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News &Views VOLUME 28, Issue 2, MARCH 2013

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Inside this Issue The Parent-Teacher Association . . . . . . . 4 P.T.A. Budget . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

P.S.122 QUEENS Mamie Fay School

Assistant Principals’ Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Pamela Sabel, Principal

21-21 Ditmars Boulevard Astoria, New York 11105 Telephone: 718-721-6410 Fax:718-726-0016

Library News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Many Ask Why. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Super Storm Sandy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Principal: Pamela Sabel Assistant Principal: Anna Aprea Assistant Principal: Alba Carlucci

P.T.A. Meetings & Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Secretaries Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 News From The Parent Coordinator. . . 12 The Academy’s Heart and Soul. . . . . . . 18 The Middle School Academy. . . . . . . . . 19

News & Views Committee

Works in Progress. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Dancing Classrooms comes to P.S. . . . 23 City Ice Pavilion Fundraiser . . . . . . . . . . 24 KoKeshi Dolls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Poetry Cafe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

Claudia Lieto-McKenna Clara Oza Newsletter Co-Coordinators

Patty Mouzakitis Design & Layout Editor

P.T.A. Executive board Advertisements

Poetry Cafe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Important and helpful websites: . . . . . 28 Gertrude Chocolates Fundraiser. . . . . . 28 The Old Cow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Honor Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 P.S. 122 Celebrates Music. . . . . . . . . . . . 39 100 Days of School! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Office of Emergency Management . . . 40 Crazy Hat Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 “Peek-a-Boo kun” Sculptures . . . . . . . . . 44

News &Views We invite you to advertise in our school’s publication, New and Views. The Publication is distributed to 1,400+ familes residing in Astoria. By advertising in News & Views you will not only be able to reach these families with the lowest rates imaginable, but you will also be helping support public education as well. Your support will allow us to continue printing this wonderful publication and to fund supplemental items and resources which would otherwise not be possible.

Who are we at PS 122 Mamie Fay? That is a question I’ve been asked quite a bit lately. We can start by looking at our school Mission Statement.

“Through a collaborative school community, we will provide an excellent, standards-driven curriculum to all students. Students will achieve their full scholastic and social potential and become lifelong learners and productive citizens of our world.” We are a school community where we set the standards high for an excellent, standards-driven education before the state required that of us. Teachers meet regularly to analyze student work and plan for really powerful instruction. School leaders and faculty collaborate to identify and share instructional practices to advance learning. Teachers and school leaders pursue professional development opportunities so all may benefit. Inquiry groups, planning teams, and instructional lead teams explore, and experiment, and challenge themselves and each other to constantly improve what we do best: prepare all our students for success in the everchanging challenges of our world. Thank you! Parents and families are truly partners in this mandate. Our children make the greatest strides when we communicate about our curriculum, explain student progress, and clarify steps to overcome the bumps in the road. Parent-Teacher meetings aren’t limited to November and March. They happen frequently by phone, Any submissions are subject to review and editing by the Newsletter Co-Coordinators/Editors.

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March 2013

With warmest regards, Pamela Sabel

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But that is not the whole story. PS 122 has earned the respect of many in our area and beyond as an exemplary school, academically, socially, and creatively. That refers to our whole school, together. Our strength is also found in our courage, humanity, and dignity. We are proud of our contributions in supporting those in need, whether they are victims of Hurricane Sandy, violence, hunger or poverty. We are courageous enough to take a stand on social issues too important to ignore. We push ourselves to grow and blossom, children and adults, parents and faculty, whether it is trying out a new technology, revising our thinking to achieve greater outcomes, learning to play a new instrument, or adopting a new language. And we do this together, as one family united, committed to our school community and to each other. I am proud to be the Principal of our wonderful school, PS 122 Mamie Fay. I am grateful for each of you who contribute to our success, now and into the future.


Feel free to contact News & Views at 718-721- 6410 or send us an email at: Articles for submission should be emailed to:

notes in planners, and in person. Parent workshops are varied, informative and well-attended. We would not have been able to provide the arts enrichments this year without the generous support of our parents and the PTA. Thank You! MON THRU FRI: 10:00 AM TO 7:00 PM SAT: 10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM (SUNDAY CLOSED) 29-07 DITMARS BLVD. ASTORIA, NEW YORK 11105

TEL: 718.267.9266 FAX: 718.267.9222 EMAIL: COPYCOM@GMAIL.COM News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


The Parent-Teacher Association P.S. 122 - Mamie Fay School P.T.A. Budget For the period September 1, 2012- June 30, 2013

The Parent-Teacher Association

Anticipated Income:

P.S.122 – Mamie Fay School


2012-13 Actuals Beginning

Cash balance $16,543.98 16,543.98 Membership Contributions General $7,500.00 10,490.00

21-21 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria, New York 11105 Tel: 718-721-6410 ext 2640 / E-mail:

2012-13 Proposed

Membership Contributions Special Appeal $5,000.00 Fund Raising Activities (gross)

Claudia Lieto-McKenna & Clara Oza

Gertrude chocolates $4,637.00

Vice President: Anastasia Cunningham

City Ice Pavilion $2,033.00 QSP Fundraiser $17,000.00 16,869.37

Treasurer: Mary Geraghty

Culture Night $1,400.00

Assistant Treasurer: Claudia Voyiatzis

Fall Pictures $6,500.00 6,758.92

Co-Recording Secretaries:

Ana Musmat Alam & Christine Cosmos

Store Promotions $400.00

Co-Corresponding Secretaries:

Mamta Joshi & Salima Shairzadeh

Newsletter Ads $4,500.00 4,515.00

Movie Night $1,000.00 1,084.30 Box Tops $2,000.00 846.00 Bake Sale $500.00 689.00

Dear P.S.122 Parents, Teachers, Faculty & Staff-

It is hard to believe that we are half way through the school year. The children are now preparing for the state tests that will soon be upon them.

Total Fund Raising Activities $33,900.00 37,432.59



Total Income $62,943.98 64,466.57

At the beginning of the school year we were met with an arts program that was in jeopardy, but with the amazingly generous donations (along with school pictures & Great American Fundraiser) received from the parents, we have been able to pay for most of the programs so that the children will not go without Ballroom Dancing, Noguchi Museum Partnership and the Little Orchestra Society to name a few. We unfortunately are still in need of donations, and we will be having a second appeal for the arts in the near future. The PTA has had some small fundraisers like our movie nights, and we just had an Ice Skating fundraiser attended by over 100 children which is just fabulous for our first attempt at that type of a fundraiser. Many thanks to our Assistant Treasurer Claudia Voyiatzis who did a great job of putting it together. Her hard work truly paid off.

Anticipated Expenses: Bank expenses for NSF 15.00 News & Views $4,500.00 0.00

Rollover for signs, sound system


Holiday Decorations, Holiday Student & Staff Gifts


Bonds for students in 5th Grade


Bonds for students in 8th Grade


QSP Fundraiser “Top 3 Prizes”



As a community we have had to deal with Hurricane Sandy, which devastated so many. Then, as we were all preparing to celebrate the holidays, the town of Sandy Hook suffered an unimaginable tragedy. The school, as always, made sure to address the students and offered reassurance at a time when we were all so fragile. After Sandy we had some parent volunteers who went out to the Rockaways with food and toys for the children. The Middle School “adopted” a family and sent over much needed supplies to that family. After the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook, the P.T.A. cut ribbons for the children to tie around the school gates to let those in Sandy Hook know that they were in our thoughts and that the P.S.122 families stood united with them.

Teachers’ Luncheon $1,400.00

Payments to Vendors for Fundraising



We would like to thank our parent volunteers that are always ready to help, even if it means walking up five flights of stairs to deliver packets of candy, pictures, etc. There is no way we could get the things we need to get done without the parent volunteers.

Miscellaneous (Supplies, Expenses, Repairs)



Teacher Appreciation $175.00 P.T.A. General Meeting Refreshments $400.00 55.74 Culture Night $1,400.00 Box Tops ice cream parties $100.00 71.98 Learning environment survey prizes 500.00

Ads in Yearbook $150.00 150.00

This year’s P.T.A. has met many a challenge and we have to say, that we have met them and conquered. We are proud to be a part of such a great group of parents.


Kindergarten Graduation $300.00 ARISTA: Honor Society $375.00

We also would like to thank the school administration, staff and teachers for all of their support throughout the year. We hope to see you all during our next movie nights, Culture Night, Spring Concert and bake sales.

Purell $1,000.00 SASF Contribution $300.00

All the best…

Contribution to School



Total Expenses $48,500.00 39,520.11 Balance as of March 12, 2013 $24,946.46

Claudia Lieto- Mckenna & Clara Oza, Co-Presidents P.T.A. of P.S. 122 Mamie Fay School


D.J. for 8th Grade Prom

Flowers for Graduation $250.00

Anticipated Balance as of June 30, 2013

March 2013

News & Views


The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Library News

Assistant Principals’ Notes

Virginia Hood

Anna Aprea Assistant Principal

Spring is in the air and the students of P.S. 122 have accomplished much. Our early childhood grades have celebrated the hundredth day of school with learning. From the first day of school, students reviewed the calendar, weather, and kept a tally of the number of days they attended school. How exciting it was for them to mark the hundredth day of school. Teachers provided the students with special learning activities on this day. Students took pride in wearing a necklace they strung using 100 beads. They also wore special T-shirts and hats. Our kindergarten students had the special privilege of marching around the school and singing their 100th day of school song.

workshops for parents. Ms. Han has also prepared students for the concert experience. Three fifth grade classes had an opportunity to show off their ballroom dancing skills. American Ballroom Theatre is an artistic dance program that gets students up and moving. Students learn the history of the dance and have an opportunity to practice the dance. It teaches students important social skills. The culminating event was well received by peers, parents and staff members. We look forward to the next round of ballroom dancing as two more fifth grade classes will participate.

The Little Orchestra celebrated students’ works in progress. Students had their musical pieces played by musicians. The Little Orchestra Society is a musical composition residency for students in grades kindergarten through third grade. The program engages students in learning the process of music composition individually and as a class. Students attend concerts especially created for them. The students have worked with teaching artist Angelica Negron, and Eric Phinney. Julian Han is the educational director for the program and she has provided hands on

I hope that all parents had an opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher for Spring Conferences. If you missed the conference because of inclement weather, you can call the school for a special appointment. I look forward to further opportunities in which you can visit our school. Please enjoy our upcoming Family and Culture Night.

• •

Encourage your child to do his/her best Help your child not to stress over the test by doing relaxing or enjoyable activities together See that your child gets enough sleep Make sure your child gets a nutritious breakfast the morning of the exams

The NYS Department of Education does let us know if students have met promotional criteria in June, and we will share that with you as soon as possible. However, the test scores will not be available until late August or early September. By accessing ARIS you can see your child’s

scores as soon as they come out. Also, as head of our Safety Committee, the safety of our children is paramount in our school. I ask parents not to double park and make u-turns around the school. This causes dangerous situations. Please refrain from parking in front of the school during arrival and dismissal because this holds up loading and the departure of buses. Parents waiting for their children will worry. Know that we are always open to comments and communication.

M o v i e Ni g h t

5. Good readers draw inferences: The author gives clues so I can figure out what’s going on even though the author doesn’t come out and say it. Even though the plot is about a girl with a long name who starts going to school, I think it’s really about accepting people and being kind. 6. Good readers make predictions: About plot – I think this is what will happen next... About characters – I think India Opal is going to change her mind about Winn Dixie. 7. Good readers notice when they don’t understand, and use problem-solving strategies to help them figure things out: Should I back up a page? I don’t know this word. Are any parts of it like any other words I know?

Sincerely, Alba Carlucci


2. Good readers ask themselves questions as they’re reading: Big questions – What is the problem in this book? Why is this character acting this way? Am I understanding what is going on? Who is telling this story? How is this story constructed? And small questions – Where did the little fish go? How do shrimp ski? Where is Piggie going? Why did Milo move?


4. Good readers create pictures in their minds: I think Greg’s bedroom looks just like my cousin’s. When I saw the movie it didn’t look at all like what I was expecting.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

• •

1. Good readers make connections: Text to text – This reminds me of another book I read! Text to self – This reminds me of something that happened to me! Text to world – This reminds me of something in the world!

3. Good readers support their thinking by finding evidence in the story: Rocket learned to read by practicing every day, even with his friends. I know Georgina feels bad about stealing Willy because she had a bad dream.

Alba Carlucci Assistant Principal

As we come to the middle of the school year, we gear up for the New York State assessments for grades 3 through 8. On April 16th ,17th, and 18th we will be taking the English Language Arts (ELA) exam. On April 24th, 25th, and 26th we will take the Mathematics exam. The following are some ways that you can help during the testing time:

Often we as readers confuse our ability to read words (decoding) with our ability to understand what we’re reading (comprehending). And while we want to honor and support whatever readers take away from their reading, we also want to develop habits in which we think about our reading and develop strategies to increase what we understand. Here are some active reading skills used by good readers:

March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


P.S.122 to Restructure?? Many Ask Why APRIL

by: Claudia Lieto-McKenna Recently, the N.Y.C. Department of Education announced that P.S.122 would be restructured into a K-8 middle school in the near future while making drastic cuts to the Gifted & Talented program. This sudden announcement took everybody by surprise. Due to an elevated amount of concern from our parents, the Parent-Teacher Association held an emergency meeting on 3/6/2013 in the auditorium. The meeting was attended by 650+ families, community members, district leaders (including Councilman Vallone), parents from other District 30 schools, and alumni dating back to 1939. The response to this announcement was overwhelming. Attendees could not understand why a successful “A” school for over 30 years has been targeted for such a change worrying that it would cause overcrowding and change the learning pace for the whole school. Parents were concerned about the affect of this decision on other District 30 schools, particularly our local middle school I.S.141, another “A” school. Representatives from the D.O.E. were present at the meeting, but unfortunately no clear answers were given.

P.T.A. Meetings & Events MAY


PTA Executive Board Meeting @ 8:30am in PTA Office


PTA Executive Board Meeting @ 8:30am in PTA Office


PTA Executive Board Meeting @ 8:30am in PTA Office


SLT Meeting @ 3:30pm in Library


PTA Culture Night @ 6:30 pm in Cafeteria

PTA General Meeting @ 7:00pm in Auditorium

SLT Meeting @ 3:30pm in Library

PTA General Meeting/Election Meeting @ 7:00pm in Auditorium





PTA General Meeting/Nomination Meeting


SLT Meeting @ 3:30pm in Library

On 3/14/2013, a rally with 100+ parents was held from P.S. 122 to the D.O.E. Tweed Building in Manhattan to express our displeasure for the future restructuring of our school. Petitions containing 2,200 signatures and 350 letters of support were hand-delivered to Chancellor Walcott asking him for a meeting.

Super Storm Sandy

We are currently awaiting a meeting with the Chancellor to better understand the idea behind this restructuring.

by Clara Oza


Secretaries Corner

New York City, New Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island, Super Storm Sandy came in and just devastated so many areas. But with tragedy’s always comes good and unity. Right after the storm, I joined Jimmy Van Bramer and a group of volunteers and headed to the Rockaways to deliver, water, food clothing that had been dropped off at Mr. Van Bramers office. As we drove to the Rockaways what we saw was just total devastation. That day I knew I would be back and I did as did Claudia Lieto McKenna and Evie Hantzopoulos, who organized meal deliveries, all through volunteers. They set up in the streets of the Rockaways and served hot meals to people who had not had a hot meal in many days since they had no electricity.

Happy Afghan and Chinese New Year

Then as we approached the holidays, my friend and I decided that we wanted to do a toy drive, we put out an appeal to our friends and families for toys and people responded on December 22nd, we delivered over 200 toys!!! Blankets, canned foods to the Rockaways. March 2013


News & Views

Mary, Debbie, Danielle & Yvonne

The nice weather is upon us and our students will be going outside more often for recess. We ask that you do not pick up your child during his/ her lunch period because we will be unable to get them from the school yard. Also, please always send a note with your child so they will be prepared when they are leaving early; this results in less interruption in the class- room. We hope everyone enjoys

their spring break!

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


by Dr. Habashy Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-K! Through hands-on experiences, we learn all the major subjects: reading, writing, mathematics, science, art, music, and gym. Some units of study include: School, Friends, All About Me, Our Five Senses, Feelings, Seasons, Family, Homes, Holidays, Animals, Trucks, Transportation, Community Helpers, Plants, and Kindergarten Readiness. We learn these themes through children’s literature books, discussions, music, fingerplay, and dance. We then incorporate what we learn into all our classroom learning centers. The different areas we play and learn in daily are: Blocks, Paint, Collage/Art, Table Toys, Playdough, Clay, Sandbox, Waterbox, Math and Science/Discovery, Computers, Puppets, Reading/Library, Listening, Writing, Music and Movement, Housekeeping/Dramatic Play, and Cooking.

at PS 85 & PS 234 *Ballet * Tap * Violin * Guitar * TaeKwonDo * * Snacks & Homework Help * Transportation Available After School Child Care Center for Children Grades K-5 until 5:45 pm $15 per day / $65 per week, plus transportation OPEN REGISTRATION ALL YEAR * CALL 646-415-8901 *

* *

   Academically, we obtain a wealth of knowledge through our daily play and thematic units. However, our biggest and most important goal in Pre-K is learning how to socialize so we can become an integral part of our school community. We learn to appreciate and respect one another by understanding our similarities and differences. Essentially, we learn that everyone is unique and significant. Values of caring, sharing, and working together are emphasized.

Pollos a la brasa • Rotisserie

   We have an open classroom where parents are invited to share holidays, birthdays, and special events with us. We have huge parties where we sing and dance for parents, friends, and relatives all throughout the year. In addition, it is always a great honor to have our parents join us in learning more about their professions. Police officers, doctors, firefighters, nurses, and dentists are just a few professionals who visit and teach us about their roles in the community. We learn that every job is an important job.     Come

visit us. Watch us grow while

we learn through play!

718.728.9056 718. 728.9194 Fax 718.728.3151 2813 23rd Avenue, Astoria NY 11105 10

March 2013

News & Views

29-19 Ditmars Blvd Astoria, NY 11105 (718) 728-9696

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


News From The Parent Coordinator Judy Milo The month of March brings us many exciting happenings as well as plenty of good weather I hope. Ms. Ann Goldstein and I have been working with parents to help them understand the benchmark assessments, the Acuity website and the changes in the NYS tests due to the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards. All parents should be aware of the increased levels of complexity in regards to the English Language Arts passages When you have time that their children are expected to read. Parents need to know the standards that are look at the website now required for written responses to these passages and their children’s strengths Engage NY for some and weaknesses in regards to these standards. excellent information.


From November through March we conducted workshops on the following topics: Enrichment Activities (Art, Literacy and Math), Cyberbullying, HIV/AIDS Curriculum, Acuity and Testing. We also have our monthly support group and PreK workshops with Ms. Helene Chin. The next support group will be towards the end of March.

Our Family Game Nights happened on March 20th and 21st with games, crafts and entertainment for the whole family. Parents in Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten received their Cool Culture Passes which entitles a family of five free admission to over 90 cultural institutions within the five boroughs. I do have loaner passes available to sign out. Please see me and I will loan you a pass as long as you leave a library card or similar item with me. Use the pass for your museum visit and return it to me so that another family can use it. We have our annual Read Aloud Day coming up in May and also look forward to our annual Dance Festival in June. Thank you for all of your support and have a wonderful spring. Sutton Consulting Group, Inc.

23-01 31st Street Astoria NY 11106 718.204.7167

Supports P.S. 122 and The Parent Teacher Association


March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association



March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


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Nurturing children's creativity, thinking and motor skills, and knowledge of different art media

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Art classes for children at the Steinway Reformed Church

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For info about prices and registration call or email 917-345-8546

address: 21-65 41st St, Astoria corner of Ditmars Ave

Nurturing children's creativity, thinking and motor skills, and knowledge of different art media

AgSp esor ArtNurturing classes for children at creativity, thinking and motor 4-ts15 : children's tivaTrite, the Steinway Reformed Church mo : ry. ple sim Dis cov are ery als r go ps: ou , my All ade Su Ac te, mm rts 2tiva er Spo 8 mo : Sp Dis ery W ple ort cov sim ee s ery are ve k ls Tri skills, andilknowledge of different art media P ps: sco goa ro Di our y, gr at ” dem am tar Aca 2-8 Week Programs Avai s Sports A va ery ne is a “supersitive spirit, develomp pla ab yo le la bl ye pla m tea For info about prices and registration call or email pet p tea e com anc m whichy-parit, tdev enh a tea e spir lls, of elo itiv ski e par om com eper bec anc topet , enh kills ry cam eve aft Swimming: ments in baseball, Art classes for children at fun efun . . es of round robin tournarela hav a seri avein es nd, Dis cov entu Adv ery to Sp Act ds Sp Fiel ivit or ies or Ball ts : the ts : m Fro nd, Re: creational and: Instructional Swim pro Discovery Activities entu ll.mucrela to Adv tba dsfoo and Balll Fiel the bal Fromkick ball, soccer, e mor the Church h graSteinway m at a PRReformed and .. lex. rtsp Spo IVATE , Tag er Las e er y. morov hsc muc .. and All lex. Su rtsp mm , Spo er Tag er Sp Las Al ort OU l s Su TD mm OO R SWIM erCL SpUB orts . r”arat” Di ry stast ve erer co upup is “s“s D aarfe at eeisisPe on on ct: - parparich y’s ichwh od wh����������� mtea teaa of at of tpar par e om bec to per � cam ry eve m For info about prices and registration call or email e om our bec ����������� � can to so per g, chin cam ry coa t eve stan con from efit ben can os” ll, “Pra eba bas in Sw nts me im Dism rna in co g: veim rym round robin tou Tr in series ofof ll, eba 917-345-8546 bas in Sw ath nts the me of rna all tou inipg:s: from in d rob cte nd sele are rou s che ies Coa ser ery a  in Discov ������� ers. 917-345-8546

address: 21-65 41st St, Astoria corner of Ditmars Ave

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Recre Agati e on apal proan tball. foo pri date l and Instru wecti bal ekon kick ly altrip s: ll, soccer,Aca s im Sw vitie to pro Acti yy offe Dagra dem ve m enanat to d Bu tion ruc steIVA a PR inst rs, TE ized ESPN ual Re s: ivid cre vitie ind r ati Acti ll. on y dem tba al Aca The foo an es. d and plin ll Ins isci kba tru kic , cti cer on soc al all, Sw Zo ne OU im , TD Me pr OO t/Y og an R ram SW ke e IM at corner Ga CL me a PRofIVA UB s, Ro ller TE Ave bla address: 21-65 41st Ditmars din g, Sh ark Sp eeSt, d Astoria Bo and development of each at, ent em anc adv c leti ath OU the TD ge OO R SW The Aquarium, AmuseIM ct: UBrks, Movies, Fun Cente dy’s Pe••rfe O meCL nt Pa Field • Track and allig opnti’toFsnoa •rg lKickb Movie Oe •D vteto l Swimeball ctiona Supervised by Licensed Teachers rn InstruGolf rs, etc. ry Arche h • e t Rang g T D Battin ri • o p n’tSeFsta • Dodg a•sk our • Miniso can Supervised by Licensed Teachers er. fo oio ng, aboryu rg chi Arche coa eio e Rang n grnt con t to o•ruBattin Dodgeball Dtiv a Golf •from s • Mini-efit r is k S ros” can ben a e n b n s o to io u SERVING THE COMMUNITY r Mouonu Dr is ivision’s t • Computers co rin ve SeCnre ry Trips: ioerkD SERVING THE COMMUNITY Includes Door to Door Transportation, optita D Wivais • Computers on ou te io can ath r Pna al octe so the , of ng ’s all chi rk v coa from , D d e nt Includes Door to Door Transportation, o o sta rn p rn sele con ti ig are m e es fro FOR OVER 30 YEARS y o h ach efit n P Co t a ben a ery , rk tr l cov nd can ” Dis ip o . & ela D ros v ur is s H nt e co ers ve Ds veate ry we to Acektiv FOR OVER 30ap YEARS Age& Paip Two Camp Shirts Tote Bag iti pro ForAd rks Ball Fireld pri : Dave and Busters, ESPN m the The grn etightheoty tr Do ly on tripes n’t s to ’t Two Camp Shirts & Tote Bag a F s eno k to r a tion g ruc b ath e inst o t the ized of u t ual all o t ivid (718) 229-3037 OR m ind fro a o ed offe s ect y u k sel . r are • a nes Ca es S ipli bouch rni ach by Licensed Teachers val Co s ap ery • Hik cov t Supervised (718) 229-3037 OR ing re r Div . Dis •s, mo Zone our... Oly mp ,Door mu Me icbla d We t/Y isio an Se an ek en ke Supervised by Licensed Teachers •Sh lex Voto Ag e nio Ga lleyDa n’s ent tsp e io me or baee llved Boat, Sp pr r Rowe g, op llerek D Ta ria Includes Door to Transportation, o er te iv din p VISIT US AT: h g, is t eac io of ly io ark tri n Sp pm n ps elo a ’s dev l and o ent SERVING THE COMMUNITY Includes Door to Door Transportation, v eno em and Busters, ESPN e to anc p VISIT US AT: n r adv c t ctio • n Mo io leti tru ig ath ins ng d n o the h Ba ize a ll ual t • s l ivid Ae per t o rob ind r cam SERVING THE COMMUNITY er y, we do vernot ics our offdem • Th Ka s WWW.WORLDOFDISCOVERY.ORG e The rat Aq nightlim e ua • Gy riu cip mn m, ast Am ics use rtsy Aca trip Two Camp Shirts & Tote Bag me nt ipit verys.Spo Pa scoline Zo rksme s WWW.WORLDOFDISCOVERY.ORG ne , Mo ,M vie et/• Ya 30 YEARS OVER FOR s,lle Furnbla nk Cedin ee nteg, Ga Two Camp Shirts & Tote Bag rs, Sh etcark s, . Speed Boat, Ro • Sp eci 30 YEARS OVER FOR al h Eve eac nts of enent Tal adv pm en and elo t s Sh trip dev ow g itin s and • exc Ar ent are ts em & anc Cr There aft adv ne. Supervised by Licensed Teachers s leti rtscalo spo thetoath ies (718) 229-3037 Supervised byDa Licensed Teachers TheOR e&Aq uariu m, AmCo • usnte nc emsts OR (718) 229-3037 en•t Sca Dr am Parks es, a • Gam Song e Mrov nke t/Ya ies Me ks, par nt SERVING THE COMMUNITY me ven, ge use am a Hu are to nt, Fun Centers, etc. e , tak nd to VISIT US AT: ela D ur is nt co ve ve SERVING THE COMMUNITY Ad ry to se, Video Arcade, Shark Ac eld tiv Fi ll iti Ba es VISIT US AT: e : th • Circle Ga mes • Comedy/Magic Show t, OVER Speed BoaFOR 30 YEARS WWW.WORLDOFDISCOVERY.ORG & Busters, ESPN Zon FOR OVER 30 YEARS • Ca rni WWW.WORLDOFDISCOVERY.ORG s •Da Hik re . • Oly mo ch mu • Doval d an uble ... lex reing tsp • or Ga memp Sp lore g, exp Shic to Ta owWe s kid s ek • Volleyball for ces pla at gre er oth and g (718) 229-3037 OR bladin16 • Mo ng March o 2013 Ball • AeOR & Views The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association (718) 229-3037 s robics • News Karat e • Gymnastics overy Sports Academy, we do not limit our camper VISIT US AT: •Eve Ca • VISIT SpecialUS AT: nrnivals • Hiking

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the Ball Fields to Adventureland, ore

Discovery Activities:


The Academy’s Heart and Soul

The Middle School Academy

by Noelia Nunez, Academy Spanish Teacher

The Middle School Academy had a great start to 2013 with our New Year’s Dance, which was held in the 3rd floor gym on January 3rd. Everyone wore New Year’s hats, had drinks and snacks and enjoyed the great music provided by the DJ.  We had 175 students share in the fun, dance the afternoon away and get to mingle with their classmates.

Our Academy 8th grade students had a special sharing today, March 21st, in the auditorium. Their 8th Grade Open Mic (as in microphone) was performed for the benefit of each other. It was a simple little show where the 8th grade classes shared with each other the songs they had created for their music projects. Sounds very simple and typical for this age group. But for those of us lucky enough to witness these young people in “action”, it was amazing and inspiring. The voices of our shyest students, the ones we seldom hear, were loud and clear, sharing their talents, whether by singing, dancing, sock puppets, cups and hand music. Every student had something to offer; even the backstage hands were on cue. As a faculty, we smiled ear to ear with pride at the many hidden gifts that this kind of forum helps reveal to each individual student, as well as to the rest of us. But that is what this school does. It enables each student to really delve into his or her passions, while also exposing them to other interests that light a spark and capture their intellect. That is one of the greatest assets that make the Academy such an impressive program.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this show was the respect of their captive audience, their classmates and peers. Each performance received a heartfelt applause, some were encouraged to go on, as they seemed to falter or lose confidence. What most people don’t get to see in the Academy is the amazing sense of community these students feel while here and even after they graduate. What lies hidden beneath our impressive statistics is the heart and soul of this program. Our students are a vital resource to the 122 school community at large. Today’s performances hopefully gave each of our students a renewed sense of accomplishment, confidence and self-pride. And as with all of our school activities from dances to CHAMPS, to every day classroom scenarios, they have created more memories to store among the Academy treasures. These are a thriving, caring, vibrant group of preadolescents that truly make this a “gifted” program.


Our annual Spirit Week took place from January 14th through the 18th. There was much enthusiasm and originality displayed throughout the various days. Monday, Pajama Day, started the week with a very relaxed look.  By far the most popular and most participated day was Mustache Day on Tuesday. Most of our students wore a great variety of mustaches, clothing and accessories with mustaches.  On Wednesday the students came dressed in «Fashion Disaster.»  Some went above and beyond in the name of showing their school spirit. Thursday we all sported the school colors, yellow and blue, for Color Day. The Student Council also hosted their Annual Luncheon where they served the faculty and administration a tasty array of foods from all of their different cultures. Thursday was also Teacher-Turn-Around day.  Our Student Council members took over for the teachers in the program and our elected officers shadowed the administration for the day.  It gives these students a chance to what really goes into the school day. Most are usually shocked at how exhausting this profession can be. We ended the week with Schnazzy Day.  Many of our students dazzled us with their most elegant attire.  This year the top participating class from each grade level won a pizza party.  The three winners are 8-503, 7-407 and 6-509. The Student Council is now preparing for the Valentine›s Day Fundraiser.  We will be selling small stuffed animals to help raise money to help fund our events.  The Student Council is run by an amazing group of our students who spend countless lunch periods helping to organize all of these endeavours. All of these opportunities are made possible by the hard work  our Student Council and faculty puts into the planning of these events.  But they are all worthwhile when we see the memories created by these wonderful occasions. The Middle School Academy “adopted” a Hurricane Sandy family for the Holidays.  This family lost all of their winter clothing during the storm.  We used part of the Fall Fundraiser proceeds to buy them all new winter coats and boots to help them get back on their feet.  They were very touched that our students would be wiling to give so directly to those in need. The Student Council also organized a book donation for the Hurricane Sandy Book Drive, which was held in the Rockaways on January 19th.  We sorted, packed and delivered six boxes of donated children’s books to this worthwhile cause.

March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association



                                            

    

  [1]


March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Works in Progress

Dancing Classrooms comes to P.S. 122

by Christine Cosmos On Friday, March 22nd, I had the pleasure of attending the 1st grade celebration event “Works in Progress” to mark the end of The Little Orchestra Society’s 10-week Musical Connections program. The audience had the opportunity to hear student compositions performed by professional musicians. Each class presented two original pieces. The theme of the class compositions was “Weather”. The pieces had qualities that conjured up various elements of weather. Students also put their names to music, creating “Name” songs that were sung by their entire class. As a parent of a first grader, I was delighted to take part in this event and to witness the excitement on the students’ faces as they listened, performed and asked many questions about the instruments.

Kimberly Lancial, P.S. 122 Parent On Friday, March 22 students of the fifth grade had the pleasure of gracefully entertaining their family, friends and members of the fourth grade with their remarkable ballroom dancing. Mrs. Dritsas and Mrs. Politidas classroom 515, Ms. Maliagros classroom 419 and Mrs. Brooks classroom 513 participated in this wonderful program that turns our boys and girls into ladies and gentlemen. The event began with classroom 515 doing their best Fox Trot and Merengue. Following was class 419 doing the Rhumba and Heel-Toe Polka. Class 513 ended with the Waltz and Tango. At the very end were the Stomp and the Macarena where all the audience was encouraged to participate. This spectacular program started in 1994 when only two NYC public schools participated. It is a not-for-profit project of the American Ballroom Theater Company. The mission is to give children social skills through the practice of social dance. It isn’t just about teaching ballroom dancing. It is to learn about respect and honor, create selfconfidence and accept all. It is a wonderful time for students who are shy or introverted to come out of that shell and shine. These learned skills will follow these children throughout their lives.

It is a 10-week – 20 session program for our fifth graders. The sessions begin with introducing new steps them reinforcing those steps in the following classes. It not only changes lives of the children but their teachers and parents as well. Beginning in 2004 P.S. 122 has offered this program to its fifth grade. This years Dancing Classrooms staff this year were Ms. Alee Reed Youth Dance Company Artistic Director, Senior Liaison and Ms. Jenna Kirk Teaching Artist. At the end of this program select students will be chosen to continue on with competition. The Rainbow Team Match Grand Finals will be on Sunday, June 23 with the times to be announced. It will take place at Riverside Church in Manhattan. These finals feature NYC Public and Private school finalists from around the five boroughs and beyond! Please consider attending where hopefully P.S. 122 will join the top nine teams from Fall, Winter, and Spring!


March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


City Ice Pavilion Fundraiser by Claudia Voyiatzis The PS 122 PTA would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those families who came out and skated with us at our very first City Ice Pavilion Fundraiser. The event was great fun, with participants ranging from our youngest students in Pre-K to our oldest students in 8th grade. Together with your support, we raised over $600, which will go directly towards enriching our children’s educational experience. The PTA looks forward to hosting more of these fun family events where we can continue to connect and grow as a school community.

KoKeshi Dolls by Sophia Augustin, class 3-411 My class and I read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. This story takes place after the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. While sick with leukemia, a disease from the atomic bomb, Sadako receives a kokeshi doll, a traditional Japanese doll. I made one of my on with an empty yogurt bottle, nail polish, shiny black paper, a sharpie marker, and an egg shaped bouncy ball. It was fun and when it was finished, it looked beautiful! Other children in the class made kokeshi dolls. Each one was more beautiful than the previous! My classmate, Siena, said, “My kokeshi doll was very fun to make.” Mia, another classmate, wrote that, “It was fun making her. And now, I know how to make another in the future.” Amanda, wrote, “My kokeshi doll made me see how toys were and are like in Japan. I made me see what kinds of toys girls in Japan have.” Zaina, declared that, “Making a kokeshi doll was easy and fun! You can make one out of objects you find around the house. Items like water bottles, soda bottles, cork and a ball.” 24

March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Poetry Cafe Class 3-406


March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Poetry Cafe

The Old Cow

Class 3-406

by Maxie Strom 2-309

Some important and helpful websites: Acuity: (Assessment information) ARIS: (Attendance/NYS Test Scores)

Gertrude Chocolates Fundraiser Total gross sales= $7,222 We get 50% , Well done!!

NYC Department of Education: (Dept. of Ed website with enrollment and Gifted and Talented information)

Thanks to the Top 3 Sellers:

NYS Education Dept.: (Common Core Learning Standards, Testing Info)

Elias Chkirate Grade 4- Room 413Ms. Mosher $520.50 (Sample State Tests)

Wendy Mendoza Grade 1- $354. (Create a free account to access educational videos on many subjects)

Imani Colon Solivan Grade 2-Room 309- Victoros $ 329.7


March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


EDGE Baseball League

Future All-Stars Training FAST

Structured ~ Professional ~ Courteous

SPRING 2013 BOYS AND GIRLS BASEBALL TRAINING (Ages 4 & up) The EDGE Baseball League has partnered up with Future All Stars Training (“FAST”) to bring you an unprecedented and unparalleled powerhouse Baseball program! Team sports are a fundamental way of learning life skills. The EDGE Baseball League emphasizes teamwork to accomplish goals both in sports and as part of everyday life. Our program teaches athletes that sports are about being prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually. We believe that the earlier an athlete learns these skills he/she will not only be a better ballplayer, but a better person. EDGE Baseball Leagues are run in a comfortable atmosphere where athletes of all ages and abilities can work hard at improving their skills while having fun! The EDGE has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for disrespectful behavior towards coaches, players and/or parents. EDGE strives for all of its participants to learn the game of baseball in a friendly atmosphere while understanding the necessity of being respectful to coaches, umpires, and teammates. The EDGE and FAST technique teaches and develops good sportsmanship on and off the field. Both EDGE and FAST are committed to delivering the highest quality programs and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Details about the league include the following:  The EDGE Baseball League operates year round!  Spring Season includes 16 games + playoffs/championship games.  Queens & Long Island Baseball Alliance affiliate – allows children from our middle divisions to play against neighboring leagues!  Professional baseball training for all of our traveling teams starting from age 7.  All Players have access to FAST professional trainers.  All FAST professional baseball trainers are ex college, minor, and major league baseball players.  Coaches will receive an assessment of players prior and during drafts to ensure fair and balanced teams for all our middle and upper Baseball divisions.  

Hate drafts – No problem! As long as your group of players are fair and balanced with the talent level of our existing in-house teams you can keep all your players together! Call for appointment for group assessments or for travel team try-outs! Play under the lights!!! At Edge some divisions have night games!!

Registration Dates/Times:

Thursdays: Fridays: Saturdays: Sundays:

Location: Long Island City High School 14-30 Broadway Long Island City, NY 11106

7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (January – 17, 24, 31) (February - 7, 14, 21, 28) (March – 7, 14, 21, 28) (April 4, 11) 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (January – 18, 25,) (February – 1, 8, 15, 22) (March – 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) (April 5,12) 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (January – 19, 26,) (February – 2, 9, 16, 23) (March – 2, 9, 16, 23, 30) (April 6,13) 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (January – 20, 27,) (February – 3, 10, 17, 24) (March – 3, 10, 17, 24, 31) (April 7,14)

 Those registered for the EDGE baseball league are prorated for Spring FAST Professional Baseball Training / & or FAST SAQ Conditioning! Coaches receive complimentary Spring FAST Professional baseball training for their child.  This season the Edge Spring Baseball League and FAST Professional Training camps are tailored and geared for players ages 4 – 14. We start from Tee Ball!  The Edge Baseball League shall commence early April.  Pre-registration has started. Many of those already playing in our in-door Edge Winter baseball games program have already pre-registered for the Spring! Many other player slots and coaching positions have already been filled.  Since we have had such an overwhelming response for our leagues and training camps, entrance is based on availability.

Contact Us:

EDGE Email: Telephone: (516) 299-8180

FAST Email: Telephone: (516) 299-8180


March 2013

Comprehensive Baseball Training Includes: All aspects of hitting stance, balance and swing plane for hitting, mental preparation and hitting philosophy, hand-eye coordination drills. Opposite field hitting (staying inside the baseball), hitting with two strikes, situational hitting, pitching instruction- balance, delivery, pitch grips & catcher skills and drills - receiving, blocking & throwing fundamentals. In addition to fielding, hitting, throwing, players may select and participate in position specific workshops such as, but not limited to: pitching, advanced pitching, infield, outfield, hitting and advanced hitting. Base running infield fundamentals-corner play & middle infield play / outfield fundamentals- including throwing from the outfield and MUCH MORE! At the conclusion of the session, players will receive a comprehensive written evaluation outlining suggestions for improvement. All Instructors are ex-college and or ex-professional baseball players *Players will initially be assembled by age, assessed and then regrouped based on their abilities and will be discussed at registration/orientation*



Register for the Following: Mommy & Me (ages 6 month - 3 yrs) Swimming Lessons (ages 4yrs - Adult) Advanced Swim Lessons (ages 7yrs - Adult) Independent Swim Time (ages 4yrs - Adult) FAST Olympic Group Activities (ages 4yrs - 14yrs) NEW PROGRAM – EDGE SWIMMING LEAGUE!

Baseball specific Hydro conditioning program (8yrs-18yrs) Strength, Agility, Speed and Plyometric Hydro conditioning program (ages 9yrs -18yrs) Advanced Baseball Hydro conditioning program (ages 10 yrs - Adult) Advanced Strength, Speed, Agility and Plyometric Hydro conditioning program (ages 11 yrs -Adult)

*FAST REGISTRATION/PROGRAM INFO Location: Long Island City High School, 14-30 Broadway, Long Island City, NY 11106 “Come right through the main entrance” Registration: Thursdays: 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (February - 14, 21, 28) (March – 7, 14, 21, 28) (April 4) Fridays: 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (February – 8, 15, 22) (March – 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) (April 5) Saturdays: 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (February – 9, 16, 23) (March – 2, 9, 16, 23, 30) (April 6) Sundays: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (February – 10, 17, 24) (March – 3, 10, 17, 24, 31) (April 7)

Program date: Training Camp shall commence April 6 or 7, every Saturday or Sunday, dependent on registered program *Due to the overwhelming response for our camps/programs and as we keep a low trainer to participant ratio, space will be based on a first registration first availability basis. Registration may close without notice. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE REGISTRATION DATES OR REQUIRE FURTHER INORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US AT: E-mail: Telephone: 516-299-8180 News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association




Classes ongoing right now! Show Choir (ages 9-15) A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

Located at 23-35 Broadway Astoria, NY 11106 CALL: 347-738-4148 or EMAIL:

Guitar & Violin (ages 6 and up) Art (ages 3-18) And much, much more! Mention News & Views of PS 122 and get HALF OFF your first group class or private lesson!


March 2013

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


BUILDING STRONG DANCERS WITH PROPER TECHNIQUE Astoria Pediatric Associates, P.C. Christodoulos Iordanou, M.D. Christodoulos Iordanou, M.D. Michael Iordanou, M.D. Michael Iordanou, M.D Yael Robson, M.D. Brent Jansen, M. D. Anna Kisamov, M.D. Yael Robson, M.D. Stanley Jacob, M.D. Evangelia Sefronis, Denise Fiorentinos,C.P.A. D.O.

200-14 44TH AVENUE BAYSIDE, NY 11361

TEL: 718-278-2208 TEL: 718-721-6166 FAX: 718-721-7237

TEL: 718-224-3000 TEL: 718-224-8048 FAX: 718-224-6378


March 2013

For information or to register

call 718.274.0740 or email

News & Views

Design: WestGroup Creative •

37-11 23RD AVENUE ASTORIA, NY 11105

Near the N&Q Astoria-Ditmars station 38-01 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105 The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association



HONO First Grade Mysha Ahmed Nabeeha Anis Samuel Benson Hutchinson Brown Audrea Chen Vincent D’Angelo Demir Dupljak Angela Garvin Amy Gorreja Maximillian Gurnett Ella Hoffman Demetra Kostaridis Kyle Mackelburg Reem Nasrallah Noah Sigel Martin Simbulan Emily Singh Jules Stachura Ioanna Todaro

Second Grade Jnnifer Ali Charlene Benton Olive Bohdanowycz Dia Brar Edward Bulic Alex E. Chen Lina Chenbod Imani Colon-Solivan Alexander Cunningham Justin Cunningham Yusa Erenci Sophia Florea Grace M. Hackbarth Kohko Kamimura Justine Katimbang Nicoleta Kenini Mahjabin Khan Yasmine Ksiyer Myat Kyaw Douae Maarouf Mahdi Munir Sanah Noor Kyle Palisoc Mubashshira Rab Natalie Sarro Peter Schulz



Paul Serbanescu Despina Sfiris Irene Skandalakis Moxie Strom Vasiliki Zaharakis

Third Grade Nafees Ahmad Leena Al-zafarani Isaac Allen Cummings Karina Amaach Sophia Augustin Huzayfah Awan Charles Bowsorth Amanda Brucculeri Bhaskar Chakrabarti Benjamin Cheung Sonia Christoforides Stacvroula Dimitriadis Sarah Elnawawi LucianaGanshaw Phoebe Gomez Anand Jaureg ilorda Aabriti Khanal Lidia Layme Jonathan Lee Sophia Migias Isabella Minano Arman Mohiuddin Hari Papajani Laura Popovic Samuel Rentos Milan Savard Andrew Talushllari Michela Volpe Claire Yu Grace Yu

Fourth Grade Jasper Bruskotter Claire DeLaRoche Tasmina Hassan Hamida Mazumder Mohamed Mohamady Farjana Nishu Fatema Rahaman Tenzin Sherpa

Fifth Grade Sarah Alam Joanna Alexandropoulos Marisol Arellano Brigette Bertoni Poga Dabnath Stamatia Daramboukas Thomas Diakogeorgios Dianne Doytchinov Andrea Elia Nancy Elnawawi Presley Hernandez Shadman Hussain Samiha Hussen Riyan Ibadah Sumika Iijima Georgia Kazteridis Eleni Konstantelos Arianna Pena Shadman Rahman Faiqa Sajjad Tasnim Shawkat Ashley Valdes Britney Villeda Miguel Vivar Rafid Zia Valentina Zolorzano

Sixth Grade Sashwat Adhikari Atiya Ahmed Mohammad Al-mohtasib Shezan Alam Ayesha Ali Umar Ali Carol Arellano Monika Baldyga Adrian Chabla Archi Das Michelle Demce Annie Donahue Electra Dovas Electra Economopoulos Natalie Fermosell Melissa Gao Jude Grodesky Labiba Hasan Christina Huynh

Ahmed Imran Rifat Islam Tahmid Jamal Sebastian Jamshahi Suzannah Kacin Katerina Levi Andreas Migias Yi Mu Aqib Nabi Sajed Nahian Stephanie Naing Sofia Pareja Pauline Phan Daleelah Saleh Natalie Sangngam Rhaldni Sayaman William Tang Anokha Venugopal Jerry Ye

Seventh Grade Nasheath Ahmed Sk Ayon Afnan Azad Rihanna Bakkar Szymon Baldyga Tasfia Bashar Othman Bichouana Ashley Chabla Annie Chen Kenny Chen Jonathan Choi Sherry Chowdhury Tahseen Chowdhury Heather Devlin Danilo Escobedo Isabella Faro Emma Fujita Brian Guallpa Daniel Han Torsa Hossain Fabliha Hussain Nowshin Islam Jawad Kadir Adam Khay Nadia Kossman-Newcomb Sarah Mafroud Stephen Milani


March 2013

Niyati Neupane Fatima Ptacek Sabiha Rahman Sarah Saad Pallab Saha Tsering Sherpa Shirley Shi Narae Song Manahal Tabassum Zakir Tabini Rhythm Thamid Janice Tjan Erik Villavera Emily Wang Kevin Wu Yahan Yang Raniyan Zaman

Eighth Grade Shaik Abiden Catreen Abouelsaad Jannatul Ahmed Raisa Alam Maria Dolores Alvarez Syeda Anjum Ashley Arango Shupti Biswas Vivian Chen

Progg Choudhury Raidah Chowdhury

Andres Coello Truc Dao


Khunaljit Dey

Michael Espinosa

Maria Flores Laura Guerero Yasmine Gutierrez Hector Herrera Abonee Hossain Jeneera Hossain Shaikat Islam Anna Kalis Mashiyat Karim Christina Kwan HanJun Lin Tara Loizou Connyr Lu Nahid Mahmud Anahi Mayancela Kainat Meer Erna Radoncic Sarah Rahman Antara Raisa Sadia Saba Kurumi Sasaki Alex Serbanescu Aronno Shafi Julian Silverio Tanveer Singh Eunah Song Marko Stojanovic Shazidur Talukder Dominique Tjondro Bryan Torres Georgia Vasilopoulos Mia Zaidi Tiger Zhu


LICAC The only interdisciplinary arts camp in queens


Art Dance music theatre

classes conducted by

long island city school of Ballet Long Island City Academy of music the secret Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts

A+ July 8th - 25th 9am-2pm Mon-Thur ages 3-13 Call for Registration (718)781-1169 *Early Drop off 8am

extra charge applies /arts_camp_registration

21 - 37 31ST Street, Astoria, NY 11105-2601 Phone no. :(718)-545-9344, Fax:(718)-606-6467 Email:

Best Cuban Sandwich in astoria!!!

News & Views

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Carmela Vlacich Vice President Licensed Real Estate Associate Commercial and Residential Direct: 718-932-3800 Mobile: 917-882-4238 Fax: 718-713-3690 32-56 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11103 Astoria, NY, 11103(718) 274-2400

Looking to rent, buy or sell... Please call Carmela for all of your Real Estate needs. Serving Astoria for over 25 years!! * Free Market Analysis of your home*

Little Diva Spa Parties!

A full service Salon Spa 40-21 23rd Avenue, Astoria,NY 11105 718.204.9390 |

Come for Little Diva Spa Parties! Charcoal Broiled... The Very Best Chicken & Ribs You'll Ever Have!

35-02 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103 (718) 721-3035 Free Delivery!

P.S. 122 Celebrates Music in our Schools Month by Eileen Kelly Open Mic 2013: 8th Grade Individualized Music Projects After midterms in January, the eighth grade Academy students started working on Individualized Music Projects. Working alone or in groups, they first submitted a proposal of a music project that would culminate in an Open Mic performance on Thursday, March 21. They designed a 6-week plan for their group, including individual goals. In addition to performing, students also were required to create a score for their project, indicating elements of music such as rhythm, pitch, instrumentation, and orchestration. The Open Mic was huge success! The students ran a smooth show from beginning to end, and truly enjoyed seeing each other’s hard work. Each performance was engaging and inspiring. Performing in front of peers can be a scary thing, but you wouldn’t know it in watching this Open Mic! The students created a warm and inviting environment in which they feel free to express themselves creatively, artistically and musically. The Open Mic was a great forum to showcase the musical growth and development of the P.S. 122 eighth grade class, but it did more than simply show off talent. It brought to center stage the special spirit of the P.S. 122 Academy, as seen on the smiling faces both onstage and off of students and faculty alike.

Beatlemania!: 4th Grade

Ukulele Projects: 7th Grade

Performance Assembly

Bands Rock!

A couple of months ago, each fourth grade class tackled a Beatles song. During music class, the students sang the melody, worked out a harmony accompaniment on the xylophones, and choreographed a dance routine. On Thursday, March 21, the fourth grade assembled in the auditorium to share their performances with Ms. Sabel, Ms. Carlucci, their classroom teachers, and each other. Songs included “OblaDi, Obla-Da,”, ”I Saw Her Standing There,” “Help!,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Twist and Shout,” and “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Bravo to the fourth grade on a great show!

This year, the entire seventh grade is learning to play the ukulele in music class. In September, the students formed bands they would work with for the school year. Since then, the students have made huge strides as musicians. They started out playing “Down on the Corner,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Next, each class had its own song to tackle: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Big Yellow Taxi,” and “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.” In March, each band selected its own song to cover, but each class revisited their class song in a video recording session to do some promotion. Look for the seventh grade ukes this spring- they are ready to perform and will definitely bring down the house when they do!

100 Days of School!

order online 38

March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Crazy Hat Day

Office of Emergency Management

In November we had the Office of Emergency Management come to PS 122 and do an assembly for the 2nd and 3rd Graders. They discussed what to do in an emergency and how every family should have a plan in place to keep them safe. “Get Ready New York� was the theme of the presentation and we hope to do further assemblies for the other grades and for the parents.

Our first school spirit day was a big hit! Crazy Hat & Hair Day brought out the silly & creative sides of our students and staff members alike. The positive vibe could be felt throughout the school that day. School spirit days are a great excuse to dress up and have a bit of fun, all while showing pride for our great school. Hey, Hey, Mamie Fay. Let's hear it for Crazy Hat Day!!!

FLOWERS FOR ALL OCASIONS 2276 31st St, Astoria, NY 11105 Toll Free: 800-821-4321 Local: 718-545-8272 All major credit cards accepted. We are open and deliver 7 days a week! 40

March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Peter Mouzakitis

Licensed Real Estate Sales Person


LOCATIONS: Steinway Reformed Church


Astoria Sports Complex Astoria Park

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated




Zumbatomic TRX Yoga Zumba Capoeira Zumba Toning Mommy & Me Yoga Moon Soup Capoeira Greek Dance Boot Camp Tutoring

Birthday Parties Zumba Yoga Spa Capoeira Star Wars Puppet Show

THEME PARTIES! 27-14 23rd Avenue Astoria, NY 11105 (347)455-3661 42

March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association


Celebrate Culture Night with “Peek-a-Boo kun” Sculptures Rica Takashima, PS 122 parent

Celebrate Culture Night with “Peek-a-Boo kun” Sculptures

“Aliens in New York” is a one day interactive installation of Peekaboo-kun sculptures designed to highlight the ethnic and diversity of Astoria and beyond, created by Rica Takashima, parent of Sumika Iijima, a 5 grader student in 513, Mrs. Brooks’s class. “I have been participating in Culture Night for four years ago. I am excited to see the diversity of P.S.122Q. I wish to create Peek-a-Boo kun sculptures for each of the 35 countries, where students come from. I already have made 15, but by the end of

this year I am planning to complete the entire 35. The “Aliens in New York” exhibit series has just started. Please come to see the installation and show your support.”

This art show is an opportunity for students and their families to enjoy and experience what it is like to be another person from another culture. “Aliens in New York” is a sponsored project of Artspire, a program of New York Foundation for the Arts.

Celebrate Culture Night with “Peek-a-Boo kun” Sculptures

~News from the Physical Education Department~ It is finally springtime and we can get outside more and more. Here is what happening in the gym. Mr. Guthenberg and Mr. Kasper’s students are working on Track and Field This unit is leading up to the NYC Developmental Track and Field Series. There are trips to Juniper Park and Astoria Park. Mrs. Battista’s youngsters are participating in “around NYC” activities unit which includes active and physical things students and families can do around New York City. All age groups will participate in “Jump Rope for Heart” or “Hoops for Heart”. The money raised will go to research for heart disease and stroke. The money is not due at the time of this printing but so far people have been very generous. Last year, our school raised $10,632.00 which ranked us as one of the top raisers in NYC. The New York City FitnessGram has been completed for this year. Students and their parents will receive a copy. These are great tools for each individual to see where he/she needs to improve. If you do not understand any information from the report, see one of the physical education teachers. The FitnessGram will be done again next year. To improve you fitness skills: practice, practice, practice. In past issues of this newsletter, we have covered various components of exercise. This time we will focus on flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to use a muscle throughout the entire range of motion. If you are flexible you will be able to bend, stretch, and reach. These attributes will give you an advantage when playing a game, a sport or activity.

One test. That’s all that matters. The right test prep program could mean the difference between your child getting admitted to a top high school or having him go to an ordinary school.

We offer intensive SHSAT classes and one-on-one tutoring.


N or Q to Astoria Blvd

CALL NOW 347-642-5409

“Aliens in New York” is a one day interactive installation of Peek-a-Boo kun sculptures designed to highlight the ethnic diversity of Astoria and beyond, created Ricaday Takashima, a parent of a 5th grade at P.S.122Q. “I have been designed participatingtoinhighlight Culture the ethnic diversity of “Aliens in New York” is abyone interactive installation of student Peek-a-Boo kun sculptures Night for four years ago. I am excited to see the diversity of P.S.122Q. I wish to create Peek-a-Boo kun sculptures for each of the 35 Astoria and beyond, created by Rica Takashima, a parent of a 5th grade student at P.S.122Q. “I have been participating in Culture countries, where students come from. I already have made 15, but by the end of this year I am planning to complete the entire 35. Night for four years ago. I am excited to see the diversity of P.S.122Q. I wish to create Peek-a-Boo kun sculptures for each of the 35 The “Aliens in New York” exhibit series has just started. Please come to see the installation and show your support.” countries, where students come from.and I already havetomade 15,experience but by the end this This art show is an opportunity for students their families enjoy and what it isoflike to year I am planning to complete the entire 35. be another person from York” another exhibit culture. series has just started. Please come to see the installation and show your support.” The “Aliens in New “Aliens New is York” is a sponsored for project of Artspire, program of Newto York Foundation for the Arts.what it is like to This art in show an opportunity students andatheir families enjoy and experience be another person from another culture. 44 “Aliens in New York” is a sponsored project of Artspire, a program of New York Foundation for the Arts.

March 2013

News & Views

       

Stuyvesant 560 Bronx Science 512 Brooklyn Tech 482 Brooklyn Latin 472 HSMSE @ CCNY 495 HSAS @ Lehman 502 Queens Science @ York College 502 Staten Island Tech 499

Acceptance Rates to the Specialized High Schools (September 2012 admission)


32-11 Astoria Blvd. Astoria, NY 11102

SHSAT Cutoff Scores 2012

(Compiled from the internet and other sources)

Source: Specialized High Schools Student Handbook 2012-2013

        

Stuyvesant High School (967 of 23,899 students) The Bronx High School of Science (1,020 of 19,158 students) Brooklyn Technical High School (1,945 of 22,586 students) The Brooklyn Latin School (480 of 14,695 students) HSMSE @ CCNY (250 of 18,337 students) HSAS @ Lehman (182 of 16,042 students) Queens HS for the Sciences at York College (149 of 16,263 students) Staten Island Technical High School (367 of 14,512 students) FH LaGuardia HS of Music & Art and Performing Arts (1,075 of 15,532 students)

The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association

45 You can find The Story Nook Children’s Bookstore at their pop-up location in babyNOIR Boutique located at 26-16 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY and online at Looking for a book for your child or a unique gift? The Story Nook Children’s Bookstore’s website and store brings you a wonderful selection of books for all ages ranging from multicultural to the classics. They also carry a unique array of educational and fun items such as puzzles, games, arts and crafts and music from around the world. Many of the items have been handpicked and are guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face. babyNOIR Boutique also carries a wonderful selection of children’s clothing and baby toys that are unique and perfect for gift giving. You can check their website for upcoming events and new merchandise.

Use Promotion Code PS122 at Checkout and receive $10.00 off on purchases $50 and over plus Free Shipping.

“We do any birthday cakes, cater any party. To any amount of servings,” Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm Saturday and Sunday 7am -8pm

21-75 35th St, Astoria, NY 11105(718) 606-0360 For information contact Faye Skandalakis at 347-993-3859 or email at


March 2013

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The Journal Newsletter of the P.S. 122Q Parent -Teacher Association



March 2013

News & Views March 2013  
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