Berlin   Cryo  -­‐  Tank  Phoenix,  Volkbühne  Berlin,     Berlin  Keller,  Art  Gallery  of  New  South  Wales,  Sydney   Sterberaum,  Muzeum  Naro  dowe  w  Szczecinie,  Szczecin,  Poland   scheiß  e-­‐mails,  Future  Gallery,  Berlin   Deadlock,Centro  de  Arte  Dos  de  Mayos,  Madrid   2011              Sterberaum,  Kunstraum  Innsbruck,  Innsbruck,  Austria   Gregor  Schneider.  Punto  Muerto,  Centro  de  Arte  Dos  de  Mayo,  Madrid   it's  all  rheydt,  Calcuea,  India   Gregor  Schneider  Fotografien,  Galerie  Nelso  -­‐Freemann,  Paris,  France   Cube  Neuchâtel  2011,  (curated  Arthur  de  Pury)  Neuchâtel,  Switzerland     2010              Schöner  wohnen,  Konrad  Fischer  Galerie,  Düsseldorf,  Germany   Toter  Raum,  Tokio  2010,  Gallery  Wako  Works  of  Art,  Tokyo,  Japan     Fotografie  und  Skulptur,  Sadie  Coles  HQ,  London   Toter  Raum,  Rom  2010,  (curated  by  Danilo  Eccher  and  Claudia  Gioia),  Fondazione  Volume!,  Roma,  Italy   Wegen  Sanierung  der  Toileeenanlage  ist  das  Kabinee  geschlossen,  (Curated  by  Jürgen  Wesseler),  Kabinee  für  Aktuelle  Kunst,  Bremerhaven,  Germany   2009              GARAGE  2009,  (curated  by  Susanne  Titz),  StädKsches  Museum  Abteiberg,  Mönchengladbach,  Germany   Dommuseum  zu  Salzburg,  Salzburg,  Austria   Gregor  Schneider  Beach  Cells,  Herzliya  Beach,  Herzliya  Museum,  Herzliya,  Israel   Herzliya  Museum,  Herzliya,  Israel  Kinderzimmer  (special  commission),     Subversive  Spaces,  Whitworth  Art  Gallery,  Manchester,  UK        

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Nothingness and  Being,  Seventh  InterpretaKon  of  La  Coleccion  Jumex,  Fundación/Colección  Jumex,  Ecatepec,  Mexico   Goldfish  Suddenly  Dead,  Extra  City  Centre  for  Contemporary  Art,  Antwerp,  Belgium   Double,  40  Jahre  Kabinee  für  Aktuelle  Kunst,  Museum  für  Moderne  Kunst,  Frankfurt  am  Main,  Germany   Subversive  Spaces,  The  Whitworth  Art  Gallery,  Manchenster,  UK   MAN  SON.  1969  -­‐  Vom  Schrecken  der  SituaKon,  Hamburger  Kunsthalle,  Hamburg,  Germany   Come  -­‐  in:  Interior  Design  as  a  Contemporary  Art  Medium  in  Germany,  NaKonal  Museum  of  Singapore,  Singapore,  Singapore   2008              Geschlossene  Gesellscha`,  KW  InsKtute  for  Contemporary  Art,  Berlin   PoliKcal/Minimal,  KW  InsKtute  for  Contemporary  Art,  Berlin   Medium  Religion,  Museum  fur  Neue  Kunst,  Karslruhe,  Germany   Origins,  Hudson  Valley  Center  for  Contemporary  Art,  New  York   Nole`overs,  Kunsthalle  Bern,  BernBeyond  Orientalism:  How  the  West  was  Won  over  by  Islamic  Art,  Islamic  Arts  Museum,  Kuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia     50  Jahre  Förderpreis  für  Bildende  Kunst  des  Landes  Nordrhein  -­‐  Wessalen,  Kunst  aus  NRW,  Aachen  –  Kornelimünster   Paul  Thek.  Werkschau  im  Kontext  zeitgenössischer  Kunst,  Sammlung  Falckenberg,  Hamburg,  Germany   Private  passions,  public  visions,  Museo  de  Arte  Contemporánea  de  Vigo,  Vigo,  Spain  (Cat)   Come  -­‐  in,  RMIT  -­‐  Gallery,  Melbourne,  Australia   You  dig  the  Tunnel,  I’ll  Hide  the  Soil,  White  Cube,  Hoxton,  London   Estratos”,  (Curated  by  Nicolas  Bourriaud),  Pac  Murcia,  Murcia,  Spain   2007              Paul  Thek.  Werkschau  im  Kontext  zeitgenössischer  Kunst,  ZKM  |  Zentrum  für  Kunst  und  Medientechnologie  Karlsruhe,  Karlsruhe,  Germany   Forced  AbdicaKon,  Galerie  Luis  Campaňa,  Köln,  Germany   Wiedereröffnung  des  Museums  Abteiberg,  Museum  Abteiberg,  Mönchengladbach,     Germany  Die  Biennale  07  Köln,  (Curated  by  Michael  Staab),  Labor  Nowoeny  Mies,  Cologne,Germany   2007              La  cieá  che  sale.  We  try  to  build  the  future,ARCOS  -­‐  museo  d  ́arte  contemporanea  sannio,  Benevento,  Italy   1st  Athens  Biennial  2007  Destroy  Athens,  Technopolis  of  the  City  of  Athens,  Athen  (Cat)   GeneraKonal  Issue,  Centro  Galego  de  Arte  Contemporánea,  SanKago  de  Compostela,  Spain   Fractured  Figure  -­‐  Works  from  the  Dakis  Joannou  CollecKon,  Deste  FoundaKon  Centre  for  Contemporary  Art,  Athen   Viewing  Room  vol.04,  Daiwa  Radiator  Factory,  Hiroshima,  Japan   Okkult.  Filme  und  Videos  zu  Spuk  und  Psychokinese,  Hamburger  Kunsthalle,  Hamburg,  Germany   MARTa  schweigt.,  MARTa  Herford  gGmbH,  Herford,  Germany   Reality  Bites,  Mildred  Lane  Kemper  Art  Museum,  St.  Louis  (MO),  USA   La  cieá  che  sale.  We  try  to  build  the  future,  ARCOS  -­‐  museo  d  ́arte  contemporanea  sannio,  Benevento,  Italy   Titled/UnKtled,  Lismore  Castle,  Lismore,  Ireland   Rockers  Iceland.Obricht  CollecKon,    Museum  Folkwang,  Essen,  Germany   Into  Me  /  Out  of  Me,  Museo  d'Arte  Contemporanea  Roma,  Rome   What  does  the  jellyfish  want?  Fotografien  von  Man  Ray  bis  James  Coleman,  Museum  Ludwig,  Cologne,  Germany   18:Beckee,  Walter  Phillips  Gallery,  Banff,  Canada   Timer  01,  Triennale  Bovisa,  Milan,  Italy   Visit(e),  Centre  for  Fine  Arts,  Brussels   Das  schwarze  Quadrat  Hommage  an  Malewitsch,  Hamburger  Kunsthalle,  Hamburg,  Germany   lines,  squares  and  cubes,  Produzentengalerie  Hamburg,  Hamburg,  Germany  

Connected., Altes  Museum  /  BIS  -­‐  Zentrum,  Mönchengladbach,  Germany   spectacular  space,  galerie  bob  van  orsouw,  Zürich,  Switzerland   Wonderwall  -­‐  ConstrucKng  The  Sublime,  Tomio  Koyama  Gallerie,  Tokyo   RAUM.  Orte  der  Kunst,  Akademie  der  Künste,  Berlin,  Germany   Reality  Bites,  Mildred  Lane  Kemper  Art  Museum,  St.  Louis  (MO),  USA   2006              Into  Me  /  Out  of  Me,  KW  InsKtute  for  Contemporary  Art,  Berlin   Bilderhaus  Schaeenraum,  Haus  KonstrukKv,  Zürich,  Switzerland   My  Private  escaped  from  italy,  Centre  internaKonal  d’art  et  du  paysage  de  L'île  de  Vassivière,  Ile  de  Vassivière,  France   18:Beckee,  Blackwood  Gallery,  Mississauga,  Canada   Glaskultur  -­‐¿Qué  pasó  con  la  trasparéncia?,  Centre  d'Art  la  Panera,  Lérida,  Spain   Andreas  Slominski  and  Gregor  Schneider,  Kabinee  für  aktuelle  Kunst,  Bremerhaven,     Museum  für  Moderne  Kunst,  Frankfurt  am  Main,  Germany   All  the  Best:  The  Deutsche  Bank  CollecKon  &  Zaha  Hadid,  Singapore  Art  Museum,  Singapore,  Singapore   2006              Thomas  Demand  /  Gregor  Schneider,  Werke  aus  der  Sammlung  Olbricht,   Neues  Museum  Weserburg  Bremen,  Bremen,  Germany   Landscapes,  Gallery  Wako  Works  Of  Art,  Tokyo   3Farben  -­‐  BlauWeissRot  13,  Rohkunstbau  13,  Berlin,  Germany   Into  Me  /  Out  of  Me,  P.S.1  Contemporary  Art  Center,  New  York  (NY)   TesKgos  /  Witnesses,  (Cube  Cadiz),Fundacion  NMAC,  Cadiz,  Spain   GROUP  SHOW,  Galleria  Paolo  CurK/Annamaria  Gambuzzi  &  Co.,  Milan   Deutsche  Wandstücke  (Seee  scene  di  nuova  pieura  germanica),  Museion  -­‐  Museum  für  moderne  und  zeitgenössische  Kunst,  Bozen,  Italy   Collectors  1-­‐  Collezione  La  Gaia,  Cesac  -­‐  Centro  Sperimentale  per  le  ArK  Contemporanee,  Caraglio,  Italy   Mapping  the  studio,  Stedelijk  Museum  CS,  Amsterdam   The  Sublime  is  Now!,  the  sublime  in  contemporary  art,  Museum  Franz  Gertsch,  Burgdorf,  Switzerland   Cube  Berlin  2006,  Hamburger  Bahnhof  -­‐Museum  für  Gegenwart,  Berlin   Wir  sind  hier  wegen  der  Pommes  aus  Holland  oder  Kunstwille  in  M.gladbach,  MÖMA,  Mönchengladbach,  Germany   Filmen  Opera  Video  #  1,  ACura  Di  Gigioeo  Del  Vecchio,  Castel  Sant’Elmo,  Napoli,  Italy   Dark  Places,  Santa  Monica  Museum  of  Art,  Santa  Monica  (CA),  USA   2005              Snow  White  and  the  Seven  Dwarfs,  Fundación  Marcelino  BoKn,  Santander,  Spain   Empreinte  Moi,  Galerie  Emmanuel  PerroKn,  Paris   Threshold,  MW  Projects,  London   Universal  Experience:  Art,  Life,  and  the  Tourist’s  Eye,  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  Chicago,  Chicago  (IL),  USA  (cat.)   2004              Monument  to  Now:  The  Dakis  Joannou  CollecKon,  DESTE  FoundaKon  for  Contemporary  Art,  Athens   2003              Uneasy  Space,  Site  Santa  Fe,  Santa  Fe  (NM),  USA  (cat.)Modelled  Reality,  Oberosterreichisches  Landesmuseum,  Linz,  Austria  (cat.)   AcKon  Bueon,  NaKonalgalerie  Hamburg  Bahnhof  and  Museum  fur  Gegenwart,  Berlin   The  Living  Museum,  MMK  Museum  fur  Moderne  Kunst,  Franfurt  am  Main,  Germany  (cat.)   Home  Sweet  Home,  Aarhus  Kunstmuseum,  Aarhus,  Denmark   Busan  Metropolitan  Art  Museum,  Korea  (cat.)   2002              Sammlung  Kaubrok,  Museum  Abteiberg  Mönchengladbach,  Germany  

Der andere  Raum,  Kunstverien  Hamburg,  Hamburg,  Germany   Lost  Paper  2002  –  1914,  Leper,  Belgium   Triennale  der  Photographie,  Kunsthaus  Hamburg,  Germany  (cat.)   3.  Umbau  /  Schragspur,  Hamburger  Kunsthalle,  Hamburg,  Germany   K21,  Kunstsammlung  NRW,  Düsseldorf,  Germany   SK`ung  DKM,  Duisburg,  Germany   Unheim,Capricci  und  Anerchitekturen,  Stadthaus  Ulm,  Germany   2002  Paper  Art  8  –InternaKonal  Biennale  der  Papierkunst,  Düren,  Germany   Museum  für  Gegenwartkunst,  Siegen,  Germany   MMK  Museum  fur  Moderne  Kunst,  Frankfurt  am  Main,  Germany  (cat.)   Come  In,  InsKtut  fur  Auslandsbeziehungen,  Moscow  (cat.)   Self  Portraits  and  Portraits,  Wako  Works  of  Art,  Tokyo   Sofia  Underground  FesKval  of  Performance  and  Street  Events,  Sofia,  Bulgaria   Performing  Buildings,  Moderna  Museet,  Swedish  NaKonal  Museum  of  Modern  and  Contemporary  Art,  Stockholm   Cardinales,  Museo  de  Arte  Contemporanea  de  Vigo,  Spain  (cat.)   Deste  FoundaKon,  Athens   2001              Blick  nach  vorn,  Sammlung  Langen,  Hombroich,  Germany   Cleveland  Center  for  Contemporary  Art,  Cleveland  (OH),  USA   F,  Produzentengalerie  Hamburg,  Germany   Ein  gut  plazierter  Helm  ist  ein  beruhigender  Blick,  Kunsthalle  Nürnberg,  Nürnberg,  Germany   Archilab,  Fine  Art  Museum,  New  Orleans  (LA),  USA   Quadrennial  for  Contemporary  Art,  Stedelijk  Museum  voor  Actuele  Kunst,  Gent,     Belgium  Birnen,  Bohnen  &  Speck,  Shanghai  Art  Museum,  Shanghai,  China   Come  -­‐in,  I.F.A.,  Moscow   1st  Tirana  Biennial,    Tirana,  Albania   Kunstwerke  Berlin  (cat.)Quadrennial  of  Contemporary  Art,  S.M.A.K.,  Ghent,  Belgium  (cat.)   Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  Los  Angeles  (CA),  USA  (cat.)   2000              Wonderland,  The  Saint  Louis  Art  Museum,  Saint  Louis  (MI),  USA  (cat.)   Apocalypse,  Royal  Academy  of  Art,  London  (cat.)   Wiener  Secession,  Vienna  EXPO  2000,  From  Kurt  Schwieers  unKl  now,  Sprengel  Museum  Hannover,  Hanover,  Germany;  Kunstsammlung   NRW,  Nordrhein  -­‐  Wessalen,  Germany;  Haus  der  Kunst     Munchen,  Munich,  Germany  (cat.)   1900  –  2000  -­‐Two  Turns  of  The  Century,  Goteborg  Kunstmuseum,  Goteborg,  Netherlands  and  Nordic  InsKtute  of  Contemporary  Art   Gartenlaube,  Museum  Haus  Esters,  Krefeld,  Germany   ein/räumen,  Kunsthalle  Hamburg,  Hamburg,  Germany   Missing  Memory  and  Desire,  Kunstmuseum  Luzern,  Lucerne,  Switzerland   Kunstakademie  Dresden,  Germany;  Kunsthalle  Düsseldorf,  Germany   Henry  Moore  FoundaKon,  Leeds,  UK  

Barbara Gladstone  Gallery,  New  York  (NY)   Locher,  Luis  Campana,  Cologne,  Germany   German  Photoworks,  Wako  Works  of  Art,  Tokyo   1999              Anarchitecture,  SKchKng  De  Appel,  Amsterdam   The  Space  is  Everywhere,  Villa  Merkel,  Esslingen,  Germany   1999  Museum  Schloss,  Rheydt,  Germany   53  Carnegie  InternaKonal,  Carnegie  Museum  of  Art,    Piesburgh  (PA),  USA  (cat.)     German  Art,  Art  Athena,  Athens   Zeitenwenden,  Kunstmuseum  Bonn,  Germany;  Kunstmuseum  Ludwig,  Vienna   Am  Horizont,  Kaiser  Wilhelm  Museum,  Krefeld,  Germany   New  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  New  York  (NY)   German  Open,  Kunstmuseum  Wolfsburg,  Wolfsburg,  Germany  (cat.)   The  Invisible  City,  Maares  Centrum  Beeldende  Kunst,  Maastricht,  The  Netherlands   Kabinee  für  aktuelle  Kunst,  Bremerhaven,  Germany   Focused,    Galerie  Tanit,  Munich,  Germany   Private  Werte,  Kunstlerwerkstae  Lothringerstrasse  13,  Munich,  Germany   1998              Aarhus  Kunstmuseum,  Aarhus,  Denmark   ARC  Musée  d’Art  Moderne  de  la  Ville  de  Paris,  Paris  (cat.)   StadKsches  Museum  Abteiberg,  Monchengladbach,  Germany  (cat.)   Perfect  Usual,  Kunstverein  Freiburg;  Germanisches  NaKonal  Museum,  Nurnberg,  Germany;     Kunstverein  Braunschweig,  Braunschweig,  Germany;  Kunsthalle  Kiel,  Kiel,  Germany;     Kunsthalle  Gera,  Germany   Performing  Buildings,  Tate  Gallery,  London   The  Confined  Room,  De  Waag,  Amsterdam   Center  for  Contemporary  Art,  Maastricht,  The  Netherlands   1997              PorKkus,  Frankfurt  am  Main,  Germany  (cat.)   No  Man’s  Land,  Museum  Haus  Lange/  Esters,  Krefeld,  Germany   1996              Dorothea  von  Steeen  Kunstpreis,    Kunstmuseum  Bonn,  Bonn,  Germany  (cat.)   Peter  MERTES  SKpendium,  Bonner  Kunstverein,  Bonn,  Germany  (cat.)   1994              Museum  Haus  Lange,  Krefeld,  Germany     Grants  and  awards   2002              Paper  –  Art  -­‐  Award,  Verband  Deutscher  Paperfabriken  VDP   2001              Golden  Lion  Prize  for  the  Best  NaKonal  ParKcipaKon,  49th  Venice  Biennale   1999              Art  Award  Villa  Romana,  Florenz   1998  -­‐  99  Art  Awards  Bremerhaven   1997            Award  for  the  PromoKon  of  Catalogues  from  the  Alfried  Krupp  von  Bohlen  and  Halbach      

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