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ACHIEVEMENT IN KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS Peer Nomination Form DESCRIPTION: This award recognizes chapters and other communities for demonstrated achievement in making human connections through knowledge and ideas. Recipient(s) will have displayed innovation and creativity in the development, planning and execution of ground-breaking initiatives. ELIGIBILITY: - MPI Communities of Geography, Practice, Peers, Marketplace, Cultures - Nominated program must have been completed and evaluation data available at time of application. CRITERIA: Influence - Within the community, what was the lifespan of the program and will it be repeated?

- Describe whether the objectives of the program were met and how these benefit the community and the industry.

- How does the community operate more efficiently after implementing the new program? - List any recognition the program has received within the industry. NONE Innovation - Provide an executive summary in 500 words or less explaining the program details and the process that was followed to identify the need for the program. - Provide examples of the communication tools used to promote the program including content and medium. Provide qualitative measurements and evaluation successes - Summarize the program's strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. List results to-date of utilization by the community and feedback received. - Indicate if program is first of its kind. Transferability - Describe the program's impact across boundaries. Achievements should have a global reach.

- List any planning practices such as marketing, green practices, cost-saving measures, or removing geographic boundaries that could be carried over to other programs.

- Explain how other communities may find success with the program.\\\

Why are you nominating this community? Please provide examples of how the community has met the criteria provided above. Your nomination will serve as a letter of recommendation. * Is the nominated community aware of the nomination? • Yes



The Nominator is asked to please read and complete the release statement, which indicates agreement for Meeting Professionals International to contact the nominated community under the following conditions: 1. To the best of your knowledge the information provided on the Peer Nomination Form is a true and accurate representation of the community's merits and accomplishments. • Yes

• No 2. You agree to allow the information provided in the nomination process and other information gathered for this purpose to be used by Meeting Professionals International for publicity and promotional purposes. Your nomination will not be disqualified if you select "No." • Yes •

No By selecting the Yes/No boxes above and entering the date below as shown after the text box, this will act as your electronic signature. These fields must be completed for the Peer Nomination Form to be valid. Date: 11/25/2013 *

Where did you hear about the MPI RISE Awards? (click all that apply) Through an article in The Meeting Professional Through the MPI Website Through an MPI Conference Other If you selected Conference, what conference? If you selected Other, where did you hear about us?

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