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LANA DEL REY Born to Die

JUVENILE Rejuvenation

January 31

January 17

Lana Del Rey is by far the most original pop artist in the business. With her sexy Nancy Sinatra voice and clear hip-hop influences, her music pulls from both the classics and the new age.

Made popular by his 1999 hit “Back that Ass Up,” Juvenile has long provided us with club-banging and car-blasting hits that make us get low at the drop of a hat. With more than eight studio albums in his repertoire, Juvenile has been on the scene long enough to know what the people want.

GUIDED BY VOICES Let’s Go Eat the Factory

January 1


January 24 Originally founded in 1983, this psychedelic indie-rock band has been making beautiful music ever since. Similar to artists such as Robert Pollard and Boston Spaceships, Guided by Voices has more than 15 studio albums under its belt and plenty of other reasons why you should go check out the newest album.

Ingrid Michaelson has de-


JANUARY 10 System: Xbox 360, PS3





System: Xbox 360, PS3

System: Xbox 360, PS3

For anybody who has played “Arkham City,” they know how much of a great and wellMuch to the approval of fans, polished game it is. And while “Square Enix” has decided to “Gotham City Impostors” may continue the story of Lightbe a different game altogether, ning and her fight for survival. Warner Bros. is pulling out Following the direct story all the stops to make this a of “Final Fantasy XIII,” the memorable superhero MMO. sequel takes place three years Player will pay a monthly subafter the end of the first game scription fee to be thrown into and puts players back into the the world of Gotham City, but role of Lightning, stuck in a not as the legendary Batman mysterious world of time and or villainous Joker. Instead, space. “Square Enix” is being players will take on the role of pretty tight-lipped about the a common Gotham City citigame’s plot-line, adding to the zen, hell-bent on making his anticipation of many gamers or her name in the world of worldwide since “Final Fanheroes. Unfortunately, with tasy” has a history of producno heightened senses or super ing top-notch writing and talpowers, players must rely on ent for the long running series. intelligence and wit to survive in the ever-expanding depths of Gotham.

veloped a distinct writing style and perfectly matched pipes, both of which have played a part in her shot to fame. Known for her singles like “The Way I Am” and “Maybe,” Michaelson’s beautiful music is perfect for listeners of all ages and genres.


So January may be one of the slower months in gaming b ecause of the slew of great games released before the holiday rush, but that is not stopping Namco from releasing the long awaited “Soul Calibur V” for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The fifth installment of the much-loved fighting series promises to bring all the classic game modes fans of the series have come to expect, as well as some much needed additions to the game-play and interface, finally giving the game a true next generation treatment.


January 3

Among the long list of talented names involved in

aMoneyball January 10


January 17

One of the most buzzed about films this year,

Following the success of the 2008 action-thriller “Taken,”

the making of this movie, “Contagion” offers some- “ M o n eyball” proved to live up to all the hype it

movie studios began production of this younger (sexier)

thing a majority of scary movies cannot: plausibility.

created. Based on the novel by Michael Lewis,

version of the film that had audiences stuck on the edge

This film is centered on a deadly virus that is rapidly

the film follows a seemingly hopeless baseball team

of their seats. Starring the bulked-up werewolf from

spreading around the world killing people faster than

and their ever-determined manager played by Brad

the ever-growing “Twilight” series, Taylor Lautner plays

medical professionals can handle. The film’s director,

Pitt. Though he must battle impossible odds,

main character Nathan Harper who discovers that the two people who have raised him from childhood are not his

Steven Soderbergh, explores what happens when 21st

including limited funding and a rocky past, this true

century humans encounter a disease that they cannot

story warms hearts and proves why Pitt is still in the

real parents. After finding his baby picture on a missing

stop and mass panic ensues. With actors such as Kate

business. The film premiered to fantastic reviews

children Web site, all hell breaks loose as he attempts to

Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard and a number of

and won Pitt countless nominations and awards

solve the mysteries from his past and find his true parents.

other talented individuals, this film leaves you won-

for his performance.

Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello and Lily Collins all star in

dering, “What would I do?”

aThe Ides of March

this year’s action-packed thriller.

aAnother Happy Day


January 17

January 24

January 31

For starters, the two main stars of this film are Ryan

“Another Happy Day” is a film about a family i n

Ryan Gosling stars as an understated bad-ass stunt

Gosling and George Clooney. Now if that doesn’t

shambles that attempts to reconnect through the

driver who rents out his free time to customers need-

get you to Blockbuster to rent this movie, I’m not

marriage of the oldest brother. Though long since

ing a getaway driver. His undeniable driving skills

sure what else will. In a time of crooked politics and

divorced, Lynn (Ellen Barkin) and Paul (Thomas

have gotten him both into and out of a number of

frequent frustration with the government, “The Ides

Haden Church) bring the family together to celebrate

situations and this one is no different. When

of March” follows Clooney’s character, Mike Morris,

their oldest son’s matrimony. Between a daugh-

h i s usually smooth operation goes all wrong,

as he attempts to advance from Governor of Pennsyl-

ter with emotional coping issues and a son with a

Gosling’s character must use his God-given talents

vania to President of the United States. Clooney, in

reoccurring drug problem, the issues that haunt this

to get himself out of the situation he created. Fea-

all his glory, directed, produced, wrote and starred

family are sure to interrupt the wedding bliss. The

turing fantastic performances from Christina Hen-

in this film and continues to prove his place in show

cast list is amazing, featuring names such as Demi

dricks, Carey Mulligan and Ron Perlman, this recent

business. Based on the novel “Farragut North,” the

Moore, Kate Bosworth, Ezra Miller and Ellen Burstyn.

adaptation of the 1978 film “The Driver” is worth

film’s cinematography, acting and screenplay are all

The film explores what happens when a broken

every penny.


family is forced to reunite.




January 27

be action stars. I just recently watched

didn’t like Taken, they must have seen

tapes them to his hands, breaks off the

two of Liam’s earlier roles, Darkman

the theatrical version and not the direc-

ends and uses what’s left as a weapon

Wow, what a crappy month for movies.

and Rob Roy, and I gotta say, he looks

tors cut. There are a few subtle changes

against the wolves. Pretty B.A. if you

I hate this month. January is always the

more the part the older he gets.

to the film, but even the most subtle

ask me. No, seriously, ask me. What

lamest month for everything. Every-

The movie revolves around a

of changes can amplify the dynamic of

was that? “Do I think Liam doing that

body is broke from Christmas, hun-

team of Alaskan oil drillers in the deep

the film greatly. B) I love survival mov-

is B.A.?”, you ask? I just said I did.

wilderness whose plane crashes in the

ies. Alive, The Edge, 127 hours, etc. are

I will be checking this one out,

eral grumpy moods. The studios know

middle of nowhere. Think The Edge,

all amazing movies to me. You walk

because Liam Neeson action mov-

this, that’s why it’s such slim pickin’s

except a way more inhospitable, colder,

out and feel pumped up, happy and

ies are like pizza and B.J.'s, even when

in the movie category. I hate January.

snowy environment and it’s wolves,

relieved. They’re not like these lame

they’re bad, they’re still pretty good. I

Really. I do.

not a bear, chasing after them.

gover from New Years and just in gen-

The Grey is one of the excep-

The reasons I am pretty excited

Rom-coms that, if you’re single, make

suggest you all go out and support this

you feel like complete shit and a loser.

guy, I think he has a bright future in

tions. This one looks pretty awesome. I

about this one is A) Liam Neeson is

I say poo-poo to that. C) Neeson’s

the industry. I think he might become

love that men in their sixties can still

great as an action star. For those that

character takes airplane booze bottles,

a star... someday.


in the basement of their apartment

perience that would be. Dire, to say

building. After being stuck in there

the least.

January 13

for weeks, their supplies start run-

Unfortunately, I don’t think this

This one just looks interesting.

ning out and the group starts freak-

one was born with legs. I will be downloading it, for sure, though.

Sounds pretty original. The story is

ing out. A rift develops between two

after a nuclear attack on their city, a

factions and sides are taken. What a

small group of people take shelter

claustrophobic and anxious ex-


Beckinsale is blessing the screen,

have found out about Vampires and

again, and bringing back her skin

Lycans and have vowed to destroy

January 20

tight vinyl costume. She is number

both species.

one on the movie star exception list.

The only reason I'm excited is based

Beckinsale is back as the vam-

I think I will just bring some e a r phones and a little Christopher

on the simple fact that the beauti-

pire Selene. She awakes from a, sort-

Cross and just watch my love killing

ful, delicious, ever so gorgeous Kate

of, cryo sleep to find that humans

things to the sounds of Sailing.


I was thoroughly surprised at

January 20

to see this.

how well the action and violence

Not to mention, we have Soder-

comes across and that was just in

bergh in the directors chair. He has a

This also looks like an exception to

the trailer. The woman in the lead

great eye in any genre of film. I know

the shitty-movies-in-January rule.

r ole who I have never seen be-

we can trust him to make a good

Think the Bourne series, but with a

fore, displays amazing and realistic

movie. Okay, maybe not Ocean’s 13.

female lead instead.

fighting technique. I’m very excited


APPS WRITTEN BY Glace Bondeson

aIKarmasutra Sex Positions


Price: FREE

Price: FREE

Price: $2.99

Available: Android, Android Tablet

Available: Android, Android Tablet, iOS is one of the longest running online dating services and continues to be a popular choice for people looking to find that special someone to spend their life with. The application is free, but is really only useful if you have a paid profile to begin with, so anyone looking for a free ride must go elsewhere. offers an easy-to-use interface and is available for all Android devices, since Apple has currently removed the app from its App Store.

So if the idea of is to find a life partner who is compatible on all levels, Zoosk is the complete opposite. It offers more of a service for young individuals to send and receive flirtatious messages in order to find a special buddy in their area. Zoosk takes the structure of a traditional dating Web site, but makes it easy enough for most anyone and focuses on looks and attraction, while not trying to find your “perfect match.”

Available: Android, Android Tablet Get your freak on this New Year’s with the iKarmasutra Sex Positions app for Android. Featuring hundreds of positions, accompanied by visual images and instructional videos, couples can always find something new to experience. Currently there is an abundance of similar applications available on mobile devices, but due to the frequency of updates and sheer amount of content, iKarmasutra takes the cake for any app in the category.

aSex Dice Evolved


Price: $2.99

Price: FREE

Available: Android, Android Tablet, iOS

(Available: iOS)

The new year is a great time to spark the romance in your relationship and Sex Dice Evolved can help greatly. The application acts as a wheel in which users must spin and perform the specified sexual act on their lover. Certain parameters can be set in order to spice things up or remove less desired items from the menu in order to suit personal preferences and sexual desires.

It had to be done eventually, but now anyone using an iPhone or iPod touch can experience the pleasure of a vibrator…with their phone. Surprisingly allowed in Apples coveted App Store, MyVibe performs as simple as it sounds. Touch any of the controls on screen to create a number of vibrating effects for your pleasure. Be sure to get this sensual app today because nothing says sexy quite like an iPhone between the legs.



The Coterie Room

Bringing social circles together one amazing dish at a time. 2137 2nd Avenue Seattle 98121

Ernie Sapiro


Dana Tough and Brian McCracken, the brilliant minds behind Belltown’s Spur Gastropub and Capitol Hill’s Prohibition-era inspired cocktail bar Tavern Law, have done it again. The dynamic duo, with a growing list of accomplishments, has gained recognition as some of the nation's Top Five Chefs (by Gayot) as Rising Star Chefs and a nomination for The People’s Best New Chef awards by Food & Wine Magazine. They seem to have the Midas touch, turning all their ventures into gold, with their latest success being The Coterie Room. Inside the 1920s brick building on the corner of Second and Blanchard, The Coterie Room’s sparkling crystal chandelier twinkles over an elegant dining room where simplistic beauty serves as a backdrop to the chefs’ modernly elevated take on American classics with a French influence. Although using many of the forward-thinking cooking techniques utilized at Spur and Tavern Law, the resulting fare at The Coterie Room is equally as intriguing and also just as highly approachable. Weekend brunch includes crave-worthy dishes like the corned duck hash ($16). Those simply in the mood for drinks can take a seat at the bar to enjoy great cocktails such as the Trump Card ($11), a concoction of Martin Miller’s gin, Dolin Blanc Vermouth and Scrappy’s grapefruit and cardamom bitters, while admiring the interestingly pleasant wall of greenery nearby. For dinner, an option of small plates, entrée sizes and family style dishes allows something appropriate for every occasion whether enjoying solo or to share with each other. A glimpse at what’s on the menu: The baby lettuce salad ($8) was dressed just right with bright notes of citrus, chevre and sumac almonds. Their version of poutine ($12) brought together thick-cut fries with braised pork shoulder gravy, addicting fried Beecher’s cheese curds and fresh sprigs of parsley. Perfectly pan roasted striped bass (market price) was carefully placed on a bed of parsnip puree, surrounded by bacon vinaigrette and topped with roasted brussel sprouts. The Wagyu beef cap sirloin ($55) was like butter. Each bite melted ever so pleasingly in the mouth, making it impossible to consume without moans and groans of contentment and bliss. The flawless sirloin was prepared through a process that involved brining and being cooked sous vide, before being caramelized, seared, coated in demi-glace and nestled atop smooth ricotta whipped potatoes with braised endive and carrots and a balsamic vinegar reduction. The large family-style portion was too much to finish, but the thought of leaving any bit of something so beautifully prepared behind brought on such a wave of guilt that I couldn’t resist having it packed up for later. As though dinner itself was not enough of a treat, the apple galette ($9) wowed with warm, spiced apples in an ultra-flaky crust served with vanilla ice cream and caramel. The rich and lovely chocolate caramel tort ($9) was composed of steamed chocolate pudding cake and caramel custard covered in a decadent orange blossom ganache with candied hazelnuts. At The Coterie Room, the sophistication and warmth of the ambiance may romance you, the enthusiasm and kindness of the servers may charm you, but it’s the food. The food that will captivate you, make you fall in love and have you coming back for more. - JACKLYN TRAN

From top, Corned Duck Hash; Baby Lettuce Salad; Pan Roasted Striped Bass; Wagyu Beef Cap Sirloin; Apple Galete; Chocolate Caramel Tort.



Nice Buns

For a food to qualify as a drinking snack, it must have a few characteristics in particular. Salt is a priority. No utensils should be required. Affordability is important. Availability is key. Lately, Asian-style buns have been filling these requirements all around town. One might go so far as to say they’re the new slider. Gua bao, soft buns filled with pork belly, are traditional Taiwanese food, but many Seattle chefs have taken liberties to make them their own. - KATE OPATZ

UPSCALE: Wild Ginger 1401 3rd Avenue Seattle, WA 98101

TRENDY: Chino's 1024 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122

EASY: Facing East 1075 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue, WA 98004

No Website Listed

A classic Wild Ginger dish, the fragrant duck buns are hands-on. Cinnamon and anise spiced duck comes with a sweet plum sauce and a side of steamed buns for you to combine as you will.

Brand new on Capitol Hill, Chino’s also puts pork belly in its buns, though they’re available with fried tofu as well. Pickled mustard greens, crushed peanuts and a strong rum drink are the perfect accompaniments.

Tucked in a small strip mall in Bellevue, Facing East offers some of the most authentic gua bao around. The meat is delicate to the max and perfectly cushioned by the bun.


Here's To The Happy Couple The holidays are the perfect time for couples to turn their relationship into a lifetime commitment, surrounded by friends and family. After the big announcement, there are parties, announcements and wedding planning to do! It can all be a bit of a whirlwind, but what better way to help the planning along than to incorporate a signature cocktail into your plans. Toasting the good news is always in style and champagne cocktails are too. Their flash and sparkle work for ever ything from the engagement party to a joint bachelor-bachelorette bash or the big rehearsal dinner. Maybe you’re thinking a Bellini would be just the thing for your celebration. But wait, your fiancée wants something a little more spirit-for ward. I have just the thing... the Bellini Manhattan! It’s two classic cocktails pairing beautifully into one

fabulous sip, just like you and your sweetheart! Fresh peach puree, sweet vermouth and smooth bourbon join champagne or sparkling wine and make this cocktail the ultimate power couple. The engagement party is here. You gave her the ring and now it’s time to show it off. Play off the glitz and glimmer of her gorgeous rock with the Platinum Sparkle: vodka, Maraska cherr y liqueur, a hint of Lillet Blanc and all topped off with a splash of bubbly. Sparkling and sophisticated. So whether you’ve just popped the question or it’s the night before the big day, raise a glass to your love with a stylish sparkling cocktail! Catch Kathy on Twitter (@KathyCaseyChef), blogging at, on her cocktail show Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen™ at or find Sips & Apps on Facebook.

The Ultimate


sounds by

DJ HOLLYWOOD las vegas’ #1 DJ

Hosted by LFL’s Seattle Mist DList Magazine January Issue Release Party

2214 1st ave | seattle wa 98121 | 21+ | no cover

Long Live


The King Lets face it. LOUIS XIII de RĂŠmy Martin has mystified cocktail connoisseurs for decades with it's imposing presence amongst the highest of top-shelves at fine bars and restaurants world wide. Knowledge is power and DList is here to help enlighten you on some of the things that make LOUIS XIII the "King of Cognacs."

The Decanter When it comes to bottles, all pale in comparison to LOUIS XIII. The 100% Baccarat Crystal hand blown decanter has become as iconic as its contents. With the 24k gold collar and individually made air-tight fleur-de-lis stopper, its easy to see why a bottle of LOUIS XIII fetches upwards of $2000.00.

Money can buy you happiness (in a bottle!) Most admirers usually save their LOUIS XIII indulgences for special occasions, but many bars now offer a tasting menu that can be as affordable as $55 (usually per 1/2 oz. pour.)

The Liquid The Price

LOUIS XIII is made from over 1200 eaux-de-vies (different grape varietals), all from Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France. They are aged in centrury-old casks made from Limousin oak. The palette of those who sip LOUIS XIII pick up multiple flavors after each taste. Floral notes, candied fruits and spices hit your tongue first followed by jasmine, ginger, nutmeg and passion fruit on the second go. The third taste will open up a final swirling of figs, prunes, honey and sandalwood.

Now that you know about LOUIS XIII visit one of these fine establishments to tr y it for yourself. DOWNTOWN SEATTLE: The Metropolitan Grill 820 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98104

THE EASTSIDE: The Parlor Billiards 700 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue, WA 98004

TACOMA: El Gaucho 2119 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402

24 WWW.DLISTMAGAZINE.COM 5327 Ballard Ave NW Seattle 98107

The Sexton A new, yet familiar, addition to Ballard's bar scene.

Anne Cho

Walking into a place for the first time shouldn’t feel this comfortable. There is something about The Sexton that makes you feel like you are at your neighborhood bar. To many Ballardians, this IS their local bar. Even though some believe Ballard is becoming the “locals only” hangout, The Sexton is worth traveling to. There is heart and soul put into this project that honors Amber Sexton’s family making due through the dustbowl years. “People from the dustbowl era had to recreate everything,” co-owner Amber Sexton said. “That’s what we did inside.” The theme is comfort, home-style and friends, making use of everything.


So many details and insinuations to the hand-crafted and scratch-made, it will take you numerous times to grasp every reference. Everything was created by hand. Hand cut, hand nailed. The thought and care put into a venue comes through in the final product and The Sexton did not cut any corners. The place already has so much character and it just opened. It feels like it’s been a staple on Ballard Ave for years. “If you come in angry, you will leave happy,” said co-owner and head chef Ryan Davidson. “That’s all I care about.” The menu consists of southern comfort home cooking while the bar is focused on whiskey-based cocktails. They also create their own infused vodka, tequila and house-made syrups and grenadine. The cocktail menu is a spinoff of the classics with a Sexton twist. “We love Ballard,” Davidson stated. “And we wanted to create something that Ballard didn’t have.” - EVAN CARTER


SEXTON JULEP - Sexton re-created this bourbon classic with the addition of their house made Apricot Brandy. It becomes that refreshing cocktail you are looking for after a hard dry days work in the dustbowl… or a rainy day in Ballard.



What many thought as the next "fad" in football has produced some of the northwest's newest sports superstars. - SHEENA NGUYEN

Dana Jonas at Studio 3. Inc. Makeup by Jessica Nees, Teryl Hawk & Yessie Libby Hair by Kaycie Baker & Teryl Hawk As of date, two of Seattle’s football teams have a fighting chance at making the playoffs this year, but only one plays in a league that strives to blend action, impact and beauty. The Seattle Mist, a member of the Western Conference of the Lingerie Football League, is one of Seattle’s newest and most promising teams. With a current record of 1-2 and four games total for the entire season, the Mist is on the brink of continuing play into postseason. “Sometimes your record doesn’t reflect just how good you are,” defensive coordinator Jeremiah Captain stated. “We’re a very good team.”

The LFL should not be confused for a slightly amped-up form of powder puff football and skeptics can see for themselves with games televised on MTV2 showing the level these girls can compete at. “These girls are real tough,” Captain said. In fact many are actually ex-college athletes. “There aren’t a lot of professional women’s leagues out there after college so this is a chance for women to break through and do something different,” he added. It’s apparent there’s a certain level of sex appeal to the LFL as well, but it takes a little more than being easy on the eyes to make the team. According to



Captain, during tryouts the coaches don’t just look at a girl’s appearance, but it’s a given that the girl has to be fit and look good in the uniform that does not happen to be terribly forgiving. “For me personally, I look more at athletic ability and whether or not the player can pick things up quickly,” he commented. With a solid group of girls this season, the team is steadily progressing and looking forward. “Our goal is to make playoffs this year and to win the championship since we still have a small chance at that,” Captain said. “We just want to be a real good team both on and off the field, carrying ourselves in a good manner,

supporting the community and also empowering these women. I want them to be known as football players and they should be respected for their craft. Yes, they are wearing lingerie to lure people in, but once people are in they’re hooked not because of the lingerie, but because of the quality of play.” The Seattle Mist’s next game will be on Jan. 6 and will determine their postseason fate.



(Pictured on previous page) Shae Norton #15, Angela Rypien #11, Kam Warner #7, Meghan Peterson #18, Christine Moore #12, Ericka Smith #2, Kerry Warren #6



(Pictured on this page) Jessica Hopkins #5, Natalie Sutey #3, Chelsie Jorgensen #8, LaShaunda Fowler #10, Emily Bell #13, Melissa Bernasconi #14, Cristina Fetzer #9


DECIBEL “I'm trying to grasp contemporary culture, but “Sex sells,” said 18-year-old Sam Wishkoski, of Seattle noiR&B duo Stevie and Sam. “It's interest- still have a detachment from it,” Cheung said. “We live in a place where people drink at a very young age. ing growing up in this machine. Like, we're kids, you There's a ton of drugs in the youth, throughout high know? school and it's not really touched upon. It's kind of “A lot of those guys that are selling a product or hushed.” talking about sex and champagne, they're old. We're “It's a commentary,” Wishkoski added. “But it's young.” Young and impressionable, yes, but very talent- definitely a piece of our world. It's something that we have experience in, maybe not directly, but we see it ed. Seattle Prep alums who have known each other happen.” since they were babies, Wishkoski and 20-year-old Like kaleidoscopic memories from a night out Stevie Cheung turned in one of the best local projwhile on one, Stevie and guests tell fleeting stories ects of 2011 with “SwimSuits,” a mix-tape blessed with of easy living and easy girls over an ever-changing exceptional production and an acute eye towards the sonic landscape provided entirely by Cheung and debaucherous tropes of popular music. Cheung, who handles the bulk of the project’s singing and rapping, Wishkoski, who are both classically-trained pianists. Drawing on what’s popular now and expanding limits his subject matter to club nights gone wild and it, “SwimSuits” boasts the 8-bit bounce of “That’s right. His steez on “Kama Sutra” is simple and direct from the opening line: “Make a couple friends, mon- My Type,” the Houston slow-roll (complete with chopped-and-screwed chorus) of standout track ey in the wind, push a new Benz.” However, to view Stevie and Sam as rain-mak- “Timeless Opulence,” the beautiful electronic swirls of “Burma” and all three and then some on “Kama ing merry-makers is off-base; more like acclimated Sutra IV.” youths parroting their musical heroes, growing into “What is popular is very temporal,” Cheung said. the pop-culture values they grew up on.

“It changes over time. We address the subjects being passed on in our contemporary culture while still changing the emotional landscape under it.” Wishkoski agreed. “We know that art is transient and music is transient and it's always changing. That's what we really want to get across.” Unfortunately, so are partnerships. Cheung and Wishkoski are pursuing separate goals. Stevie and Sam will drop one more project under that moniker, recorded before “SwimSuits” and currently “on ice.” Separately, Wishkoski is a freshman at UW and has contributed beats to projects by local rappers The Good Sin and The Physics. He also has worked as a studio pianist for renowned beatsmith Jake One; his keys found their way onto the new album by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. Cheung currently lives in San Francisco and is working on a mixtape with 206-swag-spitter Thaddeus David who appears on “Timeless Opulence.” He is also releasing an instrumental solo project inspired by something a little longer lasting than la petite mort - love. - JOE GUSTAV

Youthful Indiscretions Stevie and Sam turn temporal trysts and toasts into lasting beauty with “SwimSuits”

Jhon Catano - shot at Seattle's oldest bar, Merchants Cafe



Captain Midnite Get familiar with January's "Discovered" artist.

Chuck Larpenteur

Vocalist and producer Captain Midnite is an astute practitioner of reverse psychology. Though he compels the listener to “drown me out” on the single of the same name, the song’s epic doomsday urgency begs the opposite, creating an even greater attraction to the music. See how that works? Midnite is branching out as an electronic/dubstep solo act after years of making beats for rappers including Kyle Lucas of Vonnegutt, signed to Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon Records. That collaboration took him to Lollapalooza this past August. Read on to see where Captain Midnite’s going on his own and with others as the fourth Northwest artist to be Discovered. Know an act deserving? You know what to do: @DListMagazine #Discovered - JOE GUSTAV

Name: Captain Midnite Age: 23 From: Seattle, WA Sounds Like: Love. Positivity. Betrayal. Victory. Loss. Overcoming. My music is a combo of styles that I love: hip-hop, rock, electro, soul. I started out making hip-hop beats for artists around the Seattle area such as Grieves, SOL and my old group, The Let Go. For fun, I've also been releasing dubstep/electro tracks and remixes for free download before my EP drops. When I'm Not Making Music I'm: Living positive. Watching Coen Brothers and Chan-wook Park films. Laughing at comedians. Laughing at people who don't know they're comedians. Accidentally writing songs in my head. Enjoying Seattle because it's a beautiful area we live in.


What's Next: Recording a brand new EP to be released early next year! This EP is an adventure into a realm and level I've never been. It's addicting. Also, Kyle Lucas and I are working on brand new material branching off our last EP, “The Sky Is Falling” and “I'm Fine.” Absolutely stoked with how these projects are sounding! Catch Me At: or tweet @CapnMidnite. All my projects are on iTunes, just search “Captain Midnite.” And I can't forget to mention that I have such an INTENSE new music video dropping for my song "Drown Me Out" very soon! Calling it INTENSE is an understatement.


aJAN. 12

SPORTS, Pegasus Dream, The Fascination Movement, Tito Ramsey @ Chop Suey

aJAN. 14-15

aJAN. 17

Allen Stone & The Seattle Rock Orchestra @ The Neptune We had a hunch when we featured Allen Stone in

Theophilus London, THEESatisfaction @ Neumos Here are two ways to be weird in hip-hop. Theophilus

October that the pride of Chewelah, WA., was going

London is the attractive socialite who craves atten-

to blow up after the release of his debut album. Now,

tion and has to stand out, but with impeccable taste in

year Top 10s is SPORTS’ self-titled debut, a pulsating

following sold-out shows across the nation, a com-

cutting-edge sounds. THEESatisfaction is out-there

update of ‘80s electronic shoegaze. The local quartet

manding performance on “Conan” and love from

because it’s not from this plane of existence. Its ethos

promises new music in the new year, but until then,

USA Today, The New York Times and many more,

is something otherworldly. Both sounds combine for

An album that should have been on more end-of-

bump their cover/remix of “Vitamin C,” a sunglasses-

not even we would’ve guessed this soul singer’s rapid

a mind-altering, possibly expanding and enrapturing

at-night dance track for the kids who wear all black.

ascension. For two nights at The Neptune, Allen


Stone will play homecoming shows after returning to the Northwest a national conqueror.

aJAN. 20

aJAN. 21 Sol’s “Yours Truly” Album Release Party w/ Shad, Brothers Karl Blau, The Soft Hills (album release), Joseph Giant from Another, DJ Supreme @ The Sunset Tavern @ Neumos

aJAN. 25

Wu-Tang Clan @ Showbox SoDo

Twenty years ago, nine gutter-dwelling upstarts pro-

Sol, the Prince of Seattle hip-hop, drops his long-

The bearded gatekeepers of Seattle’s alt-folk scene

claimed that they “ain’t nothing to fuck with.” The

awaited full-length “Yours Truly.” The recent UW

have birthed a few national stars (most notably Fleet

music, their demeanor and overwhelming popularity

grad is a town favorite, as evidenced by the success

Foxes and The Head & The Heart), and it seems that

backed up such an audacious boast from the then-

of his Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Join-

in all likelihood, The Soft Hills will be joining them.

new cats. Over the course of the next two decades, their fuckwitability was frequently put into question

ing him at the album release are Canada’s Shad, our

The first singles from “The Bird Is Coming Down To

northern neighbor’s best, and an honorary Seattle-

Earth” are psychedelic remembrances of childhood

the “Iron Flag” misstep, RZA’s “hippie rap,” the death

ite and the Rainier-draining, Swisher-guts-splaying

wonder and sweetness, always melodic, at times ambi-

of ODB, Method Man’s Sour Patch Kids commercial

young ones, BFA.

ent. Anacortes indie favorite Karl Blau headlines.

but through it all, Wu-Tang Clan is still most definitely nothing to fuck with.




Our very first "Decibel DJ" feature shows that good music can feed the soul and the stomach.

provided by At Night Mgmt

#6 DJ in the world. Winner of Pete Tong’s Fast Trax. Props from the biggest names in electronic music. His own radio show on SiriusXM. A Grammy nomination for his song “Sunshine” with David Guetta. Yes, Swedish DJ prodigy Avicii has accomplished a lot at 22. But he’s looking to do a whole lot more -- namely, end hunger, starting with its termination in the United States. He is currently on the House For Hunger Tour, an idea started by his manager, Ash Pournouri, to increase awareness of a surprisingly widespread affliction in one of the world’s most prosperous countries. Pournouri and Avicii plan to donate $1 million in gig fees to Feeding America, with every dollar able to provide 8 meals to hungry Americans. DList chatted with Avicii while busy on tour. To see him for yourself at the historic Paramount and help him end hunger in the US; visit for more. - JOE GUSTAV

Congratulations on your Grammy nomination. It seems like for the first time, the Grammys are t r y i ng t o give due recognition to electronic music. What does this mean to the genre and to you as an artist?: The amount of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Grammy nominees this year is definitely huge for the industry. It shows how much the scene has grown, even from when I started a couple years back. For me personally it’s a huge honor and one of those things that I never in my wildest dreams would have thought could happen when I first started playing around with synths on my computer 5 years ago. You’ll be coming to Seattle as part of the House for Hunger Tour, a tour with proceeds going to Feeding America. Why is this a cause near to your heart? Why do you want to help end hunger in the US and the world?: Well when I first found out how big the hunger problem in the US actually was I couldn’t really believe it at first. I’ve always pictured it as a third


world problem and when I heard that in a country where I’ve spent so much time in, 1 out of 6 people struggle with hunger, it really was a no-brainer that I wanted to help out when my manager Ash came to me with the idea for the tour! Is part of the reason for doing an EDM charity tour to combat some mainstream stereotypes toward the music (apathy, lack of a political/social conscience, drugs?): For me it’s not really about combating anything, even though I think EDM music has been getting a lot of unfair criticism and still is. I’m doing this for the cause and hopefully start something that will eventually involve more artists and companies within the EDM industry. Its also a way for me to give something back to a country that has given me so much. To hear what Avicii has planned for the new year, read our full interview at the DList blog.



Safe Design

Starting off slowly, working with anyone to get her name out, and with support from the Wing Luke Museum, Anne, along with her current teammates Jeremy Protacio and Carmel Laurino have built Rock.Paper.Sketch humbly to be a design boutique that takes branding and design a step further than most designers and agencies. With a combination of excellent usage of space, uplifting hues of color, and hints of fashionable inspiration, Rock. Paper.Sketch creates some of the most unique and memorable logos and designs for their clients. This is shown as their budgets have increased from $50 to now $15,000 just for creative and design purposes. Their intuitiveness and skills have brought them amazing clientele and projects over the past year-and-a-half ranging from local musicians, apparel lines in LA, T-Mobile, Tesla Motor Company, Pantone and recently doing designs on bronze inlays for public art that will grace the city of Seattle's sidewalks by spring time that will set the standards for the next 100 years. Rock.Paper.Sketch wants to be your ambassador to design your idea and we couldn't agree more that getting up close and personal with Rock.Paper.Sketch would be an experience that you'll never forget. Check out their portfolio and more info at - BRANDON PALMA

Use A Concept An intimate look at design firm Rock.Paper.Sketch.

Danielle Bortone-Holt The creative process for a graphic designer can be likened to a passionate night of great sex. There is passion, there is climax, and there is definitely a consequence for such an act of love. Weather it is immediate or 9 months, the birth of an amazingly designed piece becomes the manifest love child between the material and the spiritual. At Seattle based design boutique Rock.Paper.Sketch, this passion for design runs deep and is quite evident in all that they do. Creative director and founder Anne Milan Alo first started her career as a designer in Los Angeles fresh out of college. Inspired by the Jennifer Lopez movie, The Wedding Planner she established a wedding studio and blossomed with it for four successful years. Her next move was with Neiman Marcus designing award winning window displays on famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This opened her to visual merchandising and she quickly found herself at Nordstrom. Once there, she quickly realized that putting together pre-designed window displays was not for her and in 10 months was promoted and made the move to Seattle to be on the more influential design side of Nordstrom. Anne brought her creative vision to No rdstrom for two-and-a-half years and soon realized a new beginning was on her horizon.



SexyAnd I Know It!


Beauty rituals have played a huge role in expressing sexuality dating back to Cleopatra. Express your own sexy side with these racy cosmetics. - Tricia Mann

This range of cosmetics is specifically created to recreate the afterglow from uh em, you know. Pair the Orgasm blush with those bedroom eyes and you’re an instant weapon of mass seduction. NARS: Orgasm Blush $27

NARS: Orgasm Lip Gloss $27

Je ne sais quoi in a bottle? Why not just spell it out with I AM’s collection of sexy fragrances. With names like I am Wild, I am Sexy, I am Naughty: you can match your mood or inspire it. IAM Fragrances: Naked/Wild $72



Wild at Heart Satisfying your every desire.

Danielle Bortone-Holt (2 locations) 600 Pine St Seattle 98101 101 Bellevue Square Bellevue 98004

Seven Salon

Seattle's iconic salon isn't just settling with it's domination of the northwest.

Michael Walmsley

SEVEN Salon is not the place to be pampered or to receive a haircut in the hopes of being a celebrity lookalike. The Seattle-bred business places more importance on the energy of the environment and providing customers with cuts and colors that best suit them. Upon entering the Seattle location, music spun by a live DJ welcomes potential clients into the salon’s atmosphere of vitality. A complimentary barista bar is also on hand. The lights over the cutting stations provide the feeling of “being on stage,” suggested Nathan Demarre, the salon’s marketing manager. Fittingly, the spotlight is placed on the client during consultations, not trends or celebrities. SEVEN’s consultations focus on what will suit the client’s distinctive facial structure and features best. “We prescribe haircuts,” asserted Demarre, also acknowledging consultations are mutual discussions. He additionally emphasized the value of originality at SEVEN. “We’re not trying to cre-

ate clones; we’re trying to create individuals.” SEVEN has provided a luxury salon experience since 2003. Education is of great importance, as training after beauty school and continuing education inform the styling staff. SEVEN will spread its expertise in light of the new year. A line of products, simply named 7, was launched five years ago. Now the company plans to take it national. With 25 products total, Demarre suggested it’s a more complete line than others on the market. Demarre also acknowledged how important it was for SEVEN to create a high quality product that left hair feeling light and natural. “It’s not about the product, it’s about the hair,” he said. The business philosophy of individuality remained intact with original product launch. “We didn’t want to just make money,” Demarre said. “We wanted to make a mark.” If the distinctive precision cuts leaving the salon are any indication, it will be no problem. - STEVEN DOLAN 1111 NW Leary Way Seattle 98107


We all have a naughty side. It’s just a matter of tapping into it. Step into Wild At Heart, Seattle’s premier woman-owned sex shop and bring your kinkiest desires to life. For six years, Vickey Miellie and Lisa Szilagyi have been in the business of naughtiness. After careers as social workers, the duo decided it was time for a change. After some innovative brainstorming, along came Wild At Heart. “The way we see it, sexual health is just as important as physical, mental and emotional health,” Miellie explained. “We took our background in social work and put a twist on how we cater to peoples’ needs.” Out of a passion for working with people and the numerous benefits of a healthy sex life, Miellie and Szilagyi creatively devoted their energy to transforming peoples’ sex lives and bringing back excitement to all who enter. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, with a knowledgeable staff ready to make you feel at ease. Prepare to have all of your sex questions answered, with an array of products sure to satisfy. “We are accepting of all people and excited to help all explore their sexuality,” Miellie said. “Plain and simple, we draw the line at illegal!” This means you will find the kinkiest of kinky, including local products from Seattle artisans. Leatherwork, glass-blown and metalwork dildos, restraints, collars, cuffs and floggers are all proudly sold. In addition to the wide selection of pleasurable creations, Wild At Heart places a special importance on the community, donating to various causes. Starting back up this spring will be the shop’s steamy Sunday school classes. Past topics have been Oral for Him & Her, Flogging Class and a Sexy Yoga Class. From novice to pro, no matter your fetish, Wild At Heart has you covered. Happy humping! - LOREN BOYD

Every woman should know that wearing lingerie is more about making yourself feel sexy than bringing pleasure to the eyes of others. So slip into something a little more comfortable and enjoy yourself by yourself. Photography by Peter Gaan Produced & Styled by Jenascia Chakos Styling Assistants: Kayleigh Capelle, Jamie Kesselman & Ruby Behlen Hair and Makeup: Yessie Libby with Face Atelier Model: Renee Russell for SMG

Bra-marlies dekkers $142; Panties-marlies dekkers $68; Fur Shrug-Marcelle Danan $1,380; Earrings-Anna Sheffield $300

Bra-marlies dekkers $124; Panties-Elle Macpherson Intimates $22; Booties-Luichiny $94.95; Bracelet-Soho Hearts $34.95; Belt-HoneyCooler Handmade $65

Fox Fur Wrap-Luly Yang $1,100; Body Suit-$; Necklace-Marcelle Danan; Shoes-Luichiny $145

High Waisted Shorts-Bianca Rachele $785; Gloves-Luly Yang $150; Shoes-Report; Necklace-Marcelle Danan; Earrings-Soho Hearts $33.50

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Jennifer) Plaid Gown, Key Necklace/Megan Cherewatenko; Crown/Young &ng; Leather Cuffs & Ring/Lauren Harkness. (On Michael)Shirt/KR3W & Shoes/Palladium at ZEBRACLUB; Vest & Pants/Isaac B. Evolution at BUILT FOR MAN; Bow Tie/HOP. (On Leah) Rose Gown/Megan Cherewantenko; Copper Bracelet/Lauren Harkness; Black Bangle, Beatle Cuff, Donoma Bracelet/ Soho Hearts; Snake Shoe/Vero Cuio at THE FINERIE. (On Taylor) Sequin Pants/Sparkle & Fade at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Maddy Crew Neck/Babkul; Belt/Sweet Chemis & Bracelet at THE FINERIE. (On Zjanna)Lace Shift/Madina Vadace & Corset/Abigail Glaumlathbury at THE FINERIE; Earrings/Soho Hearts. (On Vedran) Leather Jacket/ZAK, Shirt/Penguin, Pants & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at THE FINERIE; Watch/Stylist's own. (On Mikaela) Plaid Jacket/Megan Cherewantenko; Pants/BDG at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Scarf at THE FINERIE; Shoes/Luichiny; Necklace/Soho Hearts Bra-marlies dekkers $100; Shorts-HoneyCooler Handmade $145; Blouse-Babkul $145; Shoes-Report; Earrings-By Boe $50

Bodysuit-marlies dekkers $228; Jacket-Suzabelle $334; Booties-Luichiny $90; Ring-Soho Hearts $100; Knee Highs-Stylist's Own

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Mikaela) Coat/Heilyke at THE FINERIE; Bodysuit/Wolford; Skirt/Megan Cherewantanko; Shoes/Luichiny. (On Michael)Pants & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at ZEBRACLUB; Jacket/Moods of Norway at THE FINERIE. (On Taylor) Shakespeare Skirt/Alexander Aesthetic; Scarf/Stylist's own; Headpiece/Lauren Harkness; Bangle/Soho Hearts. (On Zjanna)Coat/Desigual at BLUE LUNA; Tights/Wolford; Booties/Bronx. (On Leah) Gown at LULY YANG; Arm Warmers at BUILT FOR MAN; Necklace/Stella & Dot. (On Vedran) Jacket at BUILT FOR MAN; Chinos/WESC & Shoes/ Palladium at ZEBRACLUB. (On Jennifer) Dress/Isabel de Pedro at BLUE LUNA; Coat/Ainslie, Knot Necklace as headband & Tassle Necklace at THE FINERIE; Shoes at LULY YANG. High Waisted Knickers-Between the Sheets $40


Six Inches

Or More! There's something undeniably sexy about high heels. This Ruthie Davis pump perfectly combines a lot of height, Swarovski cr ystals and a hint of danger to create the perfect platform (pun intended) for any vixen. Ruthie Davis: 'Jewel' Pump $1,798




Individuals participate in this annual marathon (hosted by Club Northwest) and run the 5K course just to finish off by jumping into the winterchilled Lake Washington as a celebration of their achievement.

1Magnisun Park






Seattle Wedding Show

West Side Story

Craig Robinson

With loads of free prizes and giveaways along with over 400 local vendors showing off their wedding worthy goods, there is simply no reason for any bride-to-be to not be attending.

West Side Story is a musical that will forever remain a classic. Telling the story of young kids in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, exploring what it is like for a young couple forced apart due to social stereotypes.

Best known for his role in the Office as Darryl Philbin, Craig Robinson has proved through his numerous appearances in a long string of comedies that he can without a doubt make us laugh.

10 The Paramount 11

12 The Neptune

7Seattle Art Museum



Monster Jam


Taking place at the Tacoma Dome, this is a competition and celebration of some of the biggest trucks you will ever see takes place over three days for maximum enjoyment.

Performed under the largest tent in North America, Cirque du Soleil founder Normand Latourelle brings his magical new large scale equestrian performance show Cavalia back to Seattle, Washington.

13 Tacoma Dome





18 Marymoor Park









Seattle Boat Show

Anjelah Johnson

Join DList Magazine and Amber Lounge for an issue release party of January's DList Magazine. Hosted by the LFL's Seattle Mist with music by Las Vegas' DJ Hollywood. LV trip giveaway courtesy Avion Tequila.

This annual celebration of all things boats is definitely one to stop by and check out on your day off. With over 1,500 recreational boats both in the Events Center and floating on Lake Union, there is plenty to see.

As a cast member on season 13 of Mad TV and known for her portrayal of Bon Qui Qui in the now viral Mad TV shorts Johnson is blazing comedic stages across the country.

Link 28 Century Events Center

29 The Paramount

26 Amber




Photography by Fiona Pepe Styling by Jenascia Chakos and Fiona Pepe Produced by Jenascia Chakos Styling Assistants: Nicole Geissler & Rebekah Rochelle Hair by Meghann Oliberos Makeup by Erin Skipley Model: Amelia Talon

Dress-Kastle Designs $295; Leather Corset Belt-Misfit Leather $280; Aviator Hat-NY Hat Co.-METRO $69; Cuffs-Soho Hearts $69.95 Each

Panties-Between The Sheets $36; Harness-Lip Service-METRO $139; Chain Mail Headdress-METRO $79; Cuffs-METRO $39 Each

Bodysuit-Jamie Stratton-Price Upon Request; Wallet Chains-METRO-$25 Each; Belt-Jamie Stratton-Price upon Request; Boots-Luichiny Red Carpet $210

Dress-Lip Service-METRO $139

Dress/Khloe at VUE SOCIETY; Ring/by boe

Cape/Bonnie Cashin & Roller Skates/Chicago Roller Skate Co. at LUCKY VINTAGE; Leggings/BLANKNYC at ZEBRACLUB

Corset-Living Dead Souls-METRO $75; Panties-marlies dekkers $59; Chain Suspenders-Kastle Designs $180; Stilettos-Luichiny $90; Bangles-Johnny Swain $40-$65

Turtle Neck/Sparkle & Fade, Pants/RVCA, Booties/Ecote, Headphones/ Panasonic at URBAN OUTFITTERS

Dress-Jamie Stratton-Price Upon Request; Holster-Lip Service-METRO $120; Earrings-Treasure Chest $45

Bra-marlies dekkers $139; Panties-Elle Macpherson Intimates $26; Leather Shoulder Strap-Misfit Leather $125; Boots-Luichiny $195; Fringe Bag-Ms. Wood $120; Bracelet-Soho Hearts $150

Jacket-Lip Service-METRO $79; Harness-Misfit Leather $200



Holiday Rich List at Sky Lounge December, 23 2011 Nate Johnson



Oskar's Lounge 1 Year Anniversary December, 16 2011 Nate Johnson



Become the

Profile Picture for DList's Facebook page For one week in Februar y 2012 DList Magazine will replace it's Facebook profile picture with the picture from the winning entr y from this contest. Entrants must send pictures to no later than Januar y 30, 2012 to enter. Entries must contain "DList Branding" within the picture. Contest winner will be chosen by Februar y 3, 2012. Winner will have photo uploaded to Facebook profile and will be awarded a prize pack from DList Magazine. Good luck!


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