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If you are a hip hop, urban, or fusion dancer and spend a tremendous amount of time rehearsing and refining your dance techniques, you definitely require footwear which is comfortable. Bloch sneakers are the perfect answer to your needs, and they will provide you with much more than comfort. In fact, dance shoes of this type also need to fulfill other important requirements as well. Because of the rigors of street dancing and hip hop, there is a mandatory requirement that this type of sneaker provide additional support for the foot when compared to a regular sneaker. They must also be extremely flexible while still having a rigid upper. If these qualities are present in a dance sneaker, standing for any extended length of time on the balls of your feet while maintaining your balance should seem almost effortless. One other characteristic a dance sneaker should meet is that they should have a sole which will allow you to pivot on various floor surfaces with ease. Again, Bloch sneakers will answer these needs and yet a little more. Yes more, because style is also of the utmost importance to this dance shoe manufacturer. Not only does the Bloch sneaker present a fashionable and unique appearance there are many variations to choose from. As with all of there dance shoes, the one single fact that separates the Bloch Shoe Company from it's competitors, rests in their dedicated philosophy to listen to the dancer's needs and wants. This single fact allows the artisans who handcraft these shoes to create a dance shoe which is perfectly designed for each of the various styles of dance, and their dance shoe is no exception. It is always important for the dancer to try on a variety of shoes to insure that the fit is just right for their individual foot structure. With that said it is important to note that dance sneakers are made to be a little larger in size than your typical sneaker. The purpose in this is to allow the foot a little more freedom, but finding a fit that works for you should also include selecting a shoe that fits snugly but not to tight. Bloch offers twelve different selections for dance sneakers and the following are examples of four of these choices: 1. Twist SO522-This shoes has a unique appearance which is available in pink, silver, black, and white. A must see, and is perfect for turning and allows for excellent contact with floor surfaces. 2. Wave SO523-Unusually colorful and distinctive with a split sole. This shoe features a TPU spin

spot which aids in turning and helps the dancer maintain good contact with the floor. 3. Low Top Sneaker SO503-Looks very athletic, has a split sole with non marking outsoles, which make slipping and gripping floor surfaces much easier. 4. Flash SO521-This shoe has extra arch support, and also has a TPU spin spot. If your searching for the ideal pair of dance sneakers Bloch creates some of the best in the industry.

Denise Madison is a professional dancer whose primary interest is ballet. For more information about Bloch sneakers, you can check out her newest website at, where she provides unbiased information and advice about the complete line of shoes which are offered by the Bloch Shoe Company.

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==== ==== For the best deals and more information about Bloch shoes visit this website: ==== ====

Bloch Sneakers-The Support And Protection Your Feet Need