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Combining traditional print expertise with information and technology to create a unique experience for your customer

INVESTOR PRESENTATION Cross Media and Mukti-Channel Communications Branded Personalized PhotoBook Sites Personalized Publications and Gifts Variable Data Direct Mail with Unique Substrates Solutions Media Inc. 1580 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901 ph 607.732.0820

Combining traditional print expertise with information and technology to create a unique experience for your customer

INVESTOR PRESENTATION Media Inc. 1580 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901 ph 607.732.0820

Enhancing the customer’s experience

INVESTOR PRESENTATION This presentation sets forth the business plan and goals of Media, Inc. We have fully researched the software and production capabilities discussed within, and we hope that as you read through the following pages, you will come to share in our vision! CONTENTS: Introductions An Idea Was Born

n Who We Are n The GIT 4.0 Sizzle n How it Relates to the Gaming / Travel Industries n How it Relates to the Education Industry n How it Relates to the Medical / Pharma Industries n How it Relates to the Non-Profit Industry n The GITMedia Structure n Financial Expectations

GIT Media, Inc. will be headquartered in Rochester, New York, providing sales and marketing services as well as technical support and data center operations. All production, including print production services, warehousing, and fulfillment, will take place at our office in Elmira, New York. In addition, GITMedia has established relationships with print production companies across the nation.


PRINCIPLES ARE: Raymond Mahar Jr Rochester, New York 585.704.0100 Denise Lowery Rochester, New York 585.943.6616 Jaimee Taylor Danbury, CT 860.690.6445 Lawrence Brown Philadelphia, PA 410.207.3766

Lawrence Brown

Denise Lowery

Vice President, Business Development

Creative Services Director

Larry comes to GIT with more than 20 years of experience in the paper industry as an insert position at Wilcox Walter Furlong and Lindenmeyer Munroe. During that time, Larry was solely responsible for generating more than $160 million in paper sales, yielding roughly $17 million in net profit. Larrys diverse client base included well-known corporations and institutions such as McCormick Spice, MCI WorldCom, T. Rowe Price, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Consolidated Graphics Corporation, Euro RSCG Direct and George Washington University. As VP of Business Development, Larry will draw on his sales and marketing expertise to develop relationships with new clients. His extensive and varied sales experience will be a great asset to GIT, as he has the ability to understand and adapt to the needs of clients from various industries.

Denise has an extensive design background that is uniquely complemented by a full working knowledge of GITs cross media (hyphenated??) technologies. Denise has a Masters degree in Information Design, and has more than 30 years of experience as a graphic artist (is this the proper term?) She also has gained invaluable technical experience working for Kodak. Denises blend of education and experience has given her the unique ability to mix creativity and technology to create innovative, cutting edge design work that has received accolades from many of her clients and members of the design industry. Denise will develop templates for the direct-to-consumer site (is this plural or is there only one??) and coordinate with clients to brand their own photo sites. She will also be responsible for creating designs for client proposals and internal marketing campaigns.

Raymond Mahar Jr

Jaimee Taylor

President, Business Development

Vice President, Strategic Planning

Ray has over 20 years of experience in the print field, as a salesperson focused on direct marketing in the Non-profit Premium Marketplace, and as a business owner who understands the various aspects of managing the production process. As owner of BRAVO Digital Substrates, Ray has developed a line of digital products that can be used in a variety of direct marketing applications. He has also gained extensive knowledge of how information and technology can be used to enhance direct marketing programs by creating personalized mail pieces and promotional items. Ray will direct the sales and marketing team at GIT, working closely with clients to create marketing programs that foster close relationships with their customers.

Jaimee comes to GIT with more than 15 years of experience in direct response marketing. After working for Gerber Life Insurance Company, Columbia House Company, Memberworks Inc., and Tauck World Discovery, she has acquired a vast knowledge of the strategic planning process, market research, and strategy and campaign development. Jaimee will study the print marketplace, searching for opportunities where GITs collective assets can be used to develop effective marketing campaigns. Jaimee will also work directly with clients, showing them how market research and information technology can be used to create a direct marketing campaign that addresses the specific needs of a particular industry or demographic.

Since we all live in different parts of the Northeast, we often hold court in any one of our favorite restaurants. Pictured above from left to right is Denise Lowery, Jaimee Taylor and Ray Mahar. Larry Brown is the person behind the camera, hiding! In this meeting, we were trying to come up with a name for our software.

An Idea is Born

GIT was created as a direct result of the remarkable changes that have taken place in the printing and direct marketing industries over the last several years. Since the invention of the printing press, the written word was considered the most effective method of communicating a message to large numbers of people. In the marketing world, the traditional business model was to print and mail in large volumes, in an effort to maintain a certain minimum level of response, which in turn translated into holding onto minimal returns on dollars spent in this medium. For example, a non-profit agency would mail out three million packages containing a print premium like an address label or magnet, seeking a donation. The goal of the program was to elicit enough donations that the non-profit covered

the expenses of the program and raised enough funds to maintain the program’s continued viability. Early results held to approximately 8-10% response rates on acquisition size mailings. However, over time these programs lost their effectivenes. The introduction of electronic media and digital print technology made the traditional direct marketing methods outdated and archaic. The new era of marketing strategy focuses on e-mail blasts and social networking sites, which reach out to vast numbers of people with little overhead expense. Data collection and organization has also led to a shift in print technology, with smaller, more specialized mailings that use data to create personal

touchpoints with customers. There is a debate over whether traditional print mediums such as books will continue to be relevant in the electronic age. Statistics show that 2009 marked the biggest contraction that the printing industry has ever seen. However, the digital print market projections support the continued viability of printed mediums as an effective tool for marketing to consumers. In 2010, it is projected that 17 billion impressions will move from hard printing to digital print. By 2015, that number is expected to grow to 350 billion impressions. We at GITMedia believe that print technology still plays an essential role in the creation of

a direct marketing campaign. The key is using the information produced through electronic marketing and data collection to create a printed piece that communicates a personalized message tailored to the individual interests of the customer. Our idea is to bring the electronic age and the world of traditional print to do something new, something different‌ we want to create books that do more than convey information ‌ we want to draw people into an experience.

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Our Mission: To enhance ones experience through miltichannel communications.

Who we are... A marketing services organization. Our primary product is the GIT 4.0 Suite of products. Media is the parent company to: ImageNow GITPhoto GITBooks Postcard Boulevard Capabilites focus on: Multi-Channel Campaigns Web-to-Print Solutions Variable Direct Mail Book Publishing Social Networking Capabilites

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The GIT 4.0 Sizzle!

The GIT 4.0 Sizzle How does the software enhance your customers experience?

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Medical / Pharma About how we have developed our software? Pre-doc Journals for statndard precedures Photo Book Site Development: Netsmartz Templated Inter-office Collateral

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How the sum of the parts creates the whole. Taking DATA, INFORMATION AND IMAGES and making them all sing together. The chart to the left outlines how data, information and images can all come together to create a marketing platform that not only enhance the customer’s experience, but to enhances GIT Media’s bottom line — as well as our customer’s and our printer’s bottom line.

1. This is the “gathering” phase where you collect images and information from the customer and their customers. 2. The “Office” and the “Processing Center” is where the GIT 4.0 Suite of products takes over. Using the gathered data, we can then feed it to various GIT Media platforms to shape it in to the “event enhancing” experience that is required.

3 and 4. The results are the benefits both the recipient and the customers will realize. For the recipient, no matter the event, this marketing It starts by gathering information to create a has been enhanced that event because they data base of information and images. Data received publications that are more relevant and is gathered by many methods including the useful. For our customer, their benefits come from traditional gathering from data collection gathering even more data on their customers agencies, but also from the customer themselves. as well as realizing even more profiting from the Through cross media, a company can gather experience they offer. much more information from personal URLs, 5. This model can fit any industry and market! network sites and photo book sites. Taking this recipient information and marrying it with our customers information to create marketing that is targeted to the recipient and customized to the customer’s business.

6. The outcome is even better communications with your recipients creating “sticky relationship.” 7. Extra revenue can be captured in the printing and fulfillment of these products.

Gaming / Travel

Travel / Gaming How GIT 4.0 relates to the Travel and Gaming Industries? Pre-Doc Journals Multi-Channel Communications Photo / Memory Book Web Sites Direct Mail Campaigns Data Collaboration

FOCUS: Retention and Enhancing the experience

Who we are for this market: GIT Media is a partner to

the Travel / Gaming industries providing an avenue to enhance the experience already provided. Not only can we enhance the experience during the event, but before with detailed predoc publications as well as photo book web sites and follow-up communications that will bering the customers back for more adventures.

What we can do for this market: pre-docs, memory books, cross-media for retention communications

Here is how it works for this market: since personal

data is important and available for the customers of the travel companiies

Revenue opportunities for this market: Although

we propose that the pre-doc journals be “given� to the customer, there are several revenue generating opportunities in the books through sponcerships and ad space. As for the photo book web sites, for every book sold, the company will make a sizable profit. These opportunities will be highlighted in the FINANCIAL section of this presentation.


Confirmation sent via mail/ email




BOOKING YOUR TOUR Confirmation sent via mail/email along with a personal invitation to your Personal URL




Final payment due.

No further communication to customer

Pre-doc is sent our in a bill fold with loose print outs

Personal URL has led the customer to the Tauck BLOG site to visit with others that may be on their tour

Personal URL has a “countdown to your tour” clock with other fun items such as recipes for local dishes and helpful web sites.

More emails directing the customer to visit their Personal URL often for helpful reading and other tour related incentives

More emails directing the customer to visit their Personal URL often for helpful reading and other tour related incentives

Pre-doc journal is sent out with many helpful chapters of information

Personal URL list any updates to sent information. Emails sent to computer and blackberries with fun information.







Final payment is due.





Timeline showing Multi-Channel Communicaitons and how they work together.


h d c

M s bl To u








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al any s t on. s o and ies n on. 6


Welcome home email directing the customer to the Tauck Memory book site and the blogging site. Tour director uploads tour pictures MONTH 8





Personal thank you from Tauck with planner or magnet calender.

Tour director monitors BLOG site and generates one-off personal mail pieces

If it is the holiday season, BLOG site will reflect this and offer Holiday Photo books along with other gift items.

Keep the communications quieter, but keep monitoring the BLOG site for potential opportunities. Have tour photo contest.

Six months after the tour, send out mailer or freemium to direct them back to their personal URL where they can request special catalogue.

Various touch points such as email blast, personalized mailings, BLOG site focused on retention and booking another tour.







Purple measures “interest level”. The deeper the purple, the more interest the customer has in the tour Black measures “dark periods”. This is the time period that Tauck is NOT communicating with their customer.



Compelling statistics that make us believe our new idea in marketing to the EDUCATION MARKET is sound: “For the 2007–08 academic year, annual prices for undergraduate tuition, room, and board were estimated to be $11,578 at public institutions and $29,915 at private institutions. Between 1997–98 and 2007–08, prices for undergraduate tuition, room, and board at public institutions rose by 30 percent, and prices at private institutions rose by 23 percent, after adjustment for inflation.” — “Almost 64% of the high school graduating class of 2003 were enrolled in colleges or universities, with women outpacing men (66.5% vs. 61.2%).” — Visit: “”. After looking over all their great ideas to do during a campus visit during parents weekend, you willl find your head spinning! Wouldn’t it be great if all thise terrific ideas were in one “experience enhancing” book with maps, couponds and other students comments?


Education How GIT 4.0 relates to the Education Industry?

Planners for incoming students Multi-Channel Communications Publications to assist incoming students and parents Direct Mail Campaigns Inter-office Communictions for Colleges

FOCUS: Aquisition of new students, retention of accepted students, focus of enrolled students, alumni relations, parents-of-students relations

Who we are for this market: GIT Media can assist schools, no matter what level, with organizing a student’s life. This may be in aquiring new students by cross-media communications; this may be holding on to the students that have been accepted into the program but have other choices; this may be enhancing the experience parents have bringing their child to college for the first time in a strange city. There are many opportunities to organize and assist students, staff and parents.

What we can do for this market: Personalized planners, Pre-doc publications for college freshmen, alumni direct mail campaigns to encourage fund raising, personalized publications for all aspects of education, inter-office collageral that is templated for ease of access and photo “year� books that can be ordered on web sites with school information already uploaded

Here is how it works for this market: We would work closely with the institution to find the best fit and the best communications for what is needed Revenue opportunities for this market: Revenue

would be realized in streamlining processes that already exist but are disjointed and not cost effective. Revenue can also be realized by more participation in enrollment and events.

Compelling statistics that make us believe our new idea in marketing to the Medical / Pharma Industries are sound: need some statistics for this....

Medical / Pharma

Medical / Pharma How GIT 4.0 relates to the Medical and Pharma Industries? Pre-doc Journals for statndard precedures Templated Inter-office Collateral Store-fronts to order Collateral Multi-Channel Communications to customers Multi-Channel Communicaitons for patients Personalized Informational Guides

FOCUS: First, to enhance the experience of a patient which makes them more informed and better prepared for a living changing event. Then to assist staff with daunting tasks and information.

Who we are for this market: GIT Media can assist the

medical field by getting more personalized information out to patients so that they are better prepared for situations that would otherwise be source of anxioty. Since the inductry has data not only on their patience but in regards to products, proceedures and outcome of events, it is an easy fit to put this documentation in to personalized collateral to aid the patience and staff.

What we can do for this market: Personalized

planners, Pre-doc publications for patience about to have a major proceedure such as child birth, prostrate cancer operations, breast cancer reconstruction, hip replacement, should reconstruction or even plastic surgery preceedures. This infomation can be personalized for the individual’s needs and to the doctors and location of the preoceedure.

Here is how it works for this market: We would work closely with the medical facility or doctors to build a program that is sensitive as well as informative. Revenue opportunities for this market: These

publications are more of an aid to patience, not neccessarily a revenue genterator, however it will encourge more people to have these proceedures.

Compelling statistics that make us believe our new idea in marketing to the Non-Profit Industry is sound: need some statistics for this....


Non-Profit How GIT 4.0 relates to the Non-Profit Industry?

Multi-Channel Communication for Fund Raising Organization Planners for Fund Raising events Store Fronts of products for Fund Raising Templated Cross-Media Campaigns for aquisistion

FOCUS: First, to help organize large foundations with multiple locations as they work together to fund raise. Then, to give unique opportunities and products to customers that wish to donate to the various organizations.

Who we are for this market: GIT Media can help the

different organizaitons touch their donators with a more persoan touch. We can also assist staff in organizing various events by providing unique and usefull collateral and booklets to keep donations coming in through new aquisition and previous sorces.

What we can do for this market: As for Fund Raising,

organizing “kits” that go to the variouse locations for a promotion or event such as a marathon that has partiaipants in different locations is one idea. Another is a store front linked to the nonprofit’s home site that features personalized products and photo books that are available for purchase.

Here is how it works for this market: GIT Media will

work closely with the various organizations ot develope a plan that works best for those non-profits. Depending on the size of the organizaiton, programs can be custom designed to suit the customers of those organizaitons.

Revenue opportunities for this market: The store

fronts can be set up so that “a persentage of the proceeds” benefit the organization. Also, through more organized planning, benifits can be more cost effective leaving more money for the cause rather than wasting it on extra materials.

The GITMedia Structure

The GITMedia Structure Sub-companies: ImageNow This organization will market and produce ONE TO ONE Variable campaigns • Housed in Elmira • Cross media campaigns, production, direct mail GITPhoto This organization will focus on Photo products such as: Memory books, calendars, playing cards and other gift items. • Housed in Rochester • Photo book sites GITBooks This organization will independently market and sell the following to be sold in specific markets as well as a commercial site • Housed in Rochester • Journals • Organizers • Planners Postcard Boulavard This organization will produce variable postcards and mailers with some unique substrates • Housed in Elmira • Variable Data Postcards and mailers • VDP postcard site

Financial Expectations

Financial Expectations Heading Ut alis niametue tetuerit am il ipisim quamet alis adignit laore molenis ad dipsum nis nosto consequis nonsent prat la feum del elis am, consenit utpat ex eumsandit ilit wisi erit ute diamcommodo odolore ming eros nullan eliquis nonsequate tie conse dolore core modoluptatem in ut nullaor augiamc ommodol orpercilla augiat wisl init, sit veliquip exero essim dunt alit, sequipsum vel irit, quat luptatem incidunt ut eum zzrit pration ulputat. Duis digna con henim adio commy num veraese conse modolobor sequame tuerat. Nonsequat, quat aute commodip et eu facinim dit wisi. Si tin hent amconum nim estie digna consenim euis exercilit aut accummy nisl essim nulpute ex ex ea facillaore dolut ut dolorem in vulput landion seniscidunt aut praessit niamcon sendipsusci blaore voloboreet duismodo dolor ad et landre magna feuguerit auguer summy nis ectet ing eugiatinim vel euis ad digna aliquat. Ostions equatie deliqui exero dions dunt autet ullaor sum nim zzrit alissim zzrit eugait lut niam vulput etuerci duisit wis esed et iurem acin ut ing ent velit aliquisse conse feugait ullumsa ndrero odiat, sequipisim ex et praesectem digniametue tat at wissequamet enim volorper sismod modip el do corperos augait vel delisisit, suscin ullut ut ullam, veliquat. Acin henim nullaoreet volobore minciduisisi bla commy nons am eum in ver susto od min ver se facidunt nis augiam num nis erit nisi ex erit amet alis alis nos dio dolore

n Needs and Uses

n ROI / Exit Strategy

Investor Options: • Promissory Note – 3 years, Return of Principal plus 7% interest (period of interest only???)

• Promissory Note at lower interest rate plus 1,500 shares

n Why invest in Media Inc.? We, at GIT Media, are in hopes that through this presentation you feel our passion and belief in this current business plan. We see the future in the digital world, not only in printing itself, but in all aspects of our lives. The trends have begun and the need to stay on top is even more so true today as these trends change on a monthly basis. Our team is dedicated and top in their respective fields - ripe for this endeavor. Our technical capabilities are the best there is to be had. Our equipment will be state-of-the-art having done all our homework. It is a winning combination we are offering to you! Media Investor Presentation - DRAFT  

Oct 29, 2009 Media Investor Presentation - DRAFT  

Oct 29, 2009