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The Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation Thursday Talks Join.Me Guide OUTLINE Introduction Step One: Having Information Ready Step Two: Joining the Call A. Via Smartphone/Tablet B. Via Phone C. Via Internet Step Three: Using the Chat Function Step Four: Exiting the Meeting Step Five: Continuing the Conversation Online

INTRODUCTION The Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE), a project of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) hosts a short weekly online discussion with peacebuilding evaluation experts on the DM&E for Peace Learning Portal (DME for Peace). Made possible by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the PEC is the first partnership of its kind to improve the practive of peacebuilding evaluation across the entire field through the funder-practitioner-evaluator relationship. Thursday Talks take place every Thursday at 10 – 10:45 AM EDT on DME for Peace using the webinar platform. allows for a unified audio call that is accessible both by phone and via the internet. It enables participants to view PowerPoint slides, videos, or websites that the organizer wants to present. Since the Thursday Talks are only 45-minutes long, we request that participants join us promptly at 10 AM EDT. Participants will have an opportunity to ask the presenter questions via the Chat function (see Step Three). If the presenter was unable to answer your question during the talk, we encourage you to continue the conversation online by posting the question on the corresponding discussion topic on the Thursday Talks page. Here are the steps to joining NPE’s weekly Thursday Talk:

STEP ONE: HAVING JOIN.ME INFORMATION READY Join the meeting with a URL, which ends in a nine-digit code, in this format: We will post the meeting link for the call on the NPE Community of Practice’s Thursday Talks page in advance of the call. The nine-digit code also serves as the “Conference ID”, which you will need to access the audio if you are calling by phone.

STEP TWO: A. If you are using a smartphone or a tablet: Launch the app ( and enter meeting code. B. If you are calling in via phone: To call in via phone, click on the phone button on the far left hand side of the widget. Click on the “Call via Phone” option:

Using your landline, cell phone or Skype call in the “Conference Number”. Please note that the numbers displayed in the screenshot here are NOT be the number of the conference in which you are participating. These will be communicated to you and posted on the NPE Community of Practice in advance of the Thursday Talk. Once you call into the number and connected, you will be prompted to enter the Conference ID number followed by the hashtag (#). Once you do this you will be entered into the meeting. If you are the first there, then the conference will begin once the next person arrives. Please note that you may be muted when you enter the conference, so do not be alarmed if no one can hear your voice. C. If you are calling via internet Click on “Call via Internet” and then, click on the “Download” button to download the desktop app:

A small box will pop up and you will click the “Download” button again:

If Join.Me doesn’t begin to download, you may need to disable the pop up blocker of your browser and try again. Once downloaded, the application should launch on your computer in a new window. You will click on the green phone icon once again, click on “Call via Internet” button and then press “Connect”. Once you have entered, check your audio settings to make sure everything is working correctly:

If the meeting is already in progress, you should see the following window:

Please enter your Name and Organization in the box outlined below and click the “Knock to Join� button. This will alert the conference organizer who will enable you to join the call.

STEP THREE: USING THE CHAT FUNCTION We want the Thursday Talks to be as interactive as possible and encourage you to ask the speaker questions. To access the chat function, click on the word bubble option and a small window will appear in the same place as the call-in information:

Using the bar at the bottom, you will be able to type in a message that will pop up like this:

Your name will appear before the @, while the notation behind the @ indicates who has seen the chat. In this case all of the members of the conference have seen what you have typed. However, you can choose to whom you would like to chat. Here’s an example of how that would look:

STEP FOUR: EXITING THE MEETING To exit the meeting, click on the button on the far right, which will drop down and menu and click on exit meeting.

STEP FIVE: CONTINUING THE CONVERSATION ONLINE We encourage you to continue the conversation online on the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) Thursday Talks page. Visit the Thursday Talk page and click on the relevant discussion, and continue the conversation by posting your question and comment.

How to join NPE's Thursday Talks  
How to join NPE's Thursday Talks