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.Lo London is a fashion statement that can be worn from knee to toe. Through ‘stitched’ design and fine quality cotton, D.Lo strives to give the everyday sock the attention it deserves. Providing buyers with comfort and attitude, D.Lo gifts its bearers with a confident and authentic Londoner’s footstep. Come along, roll up your trousers and reveal your D.Lo’s. For any sales enquiries please contact us on: or

If you’re going to leave an impression, make it a good one.

Success is driven from within your shoes.

You have to start low to rise high.

Confidence can be stretched from toe to knee.

Let your walk do the talk and your socks stop the clocks.

All you need is one detail to be remembered by.

Never settle for subtle, always swagger towards conviction.

Success is the art of being happy in your own shoes.

Catch eyes with your leg work.


A good pair of D.Lo’s are music to your toes.

Made with the finest ‘mercerised cotton’ truly defines D.Lo

London’s appetite for quality. This is why our tprestigious socks are made in the heart of Nottingham, England. Our factory has been attentively creating exceptional quality socks since 1946. Our products are meticulously thought out in order to maintain the highest of standards from the incomparable and drawn designs, to our signature packaging. D.Lo takes prides and is honoured to become the ‘only’ brand to join such funky, bold and unconventional ‘stitched’ designs with such supreme quality socks.

An original trademark for our buyers to flaunt D.Lo’s on their feet.

D.Lo London S/S13  

The Flamboyant D.Lo's Available this Spring.

D.Lo London S/S13  

The Flamboyant D.Lo's Available this Spring.