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At SonSurf Beach Bash VBS, your kids will have the time of their lives! They’ll love the high-energy games, cool beach crafts, awesome music and fun skits. In the midst of all the fun, Gospel Light’s VBS keeps the focus on Jesus. We believe that VBS is all about reaching kids for Jesus. That’s why we include the salvation message in every Bible lesson and evangelism opportunities every day. l Rich Bible Teaching Teach kids five life-changing Bible verses, including John 14:6, that will help them understand who Jesus is and why they need Him. l Evangelism Focus Gospel Light is the leading VBS program that includes the salvation message in every lesson and daily opportunities to lead kids to Jesus. l Easy to Use Our materials give you simple, step-by-step guidance and streamline your preparation time. l Age-Appropriate, Kid-Tested Options Every part of our program is tested with kids to make sure they understand the Bible truths in fun and creative ways. l Fun for Kids and Adults Our course is packed with high-energy games, cool beach crafts, awesome music, tasty snacks, and fun skits! l Best Music and Skits of any VBS Our catchy, original music and hilarious skits make it easy for kids to remember the Bible lessons and keep Jesus in their hearts!

Testimonials “ Thank you, Gospel Light, for always having Biblically sound VBS programs the kids truly enjoy and always include the Gospel message!”

- Cynthia L. Frank, Wheeling First Baptist

“ I love Gospel Light. There is no other VBS I use. You have the best programs out there. You are a blessing to all those who use your products for VBS.”

- Stacey Sellers, City Church of Philadelphia

“ This is the fourth year in a row we have used Gospel Light for VBS. We love that the lessons are simple and relevant and the program is easy to customize.” - Leah McCall, Crestview Baptist Church



Theme Verse:

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” John 14:6

Session 4

Session 3

Session 2

Session 1

Bible Story

The Big Question

Extraordinary Boy Discovered Luke 2:1-20, 39-52

Who is Jesus?

Official’s Son Healed John 4:43-54

Why can I trust Jesus?

Session 5

Jesus is God’s Son and when I meet up with Him, I discover how much God loves me. I can look up to Jesus and ask His help because He is trustworthy.

As kids explore the wonders of the beach, they’ll also discover the Big Answers to their Big Questions about Jesus. Five essential Bible verses—including John 14:6—will help them understand who Jesus is and why they need Him. At SonSurf Beach Bash VBS, kids learn that there is only one truth: Jesus!

Bible Memory Verse



Dig-It Bucket and Anemone Ball

“This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”

Sweet Scrolls

1 John 4:9

Crunchy Cross

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

Sandcastle Photo Frame Master Does a Servant’s Job John 13:1-17; John 19:1—20:18

Why do I need Jesus?

Runaway Returns Home Luke 15:11-24

How can Jesus help me when I mess up? Jesus Disappears into Clouds Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:1-11


The Big Answer

On those hot summer days the best place to be is the beach! Cool off in the sparkling blue waves. Build a magnificent sandcastle. Explore tide pools and collect seashells. The beach is a beautiful natural playground and the perfect place for VBS!

What does Jesus want me to do?

Jesus’ death and resurrection make it possible for me to join up with Him and be part of God’s family. When I open up to Jesus about my sin, He forgives me and helps me make a fresh start. Jesus wants me to know and love Him and get fired up about sharing Him with others.

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” John 14:6

“The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him.”

Sealy Sock

Oyster Cookies

Clay Cross Octo-Dogs in Seaweed

Daniel 9:9

“Go and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always.” Matthew 28:19-20

Octopus Pencil Topper

Beach Cups 5

Super Starter Kit Contents: Teaching Resources: All the Teaching Resources for All you need for a powerful and a complete program, including: exciting assembly time: •Epic Assemblies: Assemblies and Skit Guide •Epic Assemblies DVD •SonSurf Music Leader DVD & CD-ROM •SonSurf Music and More CD •Ride the Wild Surf! Skit DVD

•Sandcastle Shores Teacher Guide for Preschool & Kindergarten •Bonfire Beach Bible Stories for Grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. •Big Wave Bible Games •Beach Bash Games Card Pack •Big D’s Diner Snack Cards Pack •Surf’s Up Crafts for Kids Book •SonSurf Bible Teaching Poster Pack

Student Must-Haves:

A sample of ALL the Student Must-Haves for preschool through Grade 6

SonSurf Beach Bash Super Starter Kit ISBN: 978.08307.56339 • $199.99 ($362 value!)

Everything You Need to Get Started!

$199.99 ($362 value!)

•Li’l Splash! And Splash! Fun Pages (Student Guides for Preschool and Kindergarten) •Dive In! Paddle Out! And Catch a Wave! (Student Magazines for Grades 1-2, 3–4 and 5-6) •Our Brand NEW Bible Connection Cards and SonSurf Key Chain

•Bookmark •Postcard •Sticker Sheet •Photo Frame •Skin Decal •Student Certificate •Magnet

Director’s Resources: Planning, decorating and promotional resources

•Director’s Planning Pack •Overview DVD •SonSurf Beach Bag

Decorating Resources to create an awesome Beach Bash •Beach Décor and More Guidebook •SonSurf Decorating Poster Pack •Sandcastle Shores Posters & Props •SonSurf Daily Action Pennants


Sample Pack contains a single sample of all the following fun and helpful resources: •Attendance Chart •Balloon •Bulletin Insert •Iron-On T-Shirt Transfer •Doorknob Hanger •Volunteer Pocket Guide •NEW! God Loves You! Salvation booklet •NEW! Following Jesus! Discipleship booklet

•Publicity Poster •Volunteer Certificate •Name Tag •Beach Bash Game Card Sample •Big D’s Diner Snack Card Sample

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Leader Resources

Quick-Start Kit Contents: SonSurf Beach Bash Quick-Start Kit ISBN: 978.08307.56308 $59.99 ($117 value)

•Bonfire Beach Bible Stories for Grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 •SonSurf Beach Bash Overview DVD •Li’l Splash! and Splash! Fun Pages (Student Fun Pages for Preschool and Kindergarten) •Dive In!; Paddle Out!; Catch a Wave! (Student Magazines for Grades 1-6) •Sandcastle Shore Teacher’s Guide for Ages 3 to 6 •Director’s Planning Pack •Director’s Sample Pack

Get a Quick-Start Kit for only

SonSurf Beach Bash Overview DVD

Beach Bag also sold separately


ISBN: 978.08307.58456 $4.99

Get ready to hit the beach and plan your best VBS ever. This DVD is packed with live action clips of kids enjoying SonSurf music, games, crafts and more. Also includes Bible overview, decorating ideas, and recruiting commercials that can be used for planning and training. ISBN: 978.08307.56773 • $29.99

($117 value!)

Director’s Planning Pack Contents: Director’s Planning Pack with CD-ROM

Director’s Sample Pack Contents: Director’s Sample Pack

Go Further! Adult Guide

ISBN: 978.08307.56933 • $19.99

•Director’s Guide CD-ROM •Director’s Overview Guide •Step-by-Step Plannng Guide •Beach Bash Guide •Nursery & Toddler Guide •Special Events Guide


•SonSurf Attendance Chart •Volunteer Pocket Guide •SonSurf Balloon •SonSurf Bookmark •SonSurf Bulletin Insert •SonSurf Postcard •SonSurf Iron-On T-shirt Transfer •SonSurf Doorknob Hanger •God Loves You! Salvation Booklet

Don’t Forget the Whole Family!

•Following Jesus Discipleship Booklet •SonSurf Sticker Sheet •SonSurf Photo Frame •SonSurf Skin Decal •SonSurf Publicity Poster •Student Certificate •Volunteer Certificate •SonSurf Name Tag •SonSurf Magnet

Use this guide to help adults at your church deepen their understanding of the VBS Bible stories. Perfect for parents of kids at VBS, small groups in the church, or to help prepare VBS leaders and teachers. Includes reproducible handouts. ISBN: 978.08307.56124 • $16.99

Unleashed! Youth Guide

Engage your youth at VBS by using this group guide to help them understand who Jesus is and why they need Him. Includes reproducible pages. ISBN: 978.08307.56117 • $16.99

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Student Must-Haves

Student Must-Haves

Student Magazines All your surfer dudes and dudettes need these cool magazines! Includes mazes, beach photos, daily animal information, jokes, Bible story and life-application activities, and more. Perfect for leading kids to Jesus! Non-reproducible.

SonSurf Keychain Keep their connection cards together with this awesome keychain. It makes a great souvenir and thank-you gift. Pack of 5. ISBN: 978.08307.57848 • $9.99

Li’l Splash! Fun Pages Preschool • Ages 3 & 4 ISBN: 978.08307.56162 • $2.99 Splash! Fun Pages Kindergarten • Ages 5 to 6 ISBN: 978.08307.56179 • $2.99 Dive In! Grades 1 & 2 • Ages 6 to 8 ISBN: 978.08307.56186 • $2.99 Paddle Out! Grades 3 & 4 •Ages 8 to 10 ISBN: 978.08307.56193 • $2.99 Catch a Wave! Grades 5 & 6 • Ages 10 to 12 ISBN: 978.08307.56209 • $2.99 Quantity discounts may apply. Check with your Gospel Light VBS supplier.

SonSurf Bible Connection Cards

Keep God’s Word in their hearts and minds long after VBS is over with these cool collectible cards! Features five different designs with the daily actions, Bible verses, and daily a Dr. Cool connection to the animals. Pack of 25. (Enough for 5 kids!)

SonSurf Stickers

Kids love stickers! These bright beach stickers are perfect for memory verse awards and for use on the attendance chart. Each sheet includes more than 30 stickers! Order one sheet for each child. Pack of 10 Sheets. ISBN: 978.08307.57695 • $7.99


ISBN: 978.08307.57787• $5.99

SonSurf Bookmarks

The perfect keepsake for kids, teachers, and volunteers! Features theme verse. NIV and KJV versions available. Pack of 50. ISBN: 978.08307.56841 • NIV • $7.99 ISBN: 978.08307.56834 • KJV • $7.99

Student Music Packs SonSurf Bible Connection Cubes for Your ConveThese fun cubes feature a bright beach design and help kids remember the five Bible verses. Make the Scripture connection with these niencecool cubes! Simply purchase these convenient music Cube: 2.75” x 2.75” packs andStudent’s give each child a CD. Includes all ISBN: 978.08307.57800 • $5.99 the songs children sing each day to reinforce Bible learning.

Package of 10 CDs


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Music & Skits

Teacher Resources

Volunteer Pocket Guide Bonfire Beach Bible Stories Provides easy two-step lessons with handson use of the Bible for kids. Includes creative storytelling options, discussion questions, life application, evangelism, and prayer.

Grades 1 & 2 ISBN: 978.08307.56247 • $8.99

This handy guide includes each Daily Action, Bible verse, Bible story recap, and discussion questions. Ideal for helping teachers and volunteers lead kids to Christ! Pack of 10. ISBN: 978.08307. 56292 • $14.99

SonSurf Music & More CD

This awesome CD includes all nine songs with vocals in two formats: reproducible and splittrack stereo format. Also includes two preschool songs (no split tracks) and exciting beach sound effects! Reproducible. ISBN: 978.08307. 56766 • $24.99

Grades 3 & 4 ISBN: 978.08307.56254 • $8.99 Grades 5 & 6 ISBN: 978.08307.56261 • $8.99

NEW! Beach Bash Games

Your kids will love these high-energy games related to fun beach activities! Includes 24 cards along with a convenient binder ring. Ten elementary recreation games and 10 preschool games. Non-reproducible. ISBN: 978.08307.58388 • $8.99

NEW! Big D’s Diner Snack Cards

These handy new snack cards and ring make it easy to create delicious and fun snacks your kids will love. Each pack includes 5 Bible snacks, 5 theme snacks, and 10 VBS favorites with a beach twist for large groups. Plus handy Talk Time Cards. Non-reproducible. ISBN: 978.08307.58395 • $8.99

SonSurf Student Music Packs


Your kids will scream, “Cowabunga!” when they play these fun games based on beach activities. Includes 5 Bible story and 5 Bible memory verse games. Reproducible pages. ISBN: 978.08307.56155 • $7.99

Surf’s Up Crafts for Kids

Craft Book with CD-ROM Choose from 30 cool beach crafts with easy instructions and patterns in separate files. Reproducible with CD-ROM. ISBN: 978.08307.56100 • $29.99

Sandcastle Shore Teacher’s Guide

Preschool & Kindergarten Ages 3 to 6 Everything you need to teach your youngest kids! Activity centers include art, science, blocks, dramatic play, and Bible story games. ISBN: 978.08307.56391 • $8.99

Go Big in your assembly time and reinforce the Bible lessons with five hilarious assembly skits and stunts! Includes Bible story skits, closing program script, puppet production tips, a CD-ROM of everything in the book, plus patterns for props and backdrops,and Rich Text Files of the assembly skits. Reproducible. ISBN: 978.08307. 56131 • $29.99

Great value, great time-saver! With these CD 10packs, you can give every child a CD with all the lifechanging songs they’ll sing at SonSurf Beach Bash VBS! Pack of 10. ISBN: 978.08307.56759 • $19.99

SonSurf Music Leader DVD & CD-ROM

Big Wave Bible Games

Epic Assemblies: Assemblies & Skit Production Guide with CD-ROM

It’s easy to teach your surfers the great SonSurf tunes! Includes instructional videos, music videos, PowerPoints for songs, music center activities, word charts, and piano sheets. DVD and CD-ROM disks. ISBN: 978.08307.56780 • $29.99

Epic Assemblies DVD

Keep your kids excited about VBS by using this DVD at assemblies. Includes Bible story and verse posters, animated logos, Missions Spotlight, PowerPoints for songs and Dr. Cool’s Awesometacular Animal Videos! ISBN: 978.08307.56810 • $24.99

Ride the Wild Surf! DVD (Skits)

Features five humorous skits that tell a contemporary version of each day’s Bible story. Show to kids or use to train your actors. ISBN: 978.08307.56797 • $29.99

Contact your Gospel Light supplier to order today!


Decorating Resources

Decorating Resources


Sandcastle Shore Posters & Props Wall Mural Sets


Surround your class with the sand and the sea with two 90" x 54" beach scenes! (Each mural has three panels). Beach Mural ISBN: 978.08307. 57862 • $29.99

Surf Mural ISBN: 978.08307. 58142 • $29.99

Ages 3 to 6 Bring the beauty of the beach to your church and reinforce Bible lessons with these colorful posters: five Bible Verse posters, three decorating posters, five Daily Action Animal posters, and a Welcome poster. Also includes Bible story block cards and a Bible story Big Book for each day’s story. Non-reproducible. ISBN: 978.08307.56216 • $19.99

Daily Action Pennants Big Question Boards

Surf’s up for the five Big Questions and Answers about Jesus! These awesome surfboard decorations have the big question on one side and the big answer on the other. Approximately 7" x 36". Pack of 5. ISBN: 978.08307.58159 • $19.99

Decorate your classrooms with these bright beach pennants and help kids remember the Big Answers to their Big Questions about Jesus! 17” x 11”. Pack of 12 (two of each plus two blank pennants). ISBN 978.08307.57749 • $11.99

Beach Décor & More


NEW! SonSurf Bible Teaching NEW! SonSurf Decorating Poster Pack • grades 1-6 Poster Pack • grades 1-6 Reinforce the Bible lessons with these cool posters featuring colorful beach art: five Bible verse posters with NIV and KJV, and six Bible story posters. Non-reproducible. ISBN: 978.08307.56223 • $14.99


Turn your church into a beach paradise with these fabulous, large posters! Includes five Daily Action Animal posters and five vibrant decorating posters. ISBN: 978.08307.57688 • $14.99

SonSurf Balloons

Offers three levels of decorating options, patterns for backdrops and props, coloring and puzzle pages, awards, certificates, clip art (full color and black and white) and more! Reproducible. CD-ROM included. ISBN: 978.08307.56148 • $29.99

Create a fun atmosphere with these colorful balloons and remind kids of the five daily actions: Meet Up with Jesus, Look Up to Jesus, Join Up with Jesus, Open Up to Jesus, and Fire Up About Jesus. Pack of 20 (4 each of the five daily actions). ISBN: 978.08307.57756 • $11.99

Wall Cutouts 77"

Coloring Mural

Your kids will love coloring this huge 77” x 44” beach mural! Creates an instant decoration. ISBN: 978.08307. 57701 • $11.99

Wall Clings

Decorating is easy with these colorful beach wall clings! Temporarily attach these large images to almost any surface and remove easily without damaging paint. There are 17 wall clings on three sheets (27” x 40” sheets). Wall clings vary in size from approximately 12” to 38” each. Reusable. ISBN: 978.08307.57961 • $49.99

These cool, colorful cutouts make decorating a breeze! Use on walls or bulletin boards. Includes 21 cutouts that are approximately 4” to 16” in size. ISBN: 978.08307.57718 •$9.99

Contact your Gospel Light supplier to order today!


Gifts & Awards

Gifts & Awards

Name Tag

Beach Visor

Get to know your surfer dudes and dudettes quickly with these fun name tags! Pack of 50. ISBN: 978.08307.56889 • $7.99

Your kids and teachers will need this cool visor when they play at the beach! Features the SonSurf logo. ISBN: 978.08307.57817 • $9.99

Name Tag Holder

Perfect to pair with name tags for kids and volunteers. Pack of 12. ISBN: 978.08307.58432 • $7.99

Water Bottle

When it’s hot at the beach, you’ll want to quench your thirst with a cold drink from the SonSurf Beach Bash water bottle! Great gifts for teachers, volunteers, and kids. ISBN: 978.08307.57770 • $2.99

SonSurf Beach Bash Magnets

A great memento and useful, too! Send home on day one for parents to post your VBS newsletter on the fridge. Pack of 12. ISBN: 978.08307.57855 • $8.99

SonSurf Photo Frame

The perfect keepsake from VBS! Beach bash theme art with die-cut stand. Pack of 12. ISBN: 978.08307.57732 • $11.99

New! Following Jesus Discipleship Booklet

Written just for kids, this booklet is a great way for children to learn what it means to walk with Jesus and grow as His disciple. Non-reproducible. Pack of 20. ISBN: 978.08307.56285 • $7.99

New! God Loves You! Salvation Booklet

This great little book explains how God loves us and wants us to be a part of His family. Written in a simple way with colorful photos, God Loves You! is perfect for leading kids to Jesus! Non-reproducible. Pack of 20. ISBN: 978.08307.56278 • $7.99

Sandy the Seal Puppet

Your preschoolers will adore interacting with this cute seal puppet! ISBN: 978.08307.57879 • $24.99

Adult T-Shirt Children’s T-Shirt

SonSurf Beach Bash T-Shirts These cool cotton T-shirts are great reminders of the fun kids and teachers had at VBS. Get one for all your kids, teachers, and volunteers! Children’s Sizes: $12.99 Small • ISBN: 978.08307.57930 Medium • ISBN: 978.08307.57947 Large • ISBN: 978.08307.57954 Adult Sizes M,L,XL: $15.99 2XL: $16.99 Medium • ISBN: 978.08307.57893 Large • ISBN: 978.08307.57909 X-Large • ISBN: 978.08307.57916 XX-Large • ISBN: 978.08307.57923

Skin Decals T-Shirt Iron-On

Use this colorful logo iron-on to identify staff and create cool T-shirts for kids! Pack of 10. ISBN: 978.08307.57824 • $12.99


Kids will love these decals featuring each day’s Bible lesson focus and adorable character! Pack of 50 (includes 5 different decals for each day’s lesson). ISBN: 978.08307.57886 • $6.99

Volunteer Certificate

Express your appreciation with these volunteer certificates! Pack of 10. ISBN: 978.08307.56926 • $4.99

Student Certificate

Great keepsake for students! Give them to recognize attendance and achievement. Pack of 50. ISBN: 978.08307.56919 • $7.99

Attendance Chart

A handy way to record classroom attendance, recognize kids who memorize the daily Bible verses, or for any time you need a list. ISBN: 978.08307.56827 • $4.99

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Publicity & Advertising

Decorating Resources


SonSurf Inflatable Dolphin

No day at the beach would be complete without dolphins! Your kids will delight in playing with this fun, jumbo dolphin! 66" long ISBN: 978.08307.58081 • $19.99

SonSurf Inflatable Surfboards

Publicity Poster

Catch a wave with this cool, inflatable surfboard featuring the SonSurf Beach Bash logo! 74" x 18" ISBN: 978.08307.58074 • $19.99


Outdoor Banner

Invite your community to join in the VBS fun with this giant, eye-catching banner! Size: 48” x 36” ISBN: 978.08307.57763 • $29.99

Bursting with bright beachy colors, these posters are sure to spark kids’ interest in your VBS. Poster size: 11” x 17” ISBN: 978.08307.56902 • $1.99

SonSurf Pop-Up Stage Cubes

Jumbo Beach Ball

You gotta have a beach ball when you hit the sand! This 48" jumbo beach ball is sure to add to your VBS fun!.

These awesome cubes are perfect for decorating and fun for kids to play with. Features the SonSurf Beach Bash logo. Set of six cubes. Each cube is 20" x 20" x 20". ISBN: 978.08307.58036 $59.99

SonSurf Postcards


Fun all-purpose postcards for advertising VBS, writing notes and daily reminders. Pack of 25 assorted (5 of each). ISBN: 978.08307.56896 • $6.99

ISBN: 978.08307.58173 • $16.99

SonSurf Beach Ball Pack

Add to the fun with these beach balls featuring the SonSurf Beach Bash logo! Pack of 10. ISBN: 978.08307.58050 • $14.99

Bulletin Inserts

Personalize with your church information and use to publicize your VBS in bulletins and newsletters, or use as handouts/flyers. Printed two up on 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper to fit your printer. Pack of 100/50 sheets. ISBN: 978.08307.56865 • $7.99

Door Knob Hanger

For greater outreach, customize with your church’s VBS information and hang on doors in your neighborhood! Pack of 48. ISBN: 978.08307.56872 $9.99



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13-Week Follow-Up Program Complements Your SonSurf VBS! This Course Includes: • 13 lessons designed for children ages 3 to 12 • Lessons based on Big Questions and Big Answers about faith • High-energy games, art, and worship • Creative Bible storytelling ideas • CD-ROM of entire manual plus reproducible music • Parent connection ideas • Much more! Gospel Light’s KidsTime: Big Wave Discovery ISBN 978.08307.58135 • $49.99

SonSurf Beach Bash Extra Value Kits and Packs Item SonSurf Beach Bash Super Starter Kit ($362 value) SonSurf Beach Bash Quick-Start Kit ($116.89 value)

This course is designed to help kids understand that their faith is grounded in the truth of the Bible. Each Bible story and verse shows kids how the truths found in God’s Word serve as a guide for any situation in their lives.


978.08307.56339 978.08307.56308

Director’s Planning Pack with CD-ROM


Volunteer Pocket Guide (pack of 10)


Overview DVD


Surf’s Up Crafts for Kids with CD-ROM


Bulletin Insert (pack of 100)


Door Hanger (pack of 48)

SonHarvest County Fair

Kingdom of the Son

Summer camp is the ideal place to lead kids to Christ. And Gospel Light VBS provides evangelism opportunities and the salvation message in every lesson, focusing on 1 John 3:1. That’s why SonRock Kids Camp is a great choice for VBS when you’re serious about reaching kids for Christ.

Kids will learn that Jesus is their loving Savior. They’ll try their hand at real-life farm activities, create their own blue-ribbon crafts, go hog-wild playing fun games, eat farm-fresh snacks, sing down-home songs and perform hilarious skits all based on Galatians 5:22-23.

Kids go wild for Kingdom of the Son VBS! They’ll discover exotic animals, create safari crafts, play exciting games, sing upbeat songs and enjoy delicious safari snacks! During the safari fun, they’ll also learn to talk to God as they explore the Lord’s Prayer, and go on an expedition into the pages of God’s Word.



Outdoor Banner Publicity Poster

Wall Cutouts (21)

VBS Teaching Materials

$29.99 $29.99 $7.99




$29.99 $1.99










$7.99 $8.99 $8.99

VBS Decorating Helps

Beach Decor & More with CD-ROM 978.08307.56148 Sandcastle Shores Posters & Props 978.08307.56216 Ages 3-6 SonSurf Decorating Poster Pack 978.08307.57688 Grades 1-6

Item NEW! Bible Teaching Poster Pack Grades 1-6 Beach Mural (90"x 54”) Surf Mural (90”x 54”) Daily Action Pennants (12)


Center Guides

Sandcastle Shore Teacher’s Guide Preschool & Kindergarten • Ages 3 to 6 Bonfire Beach Bible Stories • Grades 1 and 2 Ages 6 to 8 Bonfire Beach Bible Stories • Grades 3 and 4 Ages 8 to 10 Bonfire Beach Bible Stories • Grades 5 and 6 Ages 10 to 12 Big Wave Bible Games

VBS Decorating Helps

Balloons (20)






NEW! Big D’s Diner Snack Cards 978.08307.58395 NEW! Beach Bash Recreation Game Cards 978.08307.58388

SonRock Kids Camp

Price $199.99

SonSurf Beach Bash Director’s Helps and Promotion

SonSurf Postcards (pack of 25)

Keep your kids riding the wave of Jesus love with this all-new course! Big Wave Discovery combines the fun and excitement of being at the beach, with the discovery of answers to kids’ Big Questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, prayer, the Church, and more.


$29.99 $19.99 $14.99

PreK/Kindergarten (for 3 to 6-year-olds) Sandcastle Shore Teacher’s Guide Preschool & Kindergarten • Ages 3 to 6 Sandcastle Shore Posters & Props Ages 3 to 6 Li’l Splash! Student Magazine Preschool • Ages 3 to 4 Splash! Student Magazine Kindergarten • Ages 5 to 6 Primary (Ages 6-8) Bonfire Beach Bible Stories Grades 1 and 2 • Ages 6 to 8 Dive In! Student Magazine Grades 1 and 2 • Ages 6 to 8 SonSurf Decorating Poster Pack Grades 1-6 • Ages 6 to12 Middler (Ages 8-10) Bonfire Beach Bible Stories Grades 3 and 4 • Ages 8 to 10 Paddle Out! Student Magazine Grades 3 and 4 • Ages 8 to 10 SonSurf Decorating Poster Pack Grades 1-6 • Ages 6 to12 Preteen (Ages 10-12) Bonfire Beach Bible Stories Grades 5 and 6 • Ages 10 to 12 Catch a Wave! Student Magazine Grades 5 and 6 • Ages 10 to 12 SonSurf Decorating Poster Pack Grades 1-6 • Ages 6 to12

ISBN/SPCN 978.08307.56223 978.08307.57862 978.08307.58142 978.08307.57749 978.08307.57718 978.08307.57756




$14.99 $29.99 $29.99 $9.99 $9.99 $8.99




























$16.99 $16.99

Courses for All Ages

Junior High and High School Course Unleashed! Youth Guide Adult Course Go Further! Adult Guide

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Music and Skits

SonSurf Beach Bash VBS Accessories

Item Epic Assemblies with CD-ROM

ISBN/SPCN Qty 978.08307.56131

Epic Assemblies DVD


SonSurf Music & More Reproducible CD Ride the Wild Surf! Skit DVD Music Leader DVD & CD-ROM Student Music Pack

978.08307.56766 978.08307.56797 978.08307.56780 978.08307.56759

Price $29.99

Item Beach Ball (Pack of 10)

ISBN/SPCN Qty Price $14.99 978.08307.58050

$24.99 $24.99

Jumbo Beach Ball


Jumbo Inflatable Dolphin


$16.99 $19.99


Pop-Up Stage Cube (Pack of 6)




Beach Bag (12�wide x 9�high x 2.5�deep)




SonSurf Child T-Shirts Child T-Shirt SMALL



Child T-Shirt MEDIUM



Child T-Shirt LARGE




Lifeguard Adult T-Shirts Adult T-Shirt MEDIUM




Adult T-Shirt LARGE




Adult T-Shirt XL




Adult T-Shirt 2XL




Evangelism and Discipleship Helps

Gifts, Awards & Accessories

Attendance Chart

Bookmark KJV (Pack of 50) Bookmark NIV (Pack of 50) Bulletin Insert (Pack of 100) Doorknob Hanger (Pack of 48) Name Tag (Pack of 50) Name Tag Holders (Pack of 12) Promo Postcards (Pack of 25) Publicity Poster Student Certificate (Pack of 50) Volunteer Certificate (Pack of 10) SonSurf Magnet (Pack of 12) Photo Frames (Pack of 12) Skin Decals (Pack of 50)

978.08307.56827 978.08307.56834 978.08307.56841 978.08307.56865 978.08307.56872 978.08307.56889 978.08307.58432 978.08307.56896 978.08307.56902 978.08307.56919 978.08307.56926 978.08307.57855 978.08307.57732 978.08307.57886

SonSurf Beach Bash VBS Accessories

Beach Visor

Water Bottle SonSurf Stickers (Pack of 10) Student’s Bible Connection Cube Wall Cling Set (17 Designs) SonQuest Coloring Mural Sandy Seal Puppet Dr. Cool Connection Cards (Pack of 25) John 14:6 Keychain (Pack of 5) Iron-on Transfer (Pack of 10) Inflatable Surfboard


978.08307.57817 978.08307.57770 978.08307.57695 978.08307.57800 978.08307.57961 978.08307.57701 978.08307.57879 978.08307.57787 978.08307.57848 978.08307.57824 978.08307.58074

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NEW! God Loves You! Booklet (Pack of 20)




NEW! Following Jesus Booklet (Pack of 20)



13-Week Curriculum Alternatives!

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NEW! Big Wave Discovery with Music & More CD (Reproducible) Parable Quest Leader’s Guide with Music & More CD (Reproducible) Rock Solid Followers Leader’s Guide with Music & More CD (Reproducible) Passport to Adventure Leader’s Guide with Music CD (Reproducible) Agents in Action Leader’s Guide with Music CD (Reproducible) Journey with Jesus Leader’s Guide with Music CD (Reproducible) Treasure Seekers Leader’s Guide with Music CD (Reproducible)





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“One Million Children, A Journey of the Heart... is a lot of fun and a convicting inspiration.� -Ted Baehr (MovieGuide)

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SonSurf Beach Bash

Super Starter Kit ISBN: 978.08307.56339

$199.99 ($362 value!)

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SonSurf Beach Bash VBS  

SonSurf Beach Bash from Gospel Light is brand-new for 2011.

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