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irports represent a challenge in the field of FM. At a MEFMA workshop on FM in aviation, Dr Saif Al Ketbi, Executive VP ICT at Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) said, “Our new terminal will be airport in a shopping mall.” Dr Al Ketbi highlights the marked difference from how ICAO once described the function of an airport as ‘a processing facility for passengers and freight, or a service facility to aircraft and airlines’. Today an airport has to deliver upon the same core responsibilities but behind a veil of dining, shopping and hospitality - making airports one of the most complex sectors in the facilities management industry. “Passenger process and delighting the customer are fundamental to enhancing the passenger experience and as such, the FM provider is instrumental. Having a clean and well-maintained airport is critical and with high traffic zones, the dividing service lines in a strategic plan can help with the experience that enhances airport processes,” says Jennifer Peltenberg, at Farnek, which works at both DXB and ADAC airports in combination with Emirates and Etihad airlines respectively.




AVIATION Airports are one of the most complex sectors in the facilities management industry. Romano Fionda, Business Development Manager at CofelyBesix, believes AFM is so complex and diverse much of the work that it’s Airports and Logistics Services division provides is not, by definition, facilities management. “It is not enough to split AFM into Hard of Soft services. You have to go further because there are such specialist systems in place that Total FM in an airport is rarely practiced. At CofelyBesix Airports and Logistics Services, we are focused on the non-customer facing operations that includes, amongst other things, baggage handling, boarding bridge maintenance, runway management, X-Ray management and ground power units. So we often find ourselves competing against OEMs for certain tenders or we are outsourced

by other FM providers, due to our specialist skillset in airport systems.” The struggle to define FM inside an airport illustrates the complexity and criticality of the task in hand. But this only serves to ensure FM is prioritized, to the extent that other sectors could learn from its ways of working. “AFM is a benchmark that other sectors in the facilities management industry need to reach,” says Fionda “In many ways, AFM is a shining light in the Middle East because contracts are tendered only after a minimum of three years and are performance-related given the criticality of the work.” In a similar vein, FM consultants are in higher demand, especially in the Middle East because the three major hubs are upgrading and expanding. Therefore, there is a present focus on

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Facility insight March / April 2015  

Special Confex Issue 2015

Facility insight March / April 2015  

Special Confex Issue 2015

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