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==== ==== Most of us do not have the opportunity to golf the year round so it is necessary for us to brush up on our skils every year. This product "The Simple Golf Swing" gets us back to the basics and helps us learn the fundamentals of a good golf swing and improve our game. This product is also far cheaper than having to go out and pay for lessons from a golf pro every year to teach us exactly the same information. And best of all, we can go back as often as we want with out any additional costs. That is what I like. ==== ====

The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt was one of the first Golf e-books available on the Internet. It has been available online since early 2002 and its major claim has always been that you will be able to cut 7 strokes off your score within 2 weeks of reading it. While that guarantee does raise some flags and should cause some skepticism, let's take a step back and think about it for a second. Does David Nevogt really think everyone will cut 7 strokes off their score? Probably not. He's aiming that statement at those people who are shooting in the mid 80s to over 100; the people who will probably see the most dramatic results from the book, maybe people like you? Even if you don't fall into that category does that mean the Simple Golf Swing won't help you? No. The book can really help anyone who knows their swing isn't perfect. At the time I purchased this book, several years ago, I was shooting in the mid 80's and would have been satisfied with even just a few strokes off my score. Did I get those few strokes? Read on.  The Simple Golf Swing: What were the results? I read through the Simple Golf Swing several times before I started practice the drills/exercises the book suggests. It isn't a long read, and you can definitely get through it in an hour easy, so if you're not a big reader don't worry, neither am I. The drills and instructions are well structured and the details are explained step-by-step with photos and diagrams.  I get out to the driving range a few times a week, so after reading the book and going through some the drills in the air in backyard/office area with my 5-iron, I got to see if I had made any real progress and whether or not I could make this "Simple Golf Swing" work. After a few flubbed shots, that's normal for me starting out, and a bit of frustration, I relaxed, went over what I had read/learned from the book (had the book on me), and found that it once I gave into it, the swing fell into place quite easily. The method is based on the single axis swing where your spine is the axis for the rotation for your body, your hands, and the golf club; the backswing is a one piece takeaway. These features result in a consistent and repeatable, and "simple" golf swing. My problem, even as a guy who golf on a regular basis, has been consistency and timing. The book really helped me develop a sense of stability and rhythm.  The first time I went out with my buddies after purchasing the book I shot 77, not too shabby, at least for me it isn't. That was well under my handicap (12-15) although it wasn't the hardest of

courses. While I can't say that I've lost 7 strokes off my score, I can say that I'm satisfied and finally feel like I swing the golf club the same way every time and I hit the ball straight consistently, which is usually a good shot unless I aimed way off. My swing is easier and relaxed and I haven't changed it since, At least not on purpose. Every once in a while I will revert back to my quick backswing just because I want to kill the ball, but a shank or slice normally gets me thinking right back to the simple swing I developed using this book.  The Simple Golf Swing: Conclusion The Simple Golf Swing is a solid golf swing method which can be easily learned and will provide good results. While I would say doing all of the recommended training and drills is a good idea, if you don't have the time, reading it through and working through what you've learned at a range once or twice a week should definitely yield some positive results on its own as well. This book doesn't require a committed regiment of drills/exercises to be performed on a strict schedule to work; you can learn and work with it at your own pace, however fast or slow.

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A Review of the Simple Golf Swing  
A Review of the Simple Golf Swing  

This product will help you improve your golf game by giving you the fundamentals behind a good golf swing that we all strive to have. http:...