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Motorola Baby Video Monitor

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Motorola Baby Video Monitor There is no greater worry for a parent than when they leave their child alone, and often when only sleeping in another room. The mere fact that the child is not within hearing distance and out of sight can be cause for concern and worry. This is just part of being a parent whether your baby is a newborn or toddler. Now that my wife and I are grandparents, and so much time has passed by since we raised our children, we really wish that we could have had some type of baby monitor to keep tabs on our children when we were busy doing something else while they were sleeping. It would have eliminated a great deal of worry! The other day we were shopping at a major retail store in the area in which we reside, and we were very impressed with a new product which resolves this concern for new parents. Motorola has developed a very helpful, and effective product which is an excellent aid to help reduce this concern, and can be found in their Motorola Baby Video Monitor. Without question this monitor is ranked among the very best which are currently made available in the marketplace today. The Motorola Baby Video Monitor offers a variety of features which makes leaving your baby alone during

sleep or play periods worry free. This helpful product includes the following features which are listed by categories:

Audio * The audio capability is up to 590 feet… * Five pre-recorded lullabies… * Two way communication…. * Automatic channel selection… * High sensitivity microphone…. * Volume control….

Physical * Color LCD display… * Audio and video monitoring mode… * Room temperature thermometer… * Sound activated lights… * Available colors are black and white… * This product is expandable and will allow for up to two Additional baby units…

Power * The battery life is up to five hours… * the power source is an AC adapter only with no charging function… * Power source for the parent unit is a NiMH rechargeable

Battery pack…

Video * Adjustable multi-angle camera… * Has the ability to turn the video function off… * Infrared night vision… * 3.5 inch diagonal color screen… * video operating distance is up to 590 feet…. As with adults, the best sleep occurs when the room is dark and quiet, and certainly this is important for babies as well. However, this only creates one more concern for parents. This problem is effectively addressed with the new Motorola Baby Video Monitor because it has night vision. Not only does your baby not have to sleep with the lights on, but you’ll be able to observe your infant in a darkened room. This feature also allows you to adjust the contrast in varying degrees through its easy to adjust function controls. With some of the baby monitors which are on the market proximity is an issue. The further the distance you’re away from the monitor, the less effective some of these monitors are. This is not the case with the Motorola product because it has a range of 590 feet, which will allow you to go about your day in a comfortable way. Also, to eliminate worry when you’re busy and active at home, this monitor includes a warning signal which lets you know when you are out of range.

With today’s concerns about increased utility expenses Motorola has even addressed this issue with their baby monitor. It only comes on when it senses noise or movement, and yet helps preserve energy and at the same time efficiently provides a warning should your baby stir. To further assist, this monitor also features 5 LEDs which measure the level of sound and activity. Additionally, the monitor also features a room temperature thermometer which will allow you to insure that your baby is always sleeping comfortably. Other specifications for this product are as follows: Two way communication-If your baby needs soothing you’ll be able to take advantage of this feature and reassure your child with a calming voice. The monitor has a full color 3.5 LCD image in real time video with sound. You’ll also be able to control the monitors viewing ability because it includes pan, tilt, and the ability to zoom in or out. If all of this isn’t enough, Motorola has built five different lullabies into their monitor to help in soothing and lulling your baby to sleep.

This is what others are saying about the Motorola Baby Video Monitor:

Firstly, if you check out the reviews at Amazon, you’ll see that over 95% of the people who have taken the time to write a review are very pleased with this product, and have given it a five star rating. Most products sold at this site do not achieve this high a rating, and in fact three stars is reasonably good. Also, you have to consider that if people are taking time out of what are most likely very busy days to write a review this speaks well for the product as well. The types of comments you’ll read come from people who have done a great deal of research on baby monitors, and after doing so decided to purchase the Motorola Baby Video Monitor. Buyers speak to their satisfaction regarding the monitors night time resolution, and are indicating how impressed they are because they can clearly see their baby breathing. When checking one of my children in the past who was sleeping so peacefully it actually caused me to be alarmed, I ended up turning on the bedroom light to make sure they were okay and were actually breathing. This monitor clearly resolves this concern. Without a monitor of this type most parents subconsciously sleep very lightly which doesn’t do anyone much good. The Motorola baby monitor addresses this issue as well, as written by one parent, who says that now they simply turn the volume up as loud as is necessary so that they may hear even the slightest of movements by their baby. The reviews are plentiful, and once again it is worth

repeating that the majority of people who have purchased a Motorola Baby Video Monitor are more than pleased. In fact, because my wife and I are happy to volunteer to watch our grandchildren we’ve also purchased this product, and consider it a bargain at $229.99. Incidentally, Motorola also offers other models for this product at prices which vary higher and lower than the price expressed above, and they also have accessories which you may be interested in as well. For the best deals on the Motorola Baby Video Monitor and more information about this great product visit: Bruce Recommends

Motorola Baby Video Monitor  

. Motorola has developed a very helpful, and effective product which is an excellent aid to help reduce this concern, and can be found in t...

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