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Is a photo ID law for voters harmless? Do you have a parent in a rest home or a kid in college? A friend who doesn’t drive? A sister who changed her name when she married? They will find voting a lot more difficult under a bill that NC Republicans claim is needed to stop someone else from voting in your name. It would require you to show a photo ID with a current address each time you vote. It may sound simple, but it will waste millions of tax dollars to “fix” a problem that barely exists. And it will mostly hurt voters Republicans think don’t vote for their party – people of color, low-income voters, people with disabilities and students. It’s a partisan power grab that hurts democracy!

The Facts • Current laws work. It’s already a felony to vote illegally in NC or to lie when you sign in to vote. Poll watchers can challenge voters and an ID with verified address is required to register in the first place. Less than 5 votes in 1,000,000 in NC involve fraud that a photo ID would stop. • Fix the real crisis. Lawmakers were sent to Raleigh to fix the economy and budget, but an ID bill would cost millions to implement – tax money that could save the jobs of teachers and others. • Hundreds of thousands. Election officials in South Carolina found that 7% of voters did not have a current ID; 7% would be over 400,000 registered voters in North Carolina who are eligible to vote. Creating new IDs at the DMV

and processing voters at the polls will cause longer lines and more hassles for everyone. • Unequal treatment. People who vote using a mail-in absentee ballot won’t have to show an ID. But there are some cases of fraud with those ballots, too. Why exempt them? It turns out that most absentee ballots in NC are for Republicans. • Discrimination. People of color, students, the elderly, people with disabilities and low-income citizens are all less likely to have a license and more likely to face difficulty getting to the DMV to update their license. The time and money used to get a photo ID is like a poll tax – a barrier long used to deny African-Americans the vote. The photo ID bill is a biased, modern-day power grab.

ACT NOW! Contact Gov. Bev Perdue at 1-800-662-7952 or Tell her to VETO any voter photo ID bill.


Of, by and for the people ——————————————————————————————————————

Of, by and for the people

ALSO: Contact your legislators at 919-733-4111 and say NO to a photo ID bill. Tell others! Call us at 919-286-6000 for copies of this flyer and more things to do. See

Photo ID for Voters  

Photo ID for Voters

Photo ID for Voters  

Photo ID for Voters