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A Letter From the Editor I t is welcome with great pleasure that I write this editorial to you to the Project ONE magazine. Project ONE is all about Fashion, Art, Photography and Design We are very happy to have an excellent team from the top international league of fashion designers, photographers and designers covering in depth all related topics. We aim to have the highest standards of quality for the published articles but at the same time keep them as short and simple as possible. We definitely look forward to receiving your high-quality Subbmisions in order to make Project ONE synonymous of top quality magazines Once again I welcome you to this journal – your journal! With your support as authors, reviewers, and editors, I see a very bright prospect for Project ONE to serve Art and Colture even better in the near future. We hope to hear from you soon, and we welcome your feedback! We hope you will find Project ONE magazine informative. Thank you,.


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Dijana Komarek

6 - Smell Like Spring 8 - Everly 16 - The Art of writing 22 - Next Spa Experience 24 - The New Artist

30 - Gialova Lagoon 34 - Who’s that Girl 38 - Concrete Ice Cream

44 - Metal Panagiotis Chatzitzanos Dragana Kunjadic Capasa

46 - LIFE 52 - OZEN


58 - Drowning in my Dreams

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ed passion with a touch of diamonds Something that can add glamour to your

is definitely this gorgeous tocca made from natural feathers by DK atelier. More hats and collection you can find on the instagram page @dk___atelier or JEWELRY: CHOPARD

One of the world's most famous models Sofia Milo launched her new fashion collection for the following season. col This beautiful red dress will show just enough of the skin for you to feel sexy and elegant in the same time. More styles you can find on the Instagram page @bysofimilo

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Spring is often a wet season—and the moment right after the rain stops is what this unique fragrance seeks to embody. The fresh eau de toilette blends an aquatic accord with rose petal and pine needle notes, inspiring us to reconnect with nature.


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othing like a inspiration from horror, “Kill Bill,” highbrow Oscar

trashy, all-hell-breaks-loose onslaught of blood, bullets and babes that borrows a recycling bin stuffed with leftovers from ‘60s grindhouse films, Japanese “Saw” and splatter-fest videogames to cleanse one’s visual palate of those contenders.

In “Everly,” Salma Hayek throws herself with admirable abandon into the role of an avenging victim of sex slavery held against her will for years in a luxury high-rise apartment by misogynistic Asian mobsters. She exhibits such fire-breathing ferocity, it is hard to know whether this excessively cruel exercise in ultra-violence is exploiting her or she is exploiting it. Lord knows, she is by far the best thing about it. The one-time Best Actress nominee for the splendid 2002 biopic “Frida” turned second-string player opposite Adam Sandler in those wretched “Grown Ups” comedies appears to have re-embraced her B-movie action roots. She hasn’t been such a red-hot pistol since the days of “Desperado” and “From Dusk Till Dawn,” and if the film does anything right, it reminds us that now-55-year-old Hayek is one heck of a forceful presence when she is allowed to be. As they once said of Foxy Brown, her Everly is a whole lot of woman. Too bad “Everly” itself is not exactly a whole lot of movie. What could have been a female-charged adrenaline rush is too hung up on queasy brutality and too quick to rely on a side plot involving Everly’s estranged mother and the toddler daughter she barely has gotten to know as a kind of counter-balance to the over-the-top nastiness. Director Joe Lynch (“Knights of Badassdom,” “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End”) and writer Yale Hannon shamelessly borrow not just the contained space concept from the Bruce Willis classic "Die Hard" but also make ironic use of a Christmas setting—all the better to blare jazzy renditions of holiday tunes on the soundtrack while madness and mayhem messily deck the walls along with the halls.

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et your boundaries and set your self free

J ovana H iesmayr 14 projectONE

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Writing Hip Hop Culture

FLYC AT “The New $criba” FLYCAT is

a one of the first artists of Hip Hop culture and the Art of Writing in Europe. We visited Flycat in his studio

Avampo$to Galattico in Milan. FLYCAT, artist, writer, visionary, born in Milan 1970 By Dragana Kunjadic Capasa

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Hymn to Happiness, 2021

FLYCAT in front of his mural "RENAI$$ANCE OF ARCH-FVNK", 2022 at Studio Architettura Rigoldi & Parko S.r.l. inMilan

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Letter Racer Y-1 Drag on Fly, 2012 Mixed media on Skateboard

War of Symboli$m, 2013 Rem Tene Verba $eqventvr, 2013

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The 6th Element, 2021

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Bath time is ideal for exfoliating your arms, legs and feet. This exquisite scrub which boasts sugar, salt, coconut oil and tropical fruit enzymes, buffs and softens the skin while smelling wonderfully fruity.

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Autumn Nymph Photographer: IL Cinquantino Lab Photographer: Maria Antonietta Cardea Photographer: Daniele Scarponi Model: @Aniuka_modella Makeup Artist: Patricia Amable BODY PAINTIN E ACCESSORI PATRICIA AMABLE

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A drienne's passion Photographer: Michael McIntosh Female Model: Adrienne Martin @ classicmodelsint Wrap by Michael McIntosh

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Fragments Photographer: Gabriele Mansolillo Model: Emma Colecchia Stylist: Ronci Spose Manifattura artigianale

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Photographer: Ekaterina

Model: Natalia Popova

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