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Week of Science and Technology Fitness Last week, at Verde Valle, students presented to their parents about things they liked, from Chemistry, Physics, and Health. All of them were very interesting, some people got nervous, but all were able to achieve their goal, get over the nerves and present to the parents. I’m going to talk about some of these presentations:

Cameras Veronica and Allen, both from 2A, presented for their Physics class with Arturo about cameras. They talked about how cameras work, the history of the cameras, what aspects to consider when buying a camera, and recommendations of cameras for buyers. Their presentation was great. Witnessing their presentation were the parents, obviously, and 2B. Both of the presenters acted naturally and weren’t nervous, which is a key part of a presentation

Fig. 1. One of the recommended cameras by this team.

Some students from 3rd grade, including Alejandro Enciso and Daniel Morales, presented about Fitness for their Health class with Erick. Their presentation was mostly about the parts of fitness (including Cardio-respiratory resistance, Strength, and others). This presentation was VERY interesting, and interactive, when explaining about push-ups, one of them made some, while explaining the perfect way of doing them. Also, they made, while explaining, a complete routine for warming-up. I really liked this presentation, because of the way it was explained and their no-nervous attitude, if you didn’t see it, you definitely missed a great part of this week’s presentations.

Fig. 2. Correct way of making a push-up.

In conclusion, the presentations were really great, and interesting. This experience was very educative for the students, and you can’t miss next year’s presentations, they’ll be even better.


Week of Science and Technology  
Week of Science and Technology  

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