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Blair Bomar – By Stacey Gualandi

“I think people from Texas stick out like a sore thumb…in a good way!” says Blair Bomar, a one-time Dallas debutante now making her way through Hollywood. If this statement holds true, it’s great news for up-and-coming actress who isn’t afraid to go full-tilt Texas drawl on command…especially if it helps her land a role. “I like to think I can do a livin’ breathin’ Steel Magnolia,” says Bomar. As they say, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl, and that Southern flair fits in nicely for her role in the USA network’s “raw and gritty” summer series Queen of the South, (which just so happened to be filmed in Dallas) where she played Kim Brown, the girlfriend of a drug lieutenant who has teamed up with soon-to-be-female drug “queenpin” Teresa Mendoza, aka the “Queen of the South.” “The show is about survival and these women who are putting up this fight despite all of these really terrible circumstances,” says Bomar. “Kim has definitely brought out the survivor in me—things that I’m proud of—which I’m still discovering.” Queen of the South is Bomar’s second series—she played a snake vampire in Robert Rodriguez’s TV adaptation of From Dusk Til Dawn—and it follows film roles in Claire Danes’ Temple Grandin and Lisa Kudrow’s Bandslam. Bomar says that acting has always been the plan since she caught the bug at 9. Initially a dancer, she studied music and dramatic arts both in London and New York before moving to Los Angeles to forge her acting career 6 years ago. She describes having amazing friends and family in Texas who encouraged her adventurous spirit, but admits, “I always had the desire to explore and cast the net out a bit further. I wanted to see about blazing new and different trails.” And that trail now includes becoming a multi-hyphenate. Not one to rely only on her accent and good looks, Bomar has worked in casting, produced a web series and is now co-writing two short films. And she still had time to sit down with DLXVRSN Magazine to answer our eight cut-to-the-chase questions about what drives her heart and career. Southern hospitality is alive and well.

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