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Services and Pricing for Businesses


Videos (Virtual  Tours,  Commercials,  Promotional  videos,  Event  Montages,  etc.)   o 30  –  60  second  video  –  includes  full  day  of  shooting,  optional  voiceovers,   royalty  free  musical  selection,  plus  2  optional  revisions  containing   watermarks  for  final  approval  ($500-­‐$700)   o 2-­‐3  minute  video  –  includes  full  day  of  shooting,  optional  voiceovers,   royalty  free  musical  selection,  plus  2  optional  revisions  containing   watermarks  for  final  approval  ($700  -­‐  $1000)      

*Original music  composition/production  are  available  starting  at  $100     per  project.        

Social Media  Marketing/PR  Campaigns   o Creation  of  Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest,  and  YouTube  accounts  ($150)   o Maintenance  of  Social  Media  Outlets    3-­‐4  posts  each  on  Facebook,  Pinterest,  and  Twitter  per  week;   posts  will  include  news  from  the  company,  upcoming   events/promotions,  digitization  of  existing  content  (photographs,   videos,  advertisements,  etc.),  up  to  3  uploads  to  YouTube/month     ($400/month)   Websites   o Choice  of  1  template  per  website   o Up  to  5  pages  per  site  (includes  general  information,  video,  picture,   contact  form,  Google  Maps,  services,  prices,  advertisements)  with  option   of  embedded  videos,  basic  search  engine  optimization,  links  to  social   media  outlets,  and  2  optional  mock  ups  per  site  before  final  approval   ($450/site)    **These  prices  do  not  reflect  purchase  of  domain  or   server/host  pricing       o Monthly  maintenance  of  website,  including  adding  new  videos  and   content,  necessary  restructuring,  basic  search  engine  optimization   modification,  etc.  ($150/month)  

Full  payment  for  the  creation  of  social  media  outlets  is  expected  prior  to  account   creation.    Revisions  to  accounts  will  be  made  as  necessary.   A  50%  deposit  is  required  before  work  on  websites  or  videos  will  commence.    Final   balance  must  be  paid  upon  receipt  of  final  draft  with  watermark/privacy  settings.     Watermark  (videos)  or  privacy  settings  (website)  will  be  removed  upon  final  payment.   Payment  for  monthly  services  (website  and  social  media  outlet  maintenance)  must  be   made  in  advance  by  the  5th  day  of  each  month.    


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