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Bernard Rudden

- The World Is Illusion


- October 15th-November 15th

Zebra One Art Gallery, 1 Perrins Court, Hampstead, London NW3 1QX Tel: 02077941281

the world is illusion i think images are born in sensation... i like to cycle. when i stop i ask if it›s the ‹right› place. i take in where i am - what’s behind and in front of me, the air the sounds the light, a sensory dance to conscious awareness. the eye in the darkness of the viewfinder through the lens opens to light and reveals a frame of the reality i see. and this seems interdependent with so many contingent factors. its relation to time and place, my mood, attitude, the changing light, what’s in the the frame and what’s not. it seems that the photograph is made as much of everything that›s not in it as much as everything that is.

at the moment the photograph is captured, it ‹dies› to be reborn at an entirely different moment. when i look at these i see objects made of light, secret messages placed where a viewer can decipher anew. trees cast themselves on walls – nature makes for a giant theatre show. i can imagine actors. i can also see time. the moment is all. its important to really be there for it. it will never be the same again. this thought fills me with wonder…

Bernard Rudden

The World is Illusion

The World Is Illusion - Bernard Rudden  
The World Is Illusion - Bernard Rudden  

Bernard Rudden Photographer . Book forExhibition at Zebra Gallery London