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A Letter From the Editor I t is welcome with great pleasure that I write this editorial to you to the Project ONE magazine. Project ONE is all about Fashion, Art, Photography and Design We are very happy to have an excellent team from the top international league of fashion designers, photographers and designers covering in depth all related topics. We aim to have the highest standards of quality for the published articles but at the same time keep them as short and simple as possible. We definitely look forward to receiving your high-quality Subbmisions in order to make Project ONE synonymous of top quality magazines Once again I welcome you to this journal – your journal! With your support as authors, reviewers, and editors, I see a very bright prospect for Project ONE to serve Art and Colture even better in the near future. We hope to hear from you soon, and we welcome your feedback! We hope you will find Project ONE magazine informative. Thank you,.


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Dragomir M. Clauss

Dijana Komarek Maria Miranta Zingko

Neda Aleksic Photo by


6 - Body Care Products

Natalija Dukic Livio Mancinelli Kseniya Grekova Natalia Sky Justice Tilford Jovana Hiesmayr Dragana Kunjadic Capasa

Panagiotis Chatzitzanos Guido Fuá

Dijana Komarek Maria Miranta Zingko D.M.Clauss

8 - Jolie 12 - Inprove and Help 14 - SP Fashion Designer 16 - My Women

22 - Travel - Size 24 - A Journey 32 - Birds

38 - A Passenger 46 - An Array 48 - Metropolitan Park 54 - CAPASA.Milano 62 - Hat on a Hat

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Summer dressing is all about ease—what wardrobe essentials are going to make you feel the most confident and carefree while flinging from, say, a picnic at the park to a festive outdoor meal with friends? Unlike autumn, which is all about cute coats and leather boots, the warmer months of the year call for pieces that cover less of your body whilst still feeling put together and stylish.

Dijana Komarek

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Body Care Products to Pamper Yourself W ith This Summer Once the heat hits, most people tend to reveal a lot more skin. Want to give your arms, décolleté, torso, and legs some extra love? Your best bets: hydrating body washes, scrubs, oils, and lotions with fresh and energizing scents that help keep your skin soft and glowy, while awakening your senses. Opt for products with superb formulas that contain antioxidant, exfoliating, or nourishing ingredients, and bid farewell to rough, dull patches and hello to luminous skin.





With its refreshing fragrance and texture, this gel provides a toning effect upon application, as well as long-lasting hydration for all skin types. And since it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin, you won’t even have to wait before getting dressed!


Not only is its formula as nourishing as can be, but this gel cleanser mixes lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, and lemon oils, boasting an invigorating fragrance that transforms your everyday shower into a relaxing experience that soothes the senses.

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We love everything about this body lotion which provides lasting hydration, from its formula which contains shea butter and vitamin E, to its recyclable aluminum bottle, and of course, its deliciously fresh coconut mint scent.


We can’t get enough of its lightweight texture which absorbs lightning fast and its fresh eucalyptus scent which conjures up memories of peaceful days at the spa.

J OLIE by D. M. Clauss

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Neda Alek sic Jolie philosophy is based on the fusion of Neoclassicism and Renaissance art as norms from which we do not deviate from. Minimalism is a latest trend in the world of beauty, coming as a priority in facial aesthetics. With love, Neda Aleksic A

Hair and Makeup: Aleksandar Filipov Styling: Elena Nikolaevna - Vuk Vukovic X ANZE, L'officiel.label®, DK Atelier Assistent: Maria Zingko

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Four different ways to improve and help Everyone might feel stuck, anxious or overwhelmed from time to time. When feeling these more negative feelings; it plays into our vibrations, we block our manifestations, power and our intuition. There is one trick that I always advise my clients to do in these situations; call somebody and offer your time and service to them. The moment we put ourselves into the position of helping another person, we feel productive and needed , ultimately feeling better. To sum this up, when we are feeling helpless, helping somebody else does the trick. The genuine desire to help others will help ourselves. Even if we just give some love and support to the people we follow on social media, it will be equally helpful towards ourselves in feeling better. The second way of improving our re relationships is by simply letting go of peoples’ opinions on your life. Other people are merely a reflection from our own beliefs and insecurities. What we don't like in others is often what we don't like about ourselves. The third way of improving our re relationships with others is to stay calm and positive with our intentions even when people around us feel down, or are experiencing anxiety. We should use the affirmation "Instead of absorbing any negative feelings others reflect, I absorb love and light” Finally, the most important and the hardest thing for many of us is to make a commitment to slow down, relax and let go... When we are in the state of inner peace and staying present in the moment... most things can be resolved, creative ideas can come forth, relationships can strenghthen. In moments of relaxation through meditation and other spiritual practices we allow the inner wisdom and inner guidance to come through to us ; help us find our way within our universe without resistance and fear.

J ovana H iesmaayr 12 projectONE

Photo by D.M.Clauss

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SP Suzana Perić

Suzana Peric, a fashion designer, was born on December 21, 1972 in Sarajevo, where she gained her earliest education. After graduating from the Academy of Fashion and Design / Department of Textile and Management at the IMD Dusseldorf, in the late nineties, as one Dusse of the best students of the generation, she began her profesional career. As a young graduate, she worked for some of the most acclaimed brands of the time, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Tony&Guy. Following her aspirations, she started creatFol ing her own fashion label, brand called SP. In 2002, Suzana held her first fashion show at the CPD in Dusseldorf. Her work and creations quickly became recognized and soon confirmed with awards and professional acknowledgements. Suzana won the first prize at Berlin Fashion Week in 2003, and respectively in 2004 and 2009. She debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2005, while in recent years, Suzana has been chosen as the best foreign designer at Milan Fashion Week in 2018, 2019 and 2020. 2 SP label has been existing for two decades, during which Suzana Peric has held a total of 85 fashion shows. She was proclaimed as the best designer in 2010 in her country. From humble beginnings, Suzana was humb devoted and hard-working, not only as a designer but also as a general manager.

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Fashion Designer

She successfully organized and led a team of 20 employees, dealing with the practical side of the work by choosing fabrics, another of her great talents which she mastered during her professional stay in Florence. The brand production employs 200 emp people. With flagship stores under the name of Suzana Peric in Dusseldorf and Cologne, Suzana was successful in wholesale of her collections throughout Europe from 2000 to 2011, especially in France, Italy and Germany. Suzana became editor-in-chief of the oldest and the most prestigious women’s magazine in Serbia, called Bazar in 2016. Bazar magazine was created in the former Yugoslavia in the 1960s and even today it is one of the most widely read in Serbia. At the time of its launching, Bazar magazine was considered to be unique in socialist Yugoslavia. Following new tendencies and technologies, Fol Suzana completed her first Masterclass in 2020. Masterclass was a huge success and very well received among fashion critiques and fashion lovers across Europe. Suzana has held several creative workshops and lectures to fashion design students as a visiting professor at various universities. The SP online shop is one of the most successful in the Balkans.

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“Searching existence”, where everyone carries their story crossing each other’s paths Oil on canvas 2021 50cm x 40cm

My WOME N By Natalija Djukic

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"Night meeting" inspirations that come when everyone falls asleep. Oil on canvas 2022 50cm x 40cm

In art, it is also possible for the universe to become a drop of dew.

I was born in Belgrade and have lived in Toronto for 16 years. From a young age, I had a strong need to express myself artistically. I remember that my first works were carefully observed by the art teacher. He would turn my pictures over and watch them closely from all angles. That kind of analysis surprised me a little, but it was clear to me that he was very interested in my painting. He paid great attention to my work. I painted with pleasure, looking forward to the sumptuous array of colors that awaited the artist’s touch. Time has shown that I have no continuity. Fate dictated my life path with ups and downs. When I sailed into the peaceful harbor of family peace, I began to transfer my emotions to the canvas. I had the impression that someone or something, some higher power, causes me pure joy while painting. The feeling of freedom to shape the rhythm of the soul is inexpressible. I'm just trying to paint that inaudible speech of the heart. I think we need to find clues to our thoughts. My mission is to make the spiritual world visible. Everything is possible in art, even for the universe to become a drop of dew. I experience painting as alchemy that saves us from harsh reality. I feel each of my works as an act of endless play that breaks down all obstacles in time and space ....

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We Love These Travel-Size Beauty Products Not only are they too cute for words, but these travel-size cosmetics are super practical, too! If you’re planning a getaway, chances are you’ll want to keep your luggage as light as possible. Enter travel-size skincare, hair, and makeup products. Once a rarity, more and more brands now offer smaller sizes which really come in handy when travelling, helping save room in your suitcase or carry-on and allowing you to continue using your favourite products while you’re away. Combined with refillable travel bottles and solid cosmetics, they make it easy to take your beauty routine with you no matter your destination. Plus, minis are also an excellent way of trying out new products before splurging on the full-size version.


Designed for travel, this petite palette includes four eyeshadows that are ideal for creating both natural and more dramatic looks, as well as a buildable cheek, eye and lip colour.


Travel can be exhausting: hours on the move, late nights (indulge—you’re on vacation!), and jet lag (or a combination of everything) can lead to even darker under-eye circles than usual. This mini version of IT Cosmetics’ full coverage, easy-to-blend concealer is your new secret weapon.

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A journey


electromagnetic spectrum


to fight the uncertainty of modern thought.

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Contemporary man lives in the darkness of uncertainty and precariousness, constantly looking for answers that will never be definitive. We live in a present full of infinite and uncontrollable variables, waiting for an unknown future. We are immersed in a dark and mysterious universe, where human existence is always looking for a glimmer of light that can illuminate the road from impotence and indecision. Electromagnetic waves are bright and colorful signals that make visible what surrounds us, and allow us to see hopes and horizons that lead us to draw a possible and desirable future. These seductive portraits tell the beauty and power of light energy. They are an explosion of a futuristic art form, and are a tribute to light and its sources of illumination, that impregnates flesh and body like a painter's canvas. They are a perfect combination of light, space and technology, with the purpose to create otherworldly scenes on seemingly ordinary spaces, and stir up a rollercoaster of emotions. Let yourself be projected into the unknown future without fear, and fall in love with these magical photographs, where each light line acquires its own individual expressiveness.

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FOTOGRAFO: Guido Fuá MODELLA: Monica Tongco ALTRO: Visual project TRUCCATORE: Monica Tongco LOCALITÀ: Eikona.Studio

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The “Birds” project is a search for mythological legends in the surrounding everyday world. The street landscape is torn apart, a different world opens up behind the curtain, full of surrealism, secrets and dangers. The heroine passes through the worlds, accompanied by a zombie flamingo, leaves a trail, changes herself. A distinctive feature of shooting is the search for a new visual language. Film technology combines with digital technology and traditional art to accomplish this task, making the viewer feel an otherworldly presence.

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A Passenger by

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Kseniya Grekova

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An Array

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Photographer: Justice Tilford Model: Seema Das

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Livio Mancinelli

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Foto Livio Mancinelli Styling Sabrina di Gennaro Make up Miriam Langellotti Hair Cristina Crosara Talent Maddalena Papi

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C APAS A . Milano

New start for Ennio Capasa By Dragana Kunjadic Capasa

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Photo Makeup & hair: Dragana Kunjadic Capasa Stylist: Simonetta de Pasca. Jewels: Futuro Remoto per Capasa.Milano Models:Fashion Model Management Valeriia Moliboha Kateryna K. Asti

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“Hat on a Hat” by D. M.Clauss

E mbrace the radiance of the Summer Khalitea Beach Dress and Black Girardi Hat.

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ZOE Girardi Hat and ZOE Cover Up Photo : D.M.Clauss Model : Marianna Painesi Styling : Dijana Komarek Beauty : Maria Miranta Zingko Hair & Makeup : Dora Tsertou Assistent : Panagiotis Chatzitzanos Cover up & Hat : DK Atelier

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