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Issue 5 December 2011

“Much love & respect to everyone who appreciates my God given gifts & talents. Never give up on your dreams, dreams do come true. I’m a witness. GOD BLESS.”

L’ART Music 7


Editor’s Letter

Party with HD Promotions this Christmas. We catch up


with the team on their first anniversary.

14 Local talent Jael is working on making her voice

heard. Today, she introduces herself to her public.

It’s been a great year for us with the birth of L’ART as a publication and news website, but we’re not the only ones celebrating a productive 2011.


L’ART interview Platinum Boy Music’s Amadeus . Get to know the man who works for the likes of Diddy & Trey Songz.

Check in with the likes of dance teachers who continue to spread the phenomenon that is Zumba Fitness, a promotion company’s first year anniversary, plus a young man’s journey in becoming the number one titled dancer in the world!

Fashion 4

Clothes Show Live is back for its 22nd year but do you know

the history behind the fashion?

We also have an exclusive Xmas 2011 interview with a member of Diddy & Trey Songz’ work force, multi-platinum music producer Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson.

Performing Arts 11

L’ART want to wish you a great Xmas and happy welcome into 2012.

From a a UK dance school to being crowned number one

in the world. Kyron Anthony is your dancing champ. Come and join a different kind of party with Zumba Fitness.

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Word on the street

Enjoy! Image Source: sxc


i all and welcome to the fifth issue of L’ART; the ‘Christmas’ issue.

Daniella & Letisha





Through The Years 1989 - 2011


he Clothes Show Live was launched in 1989 in London. It got its name from the television programme that had the same name, which ran on the BBC from 1986 to 2000 and now it is known as the UK’s premier fashion event that attracts young followers from many counties.

dience it moved to Birmingham’s NEC and has remained a successful fashion, music, beauty and dance event.


Now that the Clothes Show Live is taking place for another year, we decided to take a look back at the highlights and facts that have contributed to the history of this amazThe event continued to grow ing annual event. So here we and due to its increasing au- go…


• The Clothes Show started as a BBC television

show in 1986.

• It brought the big designer catwalk shows to the big screen

and advised women on how to achieve these looks for less. In 1989 it was brought to life as an annual event.


• One of the very first clothes show events attracted so

many people in London that the police were called in to manage the crowds.



• The Clothes Show Live turned 20 in 2009 and it rightfully

ack in June, we introduced you to new up and coming event organisers Heavy Duty Promotions (HD). With collective talents of DJ’ing, mixing, networking and making it their responsibility to bring you the best in night entertainment, Louis May (DJ Platinum), Chad

celebrated becoming the largest fashion and beauty event in the world. They pride themselves on providing their followers with a mix of high street & boutique brands and fashion & dance-packed catwalk shows galore.

• December 2009 saw Gok Wan and Hilary Alexander

• Highlights of this years show include performances from

Alexandra Burke, X-Factor’s The Risk performing covers from the talent show, presenting from the Hollyoaks cast and a whole lot more. Check the site to get involved L’ART


Image Source: Clothes Show Live

on board to give their expert style advice to those having free make-overs throughout the days.


Follow on Twitter @HEAVYDUTYCCL


what do the Heavy Duty family have planned and what have they been up to since the summer?

Once settled with the team and talks of our favourite Christmas songs, designs of socks and the presence of play and pause buttons on washing

Leotaud (CPL) and Charli machines were out the way Thompson had plenty of ideas (don’t ask), HD let us in on and the determined drive to their Christmas celebrations. go with it. “It’s gonna be a big one. We As we near the festive party are planning a red and white season, everyone’s looking party in Witney in Izi Bar,” for those big events to help Louis explains. Taking over celebrate Christmas and New the top floor with their sigYear, so in the weeks that are nature sound, HD house DJ’s set to mark the end of 2011, Silecta, CPL and DJ Platinum Like Heavy DUTY Promotions on Facebook



will be on hand to bring you the best in commercial music, along with your favourite RnB, Hip-Hop & Bashment bangers to make for a well rounded night.

After Chad and new member of the HD team, Ania, approached the manager of Izi’s, they haven’t looked back since. “We love it there. We’ve got a good repertoire with the manager. They’ve With a want to get everyone been very welcoming to our together for the holidays and ideas and very supportive reunite friends coming home too.” from Uni, HD are even planning for a return of their pop- The freshly added publicular coach parties, providing ity and promotional skills of party-goers with transport for Ania, along with the infecthe night, but what attracted tious sounds of DJ (Silas) Sithem to this centre’s nightlife? “Just for a different scenery, a different night,” says Louis. “Show them this is your usual night out but with sparkles on it. We’re trying to introduce change.” Promising to arrive in Witney with a big impact, HD describe the venue as the perfect club, bar and social stop, so we don’t think they’ll have any problems getting everyone together for this one.



Follow on Twitter @HEAVYDUTYCCL

DJ Silecta

lecta makes for positive additions to the HD brand. Louis described their union perfectly when he said ‘we’re like a family’.

Appreciation for each others sound really good”. crafts is huge in this team as Louis, Charli and Chad dis- Not wanting to label himself cuss the unique, buzzing char- as a DJ but informing us that he can do the job, it all started “Being able to break away with an opportunity to jump from something that’s not so on a promotion mix with local Oxford DJ Adrian ‘Spex’ you your Prescott. The pair’s idea to identity.” initially produce a UK Garage mixtape together, led to the acter that is Silecta. It was release of a birthday promo unanimously agreed that his mixtape for the DJ’s birthday unique factor always gets the celebrations last month. crowd going; ‘he has a lot of presence’. “If I do start releasing my mixtapes, I’m going to release It was also news to us that it as pre-drinks sessions beChad’s been experimenting cause it’s really music to get on the turntables too. Well you in the mood to go out,” when you’re surrounded by CPL explains. “That’s what I the main commercial influ- want to do.” ences of Platinum for several years, it’s bound to catch on Louis personally sees a young right? version of himself in Chad as he kick starts his new skill. He “I like to play anything you particularly admires the raw never hear on the radio, the side he brings to his listeners raw stuff,” CPL reveals. when it comes to playing gen“You’ll see me playing Rihan- res of music like dub-step. na tunes, the album tracks that Like Heavy DUTY Promotions on Facebook



“Being able to break away from something that’s not so usual and not so mediocre really spices the set up, gives you your identity. That’s where Chad is right now.”

“Seeing someone that I don’t even know talking about HD, that brings the most happiness for me,” Chad admits.

Like Heavy DUTY Promotions on Facebook

L’ART talk to dancer Kyron Anthony and find out just what it takes to be number one in the world.


Image Source: Zahra Tehrani, Heavy Duty Promotions

Constantly looking up to the popular and successful brand Apart from getting Team promotions team Twice As L’ART partying with them Nice, HD continue to apprein Izi’s this month, the team ciate their achievements in want to get Witney music releases, party raving and wanting events and club venmore once the 2am ues in locations such closing time apas Ayia Napa. proaches. With two successful launch “They’re great role parties behind them models, definitely esand an 80s vs 90s tablished. They’ve night that will forevleft a footprint,” the er stay in the minds three agree. Never of Charli, Louis and the tens losing sight of the ultimate of people who partied that goal to take their brand name night, we think they’re more abroad, HD place Twice than capable, don’t you? As Nice at the top when it comes to inspiration and be“We want to be talked about, ing known locally as well as even if we don’t make capac- regionally. ity but everyone in there had a good time,” Louis admits. Join the party with Heavy “We’ve got a good team. I feel Duty this Christmas. L’ART we have done really well.”


The World’s Greatest

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o you remember what you were doing when you were 14? If the answer’s yes, did you know what your lifetime ambition was and the steps you were going to take to get that all important dream job?

won the dance title of number one in the world.

“It feels really good. The feeling is just really fun,” he smiles, as he re-calls back on the five consecutive times he’s attended the IDA World Championships, which this Meet the young, gifted and year was held in Graz, Ausextremely down to earth Ky- tria. ron Anthony, who not only knows that he wants to be a Walking away with a first professional dancer, but has place trophy for his Elecbeen crafting his skill since tric Boogie, a funky, hip-hop the age of seven and recently dance style, Kyron competed




Getting to the large scale competition meant Kyron had to stand out in his category. “There’s five people out of each category that are chosen for The World’s and represent.” He ultimately came out on top with his freestyle solo, putting himself and England on the map, but surely it must be kind of daunting to have such a huge honour on your shoulders, right?

really nervous but now I’ve gotten used to it. Sometimes you don’t think how privileged you are to do it and represent.” Kyron attends Kelly Chandler’s Dance School (KC’s) based in the UK and has done for the past seven years. Joining after watching music videos with his mum, (in particular Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’) one dance move caught his eye and his want to grasp that move led him to start attending KC’s classes.

Despite many memorable achievements every dancer remembers their first performance/competition and Kyron is no different. With the personal touch of his favourite “When I started doing it I was band member judging on the


Image Source: Kyron Anthony

against dancers his age showcasing skills in techniques such as tutting (altering body positions to the rhythm of the music in a robotic style) and popping (contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the body).

panel, (Kyron would imitate America’s Best Dance Crew their dance move in time to to find inspiration and perfect their song lyrics those all important “I want to when his mum sang) moves to impress his he loved having the spectators. Continube a chance to show his ing his childhood professional dance idol what he routine of analysing dancer and music videos, Jason could do. pretty much Derulo is one muThe day went on to sic artist who stands make be great, as he came out to Kyron when first and won with money out it comes to executall his family there ing moves with great of it.” to cheer him on. technique and precision. As well as coming home with a number one spot, Kyron also So as we near the end of ancame 4th in his Hip-Hop solo other year and make resoluand 7th in his Electric Boogie tions for 2012, what’s next on pairs with dance partner Kay- the agenda for this teen trida Marshall and with 2012’s umph? Championships in Germany, Kyron hopes to attend for the “I want to be a professional sixth year running and once dancer, in music videos, do again do his best for his coun- loads of workshops and pretty try. much make money out of it (dance).” To make sure this happens, Kyron watches the art of You better keep an eye out for jabberwocky, dance troupe this one.L’ART Flawless and television series



Jael: An Introduction To The Music World

The Beginning

of songs but my wording isn’t always used to sing around as good so I haven’t released the house and when my them. They need more work. school turned into an acad- I’m a perfectionist like that. emy, we started having talent shows and competitions like Influences & Projects Seacole’s Got Talent. I like old school songs like Sam Cooke and I love Lauryn I then started recording Hill. I do like listening to hyYouTube videos. Zahra from per and happy songs like BeArk-T said I can record in the yonce’s ‘Who Run The World’ studio when I like and my but I wouldn’t sing them. I’m school have asked me to sing more into slow and meaningat open evenings, so I started ful songs. getting more confident. I was really scared but I just thought Performing at the O2 Acadkeep it together. emy was really good. Zahra organised it and there must I get a few likes on YouTube have been about 60 people in and my friends put my songs the audience. I performed on their blogs so a lot of peo- with Fly VI (group name from ple hear them. I mostly do the Young Women’s Music covers. I’ve written a couple Project) and the London fe-


Image Source: Studio Blanco


male rapper, Nolay. We did a workshop and made a song with her beforehand called ‘Tables Turn’ and we’re also shooting a video for it. Nolay said not to let anybody bring me down about my music and just because I’m a girl, it doesn’t mean that I can’t make it in the music industry. That was nice.

sell my music to agencies. I don’t want to get famous and rich off my music, I just like people listening to it. Next year I’ll release more songs, get professional singing lessons, write more material and feature on other artist’s songs. I’ve already performed with a few local MC’s like Snipezz, Zanne and Josh.

I feel more confident with other people standing on stage with me but I get distracted if they have different singing voices. But Fly VI worked well together, we all enjoyed it so if we want to work together again the offer is there.

I usually get instrumentals online but my friend is writing a song for me at the moment with the guitar or piano.

The Future

When I finish school I want to

For Christmas I was thinking of doing a cover to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ so keep checking my YouTube channel for updates. L’ART



Zumba Fitness began in America when dancer and choreographer, Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez, taught his class to salsa music because he forgot his original music. It was an immediate hit because he was incorporating different dance styles with standard aerobics. He took the idea round to different gyms and one place gave him a chance. Try-out classes were getting packed and now it is known worldwide. With that said, we have spoken to three instructors who have invited us into their world of Zumba!

ZUMBA Come and join the party! Fitness

Ashleigh Vass Monday: BBL Leisure Centre 10.30am, Barton Leisure Centre 12.30pm & 8pm Wednesday: Chalgrove 6pm, BBL Community Centre 8pm Thursday: Marston Ferry 8pm Friday: Barton Leisure Centre 12.30pm Sunday: Temple Cowley Leisure Centre 10am Clare Platt Monday Step2 Studio, Cassington 7pm Friday Jericho Community Centre 8.30pm


Steffani Hall Monday: Beecroft Hall, The Oxford Academy 7pm Tuesday: Headington Community Centre 8.15pm Wednesday: OXRAD 6.30pm


Ashleigh Vass

first heard about Zumba when my auntie was given a flyer. I went to the class in Garsington and I loved it so I asked the woman how she became an instructor and booked a day course. You learn four basic steps from salsa, merengue, reggaeton and cumbia. Then you look at the theory and ways of changing the style. I pay monthly to be a ZIN member and they send me Zumba music and a disc with their updated moves.

Anyone can come to my classes but I definitely get more women. It’s an hour’s class and I play two or three tracks, have a quick drink and repeat. I start slowly with a warm-up and then build it up. There’s a lot of shaking, wiggles, grapevines and fitness bits. I don’t really teach, it’s more like I show you and you copy me. If


you say too much it takes the fun away. I’ve also done the Wii games. I enjoyed them and it’s got the same moves as if you were in a class, with multi-player as well. Every other week I have new routines and people put more into it because they know what they’re doing. I’ve also been to St Mary & John and taught a class for 100 kids on Iffley Road field. I didn’t have a microphone and it was raining so I just shouted and they were all following me. It was really good though. You can teach Zumba from 16-years-old but I did a dance national diploma at college and then my teachers exam. I’ll be starting Aqua Zumba in January and Zumba Gold, which is for age 50+. Not many people can say they love their job but I love it and it’s the best thing I’ve done. ZIN = Zumba Instructor Network

“On the course they tell you to make it like a party. ‘Come and join the party’ is their slogan. You enjoy yourself and have fun. You work your whole body.”


eorge Martini is the King of Zumba and he brought it to Oxford a few years ago. He did a try-out Zumba class at the Oxford Castle and that’s when I first heard about it. When I went to University I didn’t hear much about it until my second year. Zumba was one of my extra classes. I loved it but it was completely different to George’s.

I know you shouldn’t favour a class but Friday is a good one. It’s mid 30’s and it’s just fun to have that age group, you have a laugh with it. It’s nice to see people who don’t really like exercising enjoy it. It’s nice to get paid doing something you love. In my class I do prefer a bit more of reggaeton and I use a lot of Pitbull tracks. When you know your class, you know what they enjoy. They seem to go for it more with those kind of tracks. You’re supposed to make it fun.

Zumba started off as salsa and now there are so many different styles you can put into it. They’ve even added belly dancing and bhangra. Now I’m qualified it’s so nice when you have your regulars in class and they say how much they’ve loved it. I try and stick to the rules as best I can but I prefer more dance styles and I think the majority of people do.

The whole reason I started these classes is to have that income because as a dancer you need to go to auditions. I want to audition for performances for a good couple of years. In my mid 20’s that’s when I might go into teaching dance. But it’s nice to know that I’ve started up here so when I finish studying dance at Uni I’ll have the base there.


“It’s a fun way to lose weight and tone up. You’re working your arms, crunching; which is the equivalent to a sit-up, you do squats without realising and you work everything without realising. I get more out of it than when I go the gym.”


Image Source: Asleigh Vass, Clare Platt, Steffani Hall, Sonique Fitness


Clare Platt

Steffani Hall

ince I started classes in October 2010 I’ve based them on feedback and what people want to work on. You’ve got all the Latin moves like salsa, reggaeton, cumbia and samba; all your basic Latin steps with easy-to-follow moves, so you keep repeating them for the verse and chorus. It’s open to everybody and you can take it as high or low impact as you want. It’s very accessible for everybody. I have anywhere between 18-year-olds up to 67-year-olds. There are between 35 and 40 people in class on a Tuesday and I’ve started getting a few of the ladies on stage with me. It’s just for everyone else to see someone other than me and see that there are different styles.


One of my friends from Australia introduced me to Zumba. I booked a course, qualified and then absolutely fell in love with it. No one really knew about it but I get so many new people joining each week. I thought it was going to get quiet coming up to Christmas but I seem to be getting more. I wear my calorie counter in class and I do 700 calories per class so if you’re coming to three classes a week, bingo! Abs washboard! Zumba is taking over my life and I’m quite happy to let it. It keeps me really fit and I’ve lost a stone and a half myself. I always want to do something different like get some offers for people and zumba t-shirts. It’s all for them. I don’t want people to think they’re just a number.


“People who have always wanted to dance can learn. So that’s a benefit and you don’t look out of place whether you’re going for it or not.”



producer Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson has produced for. And it doesn’t stop there. He is Trey Songz’ music producer, a drummer and Diddy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Platinum Boy Music.

WORD ON THE STREET With the Christmas holidays coming up, we look to the celebs and see what’s on their minds this festive month...


Image Source: sxc

AMY CHILDS Don’t forget to get up and dance for xmas. Get the whole family & your mates involved, love a dance off. (This Essex star wants you to buy her latest endorsement.)

More than happy to speak to a huge figure in music today, L’ART reveal his top three artists, future projects for 2012 and what it’s really like to work for Diddy.

Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson


ehind every great musician and their songs is the music producer that makes for the all important sound to accompany their lyrics. Jagged Edge, Redman, Lil’ Wayne, T.I. Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Fabolous, the list is endless. These are just a handful of the tens of artist’s multi-platinum record

Hi Antwan, so how did you come to play the drums? It’s a funny story. In fourth grade I was absent on the day we got a chance to choose which instrument we wanted to learn to play. The next day when I returned, all the slots were full for the instruments I really wanted to learn (trumpet or saxophone). The only two instruments available were the violin & percussion and I definitely wasn’t trying to learn how to play the vio-


DAPPY Look out for some limited edition Xmas special tees, possibly coming soon for pre order too. (You can catch him at Oxford’s O2 this month!) NICOLE RICHIE It’s officially Christmas season. Hit it Mariah! (‘All I Want For Christmas’ is REBECCA FERGUSON Can’t her song of the day.) believe my tour sold out in Liverpool so happy, love you all. Hope I can add an extra date. Love my city! (Rebecca’s album is out now!) KOJO Only 6 weeks left ‘til I’m recording my 1st DVD ‘Live ‘n’ Kicking’ at Hackney Empire on Jan 20th/21st (Kojo continues to count down the days until the big night!)



lin (laughs). I chose percussion. I learned that percussion consisted of the drums, congas, xylophone & more. I was cool with that. I had great co-ordination so I was able to play the full drum set immediately and that was the start of everything for me musically.

We are huge fans of Trey Songz. How did you join his work force? About seven years ago I had the opportunity to produce records for a great friend of

mine, Mike Jones and we created a song ‘I Know’, which was a smash. Mike said we need a dope male R&B artist on the hook and we chose Trey Songz. Trey & I both flew into Houston to get the record recorded & mixed. In the studio was a drum set & I mentioned to Mike & Trey that I was a musician that played drums. They laughed and said “man you don’t play no drums,” and I said to Trey “soon you are going to need a live band, when you do call me and I’ll put the band together for you”. A year later I got a call from his manager and he said “are you ready to put the band together for Trey?” The rest is history! I’ve been with Trey as his Music Director & drummer for over five years & it’s been a great experience.

What is it like to work for Diddy? It’s dope. I learn a lot being a part of his empire. He’s a musical & marketing genius so I try to learn as much as I can at all times. He’s also a perfectionist so it challenges me and pushes me to continue to be great and always put my best foot forward in everything I do, in my career and in my life.

want you to know it’s me on production until you read the credits.

Who are your top three artists to work with? In no particular order, Trey Songz, Lil’ Mo & Mike Jones; Trey is extremely talented and does everything himself, his backgrounds, engineers his own sessions and is not scared to create and go against the grain. He’s a beast! Lil’ Mo Any preferences with music is dope and has great energy. genres you produce? Very dope songwriter and No, I love music so she knows what she “He’s also a I have a strong apwants. She also alpreciation for all. I perfectionist so it lows me to present create off of feeldifferent ideas to challenges me and ing, so however I’m her musically. Mike feeling at that mo- pushes me to con- Jones has an amazment is what you ing personality and will get in regards tinue to be great...” a great spirit. He’s to style, sound & really fun to be genre. I never want around and definitepeople to be able to box me ly knows how to show you in. I create music in all genres that southern hospitality. He’s because I’m a musician first. also an amazing songwriter Everytime you hear a record and visionary. produced by myself I don’t

What is your favourite part of producing hits for music artist’s? Creating the masterpiece and then getting a great response from the fans and audience that have a special appreciation for the music that was created by their favourite artists and myself.




Who would you like to work with in the future? I would love to work with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Usher, Beyonce, Rick Ross, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Ludacris, Brandy; just to name a few!

Any future projects for 2012? I’m finishing my artist project Tiffany Mynon, The Angel of R&B, so look forward to that. Tiffany has two singles out right now, ‘Dance The Night Away’ featuring Fred The God Son and ‘I Know How To Love’. Stay tuned, she’s focused! I also have a few records coming out soon so definitely stay tuned to Platinum Boy Music!

What are your plans for Christmas? To give God thanks and praise for all he has done for me and my family this year and to spend quality time with my wife, son & family! I’ve been working extremely hard so looking forward to the down time and pressing the reset artist he is and I was excited button so I can recharge and to be able to add his name go get ‘em again in 2012.L’ART to my resume of artists. The

Image Source: Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson

So you produced ‘Christmas Eve’ for Justin Bieber. How was working with one of todays teen idols? It still amazes me the fact that I’ve produced a record for Justin Bieber! When I got the phone call, I went crazy because I knew how big of an

song was also written by Chris Brown & Kevin McCall.

L'ART Issue 5, December 2011  

This issue we have focused on the up coming events to Christmas and caught up with HD Promotions after their 1 year anniversary, spotted ano...

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