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Just 45 minutes. Once the sweat poured out and I realized my stress had been lifted, I realized in just 45 minutes I felt 10 pounds lighter. All it took was for me to survive my inaugural spin class with Jen Barnet. (Barely.) Barnet is the spinner-in-chief at XCYCLE, an indoor cycling studio she opened outside of Las Vegas in Summerlin, Nev., in 2016. In less than a year, the studio is booming, and the 32-year-old is riding high on its success. One look at Barnet—this issue’s cover girl— and you can see that fitness is her passion. She has spent the better part of a decade as a spin student, but when her entrepreneurial wheels started spinning, she decided to open her own studio, having never taught a spin class herself. After several trips to Las Vegas to be with her fiancé, Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph, Barnet decided to stay. Today, Barnet is being referred to as the “Queen of Spin City.” Catchy, you have to admit…but it’s an honor she takes seriously. Barnet’s goal, she says, is to get everyone “healthy from the inside out,” and it’s working. Many XCYCLE classes have a waitlist (but she has good news about that!) and celebrities are making the trek to ramp up their RPMs (hello Mario Lopez!). As someone who has loved spinning since the 90s, I understand Barnet’s appeal: she has energy for days, great taste in music and she truly wants to inspire each and every rider. Recently, we sat down—without bikes—to talk about taking risks, transforming a community, and of course, picking the perfect spin song. 46 | Deluxe Version Magazine

Deluxe Version: It probably never gets old being recognized for all that you are doing for the Las Vegas community, right? Jem Barnet: Honestly, this is all new to me. It’s just all very exciting. This was a huge risk. I’m young and I opened my very own business, so the fact that it has taken off and become such a success—to hear the testimonies from my riders and what we’ve done in their lives—that will never get old. Talking to you and doing these interviews will never get old, either, because what we’re doing is such a movement here in Vegas. DV: You were already a fitness guru, but what prompted you to take that leap and become a teacher and entrepreneur? JB: First of all, I have a huge passion for indoor cycling anyways; it changed my life. I can testify to what it did in my life, which is why I brought it to Las Vegas. I know what it does for people and I knew it could push you through thresholds that you didn’t know you could get through. It helped with my anxiety; it helped with everything. There are so many benefits to indoor cycling, but the reason I brought it to Vegas was that there weren’t any indoor cycling studios here. There’s a certain energy to what we do—what we do is a little different. A little more energy, the music is different, there are no overhead lights in the room, but there are LED lights in the room for lots of distraction because we don’t want you thinking about what time it is. We want to keep you excited, and on that bike. You will sweat and have the time of your life because that’s what its all about. It’s only 45 minutes! DV: Is this kind of a nightclub experience while “getting your spin on?” JB: It’s a sober way of partying. HA! That’s the way I put it. I started offering midnight rides—it’s not an every night thing, it’s a total pop up—but it’s at our studio and it’s for people like me who don’t drink. (I have Japanese in me, so I just don’t do well when I drink…ha!) Nothing wrong with alcohol, but with that said, I’ve created a sober partying atmosphere at XCYCLE for those who are like me, who can come at midnight, ride, and have that whole club experience, but you’re actually doing

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