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Issue 2 June 2011

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Music 9 Get to know DJ Platinum and Heavy Duty Promotions

18 Music should be about

music. Meet apprentice to the game, D.I. Esquire

Fashion 6 Check out our favourite looks for Summer 2011

16 Love, Fashion, Life. Get the

latest from the future, Daniela Dee

Performing Arts 4 Charity dance showcase for the Oxfordshire Deaf Children’s Society

21 Parasol charity needs you! 22 Dancer Hailey Coleman

introduces us to The Breakfast Club

Reviews 14 Word on the Street

Editor’s Letter


i all and welcome to the second issue of L’ART; the ‘dream’ issue. We all have dreams that we wish to fulfil but these are not always put into action. But with the right support, determination and motivation, nothing is impossible. We hope the stories of these young adults encourage you to keep working hard. Each idea counts, which is why the world of arts is growing everyday. So, are you living your dream? Enjoy! Letisha & Daniella




Charity dance

showcase doing the dance classes afterwards.” Some of the groups taking part are the Desert Diamonds; a belly dancing group, Unleashed; known for their expert tutting moves and D.L. Phunk; a new street, cheer and contemporary dance group.

For the Oxfordshire Deaf Children’s Society (ODCS)

This charity dance showcase has been planned to raise money and awareness for the Oxfordshire Deaf Children’s Society (ODCS). From 1pm-5pm at the Regal, Oxford, there will be a variety of dance performances, a DJ, food stalls and a belly dancing workshop to enjoy. Dance student, Lucia Giacoponello, has always wanted to run an event that is close to her heart. Her younger brother was born deaf in both ears. Although a hearing aid


isn’t much help to him, he has learnt to lip read and has continued to have perfect speech since he was a child. “My mum just wanted him to talk,” says Lucia. “He had a special tutor from a really young age and before he started school, he would see her everyday and play. “I feel really bad because he feels left out at school just because he can’t hear. It doesn’t make him any different so I just hope this will work.” There aren’t enough opportunities for deaf children, which is why Lucia is doing this. “They occasionally get funding to take everyone to

Image Source: and Lucia Giacoponello


ave you got plans for Sunday June 12th? If not, put this date in your diary to support a well-deserved cause.

All groups were willing to take part and the Desert DiaLegoland and a summer BBQ. monds even volunteered to be The kids love it but I want to involved. Lucia will also be raise money so they can have dancing a contemporary duet with her friend. more activities. There will be a programme for guests to read with the running order of the show and a small charge for entry with adult tickets being £5 and £2 for children under 12-years“I’ve been torn between doing old. Hearing-impaired chilclasses for deaf children and dren will have free entry as doing a big event. So if this this fundraiser is for them. is successful, I will consider L’ART “This will be a family event so people can bring young kids; even people who aren’t so big on dance can come to support their friends.



L’ART £9.99, H&M

£9.99, H&M

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Satin Shorts Floral Shorts

Patterned Jumpsuits


Denim Shorts

Lace Dress


Lace Bodysuit

£30, New Look

Denim Shirt £40, Miss Selfridge

£16, Dorothy Perkins

Cropped Top £16, Miss Selfridge

Polka Dot Playsuit

Image Source: and L’ART photography

* Get a similar or exact match at your favourite retail stores

£29.99, River Island

Crochet Dress

Try the lace and crochet dresses for a summers night out L’ART




working together with the Miss P Foundation

STREET, CONTEMPORARY AND CHEER DANCE WITH DANIELLA AND LETISHA EVERY FRIDAY AT EAST OXFORD GAMES HALL (Collins Street, off Cowley Road, Chapel Street) AGES 5 and upwards TIME 6.30pm-8pm PRICE £4 per class For those who want to perform or simply have fun with dance. All abilities welcome Call us on 07599206381 or 07749813129

DJ Platinum ouis ‘Platinum’ May has

L 13.


been a DJ since he was

“I was too fat to run around the field and play football,” Louis says, laughing at his school memory, “My brother, Clinton and I bonded over music, so it was natural to put a sound togeth- symptoms and I wasn’t myer. He would hand out my self. demos at every club.” “But I did meet Charli at Lava! He started playing at parties, Meeting a girl in a club is so worked at Kiss bar and then cliché, but she really helped moved onto club Lava Ignite, me. I started networking which he describes as the peak again and landed a job with of his career. DJ Bizzy, who put me onto the Slick & Sexy events.” He featured alongside a number of DJ’s and UK acts. Bizzy is a Bournemouth based But Louis got into trouble (at promoter who hosts nights in the club), which cost him his Banbury. “Slick & Sexy has job. been my bread and butter. I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s “When I lost my residency I a different crowd and they’re was out of pocket. Working appreciative of music.” Thursday to Sunday, to nothing, gave me hard withdrawal Louis is now more club-orien



tated because he wants to educate himself and avoid being stuck in one method of playing.

“Jabby Beats” It’s not always a steady income but Louis doesn’t see this as a side job. He had a radio show on OX4fm and plans to return in the future. He also wants to bring Slick & Sexy to Oxford, become an established remix producer and include Clinton in his business strategy.

Read on for a chat with Heavy Duty Promotions >>

“Bad Bizznez Eventz”

L Image Source: and Ishmael Jackson

At Abingdon and Witney College, Louis studied Music Technology, passing with four A to C grades. His qualifications are in radio, broadcasting, studio recording and live “I look up to my brother beperformance. cause he taught me about music.” They also plan to go With a good understanding abroad and play together. of the music industry, he uses his knowledge to advantage. Heartless Crew and Stephen “You can’t play for yourself. ‘Di Genius’ McGregor (son of If I do have a certain song I reggae star, Freddie McGrewant to play, I mix it with a gor) are another two of Louis’ more recognised tune. You’ve idols. “There are a lot of great got to think of the majority, people I respect; more of my not the minority.” local talents than the higher because I believe they need Having a niche is also impor- the love.” tant, so Louis makes sure he stands out. “I’m always wear- Louis currently works with ing bright colours and head- Heavy Duty Promotions. phones round my neck. My “We’ve still got a long way to stage name, Platinum, is also go but I’m enjoying what I’ve becoming my character.” got right now.” L’ART



Heavy Duty Promotions

ouis ‘Platinum’ May, Charlotte ‘Charli’ Thompson and Chad ‘C.P.L’ Leotaud are working hard to create the ultimate clubbing experience for their public. “Chad and I were involved in music when we first met,” said Louis. “While he was in Trinidad, I was making a name for myself and once he came back, I involved him in the event promotions project.”

our group, Heavy Duty Promotions.” Louis met Charli soon after and she became the personal assistant. Charli said: “I control the handling of money, time and organisation. “I’m not from Oxford so I’m more involved in the business side. Chad and Louis are the face of the group.”

Things are working in their favour. Organising a monthly “But I had a few setbacks so party bus to Banbury’s Slick it’s been like the death of me & Sexy events have become a as an artist and the re-birth of hit & Chad works with pro






moters to advertise up and coming events. RAVE BUS AGENCY/MANAGEMENT EVENT *T-shirt from DJ Scotty B’s Angry DJ clothing line


“The sky is the limit,” said Louis. We want to host our own nights.”

. “We’re on the rise right now, so watch out.” – Heavy Duty Promotions. L’ART

PLANNING Image Source: Ishmael Jackson and T.C Graphics

“I am willing to use the links I’ve got to help them,” he said. “I see it as an act of unity, so in terms of networking and branching, I will help.”


Louis is also preparing remixes and mix-tapes for the future. Not only are they building their own business, they’re guiding established and local artists.


Individually, each member has other commitments. Chad is studying Business Administration and Charli has been working full-time at an after-school club. “It fits in perfectly with Louis’ DJing,” she said.


“Plus everyone will know Bizzy if he was to bring an event to Oxford,” said Louis.


Charli said: “We want to promote Slick & Sexy in Oxford so we have some familiar faces, especially for the mini-bus. It’s a saviour for people.”

COMPETITION ld of r o W n o t g n i s s e Ch Adventures Legoland s r e w Alton To

6 lucky readers can win a free entry ticket to some of the best theme parks Britain has to offer. Simply send your answers to and we will announce the winner once all messages are received by July 4th 2011 at midnight. Good luck! Q: What was the name of the jewellery collection featured in issue one of L’ART?

Drayton Manor Remember to include your full name and contact number when sending in your answer.

Thorpe Park 13


L’ART Word on the Street


Anson Stoute Joey. I am him, more reem than him & I want to tell him I am.

Joey Essex


Che Harry Amy & Joey Essex. They’re too funny. They might add me to the cast.

Sophia Marshall Mark Wright because he’s beautiful.

Amy Childs

Mark Wright L’ART

Image Source:,, and each individual

Janelle Mashru Joey Warren Stone Essex. Mr Reem himself, Reem Team! Joey Essex. Kylie Flynn Never watched it…

Image Source: EmJ Greig

From the life of vajazzles, being reem and glamping, we asked you which cast member you would most like to meet on your 2011 summer vacation...


L’ART toshop and do mood boards. It’s all about tastes and styles. L’ART: Describe your dream job for us. Daniela Dee: I’ve gone from wanting to be a buyer, to a stylist and to being in fashion PR or events. L’ART: What is it you want to achieve with your work in the next five years? Daniela Dee: I’ve just started

The future is Fashion

L’ART: Hi Daniela. Can you clarify for us what it is you study at Uni? Daniela Dee: We cover retail and business areas like promotion and marketing & design. We do magazine work, business reports, have worked on visual merchandising and we always work with Pho-


A playful outdoor adventure

what you feel and what you like and then mixing it together and creating your own style. L’ART: And finally, any plans for when Uni is over? Daniela Dee: I’ve dreamed since I was little to be a real life Carrie Bradshaw, with my own blog, mixing life & fashion. Doing work experience is the most important thing. my portfolio and I’ve started It’s all about contacts. It’s my blog. On my blog I want such a competitive area. to start writing my thoughts, L’ART: Thanks Daniela. L’ART then incorporating that with styling. That’s one of the main things I want to focus on and selling myself as a product. L’ART: Where do you look for inspiration? Daniela Dee: It’s all about

The Power of the Stripe Image Source: Daniela Dee


Striving to stand out


A playful outdoor adventure eet third year Fashion & Promotions student at Southampton Solent University, Daniela De Matteo. I caught up with her in a phone interview, as she spoke Uni, styling, contacts and Carrie Bradshaw. Dream:To be a stylist and a creative writer Loves: Incorporating different styles. It’s what she’s all about Summer plans: Spending two weeks at More! Magazine and time with designers at Warehouse. “Hopefully they like me and love what I do.”


L’ART Dimetrie Elliott-Grey aka D.I. Esquire, music alive. Writer Dannielle Beechey us about the singer v e r threw himself into music two turned years ago and hasn’t looked on your ra- back since. dio & felt like everyone sounds the same? Maybe After studying business at colI’m getting old, but a lot lege, he surrendered to the fact of new artists seem to that music was too important be singing the same old to give up and began recordsong, claiming they’re the ing songs. Inspired by singers “best in the game” before like Stevie Wonder, Dimetrie they’ve even released discovered he enjoyed maktheir first album. ing, recording & performing music. He spent hours in the Back in the days of Brian studio perfecting material & McKnight, Boyz II Men & creating a brilliant first EP, Donnell Jones, R&B art- setting the scene for what is ists had their own unique to come from this promising style. One artist, whose new talent. chilled out music really stands out from the crowd Preliminary Sketches, is an today, has convinced me eclectic mix of R&B, Soul & there is still hope. a bonus funky house remix. ‘Call Answer’s’ smooth blend D.I. Esquire (esquire of great vocals and producmeaning assistant to a tion, flawless harmonies and knight) is a young man simple melody, makes it my from Nottingham who favourite track.

e s q u i r e



wants to keep the chivalry and romance in caught up with her friend and reports to & songwriter. a Creating the EP was an organ- What of ic one. Dimetrie and a close breath friend would bounce ideas off fresh air to of each other until they were come across completely happy with each an artist who tribsong. Its stripped down style pays is a welcome alternative to ute to legand music we hear today, allow- ends ing listener’s to focus on the a c k n o w l edges their vocals. influences After receiving great feed- on him. The back, Esquire is in the studio fact that he recording his second project, understands Governing Body. The first sin- the dedicagle ‘Turn You Out’, is an up- tion needed tempo song that will be one to go from for the ladies, showcasing his a p p r e n t i c e to knight, versatility. convinces Dimetrie’s priority is making me that D.I. classic music people can con- Esquire will nect with. His ultimate aim put his stamp is to write a song that will be on the music remembered and covered for industry.L’ART

Image Source: and Dannielle Beechey

d i


years to come.






FUNDRAISER COMMUNITY PERFORMANCE PLATFORM hey brought you ener- incredible local charity, who getic street performers, inevitably stole the show with modern dancers and even a their Grease medley.” drama & sing-a-long to an adapted musical of Grease. Co-organiser Helen Wadge also expressed On April 10th, thanks to hosts Pegasus Theaat Pegasus tre opened who volunits doors to a teered their great amount time for the of people who evening. came out to support the Parasol defiParasol Platnitely proved form, held to disabled chilraise money Parasol members during rehearsal dren & young for the much people should loved charity. have the same leisure opportunities as their non-disabled “The show was a huge success. peers. Here’s to Parasol havSuch talented and wonderful ing many more successes. young performers all sharing EmJ & co. took part in the 25 one stage, giving it their all,” peak challenge in May. The said co-organiser EmJ Greig. 53.5km two day walk saw the “More importantly everyone group raise above their £300+ was there to support such an target! L’ART


with Master Ellis VIIi dan monday and wednesday evenings at east oxford games hall, collins street, off cowley road 6pm-8pm

interested? call master ellis on 07703 107548

Image Source:

meet twice a week to train in the art of martial arts, a great way to learn self defence and gain perseverance and self control

Image Source: EmJ Greig

ages 5 and up are welcome






definitely are. Hailey still has goals she would like to achieve, as do the rest of TBC. Having supported acts like Tinie Tempah, performed at the Hackney Empire and even spent time doing what she loves in Mumbai, India, she continues to be ambitious with her career.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

“I want to be dancing at as

Hailey: Getting into character

many events as possible, to be support acts for big artists & for the group to be more known and get bigger and bigger,” she says. And whilst on the subject of dancer events, TBC will appear at Gay Pride London. The annual parade & festival takes place this month and next, in Central London areas. “It’s gonna be a big one. “Just be happy with what you do. If you love dance and want it that bad, just go for it,” Hailey concluded. “The buzz I get when I perform is unlike anything else. Nothing makes me happier than that.”L’ART

Image Source: Hailey Coleman, Eric Phillips and

hink 80’s retro, Madonna and the film, The Breakfast and a dance ability that Club, where a group of sterewill have your “We are like a fam- otypical labelled eyes glued to ily. We have so teens must spend a their every move. much fun together.” Saturday detention together. Hours With their name taken from pass and they become friends. the 1985 movie, The Breakfast Club (TBC) is a group As a performer, there is an “not anything like those added bonus to be had with other hip-hop dance groups costume and TBC really creout there,” says dancer Hai- ate their own ley Coleman, who joined the world on stage, group after successfully mak- allowing us to ing it into the audition’s final be transported cut. back to the 80’s along with them. “I heard about it through a friend who said there were “They love to have fun with auditions being held at Dance Attic (a rehearsal Member Hailey Coleman talks studio in Fulham, Lon- us through the funky 80’s dance don) for a new dance group that is like no other... group. They were looking for eight dancers and I costume and crazy hair & made it.” make-up,” says Hailey, as she explains stylist and direcDescribed by Hailey as a tor, Lottie and Jono’s crea“funky, crazy dance group tive choices when it comes to with a retro style”, TBC is TBC’s dress code. The aim is inspired by an 80’s Madonna to be individual; and that they You can find TBC at or


L'ART Issue 2 - The Dream Issue  

The second issue consists of dreams that people aspire to and what they have done to get where they are today. Be inspired.

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