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Issue 1 - March 2008

creACT is annual newsletter presenting the work of the Youth Association creACTive

world of creative and active young people

WELCOME TO THE FIRST ISSUE of the world of creative and active young people - creACTive

Dear readers, We proudly present you the first edition of creACT – annual newsletter of the Youth Association creACTive from Skopje, Macedonia. creACT was invented to introduce you with the mission, goals and main activities of our organization, but also to provide an opportunity for the young people to express themselves about the projects they have taken part in; and to outline in this way what has been important for them personally. We are also publishing this newsletter to explain you what we mean when we s p e a k a b o u t c r e A C T i v i t y. B e i n g creACTive means for us to be creative and active in the same time. And because creACTive is association of and for young people, creACTivity refers primarily to them. It is our dream to see

more and more socially active young people with innovative, provocative and creative ideas. Not only in Skopje or Macedonia; but all over Europe. Active not only in their local realities; but also in building the future of Europe. On the next couple of pages you can read about our work during the past year. On our web page you can find more extensive and updated report on what we do. If you are still interested, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with more information about our work and the ways in which you can get involved. Enjoy reading! Dragan Atanasov President of creACTive



creating long lasting team spirit... inspiring creativity ... creACTive


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What is creACTive? creACTive is a youth association for support of creativity and active citizenship of young people. Its main aim is to assist the personal development of young people through engaging them in non-formal education activities. The main fields of creACTive’s work are: Arts, Music, creACTive’s Model of United Nations (CMUN), SK8, Youth Mobility and Training of youth workers. A great part of our activities are developed within the framework of European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme. creACTive is involved as both applicant and partner organization in a number of youth exchanges and training courses. It is accredited as EVS sending and hosting organization, and it has already hosted one EVS volunteer from Italy. Since March 2008, creACTive also serves as a Contact Point of the Yo u t h i n A c t i o n P ro g r a m m e f o r Macedonia.

The office of creACTive is inspiring place to create, act, and ultimately enjoy. It is situated in the centre of Gjorce Petrov, Skopje; and it is open for all young people every day from 10 to 16.

be creative, stay active



Youth Association creACTive is based in Skopje, Macedonia; but it has members and activities all around the country. It develops projects on local, national and international level. In this newsletter of creACTive we decided to present you mainly our international projects. Apart of them and of CMUN, during the past year creACTive has developed a variety of other activities. Workshops, short seminars, rock concert, volunteer actions and other activities were already implemented; and many others are yet to come. Read about them on our web page, or in the next edition of this newsletter.

Hosted Projects - Introduction During the past year, creACTive has hosted three international projects in the f r a m e w o r k o f t h e Yo u t h i n A c t i o n Programme: two youth exchanges and a training course. Below you will find short texts about these projects; additional information and materials are available upon request.

Getting ready - Training course 22 - 28 January 2008 Ohrid, Macedonia text by: Dragan Atanasov

The international training course “Getting Ready” was implemented as part of creACTive’s action for training of youth workers. Its focus were young youth workers, involved in the work of their organizations directly with young people; and it was aimed at providing them with knowledge and skills necessary for working as youth workers. The project took place in Ohrid, Macedonia from 22nd to 28th of January 2008; and it gathered 30 young people from Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Estonia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. It was financially supported by the Youth in Action Programme.

our previous work. A couple of times we h a v e n o t i c e d t h a t t h e re a re m a n y organizations that are encouraging young people to get involved in their work as youth workers, but only a small number of them offer youth with necessary training and support. Thus, young people are usually found in a situation to begin with implementation of activities for youth without being prepared for that. With this project creACTive aimed to address this issue by providing these young youth workers with basic training of youth work and non-formal education. During the project activities, the participants had an opportunity to explore topics such as adolescence, development of a young person, basis of youth work and non-formal education, methodology of youth work, motivation of young people, techniques of working with individual and a group. They were engaged in small group work, presentations, discussions, simulations and other types of activities, which offered them opportunities for both learning and gaining practical experiences. Finally, the project also included a variety of structured free time activities, which enabled the young participants to visit Ohrid and its surrounding, and thus to get informed about the Macedonian culture and way of living.

The roots of this project idea were based on the discoveries we have made during

Participants of Getting Ready TC





USE YOUR HANDS TO CREATE MAGIC 1 - 11 February 2008 Ohrid, Macedonia Text by: Valentin Petreski Encouragement and development of the creativity of young people; as well as transformation of their unique ideas into creations - personally created by their own hands, were the main aims of the youth exchange “Use your hands to create magic”, realized by the Youth Association creACTive. The project was held in Ohrid from 1st until 11th of February 2008; and it was implemented under the Youth in Action Programme. Participants were young people from Bosnia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, the

“I am proud that we had an opportunity to share so many different experiences and interests; and I am very satisfied with what we achieved. I enjoyed the intercultural evening and I had such a great time at the excursion in Ohrid – which I like very much, especially because of the lake” Participant of the exchange

Netherlands and Macedonia. The activities at this youth exchange were divided in artistic workshops and workshops for promotion of non-formal education. Special accent was put on the way of personal expression and creation of own imaginations through the workshops. The participants had a chance to explore and learn useful skills and techniques for artistic and creative e x p re s s i o n , t h ro u g h f o u r a r t i s t i c workshops that were offered – fashion and jewelry; video and photography; design; and paper art. Real proof of participants’ wish to create and express themselves were the final results of the exchange – clothes, masks,

vitrage, decorated glasses, a lot of abstract figures, animal figures, jewelry, baskets, photos and video presentations… In such an atmosphere, it was difficult not to notice the pleasure and the positive energy that the participants were spreading. A public promotion of the creative products was held in café Aquarius in the city center, where the citizens of Ohrid had a possibility to see the creativity and abilities that young people possess. The great number of young visitors and the interest shown by the media proved that this project idea was really unique. The guests at this presentation had a chance to personally talk to the participants and to find out what was interesting for them – which was the aim for having this event in the centre of the hosting city, Ohrid. Besides all activities, the participants could also enjoy the beauty of the city – crossroad of the centuries – Ohrid; to visit and explore the most important places, monuments and rarities that the city possesses. Thanks to the project team and all the participants, we will always remember the unforgettable moments, the people and everything that happened during the exchange - on purpose or spontaneously. And the results of our work will remain as a proof of young people’s creativity and potential.

“I had a great time here, I will never forget what I learned and the wonderful people I met. I liked all the workshops because they were very creative, and I thing we achieved very much together” creativity is allowing to make mistakes

Participant of the exchange



GIRLS AS LEADERS? IT’S NOT A JOKE 6 - 14 October 2007 in Struga, Macedonia Text by: Valentina Josevska The main goal of this multilateral Youth Exchange “Girl as leaders – It is not a joke”,was to give an opportunity to young girls from Bosnia, England, Estonia, Poland, Serbia and Macedonia to participate in planning and organising their own activities, to experience decision making and responsibility and to test new cultures and values, with the inclusion of young men in order to work on the future of gender – balance. In today’s society leadership development is vital for all young people, especially for young women. Researches say that young women who become leaders are selfmotivated toward reaching defined goals. Structured activities such as interactive workshops, teambuilding games, volunteer service, and community fi e l d t r i p s o ff e re d t e e n g i r l s t h e opportunity to speak out from their own lives, learn more about themselves as leaders, learn about other cultures and

ultimately change their lives and communities. The young participants were challenged through group activities to make their own decisions, share experiences in solving certain issues that consider young people in nowadays societies and to try to solve them in their own way. Young people of the above listed countries have played a role as a m b a s s a d o r s re p re s e n t i n g t h e y countries in different levels such as: cultures, food, skits and music. Also there were organised outdoor activities in order to research Macedonian culture a n d t o fi n d o u t t h e w a y h o w Macedonian people think and live. Beside the practical activities included in the programme there was a space for a lot of fun and plenty of leisure time. The eight days activities met the expectations of these young people as they have continued to keep in touch, also helped them to think about many other ways of collaboration among them.

be the change you want to see




PARTNER PROJECTS In the past year creACTive’s members took part in many projects held around Europe, in countries such as Bosnia, Austria, Serbia, Albania, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey etc. The participants were acquainted with different topics European and active citizenship, environment, arts. Bellow you will find information about a couple of projects that we have taken part in.

After finishing this youth exchange, the Macedonian participants: Jovana Naumoska, Mihaela


Bogojovska and Valentin Petreski with the leader Dragan Atanasov, shared their experience with young people who were interested to learn these dances.

This youth exchange was a follow up of the project “Bringing Europe Everywhere”, held in Strumica, Macedonia during February 2007. This second part continued with the same topic and almost the same group of organizations and participants. The aim of this youth exchange was to provide an intercultural environment for young people living in small towns. Most

LINE DANCE - TURKEY Text by Jovana Naumoska The main goal of this youth

of the activities during the exchange contributed to participants’ understanding of the Europian context in which they live and the meaning of common

exchange was learning specific dances called “Line dances”. These dances do not belong to any society or tribe and they are universal for all mankind.

European citizenship.

Except Macedonia, other participating countries in this exchange were Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Albania and Italy. For a period of ten days the participants

Except the workshops and the activities we were also enjoying in every moment spent on the Alps. We would not forget that for the first time in our life we saw snow in September. We had a trip to the city on Innsbruck which was a good chance for us to see a lot of

learnt 3 dances: Country club, Salsa and I’m all shook up. Practicing of the dances was relaxing and interesting in same time. At the end of this youth exchange there was a

things like cathedrals, many shops with different brands famous all over the world. I would also like to mention the evening parties with karaoke singing, dancing and

public manifestation that attracted many people and local media. On the intercultural evening every group prepared and presented

playing some games which made the participants closer to each other.

something traditional that characterizes the country. This was a great chance to taste the food and drinks and to hear some music that is typical for the other countries and

Partner countries at this exchange were: Serbia, Bosnia, France, Bulgaria, Austria and Macedonia. Participants from creACTive were: Dragan Markoski as a youth leader, Dragan Atanasov, Marija

also to present ours to the others, as they could learn something more about Macedonia.

Stojanovska, Mihaela Bogojovska, Viktor Atanasov and Valentin Petreski

Except this, the agenda included cultural and historical presentation of Ankara; the participants had an opportunity to feel the life of young people in Turkey, to taste traditional food and drinks, and to hear and see

The youth exchange is an unforgettable experience because it provided us with knowledge and new experiences by having a lot of fun.

Turkish traditional folk music and dances.


Text by Mihaela Bogojovska


VENI, VIDI, VICI - SERBIA Text by Nikola Zmejkovski The concept of the Serbian organization “Homo Homini” for this project was to learn more about violence, violators, victims and observers – through games and role-plays. How to recognize violence and how to solve the situations connected with all kinds of violence (verbal, physical…). After each workshop we had discussions on questions like why we react in a specific way in the situation, is it wrong or right, or why is important to talk more with people about certain problems you have with individuals or with the society. The Estonian movie “Class” - movie about helpless victims in one class in secondary school which ends tragically caused the hardest debate of all. But it is always useful to hear what others think of some problems, to try to find the best solution for the problems and to know that your personal opinion is not always correct. Intercultural evening was also interesting part of all project, in which we could try Estonian fresh fish on peace of bread, Albanian and Montenegrin brandy, Serbian beer, Croatian bajadera… and of course our Macedonian traditional food (we got 5 for our ajvar and Tikvesh wine). We also learned some basic information about the countries which take part in this project. Others learned about Macedonia and how to dance out traditional dance “Pajdushko”… We will never forget the days spent on the Youth Exchange “Veni Vidi Vici”. This project helped us to have friends around Europe, taught us how to have better life without violence, and rised up our level of knowledge so we can also help others and have better future together.



LIST OF PARTNER PROJECTS Bosnia 20 - 30 February 2008 "Use theater against prejudice" Youth Exchange

Serbia 20 - 31 January 2008 "VENI VIDI VICI" Youth Exchange

Bosnia 8 - 16 January 2008 “Young and creative youth leaders” Training Course

Czech Republic 11 - 19 October 2007

Austria 3 - 10 September 2007 "Bringing Europe Everywhere II" Youth Exchange

Albania 1 - 9 September 2007 "Active citizens’ future state" Youth Exchange

creACTive acts as a training provider for SALTO SEE EVS trainings.

Bosnia 3 - 11 August 2007

17-25 June, Serbia Bosnia - Croatia

"T4T Euro leaders" Training Course

"Treasure Hunt" Youth Meeting

TOTEM Seminar

Serbia 28 July - 3 August Albania 19 - 24 September 2007 2007 "Building the vision: Future opportunities" Study visit

Poland 19 - 23 September 2007 "Seminar on Discovering and strengthening the partnership in international projects" Contact Making Seminar

accreditation creACTIve is accredited as EVS hosting and sending organization. To access the accrediation please go to aod/hei_form_en.cfm? EID=66000083868


"Open Space" Training Course

Bulgaria 15 - 26 July 2007 “Work in process- memory of the body” Youth Exchange

Croatia 8 - 12 June 2007 youthNET meeting

First EVS in creACTIve Name: Sara Surname: Pisci Country: Italy Sending organization: TDM 2000 Duration of stay: March September 2008 Responsibilities: recycling workshops, italian teacher


Slovenia 17 - 24 April 2007 “Play work for youth work” Training course

Turkey 13 - 23 April 2007 “Line Dance” Youth exchange


creACTive’s Model of United Nations

collect more information that could be used at the Annual Conference, usually taking text by Gordana Gancheva place in November.

creACTive’s Model of United Nations (CMUN) is an extraordinary chance for ambitious youngsters who would like to meet new people, to make new friendships, to improve their communication skills, their English and their point of view; it is also a step forward for learning new things and improving their careers. Usually there are two mini conferences and one Annual Conference during the year, taking place in different cities. During the mini conferences the participants act as delegates of UN countries in different committees; representing their country’s attitude on a c u r re n t w o r l d p o l i t i c a l , economic or social topic. During these conferences the delegates have chances to improve their skills and to

On 24th of March creACTive organized seminar for new CMUN instructors. The event took place in the American High School NOVA in Skopje, and its aim was to provide the instructors with knowledge and experience necessary for coordinating the work of their local clubs.


part of the team involved


From 11th to 13th of May 2007 creACTive organized a CMUN mini Conference. It gathered 50 young people from high schools all over Macedonia. Those young people are active members of CMUN who have regular workshops in their city’s clubs, where they practice their debate and public speaking skills and practice for the conferences. In addition, they also have a chance to attended CMUN seminars and other activities on a national level.

Valentin Petreski guest at the National TV station Sitel

creACTIve’s Public Relations creACTive has built an important cooperation with the national and local TV stations, radios, and newspapers; which is used for presentation of creACTive’s work to vast audience.

Dragan Atanasov guest at the National TV station A1

Dragan Atanasov guest at the regional TV station TVM from Ohrid

Media are important part of our work. We, create, provoke, support, initiate, change, encourage; but we also present what we do. Not because we want to boast - but because we believe it is important to spread the results of our work to as many young people as possible. As a result, more and more creACTive%20PR.html

young people are getting involved in non-formal education activities; in creACTive and in other organizations. During the past year TVM from Ohrid covered all projects that we have organized in the city. National TV stations A1 and Sitel invited us to present the organization. We would like to thank these media for giving us space to inform young people about nonformal education and youth projects.

Who stands behind creACTive?


Dragan Atanasov - President

Marija Stojanovska - Music

Dragan Markoski - Vice President

Mihaela Bogojovska - Arts

Valentina Krstevska - Finance manager

Goce Zileski - Youth worker

Valentina Josevska - Project manager

Ivana Petkukeska - Extreme sports

Valentin Petreski - Arts

Robert Janev - Project Manager

Viktor Atanasov - Music

Gordana Gancheva - Project Manager

Jovana Naumovska - Arts

And about 120 members from around the country. [11]

YOUTH ASSOCIATION CREACTIVE str: Nikola Vukmirovic 23/3 1060 Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 20 36 910 Mobile: +389 71 350 751 E-mail: Web:

creACT newsletter  

the annual newsletter of the youth association creACTive, creACT

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