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Date: April 2013

Greetings! This is a journal of my research and resources for vintage and antique collecting and sales. I invite you to join me on a journey through the fascinating world of vintage and antique collections, sales, video, research, resources, and history. Many subjects and categories will be covered as we venture through the collections and sales of my shop and that of others. If you have a collection or sale, article or collection to contribute please contact me at DLSpecialties. Table of Contents Marcel Boucher Page 2 Weller Pottery

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I do have to tell you this designer was one of my favorite researched up to this point. His designs are widely collected, the quality of his jewelry is high and the beauty is exquisite. The vintage lily brooch pictured here is one of my recent estate auction purchaces. From the 1950s. It is pristine. When I first saw this in the group of jewelry my heart beat Marcel Boucher Lily Brooch Video a bit faster. I picked it up to look for makings, and there it was Boucher clearly marked on the back. I knew than that it was going to be mine. I felt very fortunate to have found this bueaty but it was not my first Boucher. A set I call man in the moon was my first Boucher set. Can you imagine seeing this set going unnoticed at an estate aution? It did draw my attention and I was lucky enough to get it below the price I had mentally set when I decided to bid on it. If you click on it you can see the video that shows the quality and life that danced in the rhinestones. It sold shortly after I listed it in my Etsy shop for $155. I did know a little bit about the attraction of Marcel Boucher jewelry by the discussion I had when I first started my shop in 2011 on Etsy. With a desire to learn the history of the vintage treasures I listed in my Etsy shop I joined an Etsy team named Got Vintage? Shops Jewelry Dealer Discussion group. They have a presence on Facebook covering many vintage catagories. [] Now a bit about my research… I use “One Note” that came with my computer to log my notes, link, resources and contacts of the research I do for my vintage – antique Vintage Journal by DLSpecialties

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treasures. This allows me to easily reference the information even if I am not connected to the internet when on the road. Below is some of my notes from my Marcel Boucher research. Two more Boucher brooches for sale (left) UltimateAdornment & Collectibles - Dog(right) DecatiqueStudios - Praying Mantis

Marcel Boucher: 1937 to Present (D’Orlan industries of Canada) It is said that Marcel Boucher was possible the greatest designer and producer of costume jewelry and they have withstood the test of time and are treasured today. In 1937, Marcel Boucher, established the Marcel Boucher and Cie Company in NY. A jewelry designer, he produced metalwork jewelry with high quality rhinestones. His designs were considered creative and imaginative designed in 1937 through his life time. Born in France he became an apprentice to Cartier in France. Marcel was quite accomplished designer. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1920’s. He designed for Mazer Brothers in NY. Marcel’s designs incorporated gold plated enamel with 3-dimensional designs, precious stones in his birds, insects and flowers. His designs are marked with 3 or 4 digit numbers that were in the molds. Rhinestones, ruby, sapphire, emerald and simulated pearls can be found in his beautiful designs. Hi jewelry pieces are prized for their baguettes and exciting colored stones along with it’s excellent workmanship and quality. Most of Marcel Boucher’s Jewelry is signed. Marks: 1938-1960 “Marboux ©” 1942 to 1944 “MB” registered in 1944 used until 1949 “Phrygian Cap” 1950 to 1955 “Boucher” 1955 to 1971 Boucher© most also include numbers Since 1950 “EARRITE” (earrings) Later his full name “Marcel Boucher” marks with the copyright symbol are after 1955

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Approximate dates for Boucher Inventory Numbers: 2300 - 2350 from 1945

2351 - 2450 from 1946

2450 - 2550 from 1947

2550 - 2750 from 1948

2750 - c.3000 from1949

â—ž3000 - c.3500 from 1950

Many of Marcel Boucher’s costume jewelry was of such high quality and care was taken to use the best of materials that his piece where often mistaken for fine jewelry or the thing. Upon his death in 1966 the line of Jewelry was continued by his spouse Sandra. Sandra had designed for Tiffany and had worked with her husband as a designer. The company, now in East Toronto, Canada, is still producing today. (2013)

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What a glamorous piece this is! This is my first Weller Pottery Vase. Tall, elegant, beautiful color with condition that is new but it is a century old. A very impressive vase. The style of this treasure is Cameo design, but it is the handles that stood out to me when I first saw it sitting on the shelf of a bid board auction. If you have not been to a bid board auction, they are not for shy and reserved. Our local bid board auction display the items for a month and everyone during that time writes a dollar amount higher than the one before them. There is a count down on the day the auction ends. During the last minutes everyone is packed in trying to bid on the items they want pushing and rotating positions to continue to bid against each other until the last minute has past… and hopefully you have the highest bid on the treasures you hope to win. That is how I acquired this treasure. It caught my eye and held me. I examined it carefully thinking there must be chip or crack or crazing somewhere… but there wasn’t. I pulled out my Nexus and did some research on the internet. Weller Pottery was founded by Samuel Weller in Fultonham, Ohio, United States in 1872. Weller Pottery went out of business in 1948. Antique Large Weller Pottery Double Handle Floral Cameo Vase, Art Deco, Approx. 12 1/2 inches by 7 inches. Vintage Journal by DLSpecialties

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The original pottery consisted of a small cabin and one kiln. The original pottery consisted of a small cabin and one kiln. The initial products produced by Weller included flower pots, crocks, bowls, and vases. Charles Babcock Upjohn 1885 to 1904, the art director for Weller and is credited with the introduction of the famous Weller Dickens Ware. Jacques Sicard who introduced the metallic luster Sicardo line; Frederick Hurten Rhead who developed the Jap Birdimal line during his brief time at the pottery in 1903/4; and John Lessell who created the LaSa line are among the most recognized Weller employees. [] Weller Pottery Marks (1895 to 1900) with images can be found at the website of Greg Myroth . 1892 and 1895 Lonhuda pottery prior to the purchase of the company by Weller. The mark is an impressed outline of an Indian head with Lonhuda written above it. 1898-1910 Weller Aurelian can be found with either a circular stamp trademark or a hand incised mark. 1898-1918 Weller Eocean can be found with either a circular stamp trademark or a hand incised mark. The hand incised was used prior to 1900 and the circular stamp trademark was used after 1900. 1897-98 Weller pottery half circle 1896 - early 1900s half circle seal trademark which Weller 1896-1924 Early Weller Louwelsa can be found with a hand-incised Weller mark. Weller Pottery ended production of hand decorated pottery and produced only molded pottery from 1935 to 1948. Vintage Journal by DLSpecialties

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Here is my Gloria doll. I purchased her many years ago in the 20th century because she had my mother’s name. Any reason is a good reason to buy some treasures. This story is one of caution. She has been a cherished member of my collection however when I purchased her early in my collecting journey I did not know the details I should have known. I thought I was purchasing an authentic Armand Marseille Doll from Germany. The molds used to make the head arms and legs were those used by the company but the molds had been sold and another private doll maker was using them to produce her own dolls. So I was not buying an antique‌ I was buying a reproduction. She adorned my home for many decades, even as a reproduction using the original molds she has good value. Her dress is period and is pristine condition. She has found a place sleeping in this wicker and iron parasol carriage. So they are going to a new home together, it only seemed right. Vintage Journal by DLSpecialties

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Located in Koppelsdorf, in the Thuringia region of Germany, the Armand Marseille doll company was at the heart of the German doll making revolution in the 1890s. Armand Marseille dolls are one of the most common antique German dolls that are found today. They made certain of their dolls, including the very plentiful 390 and 370 molds, for a span of over 30 years. Although they are known for some fine character dolls and some lovely lady dolls, the great majority of their dolls were dolly faced child dolls, babies and toddlers. At the height of their production, they produced over 1,000 doll heads per day. From A good website for information is More of Armand Marseille Dolls can be seen at these links: Etsy

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A Tale of A Silver Salt Cellar I was browsing a local auction house, all the shelves filled with consigned and estate treasures. Their journey brought them there because they were left behind after a passing or turned in to sell for needed funds. I like the variety and the opportunity to view and learn about vintage and antiques. Some treasures you see repeatedly and some catch your eye as rare and unique. This auction there was a salt cellar collection that was on the shelves. By the quality, condition and number I could tell it was from a long time collector who cherished the items. Among the porcelain salt cellars was this ornate silver glorious example. The design was obviously oriental. I am not a collector of oriental designs but this unique example peek my curiosity. I pulled out my trusty tablet and began to enter what information I could gleam from the design and the markings. The glass clearly had the wavy look of antique cabin window glass. And the silver was lined with gold Vintage Journal by DLSpecialties

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plating under the glass. It had survived many decades with no damage and the glass liner was original. The marking on the bottom of the caldron shaped container was WH90 . WH in the mark signifies Wang Hing, and the 90 signifies the purity of the metal, in this case Silver. The age is impressive at circa 1870s – 1900. The bulk of the silver for export pieces came from bullion which was brought into China by Westerners who were paying for the teas, spices and silks from which the West had insatiable demand. The silver was smelted down into sycee, or ingots, from which the items were then made. Unlike porcelain, silver was never traded in large quantities. It was always a bespoke trade. Items were made upon a merchant’s request or possibly that of a sea captain who would buy a few extra pieces on the side. Thus only a limited number of pieces exist. The bulk of the export pieces were made between 1785 and 1910. By far the most favorite motif to the Westerner was the dragon. This symbol of strength and virility was found in many shapes and forms on candlesticks, photo frames and trays. Dragons formed handles and finials on tea sets and even stems on presentation cups. Bamboo; chrysanthemum; prunes or plum blossom and lotus were also popular with the symbolism of the plants (plum blossom for new beginnings, bamboo for resilience, chrysanthemums symbolizing blooming through the frost, lotus for fertility) appealing greatly to the western tastes. Craftsmen developed their own marks which were often a combination of Western letters and Chinese chops. Pieces made by some of the better-known craftsmen, such Vintage Journal by DLSpecialties

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as Wang Hing who worked in Hong Kong between 1880 and 1910, command quite a premium. The First World war ended the Chinese Export Silver. China was in an uproar and the craftsmanship of silver disappeared. . It is the product of a unique period in history – a blending of East and West which may never be seen again. From Chinese Export Silver Legacy of Luxury. The website Wang Hing – The Prolific, Yet Masterful Chinese Silversmith Meta Museum gives an extensive history of Wang Hing and his era and work. “The fact that Tiffany & Co. in New York discovered Wang Hing while traveling in China – a discover that resulted in a 20 year period where Wang Hing created silver for Tiffany – attests to the level of quality.” More of Wang Hing can be seen at these links: Etsy

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