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L et me introduce myself:

I’m Dragomir M. Clauss, I grew up in Serbia and Italy and have been living in Greece. My basic occupation is Cinematography, Photography and Directing. I graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts as Cinematographer ( Director of Photography ) Since 1995, I have been working professionally as a Director of photography and Fashion Photographer for various magazines, marketing agencies and film productions. I have also created numerous TV commercials, jing jingles and music videos as well as several award-winning documentaries.

A Letter From the Editor I t is welcome with great pleasure that I write this editorial to you to the Project ONE magazine. Project ONE is all about Fashion, Art, Photography and Design We are very happy to have an excellent team from the top international league of fashion designers, photographers and designers covering in depth all related topics. We aim to have the highest standards of quality for the published articles but at the same time keep them as short and simple as possible. We definitely look forward to receiving your high-quality Subbmisions in order to make Project ONE synonymous of top quality magazines Once again I welcome you to this journal – your journal! With your support as authors, reviewers, and editors, I see a very bright prospect for Project ONE to serve Art and Colture even better in the near future. We hope to hear from you soon, and we welcome your feedback! We hope you will find Project ONE magazine informative. Thank you,.


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Maria Miranta Zingko Beauty Editor ProjectONE Magazine


ust as you have your own signature style, you probably have your own concept of what beauty and fashion mean to you. With beauty and fashion being a great way to express ourselves, we all develop a unique, individual style that works well for us and shows the world who we are without speaking a word. Beauty in the realm of fashion can be described as characteristics or attributes that lead to harmony, balance, attraction, and well-being. Beauty, both physical and spiritual, are positive traits that are globally revered and strived for. For most people, beauty entails an overall healthy, balanced, fulfilled lifestyle that pleases our highly visual, aesthetic senses. The characterization of a person as “beautiful”, whether on an individual basis or by community consensus, is often based on some combination of inner beauty, which includes psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity and elegance, and outer beauty, which includes physical attributes which are valued on an aesthetic basis. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! p Beauty is in some ways a form of pleasure. For those of you that love pampering and treating yourselves, experimenting with makeup, hair, and fashion, ve probably noticed that your mood and the way you feel about yourself can be elevated simply by applying makeup on your face, styling your hair, and dressing in a sexy outfit. Where beauty focuses more on your visual perception of your overall appearance, fashion is the perfect match to complement your looks by handpicking the right clothing, footwear, and accessories. A nice fancy ring on your finger can ramp up your style. Ma Makeup and clothing are much more than beauty and fashion, they are a style of life expression of ourselves. Social media is one of the biggest platforms to exhibit and connect beauty and fashion trends with millions of people at once worldwide. Fashion trends go beyond our aesthetic values and emerge as expressive tools for designers to deliver their message about society. With the influence of social media, celebrities and bloggers, their voice is being heard and has a major impact on fashion and style at all times.

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here’s a new accessories trend in town, and it’s coming in with a bang. Le Bo multi tool belt bag is crafted of natural leather with removable multifunctioning features adjustable strap secures around waist. Tools include phone slot, card slots, key chain and clasp for sunglasses. Why not be completely hands free with a bag that you wear on your belt.





arm weather and beach are just perfect excuses for wearing caftans all day long. Aline couture brand is a great combination of exclusive materials and top workmanship with a modern design. These exclusive caftans are well kept secret of distinguished global travelers, appearing in exclusive resorts around the world.

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Film Festival 2021 Photo for

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ProjectONE Magazine by Diana Kopaihora

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Not only is the Cannes Film Festival first and foremost a must-attend event for all movie lovers, it is also a fashion event not to be missed. For this new 2021 edition, the celebrities got original for their red carpet appearances. After its unfortunate cancellation last year, the Cannes Film Festival was back for 2021 - and with it all the glitz and glamour typically associated with the annual celebration of fashion and film. Last night saw the festival's Closing Ceremony, and with it a dazzling array of red carpet gowns. There was an impressive line up of films on the schedule this year, meaning we saw a constant stream of famous faces - from Marion Cotillard to Bella Hadid - gracing the Croisette red carpet and ascending those iconic stairs. And, given the restrictions imposed upon us all over the last 18 months, the stars went all out when it comes to their style, embracing the return of a little glamour. Here, we look back at the best fashion moments from the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, both on and off the red carpet

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J ovana H iesmayr

is a spiritual teacher and a life coach, well known in Europe and the Middle East. Her clients come from all walks in life from Hollywood celebrities to working moms and students. We are heart warmed by the approach of this ambitious woman on a mission to make our world a little better step by step, by shining light on feelings we have buried inside ourselves and harmonize with them. By living retrospectively from Austria, Dubai, Cyprus and currently in Spain, she understands the needs of people who live different life styles, follow different religions and dream about different futures. She realizes how society standards and cultural differences have a strong impact on us and especially on our relationships. Despite all this differences we are all striving for love and happiness. Her own self discovery journey, “the voyage” which she started over a decade ago, has helped her found dual therapy methods which allow us to see more clearly then the construct of society, the black and white, the wrong and right, and the good and bad. When she got married and had her twins, only than she realized that to be a good mother and partner takes a lot of work. In her surrounding she realized that many women lack the tools to improve their lives and willing to accept their inability to positively improve their lives. Jovana started to teach others the knowledge she had found educating herself about spirituality, life and relationships. She wrote three books and has given numerous seminars about self development in life and relationships. Jovana doesn’t depend on standard coaching methods and tools, she takes a more drastic role in her clients lives. She makes it a goal to be there for her clients at any time needed, whether as a spiritual friend or a supporting teacher. Her evocative speeches, powerful workshops and her self help best selling books have made her into the spiritual coach loved by many. With her approach on life and understanding of the world, she raises the vibrations of her clients by the Spiritual technology that she uses in her work. This helps them to accept their shadow selves and integrate all aspects of our dualistic nature so they can understand themselves better. “Sometimes people might think that they have to take a radical step like separation or even divorce, but my experience shows me that it is the small attitude changes that really make a difference and help us on our path to happiness. So the programs I teach can be used by everybody not only because they are affordable but because we all have ability to positively change our lives with the right tools and training. Once we train your awareness about the effect of negative programs, patterns and habits we decide together which training methods can be implemented.” As she said, “ We always have a choice, we can numb ourselves and stick to our self destructive habits and patterns or we can wake up and allow ourselves to identify them and to create a harmonious mind by healing ourselves. In my work with the clients, I want them to accept that they have the power to change their life experiences by changing their inner belief systems.” On her Instagram and webpage we found inspiring articles and blogs, telling us more about the spiritual nature we can all tap into. Jovana offers seminars and webinars , but she prefers working one on one with her clients as she is able to connect to them at a deeper level and be there for them through all life experiences. She is the teacher you want to learn from and a friend you want to hang with.

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nstant manifestations with Jo'

s Voyage

Do you belive that living an abundant life is possible for you? Do you feel like your fears are stronger than your wishes? And abovee all do you belive you deserve a prosperous life ? These are questions to be answered to see which are the biggest obsticals in your life, and how to get past them to create a life you wish for and deserve.. .In my work with my clients I came up with a quick and precise plan that can help manifest our dream life into our reality and overcome our biggest obstacles which we face in our life.. 1. Get very clear about your goal!! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and write down your goal. Make sure you are writing in the form of " I am happy and thankful that.. . (always write in a present tence) Feel it.. Feel the emotions as if your goal is really just manifested in front of you. 2. Make a vision beyond your vision !nWe can only receive abundance from the universe according to our capacity to receive. Since our unconscious mind is scared of the unknown, make sure you write down how your life would look like after your goal #step1 is your reality, identify the future when you have manifested your dream life and are already living in it.. 3. Get clear about your blockages and negative programs Be honest and dive deep into all blockages and all the sentences your ever heard about life itself, about your own inabilities, and unworthiness. Write down your fears, selfsabotage patternss and choose to release them. Write affirmative sentences instead. I am capable of creating my dream reality, I am deserving of my dream reality, etc.. 4. Upgrade your identity We attract in our life not what we want, but what we are. We receivee what we put out to the universe . Write down how does the most abundant version of yourself choose to treat others and yourself? How would you think, act, what would you belive in? 5. Take an inspirative action Imagine your goal is here already! What would you do next? How would be your daily experience? For example - Who would you call? What meeting would you organise? To which opportunity would you say yes? Which friends would you meet up with?

When it comes to manifesting your dream life, it's important to stay positive and focused. Your reality can be yours, you will have that house, that family, and that guy. Be ready to change yourself in order to change your reality. More manifestation tips on Instagramm



Gina Ginali is a young artist with Greek roots. She brings her passion to life through paintings, sculptures and different art forms. Gina started her career in the Art world only a few years ago, however her popularity is rapidly growing and has attracted a lot of interest from Hollywood stars, movie directors, sports personalities and other well known celebrities. She recently exhibited in Europe where her artworks are already hanging in the halls of Fortune 500 companies. Gina’s art draws on a mix of cultural influences from the many countries in which she has lived, and her fearlessness in experimenting with different materials gives each new piece a truly unique signature. Having just completed her latest collection “Faceless girl“, Gina has now started work on her new series “Blind Love”, with some exciting projects lined up to be launched later this year. Photo by

Dragana Kunjadic Capasa projectONE 43

lind Love B by Gina Ginali

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From modeling to designing - Dreams do Come True


e are often met with the question of what we would like to be when we grow up. We dream big, not thinking of the hardships, obstacles, or anything that can stand in the way. Therefore the answers vary from astronaut, scientist, prima ballerina, etc.

In this story, Daniela’s Danie childhood dream became a reality when she entered the world of modeling in the year of 1988. She was only sixteen years old and the youngest contestant there but she took the third prize home. This spetacular event opened many doors for her and changed her life completely. From here on, she reaized that fashion was in her blood. b Soon afterward, she walked the runway, booked shows, commercials, and her face appeared in magazines. The world of fashion made it possible for her to travel the world, live in the most breathtaking cities including Paris,Milan, Munich, London, and Tokyo. For ten years, she was a professional model until she started working in fashion retail where she stayed or twenty-four years.

In 2019 her life took another turn. Her love for fashion and trends brought her to a place where she felt happiest a career as a fashion designer and creator.Through this, the Addcited2 brand was born. In essence, Addicted stands for strong and unique women that have (and still do) s hape history. such as Swarowski.

24 projectONE This is also the main source of Daniela’s inspiration. The jewelry that she brings to life with her team of Italian craftsmen is made with such precision, passion, and of the finest materials. Each piece is completely handmade, comp galvanized with a protective layer of zinc, and coated with the best crystals With Addicted2 she wants to give back what the fashion industry gave her. She turns her inspiration and dreams into the avant-garde touch that makes each piece unique. Her love for the fashion world is clearly visible in her work, and that is precisely why we are enthralled by each and every piece.

V OK A Greece – an

eternal muse for Austrian artist VOKA

“I never thought that someone could fall in love with a country, with a region, with a mentality...but yes, that´s what happened to me!“ With a sparkle in his eye, the Austrian artist, VOKA, tells us in interview what it is that he finds so special about the area around the Costa Navarino. “From my countless journeys all around the world, I have realised that every town, every region and every country has its own rhythm. Just consider the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York, the celebration of “la dolce vita” in Venice or the famous Viennese sense of humour, which often leaves tourists confused about whether they should feel complimented or insulted” VOKA laughs and continues to tell us that even during his adolescence, when he was a hitchhiker with a rucksack, he was always drawn back to Greece in his holidays. He loves the rusticity of the landscape and the pleasant Mediterranean climate but above all the life-affirming and welcoming mentality of the Greek people. “Right here in the Peleponnese in Messinia, it feels as though my innermost strings are being pulled. It is here that I am in unison,it is here that I feel totally at peace. After many years, he has finally fulfilled a dream and has set down roots in the Peloponnese. His house and studio are in the idyllic town of Koroni, whose streets and the small fishing harbour hold an almost never-ending source of artistic inspiration.

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M a r i l y n 2 01 9 , 1 70 x 1 70 c m , Acrylic on Canvas


coined the term "Spontaneous Realism" as a trademark for his art. He defines this style as a revival of the significance of contemporary art, a valued tradition in a new era, with a new interpretation reflecting the contemporary spirit. His distinctive style, emerging from the dynamism of the moment, enables him to strikingly capture immediate reality while the observer is able to palpably feel the imbedded movement. His ability to create one of his paintings in a short space of time and with great dynamic, he explains in a very simple way “I have dealt with painting for a very, very long time in a very slowly and intensive way” The basis of his artistic creations is rooted in a decadedecade-long altercation with the art of realism. He researched the technique of the old masters and appropriated them into his own intensive self-study. It was his first contact with watercolour that made him realise that working quickly - which he was almost forced to do when working outside as the colours dry so quickly - could give his stroke more momentum and therefore enormous dynamic. With the discovery of acrylic he was able to allow his solid basic knowledge of, not only the meticulousness and `heavy` art of oil painting but also the `light` and rapid technique of watercolour painting, to flow together to discover and develop his own style of Spontaneous Realism..

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he Best Highlighters Of 2021

by Maria Zingko

Skincare routines, luminous foundations and sugar-free diets aside, sometimes we still need that extra dose of glow — which is precisely why illuminators exist. No fuss, easy-to-use and bottom-of-your-handbag bag appropriate, the illuminator is the perfect solution for those who like to add a little extra shine on the go. Just apply (direct from the bullet, or with your fingertip) onto the high points of the face—cheat's guide: top of the cheekbones, tip of nose, cupid's bow and above the brow bone—and then blend out with your finger. Need a recommendation? Here are our favourites. Glow on. G

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick by FENTY BEAUTY

Illuminator by NARS

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter

Illuminating Balm by MECCA Cosmetica

Photos by ELLE Australia

Nudie Stick by NUDESTIX


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Two lines

Marcella Zanki is an experienced Croatian film Director with Italian origin. Marcella’s work combines strong visuals and an artistic approach with psychological flair. Skilled in films, commercials, documentaries and music videos with a Visual Communication Master's Degree focused in Film and Video Media from UMAS. Marcella is also analogue Photographer across the genres of portrait, landscape and contemporary art photography. Her photos and interviews are published in various online and printed magazines like VICE,, NAKID MAGAZINE, ELLE MAGAZINE, ROLLING STONE, SOMEWHERE MAGAZINE, HYPEBAE etc. She recently started to exhibit her art work - 6 solo and 3 group exhibitions mostly in Europe and UK, but also one solo exhibition in New York.

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Starring: KATARINA DUENDE All photos taken with IPHONE 5C

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You take your soul! Open your eyes, take a deep breath - No one has yet come up with a better medicine than to start listening to yourself . And you take me to where the white sail sticks out in the sea ! Heal me, heal me, heal me, Dr. House!

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Photographer: Anastasia Fahertdinova Makeup Artist: Nailya Salyakhova Retoucher: Tanya Konovalova Model: Alina Solomennikova

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Photo by D. M.Clauss

La stazione di Duomo


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1997 by D. M.Clauss

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1997 All photos taken with HASSELBLAD 553 ELX

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