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Title: The Most Effective Weight Loss Book Ever Written in the History of the World. Author: Dr. Nolan Q. Duh Forward By: Collin Spence Front Cover Testimonial: “I used to be really fat until I read this book. Now I’m just sort of fat.” – Steve McCorkel

Forward: Dr. Nolan Duh is the foremost authority in the areas of weight loss and diet in the world today. Although he is not an accredited doctor or nutritionist, his no nonsense style to weight loss has helped millions, if not billions of people lose weight. While serving as a Senior Fellow at the World Weight Loss Institute, Dr. Duh perfected his unique method to weight loss. Since being asked to leave the Institute in 1992, Dr. Duh has traveled the world in an attempt to spread the gospel of his tried and true approach. Inspired by the millions of really fat people in the world, Dr. Duh is writing this book in an attempt to save the human race. In this brilliant masterpiece, Dr. Duh details his step by step method that will undoubtedly alter the lives of anyone that can read. And even some that can’t. I encourage everyone in the world to buy a copy of this epic literary triumph. In fact, you should probably buy two copies in case one gets lost. Collin Spence (Collin Spence is a lifelong friend of the Duh family. Widely respected in his field, Mr. Spence currently manages the pet store at his local mall.) About the Author: Dr. Nolan Duh has dedicated several years of his life to the study of diet and weight loss. Dr. Duh has no medical training, and is not accredited by any medical institution or organization. He gained his designation of “Doctor” in 1989 after drinking 5 ½ bottles of prescription cough syrup at a social gathering in college. Dr. Duh is currently employed as the Sr. Cat Coordinator at the Northridge Mall Pet Super Center. “To the millions of fat people all over the world.”

Contents Introduction “What is this book all about?”


Chapter 1:

Eat Less


Chapter 2:

Exercise More






Introduction “What is this book all about?” Hello. My name is Dr. Nolan Duh. After many years of research and study in the areas of weight loss and diet, I have finally decided to enrich the lives of people throughout the world by sharing this knowledge. In this book I will provide graphic detail on how to lose weight and keep it off. You may have heard that there is no “magic bullet” for weight loss. For the first time ever, I’m here to say that this book is that bullet. Although it is not a metal projectile propelled by a firearm, it will provide you with all of the information needed to live a long, prosperous life as a skinny person. While I’m not claiming that this book will make you rich, I’m also not claiming that it won’t. The instruction I provide in the pages that follow will put the XXL business out of business. If you’re still fat after reading this book, you have no one to blame but yourself. The findings in this book are not based on science, medicine, or fact. They are however based on years of experience in the weight loss, diet, and pet food industries. The satisfaction you get from reading this book will rival the satisfaction you normally get from a double stack with bacon and cheese. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much I enjoyed your purchase of it. My life’s work is in the pages that follow, and I think you’ll agree that it’s been a life well spent. Dr. Nolan Q. Duh

Chapter 1- Eat Less Eat less.

Chapter 2 – Exercise More Exercise more.

Acknowledgements: Most successes in life are achieved with the help and guidance of others. This book is an exception to that rule. I’d like to thank my cats Dave and Snickers for their encouraging words throughout this process. I’d also like to thank my boss Mr. Spence for allowing me to write this during my lunch breaks. Dr. Nolan Duh

Index: Eat Exercise Less More

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Critics: “This book spoke to me. And, no one speaks to me.” “This will be the only book I read this year.” “I liked the cover.” “A lot like the other books I’ve read, but without all the words.” “Dr. Duh puts the Duh in weight loss!”

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The Most Effective Weight Loss Book Ever Written in the History of the World  

A Weight Loss Guide

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