Facility Insight Oct./Nov. 2014

Page 29

SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS to support facility management, provide an overview of all costs related to a property through its entire life cycle. This solution shows the necessary information to control all aspects of the usage and maintenance of the assets in a comprehensive manner. Moreover, it helps, both, to reduce maintenance cost as well as to plan resource and costs assignment. This solution has been specially designed to support real estate maintenance. Thanks to its web based and graphic-management system for space planning, Rosmiman brings a comprehensive way to manage all graphic information based on CAD vector maps, GIS information and inventory information. With this functionality the user can easily define as many spaces and sub-spaces as necessary, to know and to control the use of each space, dimensions and availability, to manage its reservations or organise relocation of assets assigned to each space. We also help to gather all information of an exhaustive building inventory, by using our mobile solutions. All these functionalities gather up enabling the user to deal with the daily tasks like rental maturities, income statements, tax payments, licenses or agreements with outsourced services. All in all, the facility management field has today an important significance also for cities. Rosmiman Smart Cities is a new concept, which is the result of the evolution of the already existing solutions for government that the company has been implementing. Based on the experience and results consolidated in several real projects in different cities as well as different administrations of the Spanish Government, this concept has been technically redesigned in order to innovate and evolve in connectivity, utilities and services to contribute to a more

sustainable future, smart and user friendly environment for the citizens.

UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION We are known for our level of innovation, versatility and its capacity to adapt to our customer needs. Thanks to the recently added improvements, our solutions benefit entirely from mobility. Our solutions already offer a fully integrated variety of mobility solutions specially developed for facility management; all of them supported by the main OS in the market, such as iOS, Android and Windows mobile. Thereby, the company allows the user to remotely manage notifications, spare parts, work orders,

purchase orders, GIS, asset management on a map or prepare inventories. This solution brings facility management to the next level of performance and optimisation. In RSC we have always bet for innovation and to maintain our products one step ahead of the trends. Proof of that is the fact that the company is always using the latest technologies, e.g., RFID (radio frequency identification) to easily identify assets, QR codes and integration with several new technologies, enabling our customers to lead on business excellence. RSC shall provide quality policies to guarantee that the implemented environment of the application fulfills the requirements of the ‘Good Practice of Development; for security management, information management and product development. These policies are based in the current SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) of RSC with certification and audit Num. SGI 6009141 issued by TÜV Rheinland Inspection, Certification & Testing, ISO9001:2008 “Support Centre and Administrative and Internal Organisation Processes”, ISO/IEC 15504 “Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination” also denominated SPICE, and ISO/IEC 12207 “Systems and software engineering – Software life cycle processes”. All this solutions are provided with a flexible integration and the company develops its software to promote an easy integration with third party suppliers, such as ERP, Oracle and SAP and also offers its installation either on client’s premises or under the SaaS (Software as a Service) modality

Thanks to the recently added improvements, our solutions benefit entirely from mobility.” OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2014