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Issue 18 February 2014

L’ART Issue 18 | February 2014 |


Word On The Street | 04

The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend returns for its second year.

Wireless Festival | 06

The music festival is back and we give you the details on who not to miss!

Move It | 16

We catch up with five popular performers and teachers from the dance weekender.

London Fashion Week | 28 Watch live with L’ART.

Russell Taylor | 32

The US singer lays his heart bare.

Editor’s note Hi all and welcome to the eighteenth issue of L’ART; the ‘new year’ issue. This month is an exciting time for the fashion industry, as London Fashion Week (LFW) and the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (BPSFW) take place. Both events are highly anticipated by huge crowds of people, as the next round of hottest trends, fashion advice and future looks are revealed by some of the world’s top designers. As we move from fashion to performing arts, Move It 2014 is the big event for the arts world as dancers, teachers, choreographers and performers all unite to watch performances and learn life skills for the industry, especially those who want to pursue a career within dance. Plus, we catch up with some of the teachers who will be passing on their knowledge to all of you. Read up on our interviews with Christabelle Field, Sisco Gomez for MOVE IT, Godson, Glenn Hudson and Samantha Dorsey for PERFORM and get your Move It dance fix!

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Other features include the Wireless Festival, which will be spread over two cities this year, with US duo Outkast celebrating their 20 year anniversary and we speak to Russell Taylor, a young man who is doing big things within his music career right now and it’s only going to get better. So kick back and take a read of the fashion, music and arts filled issue we have in store for you. Daniella & Letisha

02 | Contents | L’ART

L’ART | Contents | 03

Word On The Street February isn’t just the month for London Fashion Week (LFW) because the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (BPSFW) will also take the spotlight at Vinopolis London Bridge, with the latest trends for plus size women of all walks of life.


he British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (BPSFW) is back and promised to be even greater for the second time around. Last year was a huge success for the event, where models were seen strutting down the catwalks showcasing some of the most beautiful pieces in the fashion world for the curvier lady.

This year on February 14th and 15th, you will get the chance to see over 25 pop up shops and shop ‘til you drop with all the discounts that are waiting for you to take advantage of. If that already doesn’t sound amazing enough, there will be four exclusive fashion shows – Retailer Show, Indie Designer, Plus Size Bridal Show and Swimwear & Lingerie Designer – for you to fulfil your fashion fix and keep an eye on the top trends and fashion tips for the upcoming season.

Images from top left to right: Photo 1: Anna Scholz Black Dress | Photo 2: Pink Swimsuit | Photo 3: Paulette Et Julie Top & Skirt | Photo 4: BPSFW - Hudson PR -

Plus an after party, bars, restaurants and more to make you feel welcome and will soon be one of the biggest events of the year, along with every other fashion week. Previous designers include Simply Be, Dearcurves, Remi Ray, The Curve and Dynasty London, who all cater to the fuller figured woman and this years headline sponsor is the leading plus size retailer, Evans. Catwalk Close Up: The 2013 Highlights Image 1 Whether you love an all black look or just the odd pieces, black is a great saviour for when you want to even out what can be a busy look. But if all black is the way you want to go, pay great attention to detail to avoid looking plain. A different cut in shape and a bit of sparkle can really go a long way. Image 2 When choosing swimwear, it’s always important to make sure that you are comfortable in the design because it’s probably one of the most fitted things you’ll ever wear and confidence has to be the key. A great choice for those with more curves are patterned designs and cuts around the bust that will accentuate your best assets. Bright colours mixed with bold shades is also a hit.

04 | Word On The Street | L’ART

L’ART | Word On The Street | 05

THE WIRELESS FESTIVAL HITS TWO CITIES FOR 2014 One of London’s biggest annual music festivals has just gotten even better, with another incredible line-up and another city involved.


e give you the low-down on the artists you should be looking forward to seeing live at this years huge three day event in London (Finsbury Park) and Birmingham (Perry Park)!

Pre sale and original tickets have already gone on sale for the popular music event and the line-up from Friday July 4th to Sunday July 6th has already got music fans hugely excited for the summer extravaganza and there are more to be announced. So far artists include Kanye West, Drake, Iggy Azalea, Wiz Khalifa, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams, John Newman, Rudimental and Neon Jungle. So many amazing artists will be performing at two exclusive venues, but we give you our insight on who you should really have your eye on this year and whatever you do, don’t miss their live shows. Here’s why…

Wiz Khalifa will be taking to the stage in Birmingham (Friday) and London (Saturday) to perform hits including ‘Remember You’, ‘Black and Yellow’ and ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’. Photo Credits: Wireless Festival 06 | Wireless Festival | L’ART

L’ART | Wireless Festival | 07



It’s guaranteed that you will never see a show like this again, as the three ladies will be bringing an old school vibe to the festival like never before with DJ Spinderella on the decks and the two rappers bringing some classics back to the stage along with their confident and addictive dance moves!

08 | Wireless Festival | L’ART

Photo Credits: Wireless Festival

his American hip-hop trio has made a mark on the music industry since 1985 and there has been no one like their kind yet. Cheryl ‘Salt’ James, Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton and Deidra ‘DJ Spinderella’ Roper make up the group that is Salt-N-Pepa, who are hugely known for being one of the first all female rap groups.

L’ART | Wireless Festival | 09

Bruno Mars


his is such a huge year for Bruno Mars as he has performed at the Superbowl half-time show and chances are that he will bring some of that lively stage show before our very eyes at Wireless!

Photo Credits: Wireless Festival

Plus, he never fails to put on a spectacular show. Have you seen him perform at award shows and music events? No doubt he will have his band on board, some crazy outfits and striking visuals to have your full attention. It’ll be like a party on stage.

10 | Wireless Festival | L’ART

L’ART | Wireless Festival | 11



Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton and Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin are performing at many venues this year for their 20th anniversary. “It’s truly an honour to celebrate 20 years and still be free to do music the way we choose,” said Big Boi. Don’t just think outside the box, know that there is no box. I’m looking forward to rocking the stage with my bro ski and to all the fans stank you smelly much, this is for y’all!”

12 | Wireless Festival | L’ART

Photo Credits: Wireless Festival

merican hip-hop duo Outkast are more than just hip-hop. They bring elements of jazz, funk, blues, rock, soul, electronic and poetry to their music, so watching them perform live will be the most amazing musical experience you will see before your very eyes!

L’ART | Wireless Festival | 13



his will be a stage performance with the groups own unique twist, as they are talented producers who will be joined by fellow artists singing over their tracks. The favourite quartet have won over many hearts with their song-writing skills, their use of drum & bass, jungle and soul elements will have you dancing away in the sun with the perfect festival feel.

“We’re products of our individual musical journeys and of London.”’

14 | Wireless Festival | L’ART

Photo Credits: Wireless Festival

‘As Rudimental’s Piers says: “Our sound is organic. It’s the result of years of raving, listening to pirate radio, listening to dubs, to tapes older brothers would bring home, and being inspired by all of it.

L’ART | Wireless Festival | 15

MOVE IT 2014


t’s come to that time of year where Move It 2014 will be taking over London with a weekend packed full of dance opportunities. But it’s not just an event for dancers, there is something for everyone who loves the art, including teachers, choreographers and those who love to watch a lively dance performance. One of the main attractions for this years event is the classes available, taught by some of the most experienced choreographers in the UK, who have collectively worked and toured with some great artists. Teachers this year include Sisco Gomez, Godson (Got To Dance) and Christabelle Field (Got To Dance, Poison). If you’re interested in following their career path in the dance world, a sneaky one-on-one with them might be just what you need!

16 | Move It | L’ART

Photo Credits: Radiator PR

Before the big event, we caught up with a few of the teachers to see what they’re most looking forward to in the 2014 classes. Take a look!

L’ART | Move It | 17

Five Minutes With Sisco Gomez After his busy stint working in China, we caught up with Sisco in between his busy dance schedule.

“It’s amazing what you can create with someone else.” Like all journeys in life, not everything comes easy and you have to work hard for what you want to pursue. Sisco is no different and he also wants to pass this valued work ethic onto his fellow students. When talking about his up and coming classes at Move It, Sisco kept it no secret that they will be full of challenging choreography, but don’t let this put you off, as he expressed that this will help dancers improve their audition technique and also help with their confidence. Plus, it won’t just be choreography you’ll

18 | Move It - Sisco Gomez | L’ART

be learning, as you’ll also learn ‘how to take class, value the importance of class and most importantly enjoy the struggle of class’. Sisco is also looking forward to seeing the other talents and being taught by his fellow Move It teachers. Whilst he joked about himself being one of the top performers to look out for over the weekend, he also revealed he’s looking forward to every single performance. Move It brings a lot of dancers together and Sisco values the importance that it plays in many dancers lives. When speaking of his own projects he said: “I always collaborate with choreographers. It’s so important to me, it’s amazing what you can create with someone else.” And when he’s not highly focused on his work projects, he likes to spend his time cooking, shopping and spending time with his friends. “I love to dine as well and love visiting good quirky restaurants,” he said. Lastly, we couldn’t let him go without revealing one thing his fans may not know about him. “Believe it or not I’m quite a shy person. I hate receiving compliments. I think it’s the most awkward thing ever!”

Photo Credits: Radiator PR


hroughout the years, Sisco Gomez has successfully built his career through dance and on this choreographic journey, he has worked with some incredible artists which include Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, The Saturdays, Pink and Madonna.

L’ART | Move It - Sisco Gomez | 19

Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade Glenn Hudson of Definitives So you’re teaching with Definitives over the Move It weekender. What have you got in store for participants? A very groovy, upbeat routine. Very musical. What do you want people to take away from your class?

We won London’s Best Dance Crew competition and the 2011 Wanna Dance Global that came to the UK for the first time was a big title for us. We travelled to a competition in San Diego called Body Rock last year and came 4th and we were the first UK team to go there. What’s the goal for Definitives this year?

A better understanding of music, with an ability to dance in between the music. What are you most looking forward to at Move It? To see what’s happening on the main stage and the people that are going to take my class. Having been together seven years now, how did the birth of the group come about? What was the vision? At first we just wanted to create a company, a fun way to express ourselves. We then took it further with competitions, travelling the world and making pieces to tour. What are some of your proudest moments with Definitives to date? 20 | Move It - Glenn Hudson | L’ART

To create an eight to ten minute piece to use to tour different places. We really want to stay relevant and make a lot of pieces. The theme will be to portray a journey towards a goal and the journey that you go through trying to get that goal. And where can those wanting to see more of you find you in class? At Studio 68; Sundays 7pm-8.30pm, Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm and Fridays 7pm8.30pm.


heo ‘Godson’ Oloyade caught the eye of many viewers – for many reasons – when he hit the Got To Dance stage back in 2013 and since then he has continued to work in the dance business as a teacher and choreographer. He had everyone hypnotised by his huge ability to krump to a variety of tracks and performing skills that both the judges and audience members were wowed by. So he’ll be doing just that and more when he performs and teachers at this years event. Expect a lot of variety and something that is going to be for everyone, as Godson is aiming to please the entire crowd. He is especially looking forward to this years event because he will be teaching there for the very first time, and although he’s taught many classes before, this is on a different level. But he is certainly pulling out all the stops as it won’t just be him performing on stage. He will be joined by another 20 performers who will be blending hip-hop, krumping and house – among other different styles – to keep your attention throughout their show. So if you’re left highly inspired by his performance, you can hurry along to his class where he can teach you those exact dance

skills, and although Godson prefers teaching hip-hop and krumps, he can also show you a thing or two in other styles including cracking and commercial. Later on in the year, you can also catch Godson doing some lyrical theatre and this is just one of many future projects he has lined up, as he is really looking to push himself this year and attack dancing at all angles. So watch out for those dates which he will announce on his social media sites. He also mentioned a few people he would like to collaborate with. Names such as Diversity, Flawless and Turbo were mentioned. “They’re very well known, so me collaborating with people that are well known and respected within their right will highlight the fact that they’re such amazing dancers and it also puts me on a pedestal with them which should be good as well,” he said. So as it came to us asking how else he likes to spend his time outside of dance, it was no surprise that his response was simply ‘planning’. He certainly is going at 2014 with everything he has. There’s the proof! Follow Godson: Twitter: @Godsonofficial, Facebook/ YouTube: Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade.

L’ART | Move It - Godson | 21

Christabelle Field of Poison You’re set to teach a Commercial class at Move It 2014. What can participants look forward to? An exciting, fun class with a routine full of personality. I want to help the dancers improve their musicality & performance within a routine and help general dance technique with changes in dynamics & style. I am also teaching a Latin & Ballroom inspired class on Saturday, which is going to be fun; something a little bit different.

Page 22 | Move Number It - Christabelle | Interview | L’ART Field | L’ART

Photo Credits: Radiator PR & Christabelle Field

What do you want dancers to take away from your class? To express themselves throughout the class through performance. Commercial hip hop is a great style to perform and make exciting to watch, so I hope dancers will improve their confidence & also learn to improve on musicality and dynamics in style & technique. I hope each dancer will learn to bring something to the routine which makes it their own and encourages them to use personality & performance. What sparked the birth of Poison? We were a group of girls dancing

L’ART | Move It - Christabelle Field | 23

together at dancing school for enjoyment and as we progressed and more of us started to work professionally in the commercial industry, we realised we wanted to perform as a group for people to enjoy. We started to enter competitions and through that became UDO Streetdance World Champions in 2012 and semi finalists on Got To Dance 2013. Now we perform at events across the country; we just want to perform and have our audiences feeling inspired and entertained.

School on Sundays. I also teach at Performing Arts colleges across London and Essex.

How long has the group been together?

What are you most looking forward to at Move It 2014?

You recently went to Cyprus to teach. What led to this great opportunity? I was asked by Pineapple Performing Arts school to go over and teach at a dancing school along with Sam Golle & Jade Ferreira, to give the students a taste of what dancing is like in London and introduce new styles to them.

Dancing as Poison for five years. How would you describe the set that you and the girls are bringing to the Move It stage? Fun and sassy and our set should hopefully be entertaining and exciting! For those wanting to get involved in your classes, where can they find you?

I am very much looking forward to seeing UnTitled by Lukas McFarlane and Stephen Aspinall, as I love their work. I also look forward to Dancer Inc ambassadors & the Waacktitioners. The performing arts colleges always have some great pieces, so I am excited to watch, especially Tiffany’s Theatre College & Masters Performing Arts college. What are Poison’s goals for the year?

I currently teach at Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden on Fridays; Beginners 12-1pm and Inter/Advanced at 4-5pm, Southend Essex at WDC Studios and Pineapple Performing Arts

24 | Move It - Christabelle Field | L’ART

We would love to continue performing at events and entertain. This year we hope to travel further as well. Watch this space!

Photo Credit: Topshop

Les Mis’ Samantha Dorsey Is In The Hot Seat

“They are always amazing and have always inspired me.”

From performing arts college to the big stage, L’ART speak to the musical’s leading lady. that is shown on stage cannot be changed or taken back, so when making changes, they need to be carefully thought out.

And these emotions were to be expected, as Urdang Academy graduate Samantha Dorsey was about to hit the stage for the first time in her new role in a Broadway musical hit.

Explaining the way the ‘puzzle fits together’, every scene within the section in question presents a change. In contrast, great similarities remain within the story and the music.

“I was ridiculously nervous.”

“That is why the show and the film have been so successful,” she expressed.

“They have

So how does Samantha describe her stage alter ego? Becoming the romantic interest of Les Mis every time she hits the stage, the first word that comes to mind is ‘misunderstood’.

Cosette is her character’s name and of course the theatre production she had the pleasure Adopted by the hero of the show Jean Val of being casted for is Les Miserables. Jean, she lives a very secluded life in his care and protection, but is extremely loved. “I was lucky enough to have an audition for Les Mis in January of 2012. It was great Following the huge success of the movie to have the opportunity to even have one adaptation in 2012, the stage musical audition before graduating, let alone for my continues to impress, but of course changes favourite musical,” Samantha expressed, occur when taking a well known piece from as being put forward for auditions ahead of screen to stage. graduation led to this amazing job offer. The main thing to remember is anything 26 | Move It - Samantha Dorsey | L’ART

Samantha recalls the majority of the production staying true to the original, however for those that know the story well, characters Val Jean and Javert play different characters within the ensemble.

Weeks of rehearsals to an empty theatre had Samantha eagerly waiting to perform to an audience, as her excitement heightened, along with the disbelief that she had made it onto the stage, with these feelings still remaining on opening night.

always inspired me.”

Photo Credits: Radiator PR

“I was ridiculously nervous. I can remember meeting my parents for dinner before the show, but not really able to eat because of the butterflies.”

Samantha can be seen at Move It this year taking part in a live interview talking all things Les Mis, with questions from spectators being more than welcome for the stage actress, particularly as she unexpectedly gained an extra year in the role.

stage, the attraction for this line up is always a highlight. Being a performing arts school graduate, the performances from schools is always a great interest of Samantha’s. “Of course having trained at Urdang, I shall be eager to see one of their many performances. They are always amazing and have always inspired me.” With so many activities to choose from thanks to the Move It team, even Samantha’s having difficulty arranging her Move It schedule. However she recommends the social media marketing seminar, stressing how important this is now becoming. She also has her eyes on the Ballet and Yoga classes, as well as the Acting Through Song class, which she credits as teaching her a lot at college. And speaking of schedules, what is Samantha’s currently looking like for those interested in entering life on stage? Schedules can vary from week to week, but expect a 12 hour day when cast changes are involved. “They can be pretty long days, but with a lovely cast, everyone manages to help each other through.” We look forward to hearing about the next step in Samantha’s career and life after Les Mis. “Knowing the industry, nothing can be planned. I’m just going to keep positive, work on my skills and see what the future may bring.”

Moving onto performances hitting the main L’ART | Move It - Samantha Dorsey | 27

London Fashion Week As we prepare to embrace SS 14, remain ahead of the game and join the British Fashion Council for the AW 14 unveil.


ondon Fashion Week returns this month and the annual fashion show has all things Autumn/Winter 14 on show, from an array of designers sharing their new lines via the city’s great platform.

From Friday February 14th to Tuesday February 18th, the British Fashion Council host with Vodafone and TOPSHOP as sponsors and if you don’t possess those all important tickets, not to worry as we have you covered! Tune into the live streams over on our fashion page and be sure not to miss your favourite show or designer by checking in with your schedule, coming soon to Live Fashion With L’ART. Live shows include Bora Aksu, Eudon Choi, Holly Fulton, John Rocha, Christopher Raeburn and Sibling. Images from top left to right:

Plus, those that you don’t get to see live will appear in the featured highlights, with names Felder Felder, Amanda Wakeley, Jasper Conran, House of Holland and more.

Photo 1: Eudon Choi SS14 | Photo 2: Eudon Choi SS14 | Photo 3: Holly Fulton SS14 | Photo 4: Holly Fulton SS14

With show locations and presentations set in stone, we have hand picked four designers whose SS14 lines stood out for their prints, cut outs and simple attention to detail. Coming live to your screen each day, their new lines are not to be missed. Enjoy. EUDON CHOI- Friday 3pm, Catwalk Show First trained as menswear designer in Seoul Attended London’s Royal College of Art’s MA Known for his signature masculine yet feminine style Uses masculine cuts to suit the female form

HOLLY FULTON- Saturday 11am, Catwalk Show

28 | London Fashion Week | L’ART

L’ART | London Fashion Week | 29

London Fashion Week As we prepare to embrace SS 14, remain ahead of the game and join the British Fashion Council for the AW 14 unveil.

Studied at Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal College of Art Enjoys the use of ‘graphic print, luxurious materials and hot accessories’ Holly’s use of accessories won her the Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories at the 2009 British Fashion Awards

Images from top left to right: Photo 1: Margaret Howell SS14 | Photo 2: Margaret Howell SS14 | Photo 3: KTZ SS14 | Photo 4: KTZ SS14

Loves a client who knows what they like and likes what she does too! MARGARET HOWELL- Sunday 10am, Catwalk Show Her trademark piece is the simplicity of a white cotton shirt Unstructured tweed jackets can also be seen in her trademark attire Passion lies within contemporary clothes for men and women

KTZ- Tuesday 3pm, Catwalk Show Designer is Marjan Pejoski KTZ is in-house brand of Marjan and Sasko Bezovski The brand is strongly influenced by the travelled designers Great focus on silhouettes, symbols, icons and patterns 30 | London Fashion Week | L’ART

Photo Credits: British Fashion Council

Ideal client must have independence when it comes to fashion choices

L’ART | London Fashion Week | 31

VH1 Music Title Winner For Debut Release His story, told his way. Meet US singer and songwriter Russell Taylor, as he presents War Of Hearts.

Previous winners such as Adele and Bruno Mars have gone onto become successful artists with BRIT Award and GRAMMY wins, sold out shows and even roles entertaining the masses at the Superbowl halftime show. A challenge he is more than ready for. With his debut single ‘War Of Hearts’ continuing to touch the ears and hearts of many, his debut album of the same name is promised to be more of just the same, an honest and real account. “Most importantly though, it is a piece of work that sounds exactly like what I heard 32 | Russell Taylor | L’ART

in my head. It is out and on ‘tape’ now,” he laughed, as he discussed the ‘awesome’ feeling of completing his latest project.” Describing his first album Somewhere In Between as a learning curve, Russell recalls the experience taking place in ‘complete blissful ignorance’. Although he admits being new to it all and not knowing what he was doing, today he is better for it and this can be displayed in his attitude towards his latest project. “I tried to prepare, be informed and take direction on what others thought I should do. War Of Hearts is a combo of all that I have learned along the way. “It is how I want it and reflects exactly who I am right now.” As a self confessional emotional artist, War Of Hearts can be perceived as a diary of thoughts, as you can hear Russell pour his heart out as he puts pen to paper; a trait

Photo Credits: Two Rs Ent

“I want to make sure I do all I can to meet the bar that is set for such amazing, world renown ‘You Oughta Know’ acts. I have a lot of ground to cover, but I am up for the challenge.” There speaks a determined mind, as US singer Russell Taylor basks in the honour of becoming the latest artist to gain the prestigious VH1 ‘You Oughta Know’ award.

Connect with Russell: Twitter @Rsoulstar Instagram @Rsoulstar YouTube @Rsoulstar Website

L’ART | Russell Taylor | 33

which can also be seen when he is performing on stage. As always, inspiration is needed when writing and Russell and his producer leant on feelings of doubt, challenge and surrender, particularly of moments of love in life. One great fact is one example of inspiration came in the form of the popular US show Scandal; with a focus on the relationship of Olivia Pope and President Fitz. How’s that for inspiration?

live for the audience participation and can relate to his deliverance of emotion. “When listening decades later, I still get lost in the moment.”

So which performers stand out for an artist who wears his emotions on his sleeve? Always pinpointing great aspects from performances he sees, Russell names greats such as Nina Simone, Sade and Donny Hathaway as holding a top three spot in his list of live performers.

As for the rest of the year, tour dates will be going live for opportunities to see Russell live from April onwards.

Giving you a taste of another side to what War Of Hearts has to offer, the next single release from Russell this year will be the up tempo track ‘Electric’, and the video will serve as a great preview.

“I love London and I can’t wait to come back and perform.” We look forward to having you.

“Nina Simone live at Montreaux 1976; she performed with complete abandon, no editor. It was genius. “Sade Lovers Rock Madison Square Garden NYC; when Sade sang ‘Pearls’ it was gut wrenching. Sade and her music are both so simple, but not. And yet you walk away from her shows with something that no one else can give you.” And lastly, Russell credits Donny Hathaway

34 | Russell Taylor | L’ART

Photo Credit: Credits:Zara Zara


L'ART Issue 18, February 2014  

It's a huge month for fashion as London Fashion Week and the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is here. It's time to get updated on the hot...

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