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With the new announcement from Apple, the iPad is finally here. Consumers can now purchase Apple's tablet computer. At it's less than 10" screen, what can a device like this be used for. First of all, all your iPhone applications will work on this device. If you have paid applications, they will cross over for free as well. Anything you do on your iPhone, besides making calls, can be done on this device. For a monthly fee, one can get a data access plan for this device. This means that it can be a portable internet device that one can carry around always having online access. For many the screen is large enough that one can see the web as it is designed to see without being stuck to the mobile version sized pages. It's large enough to watch television shows and movies comfortably. Loaded up with purchases from iTunes it's a small portable movie player. The larger size will make it a bit more comfortable than watching on the small iPod screens. One big appeal of this device will be as an ebook reader. There are electronic ink devices like the Kindle and the Nook that many enjoy. The iPad can be used a reader although it's not electronic ink but a normal screen display. It depends on person preference. With 10 hours of battery life this is more than enough to make it through the day reading for most people. Surely there will be more uses as developers come up with unique, new ideas for this device, but presently it seems to be fairly full featured for what it's designed to do. While there isn't a device like this yet, there are many common functions that many people use that could be used on this device.

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What Can an iPad do?  
What Can an iPad do?  

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