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Leave a Legacy

Reach our Community •

Impact our World For the love of Christ compels us

-2 Corinthians 5:14

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For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. They shall spring up among the grass like willows by flowing streams. -Isaiah 44:3-4

This year, we celebrate a remarkable 50 years of God’s faithfulness and blessings at Scottsdale Bible. Thousands have come to know Christ here. Tens of thousands more have been impacted for His kingdom through discipleship, worship and service. Looking forward, we are compelled to reach even further—beyond our walls and beyond ourselves—to extend His love and grace to new generations. We believe God has an even greater story to write about our church over the next 50 years. As we humbly seek His plan and anticipate future opportunities, we have honed our vision, mission and values to prepare us for the next season: • W  e are passionate about creating a community of Christ-followers marked by unwavering faith and unconditional love. • O  ur mission is to win more people to faith in Jesus Christ, build them up in their faith and send them to be winners and builders in their spheres of influence. • W  e value grace, expressed through generosity, transformational Bible teaching, engaging worship, authentic community, and servicebased outreach. Today, Scottsdale Bible is prepared to build upon our strong foundation. We are uniquely positioned to expand our impact at home, in our community and in our world. To do this, we must ask ourselves: Are we willing to be a church with unyielding obedience to God’s call? Do we truly desire to share the great measure of grace we have received? Will our hearts be marked by courage, sacrifice and generosity? What we do here affects individuals and families for eternity. As you thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the opportunities before us, we hope you will become even more passionate, engaged and compelled by grace.

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We Rejoice Worship As many as 6,000 adults and 2,000 children attend our church each Sunday.

Biblical Teaching We have recently completed book studies of Ruth, Esther, Daniel, Philippians, II Timothy and l and ll Peter.


in God’s ongoing goodness to Scottsdale Bible.

Baptisms More than 250 people professed their devotion to Christ by following Him in baptism this year.

Multisite Expansion Our first multisite campus launches this fall.

Discipleship More than 2,500 adults are engaged in small groups and 1,000 attend weekly enrichment classes.

Service At least 3,000 people are engaged in regular service opportunities within our church and with our 19 ministry partners.


Church Planting

In 2012, 42 teams consisting of 610 people ministered in 13 countries, and Scottsdale Bible supports 53 missionaries around the globe.

We have successfully launched four new churches in the last five years.

Local Outreach


We are reaching more than 1,000 distressed refugee families and many others who struggle financially and spiritually.

Hundreds of men and women have completed leadership training in the last five years.

International Partnerships We work with and empower schools, churches and other ministries in Tanzania, Mexico, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Child Sponsorships More than 850 Tanzanian children receive quality education, healthcare and nutrition because of generous Scottsdale Bible sponsors.












The Challenge

On our Campus – We are fortunate to have a functional campus in a strategic location. However, to sustain future growth and impact, we need to make significant improvements. God has blessed our church with nearly 25% growth over the past five years and our campus is overflowing: • W  orship space is nearing capacity in our peak services and we are offering seven services each Sunday. • Club  56 has outgrown their space and Junior High facilities are outdated. • S  pecial Ministries needs more space to minister effectively.

We are resolved to expand our impact at home, in our community and in our world, but we face several realities…

• E  lementary children’s ministry is quickly outgrowing their facilities. • K  itchen ministry has grown beyond the capacity of our current kitchen. • C  lassroom space for Sunday and midweek enrichment classes is limited and disjointed. More than a collection of buildings, a church is a place to build relationships—connecting families and friends to each other and God. The current layout of our campus tends to hinder, rather than enhance, unity and community: • With our children’s center at the farthest corner of our campus, families feel distanced from their young ones during worship and inclined to leave campus immediately after picking them up.

The current layout of our campus tends to hinder, rather than enhance, unity and community.

• Our campus lacks spaces for relationship building, and people often feel rushed to leave. To create a richer sense of community, our campus layout needs to foster a “come and stay” atmosphere that invites people to spend time together.

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87%of families and individuals in our

community are unchurched.

In our Community – To foster evangelistic outreach, our church needs a more dynamic, inviting community presence: • Surprisingly, some in our community are unaware that a church exists at Miller and Shea. • O  ur street presence does not showcase our church. Our worship center is hidden and our administration building is the most visible feature of our campus. • Our church lacks relational space where informal evangelism, outreach and service can take place. • A  s many as 87% of families and individuals in our community are unchurched. We are reaching many who are distant from God, but we can do more. Marriages and families are struggling and people are hungry for a community of people who will reach out to them with grace and truth.

Beyond our Borders – Scottsdale Bible has a proven record of commitment to international outreach, and now God is calling us to do even more: • W  estern Europe—the birthplace of the Reformation and former seat of vital mission-oriented Christianity—is in trouble spiritually. Church attendance is dwindling and secularism, atheism and non-Christian religions are thriving. If trends continue, the United States could find itself on the same trajectory spiritually. By learning what makes the church in Western Europe effective, we can gain insight and strategies to impact our own culture. • In the Middle East, the needs and opportunities are great. The Arab world can be reached by empowering Arab pastors and leaders, but they need our support.

• W  e have people driving great distances to attend our church. Many more families could be impacted if we had a church presence in their neighborhood.













The Opportunity Leave a Legacy We believe God is calling us to make room for more people who are seeking Him and to provide an excellent environment to foster growth and learning for our children and families.

Student Ministries Chapel Children Ministries

• B  uild two new centralized, state-of-the-art buildings for children’s and student ministries. • C  reate inviting indoor and outdoor community spaces including a café/commons area and a central courtyard.


Our Current Campus

Expanded Kitchen

Christ’s love and grace compels us to move forward with confidence and conviction…

• T  o reach our community — Create a more inviting and welcoming campus to draw people from surrounding communities, while expanding with multisite campuses, pastoral development and church planting partnerships • T  o impact our world — Send mission teams globally and develop a strong presence and partnerships in Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa

• R  emodel and repurpose buildings to provide ample education and multipurpose space for adults and children.

Admin. Offices (upper)

Special Ministries Prayer Garden

• R  edesign the flow of our campus—adding symbolic streams, distinctive water features and other elements— to foster a more inviting place to gather in community. • B  uild a beautiful chapel at the front of our campus that will be a beacon of hope and the ideal setting for weddings, funerals and smaller gatherings.

Worship Center

• To  leave a legacy — Expand and improve our campus to meet the needs of current families, as well as future generations

 ur plan is to create a redesigned campus that O will fully maximize our 18-acre property, balancing space for growth in children’s and student ministries, worship at peak service times, and community building:

Enrichment Classrooms & Courtyard

Children’s Ministries Treehouse

• Increase worship center capacity by nearly 30%, adding space for an additional 700 people per worship service time. • T  riple the space available for our thriving special needs ministry.

With the updated sanctuary, on-campus chapel and Venue, we will be able to accommodate nearly 3,000 adults at each service time. We will also have sufficient corollary space for children and students.

Our Proposed Campus

For the love of Christ compels us...

The estimated project costs for a campus renovation would be between $18 and $19 million.

-2 Corinthians 5:14

Inviting Indoor and Outdoor Community Spaces



locations that are a 20 to 30 minute drive


Many drive long distances to attend our church. We want to bring Scottsdale Bible to these people and their neighbors. Beginning in 2012, we are implementing a strategy to further our mission in the Valley. SCOTTSDALE, AZ

-Luke 14:23b

A12 12.14.2011

out to the highways and hedges > Missional Coffee House > Lantern of Light Bookstore and compel people to come in, that > Connection Zones my house may be filled.


The Well ::Go


• O  ur first endeavor is Scottsdale Bible’s Cactus Campus, opening in Phoenix this fall. This additional campus provides live video feed of Pastor Jamie’s teaching, a campus pastor, staff and core ministries, while staying closely tied to Scottsdale Bible. LOCATION:

• T  his strategy allows us to bring the fullness of Scottsdale Bible and its vibrant ministry to another part of our city, while preserving the unique strength and breadth of our church. • S  tudies show that of the 5,000 multisite churches in the US, 90% have been successful.

By creating a more visible, inviting presence, we hope to draw people to our church to receive refreshment, renewal and hope. As we become a more intentional part of our community, we hope to be a “third place” where relationship building and evangelism can flourish.



The cost to ensure a successful multisite launch is $500,000 to $750,000. A multisite campus is typically self-sustaining within one to two years. Our goal is to establish four multisite campuses over the next five years. We will also provide support to complete the successful launch of North Bible Church as part of this goal. The estimated total cost of this initiative is $3 to $3.5 million. PHASE:

We have a vibrant history of reaching into our community with service and outreach. A redesigned environment would empower us to build strategic relationships and be even more effective in engaging our community.

• F  uture multisites will be established in strategic locations within a 20 to 30 minute radius.


Reach our Community

• A  lthough starting an additional campus takes immense resources and planning, it is our vision to use this method to transplant the unique spiritual and relational DNA of Scottsdale Bible to areas where our people live and work.

Church Planting Partnership with Phoenix Seminary We will maximize our ties with Phoenix Seminary to help develop the next generation of pastors. • P  hoenix Seminary trains gifted leaders and pastors, many of whom are called to plant churches.


• W  e will recruit, educate, support and train local pastors who will then plant churches in our region and around the country and world.


• T  hrough this partnership, our church will reproduce pastoral leadership in a holistic way, while honoring unique expressions of worship and teaching styles.


• W  hile completing their studies at Phoenix Seminary, these students will intern at our church and gain hands-on training.


Our goal is to raise $500,000 to successfully forge a church planting partnership with Phoenix Seminary. This would allow us to attract and equip 10 pastors in the next three to five years and supplement their upfront costs to launch new church plants.




Impact Our World We have a proven record in international missions, including sustained partnerships in Africa, Mexico and the Middle East. Beyond sending missionaries, we are linking arms with existing ministries and churches “on the ground.” The fruit born from this effort is evident. We plan to expand our global impact in several ways.

In Other Nations: • In the Middle East, we are partnering with Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) to train and equip pastors to plant churches and reach the Arab world with the Gospel. • W  e are partnering with Ksar El Dobaro, the largest evangelical church in the Middle East, located in Cairo, Egypt. Together we are furthering evangelistic outreach to several countries in this troubled region.

In Western Europe: • S  cottsdale Bible has developed a three-pronged approach to impact Western Europe for Christ. We are focusing on strategic partnerships in academia, leadership development and local church renewal.

• In Tanzania, our church will continue to impact this region by adding 90 new students each year, preparing the first graduating class for high school, and providing employment opportunities for families. The approximate project cost to develop and fund these partnerships is $500,000

• W  e are forging a significant partnership with Highfields Church in Wales, a vibrant church of 1,200 with strong pastoral leadership. Similar to our church in their solid Bible teaching and focus on evangelism, Highfields supports multiple campuses and is mission focused.


• This partnership is both a platform to support Highfields Church and an entry point into ministry in all of Western Europe.


• O  ur two other projects in Western Europe with Tyndale House and European Leadership Forum are funded. The initial start up with Highfields Church will require new funds to seed this partnership.

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What is your role? This is a key decision point in our church’s life. Because Scottsdale Bible is your home church and you have demonstrated unwavering commitment to its mission, we value your insight, input and influence. As a leader, your example and support have a significant impact on our church. We anticipate that God will continue to write our story by building upon what we have already established here. We hope you will be as excited as we are about the opportunities unfolding for our church. Our prayer is that you will join us as we boldly embark on this adventure together!

What if we don’t take action? God has commissioned Scottsdale Bible to introduce people to Jesus and to train them to follow Him. We are thriving and growing, but we face an even greater opportunity to achieve more for His glory. Christ’s love compels us to reach higher for the sake of those who are disconnected from God and need to know the Savior. A failure to act now will have consequences: • We are reaching capacity in our children’s, youth, and special ministry programs. We cannot expand our impact without providing facilities that meet their needs.

Visualize the potential impact of following God in this endeavor. We can build… • A legacy for our children and grandchildren • A campus where you will be excited to bring your friends and neighbors • A place where your family can develop lasting friendships and build community • A church that reaches teens, young adults and young families with the Gospel • A chapel where beautiful, Christ-centered weddings and other significant events can be celebrated • A place that children and students will be excited to visit and learn about Jesus

• Many of our buildings are outdated and inadequate to serve future generations.

• A church where more people will hear the Good News and discover new life in Christ

• W  ithout casual spaces on our campus for relationship building and conversation, we are missing opportunities to provide a welcoming atmosphere and build community.

• A place that will prepare us for the future and God’s great plans for our next 50 years

• H  aving seven worship services on Sundays creates a hurried atmosphere, with families arriving frustrated by the congestion and feeling rushed to leave our campus. • W  ithout the necessary support, we will miss opportunities to plant new churches and multisite campuses to broaden our reach and further penetrate our local community.

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• Our opportunities to share Christ in other nations and expand our impact will be limited. • A  s we envision the next 20-50 years of ministry for our church, we need a campus that considers the needs of future generations – our children and students and the families they will build. A significant campus and facility redesign will allow us to leave a legacy of selfless generosity and provide a ministry outpost to win, build and send for years to come.

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How can you get involved? We are compelled to extend to others the lavish love and grace that Jesus has freely given to us. To make this possible, we are challenged to contribute in a way that is significant and sacrificial. While faithful tithing can supply a church’s operating needs, only sacrificial giving can support an effort as bold and broad as Compelled by Grace. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Generosity is a Kingdom value. To expand the impact of our church, our people must catch God’s vision for His Kingdom and respond with heart-felt obedience and generosity. The fruit of our decisions and actions will last for eternity, as lives are changed by Christ’s powerful life-giving grace.

What will it take? This is an ambitious, courageous plan—one that will take months, perhaps even years of sacrificial giving. It is a vision that will sustain future generations. It is a thoughtful, well-planned way to build God’s Kingdom and make an impact for eternity. As you’ve learned, there are several components to the plan, all of which require funding beyond our church’s current level of giving. We are confident, however, that our church has the ability and generosity to accomplish these initiatives. Specifically, the following funds are needed to reach our goals:


Number of Commitments

Amount of Each Commitment












































All Others


$23.5 Million

Prayerfully consider committing to this endeavor in two ways 1. T  hrough your genuine enthusiasm — Be an integral part of this effort by investing your time, your prayers and your spiritual gifts. Use your influence with others to ignite hearts and encourage devotion to God’s church. 2. T  hrough your sacrificial gifts — Each one of us is called by God to be generous with a joyful heart. We are privileged to join God in His work to make an impact by giving back some of what He has so generously given to us.

Project Timeline Stakeholder Events – September and October 2012 Affinity Group Meetings – October 2012 through January 2013 Congregational Reveal – February and March 2013 Start of Construction – As early as Summer 2013

Project Funding Overview Campus renovation and renewal: $18-19 million Launch of four multisite campuses: $3-3.5 million Pastoral development and church planting partnerships: $500,000 International partnerships in Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa: $500,000

Thank you! We will be following up in the coming months with larger gatherings, inviting a greater portion of our church membership to embark with us on this compelling adventure. We ask you as leaders to go into your spheres of influence within the church, helping to cast the vision, dispel misinformation and inspire others to respond with generous, excited, willing hearts. Thank you for your partnership with us and for listening to what we believe is God’s vision for our church as we begin our next 50 years of ministry.



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