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L et me introduce myself:

I’m Dragomir M. Clauss, I grew up in Serbia and Italy and have been living in Greece. My basic occupation is Cinematography, Photography and Directing. I graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts as Cinematographer ( Director of Photography ) Since 1995, I have been working professionally as a Director of photography and Fashion Photographer for various magazines, marketing agencies and film productions. I have also created numerous TV commercials, jing jingles and music videos as well as several award-winning documentaries.

A Letter From the Editor I t is welcome with great pleasure that I write this editorial to you to the Project ONE magazine. Project ONE is all about Fashion, Art, Photography and Design We are very happy to have an excellent team from the top international league of fashion designers, photographers and designers covering in depth all related topics. We aim to have the highest standards of quality for the published articles but at the same time keep them as short and simple as possible. We definitely look forward to receiving your high-quality Subbmisions in order to make Project ONE synonymous of top quality magazines Once again I welcome you to this journal – your journal! With your support as authors, reviewers, and editors, I see a very bright prospect for Project ONE to serve Art and Colture even better in the near future. We hope to hear from you soon, and we welcome your feedback! We hope you will find Project ONE magazine informative. Thank you,.


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A Photo: Giorgos Bolbasis Dress: Vasilis Zoulias Earrings: Pericles Condylatos Gloves: Personart

In this issue, I would like to wish you a very pleasant summer, leaving behind the winter which darkened our souls. Almost everything is now open and all lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted; however, the habits which we have been accustomed to, especially as far as the world of fashion is concerned, define a new era. Consumers are now investing in casual, sportswear or in "forever pieces". The timing is perfect to click the reset button for a more sustainable approach, since we must realize that the planet does not belong to us; instead, it hosts us and the more we do not respect it, the more it will not respect us as well. A.A.

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Virtually a Belgrade legend (and an absolute must if you seek top-tier luxury and elegance à la carte for your facial experience), The Jolie Clinic is known for its relaxed and cozy ambiance and is widely appreciated for its emphasis on clinical skincare and advanced technologies. Prestigious aesthetical medicine procedures for face remodeling, sculpting, and restylisation of skin volume and lifting of desired region are performed by unique methodology and contour technology by doctors and team of experts from Russia . Though the clinic boasts a wide variety of customer favorite facials, we suggest the Zein Obagi Treatment, which has been attributed to many a red carpet glow, famous American dermatologist who created skin care dermato with the most modern technology that guarantees lasting results. As a parting step, oxygen is added as the serum penetrates parched skin cells for incomparable hydration. Skin is left soft, supple, and glowing.

Be Jolie....

Photo by Mirko Tabasavic

Photo by Mina Dishlenkovich

My name is Neda. I have a magister degree in international economics, and spent my entire childhood in Moscow.

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Back in my home country, I designed Jolie, a beauty p platform. Years ago, I worked out a theory, how to combine natural and artificial beauty while keeping the face refine At the beginning of 2018, We brought to Belgrade, Serbia, new aesthetic procedures that were used in Russia and United States by the world's most renowned doctorsin the field of anti-aging.

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Dijana Radonjic Since I can remember, my love for things that are different was enormous. I never liked simplicity. That's how I, after graduating from the very prestigious architecture college "La Sapienza" in Rome, started doing what I love. Since the dedication and love was great, it led to the work growing at the speed of light. Now our company has over 100 employees and we also expanded into beauty business. Every woman that comes into our studio feels like a queen and our goal is that everyone leaves with smile, even if they didn't buy anything. Since our services are greatly seeked for in foreign countries, see there's a tremendous chance that we will be expanding our business on European market. First on our list are Wien, Athens, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. I get my motivation from nice things that are happening to me every day and I hope that it's gonna grow day by day.

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Bi-stretch Canvas Suit: Prada T-shirt: Dolce & Gabbana

Matteo Rubboli

The exponential explosion of social networks and streaming platforms has not always been accompanied by a correct and responsible use. In fact, in recent years, the risks associated with them have become well-known in the news, from the Blue Whale Challenge to the suicide challenges on TikTok. Some however, have managed to make the most of the opportunities of the web, and share educational and innovative content. This is the case of Matteo Rubboli, creator of Vanilla Magazine. His online magazine specializes in an innovative form of historical-cultural presentation. The topics covered, in fact, are not those we are used to reading and learning mechanically at school, but curiosities and often unpublished insights. In this way, the stories free themselves from a purely anecdotal dimension, becoming accessible and capturing everyone's interest. We had the pleasure of interviewing the editor of Vanilla Magazine to talk about his project.


anilla Magazine.

Photographer: D.M.Clauss Styling: Maria Miranta Zingko

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Tailored Suit: Dolce & Gabbana Button placket shirt: Dolce & Gabbana

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2pc Wool Suit: Canali Vintage T-shirt: Superdry

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Anna Goryacheva

summer collection Dk atelier hats are unique and a precious savoir, carefully hand made from the most prestigious natural materials. The whole collection is the ode to nature, shape and symmetry. Decorated with pearls and chains DK hats bring sophistication to any look. DK atelier hats are here to stay and make your vacation elegant and adventurous. Caution: once you notice how easily you can combine hats with every outfit, it will be tough to take it off.

Photographer :

N ew

Dijana Komarek

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Photographer :

Anna Goryacheva at

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Swimsuit Trends That W ill Rule by Maria Zingko Summer 2021 It may feel like we’re not going anywhere for a while, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t brighter days ahead—and who says you can’t wear a swimsuit around the house? A classic one-piece or bikini never goes out of style, but summer 2021 is bringing forth a fresh batch of fun swim trends to try. From comfort-first styles to sexy high-cut suits and beyond, these are the top five trends making a splash this season. Shop them now to sport at home in your backyard or later in that dreamy destination on your wish list. Sena One Piece, JADE Swim from Shopbop Shine on with this suit that delivers a satin finish. The ’80s are calling, and they certainly deserve a space in your swimwear col collection,

Kate Rey




We’re seeing the circular motif pop up as part of a chic, adjustable belt. Pair this suit with your favourite sunglasses for a simple two-step look.

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Lumiere 90s Two-Tone Metallic Bikini, Oseree from Moda Operandi Because you were made to shine.

Brax One Piece, MyraSwim For the minimalist at heart. Wear this to dive into agood, thought-provoking book on the beach.

Looped Halter One-Piece Swimsuit, Christopher Esber from Moda Operandi

Mileey Rope-Detailed Cutout Halterneck Bikini Agent Provocateur from Net-A-Porter

This piece was strategically designed to make you look your best. The cutouts come in at the most flattering parts of your waist to amplify your natural curves. And with a high neck, your torso will be elongated for a lean look.

This is the ideal bikini to be seen in on your next vacation. The strings are strategically designed to emphasize an hourglass shape as they wrap around the body. These high-cut bikini bottoms will hug your body just right.

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Versace La Medusa Bags Were Born To Bask In The Spotlight by Maria Zingko

In Greek mythology, Medusa was widely considered the most beautiful woman. Versace adopted the Medusa — one of the most recognisable characters — as the symbol of the house because of her unapologetic attitude and fearless self-belief. This season, the symbol is once again reimagined onto Versace’s line of bags The La Medusa Small Handbag, for example, comes in a versatile shape and two detachable shoulder straps — one leather and one chain — that can be styled on the wrist or across the shoulder. The La Medusa Camera Bag, on the other hand, features a bold and fun silhouette that complements almost everything in your wardrobe. Crafted in Italy from the softest and most premium leather, the La Medusa bags exude a modern and youthful feel, and comeein a wide array of eye-popping colours.

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Celebrity Skin My thoughts … I was born and raised in Germany and studied fashion in London. I adore to experiment and play with unconventional materials. My goal is to create unique fashion clothes. wea The moto of my brand is dare to wear. Dare to be beautiful. Dare to be yourself. I’m working in the fashion industry for almost 25years. I have tried throughout all my carrier to break the rules and be a pioneer of new trends. It wasn’t always easy and the crowd wasn’t always positive. But, step by step the audience accepted my avant-garde material. I adore fashion clips. I adore theatrical plays. I love art and poetry. I have participated in various fashion weeks in the world. Fashion is a global language. al It allows us to express our selfs and communicate in various ways. The most touching experience was my show at London Fashion Week. The catwalk was spectacular and the vibe was amazing. I believe the a fashion shooting is team work. You need an amazing concept, fab clothes, models that inspire you and of course, the most important a photographer with a vision. I can’t choose a favorite picture because all of my work is my creation and I love it all.

Dimitris Strepkos

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Dragana Kunjadic Capasa

We are talking about young artists, how they live this particular time, and what they do to make their passion become their profession. This time we are talking with young Italian actress ANNALUISA CAPASA, she has graduated in acting at the Nyfa Academy and currently living between Italy and Los Angeles. Vintage Gucci

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Vintage YSL

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Vladan Milosavljevic

Along with the passion for photography begins and love for diving. Vladan biggest inspiration comes from macro details of the underwater world. Therefore, majority of his photos are taken in the deep blue seas. His unusual capability to detect and perceive the details of the underwater world are best portrayed in his famous collection called


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Model: Olivera Peruničić

Photos by


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Jacket: Spirit Hoods Pants: Kindom Earrings: Adiba

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intage Staycation

Set: Charles and Ron

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Wardrobe Stylist/Photographer: Alex Clough Model: Levon Riggins Photographer: Sebastian Garnett Makeup Artist: Sarah K Model: Breanna Alaina Hair Stylist: Dej Jackson

Shirt: Raga Man Shorts: Raga Boots: Free Lance Earrings: Adiba

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Chernobyl On April 26, 1986, a sudden surge of power during a reactor systems test destroyed Unit 4 of the nuclear power station at Chernobyl, Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. The accident and the fire that followed released massive amounts of radioactive material into the environment

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Blue light, Red light, Night light, Warm light,

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IZZADORABLE Photographer: D.M.Clauss Fashion Editor: Dijana Radonjic Model: “Izzadorable” Isidora Kadijevic Hair and makeup: Diline Beauty. Styling: Ana Cekerevac Consultant: Milan Tvrdisic, Andreja Leko Studio: Vladan Milisavljevic V

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