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Cold Runners What´s new on the valve gate cold-runner Standard and Custom cold runners We have standard cold-runners available: • 4 to 32 cavity • 296 x 296 to 896 x 446 (mm) Of course we´ll also address any custom application you may require.

Individual adjustment of the needle stroke can be done while the mold is mounted in the press.


Your contact: Christian Müller Tel.: +49 2351-437-410 Uwe Burkert Tel.: +49 175 22 83449

D-M-E Normalien GmbH Heuckstraße 16 D-58511 Lüdenscheid Tel.: 0800 664 82 50 Fax: 0800 664 82 51

D-M-E Europe Industriepark Noord G1 2800 Mechelen - Belgium Tel.: +32 15 21 50 11 Fax: +32 15 40 51 11

Cold Runners Electronical option Using electronical motors for each individual valve gate nozzle offers many advantages. High-precision and infinitely variable setting of each nozzle is most important. This allows optimizing the filling degree of each cavity within the molding process, if directly gated. In conjunction with the external control unit (see below) the data of many different injection molds can be saved project-oriented and is thus reproducible.

Regulation of motor the external control cabinet needs to be connected with the valve gate cold deck (with electronical option) with a data-cable. This allows individual setting of each motor and thus valve gate nozzle respectively flow-rate, within the molding process. All datas can be saved project-oriented as soon as the setting is finished, by means of full and flashless cavities. The control cabinet can be disconnected from the cold deck as soon as the settings are done and thus can be used to set and save the data of many injection molds.

n Pneumatic n Material ­flow n Heating n Cooling

Our features: • • • • • •

Precision guiding surfaces Material feeding at an angle in the direction of injection Individual adjustment of o ­ w rate for each needle Each cavity is directly gated Standardized cold-runner delivery system

Your benefits: • • • • • •

Extended life-span of seals and moveable parts Optimal protection of material & seals Enhanced process window & possibility to inject parts with dierent volumes Optimal cycle times with no material waste Standard components and drawings allow less lead time

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