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Adam Rosenfeld

Selling Los Angeles – By Alicia Mistry

Adam Rosenfeld is a walking contradiction to Los Angeles’ stereotypically pretentious luxury real estate scene.

With an innate knowledge of the machinations that run the city’s high-end housing market, Rosenfeld balances his brimming passion for his career with an authentically calm and collaborative approach to buying, selling and developing property. It’s a sales approach that has sent him and Mercer Vine—the luxury agency he co-founded in 2015—to the upper echelon of luxury brokerages in L.A., and helped usher in an emerging era of transactions that measure success by an agent’s ability to value class and teamwork more than topical glitz and glam. Rosenfeld’s core values have helped make Mercer Vine one of La La Land’s most sought-after real estate agencies. HOW? Deluxe Version Magazine readers are about to find out. Deluxe Version: We love inception stories. How did you land in L.A. real estate? Adam Rosenfeld: Before real estate, I was at a crossroads in my life trying to figure out what to do. I was a practicing attorney in Miami looking for a career change…specifically, one where I could be more hands-on and interact with

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people in a greater capacity. My brother was living in L.A. at the time, so I visited him on a whim and somehow never left. He was in real estate and was starting his first home remodel, and he convinced me that if I got my real estate license, I could start a new career while still utilizing my legal education. I started working as an assistant, moved up the ladder over the course of 4 years, and realized there were things I wanted in a company that couldn’t be found anywhere in the brokerage world. I collaborated with a couple of like-minded agents, and we started Mercer Vine, a real estate firm dedicated to luxury real estate while building relationships on experience, trust and transparency, all while working in a collaborative setting. DLXVRSN: L.A. is known for its high-end brokerage firms. In your opinion, what makes Mercer Vine shine? AR: I like to think of Mercer Vine as a “boutique-at-heart” marketing agency inside a luxury real estate firm. We work and function as family and friends, and we all have a passion for the industry in different, creative ways. We’re always looking for new ways to do the things that have been done the same old way for years. For example, we have a stunning property in Beverly Hills, and we thought, why not make a movie with it? So we brought in award-winning choreographer, Jacob Jonas, and made a sophisticated film using the house as a backdrop for an interpretive dance. This is just one of the many innovations out of Mercer Vine. We’re also building a virtual reality room at our headquarters just for our clients. (More details to be announced soon.) DV: When you aren’t visiting some of the most luxuri-

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