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We just found this awesome statistic on that Resolution was the #1 New Years event in the world according to Facebook RSVP's!

929 People Reached 19 People Talking About This

1,132 People Reached 19 People Talking About This

photobooth fame

photobooth fame

new years eve 'resolution 2012'

amber escape 'las vegas entourage'





Paul McCartney

Nicki Minaj

Kisses on the Bottom FEBRUARY 7

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded FEBRUARY 14

Paul McCartney has been in the music game longer than most artists. His newest album, “Kisses on the Bottom,” marks his 23rd studio album of his career and his first album since 2007. With a number of big names both in and involved in the record, McCartney has dubbed this album a “very tender, very intimate” album that is perfect for a glass of wine after a long day.

Ja Rule

Though this is only Nicki Minaj’s second album, the y o u n g rap star has surely proved her worth and staying power in the rap game. Signed to Lil Wayne’s evergrowing label, Young Money, Minaj has cranked out more hits this year than most seasoned artists. Known for her multiple personalities and distinct fe atures, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” will explo r e he r f avorite inner persona.

Pain is Love 2




“Pain is Love 2” will mark the release of Ja Rule’s first album in eight years and the sequel to his 2001 album, “Pain is Love.” Though Ja Rule originally hoped to release the album before the beginning of his two-year prison sentence (for weapons possession), he realized the album would not be complete in time. However, Ja Rule later said that he would rather delay the album to make it better than release a bad album.

FEBRUARY 28 Estelle came on the scene in 2008 with her famed collaboration with Kanye West for her single “American Boy.” Estelle went on to win a number of awards, including Best New Song, Best UK Video and Best New Artist. Though she has been under the radar for some time now, her reemergence is sure to bring even more dance-worthy music to our ears.

Asura's Wrath

february 21 System: Xbox 360, PS3


february 21


After a slow January, February starts to get the ball rolling for gaming in 2012, feaIf you mention the game turing a handful of releases “Syndicate” to any early ‘90s “SSX” is the Tony Hawk of worth drooling over, vastly PC gamer, you will surely snowboarding games; outradue to the amount of unique bring a smile to their face. Be- geous, exhilarating and fun. titles hitting store shelves. ing one of the most in-depth After a brief hiatus, “SSX” is First, we have “Asura’s Wrath,” and celebrated games at the back and bigger than ever. a Japanese action game featime of its release, this reboot Featuring real world snowturing a polished visual style of the series will not only boarding locations as opposed and fast button smashing draw old school gamers back, to fictional slopes and a variety controls, similar to the “God but also expose an entire of character and customizaof War” franchise. Players generation to the brilliance tion options, this is a game to assume the role of Asura, a of the game's concept. The get lost in during the warmer general of the God’s, who year is 2069 and no govern- months of the year. But don’t has been pinned as the culments control developed civ- think this is just your run of prit in a gruesome murder. ilizations. Instead areas are the mill downhill racing game. With no relief in sight, Asura controlled by mega-corpo- “SSX” will include multiple must protect himself, his rations aka Syndicates. Civil- game modes like trick comps, family and the fate of exisians unaware to the hand be- story modes, multiplayer, graftence in this immensely epic ing struck down upon them fiti, and the most enticing fight for survival. Currently are chipped in order to share mode of all is sure to be the a demo is on Xbox Live and knowledge and alert all activ- heli-boarding, allowing playPSN, which is worth taking a ity to the authorities. Taking ers to be dropped off at any look at if you are in need of a on an RPG/FPS gameplay point on the mountain and fresh and unique game. style, users must control their free ride as they please. The destiny in the ultimate fight game also packs in an amazfor revenge. ing soundtrack for hitting the slopes featuring Pretty Lights, DJ Shadow, Theophilus London and Nero.

System: PC, Xbox 360, PS3


february 28

System: Xbox 360, PS3

DVD'S aA Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D February 7

aThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 February 11

aRum Diary February 14

This ridiculously funny trilogy is now in its eighth

OK, I know what you’re thinking…when will this se-

year running with the two main stars Harold (John

ries end already? And your answer is: probably never,

Starring everyone’s favorite male lead, Johnny Depp, and blonde bombshell Amber Heard, the Rum Diary is yet an-

Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) up to their usual tricks

so we might as well enjoy it. All original cast members

other reason why Hunter S. Thompson is a genius. Based

and stoner schemes. With guest star Neil Patrick Har-

(and then some) return for part one of the final “Twi-

on the 1998 best-selling book, “The Rum Diary” follows

ris and tons of shenanigans, the duo proves that even

light” book. Armed with a ridiculously large budget,

Paul Kemp (Depp) as he makes the drastic move from New

Christmastime can bring on the ridiculousness.

this newest installment in the series is entertaining to

York to Puerto Rico and all hell breaks loose.

say the least.

aTOWER HEIST February 21


aMartha Marcy May Marlene

February 21

February 21

Tower Heist” stars Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey

By far one of the most honest and moving indepen- This movie received some of the best reviews of all

Affleck and Téa Leoni with famed action director

dent films of the season, “The Way” tells the story

Brett Ratner behind the scenes. The movie follows

of a bond between a father and son and the great

Olsen taking the lead role, the film follows her char-

a group of scorned civilians who decide to take their

lengths to which we go to mourn. Written, directed,

acter as she flashes through the past, present and fu-

movies released this season. With newcomer Elizabeth

fate into their own hands by enlisting the help of Slide

produced and starred in by Emilio Estevez and real

ture as viewers piece together her horrific story. The

(Murphy) to exact revenge on the corrupt business-

life father, Martin Sheen, bring believability and vul-

movie combines just the perfect amount of suspense

man who screwed them over and took their money.

nerability to the screen that will move viewers to tears.

with fantastic acting and beautiful cinematography.



achronicle February 3

The first-person thriller has been

main form of escape and expression is

darkness with his characters. His previ-

popular for years now (we all remember

a video camera. Andrew and his cousin

ous film 'Slingshot' carried the same

So what do you get when you cross X-

Blair Witch) but since then there has

Matt (Alex Russell) along with class-

premise while showcasing established

Men and Cloverfield? No, not a giant

been many advances in technology

mate Steve (Michael B. Jordan) discov-

actors (Balthazar Getty and David Ar-

er a mysterious substance that leaves


hairy dinosaur with psychic abilities!

and these films are becoming more and

You get 'Chronicle', the first coming-

more realistic looking. Yes it does look

them with incredible powers. As their

The twists are going to take you

of-age super hero movie filmed in the

easy to make a leaf blower lift up girls

abilities become more powerful, the

on a roller coaster ride right up to the

first person. Oh ya and it's shot right

skirts from 30 feet away! Darn it CGI,

teens' lives spin out of control when

dramatic ending. Spoiler alert: one of

stop playing with my dreams!

their darker sides begin to emerge.

the boys will die! Ha ha, no really.

here in our backyard. Yup that's the

Director Jay Alaimo is at the

Space Needle on the movie poster. But

The story revolves around An-

as we all know it was probably filmed in

dr ew ( D a ne D e H a a n) a s o c i a l l y

helm of this flic and takes the audience

our neighbor's up norths lot.

a w k ward, introverted teen whose

on a great journey of innocence to


mort? Where is my tween crush

remote village to put a deceased ec-

Emma Watson? Oh wait this isn't

centric's affairs in order. Of course as

Potter, this is..? Daniel Radcliffe

soon as he arrives he starts noticing a

Februay 3

plays a lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who

lot of awkward behavior from the

In this installment of the Harry

is recently widowed and grieving the

townsfolk and s#@* hits the fan. If

Potter series...wait where is Volde-

loss of his wife when he is sent to a

he could only hop on his broom .


of martial arts' life. This is a docu-

on their personal feelings about the

February 9

mentary style film that takes clips

legend. Wait...why is the long haired

of Bruce's movies along with per-

guy from the Black Eyed Peas and Al

Don't worry Bruce Lee purists, this

sonal interviews and outtakes from

Bundy in this?

isn't another Hollywood adapta-

some of the world's most famous

tion of what happened in the “Elvis�

musicians, athletes and celebrities

athis means war

movie studio execs! Gotta throw

February 14

to book. And is it just me or is she

in some hyper-masculinity to get

hotter now after kids then she was in

both d e m o g r a p h i c s p a y i n g f o r

'Legally Blond'? Either way I will take

Yay it's Valentine's Day! Time for

t h a t c o v eted #1 spot in the box of-

mushy movies! Well at least this one

fice. Also I heard Reese Witherspoon

has guns and violence! Good job

isn't exactly the cheapest female lead


this one over 'The Vow' any day.

APPS WRITTEN BY Glace Bondeson


E I D a

feature app



Price: FREE

Price: $2.99

Available: Android, iOS

Available: Android, Android Tablet, iOS


Price: FREE Available: iOS, Android, Android Tablet

We all love to eat great tasting food, but with that comes the appeal for great looking food as well. It’s easy enough to hop online and find a restaurant that suits our needs, but more often than not, restaurateurs want to see the visual appeal a menu can bring to the table. Foodspotting for iOS and Android provide users a clever and intuitive interface to find their next favorite dish. The application lets users upload stunning photographs of their favorite meals served at restaurants for others to see and vote on. Featuring multiple categories, users are able to view nearby foods based on personal interests or browse through an immense picture gallery of the highest rated meals in their area. So whether you are looking to find the most beautiful meal of your life or share your latest find with the world, Foodspotting is a one-stop shop for all your food-finding needs.

s p p

Alfred is a diamond in the rough, to say the least. This handy little butler has recently hit the app market, but will soon become your best friend. Alfred asks users a series of questions about their food interests and favorite restaurants, while generating results based on the questions asked. Based on the short amount of time together, I have no reason to doubt Alfred’s suggestions.

If you have ever seen a restaurant in your life, you have probably noticed the copious amounts of “Zagat Rated” stickers posted to windows and doors. The Zagat app for mobile devices requires users to create a profile in order to rate their favorite restaurants and earn achievements to use towards unlocking new features and recommendations.



Price: FREE

Price: FREE

Available: Android, Android Tablet, iOS

Available: iOS

OpenTable has been around for a while, offering a service that lets users find and book reservations at many restaurants in their location. Recently releasing a mobile application for Android and iOS, OpenTable is making it even easier to make quick reservations on short notice while on the go.


Yes, there is an abundance of great restaurants in the world, but restaurants catering to vegetarian and vegan patrons can be hard to come by. VegOut for iPhone lets users browse for nearby restaurants based on their special needs, eliminating the need to scour every menu for an appropriate dish.

DINE 1419 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122

f eo e m so etit m p f o fr r ap one o an s u t n yo t ry n t r a r r y ta u e t h e l e t o j a c k l s e h b r ng ds. w be a ods. i z o o o a am orho ure t he-w e b t som eigh are s -ofs e n u ck t u ri n a r y r , yo r n e a e a u e ' f c c u l d b o i n yo u s i l i d i sc l e c t o r w a n t s o o ' f s t e k e s ta u r l a o a s u n n e ' s m r a b ce w r e a t h e e at t lv e s c e at n s cra gr se the


Manhattan Drugs Ernie Sapiro

Just as uncustomary as its moniker, Manhattan Drugs asserts its nontraditional ways in more approaches than just that, brandishing itself as being “not your run of the mill steakhouse.” Beyond being the only steakhouse in Capitol Hill, which makes it an auspicious choice for all the meat-lovers in the area, Manhattan Drugs prides itself on serving 100 percent all natural beef from Painted Hills Ranch and USDA prime grade cuts of

meat for the most tender and juicy of f lavors. Dark velvety walls, dark wood furniture and a backlit bar provides an intimate yet stylish f lare to any dining experience, complete with an, oh you know, just your typical M-16-horned ram that’s hanging on the wall. A taste of the menu: The Dungeness crab cake ($14) was delicious

While on capitol hill also try one of these great restaurants

and savory, full of real crab with a lemon mustard and herbed frisee on the side. T h e s t e a k , n a t u r a l l y, i s o u t s t a n d i n g with options such as a 12 oz. Prime New York ($38) or a 12 oz. Prime Filet ($45) each served with seasonal vegetables, a choice of steak butter (lemon herb, blue cheese or garlic) and a choice of mashed, baked potato or fries.

Olivar | 806 E Roy St | • Poquitos | 1000 E Pike St | • Lark | 926 12th Ave |



Local 360 Ernie Sapiro

Within a 360-mile radius of Seattle, a bounty of some of the freshest produce, meat and ingredients are being grown and groomed. Belltown’s Local 360 features dishes where at least 90 percent of raw ingredients come from within that radius (some items just simply aren’t available from the area such as lemons or coffee). Sustainability, utilizing local resources and investing in the surrounding community is as much a goal as the constant creation and serving of perfectly pleasing dishes. An interior of wood furniture with

metal accents and candelabras here and there make for a nice and cozy feel, where plenty of booth seating allows you to hang your coat and get comfortable while noshing away or sipping on your libation of choice (beverages, wine and liquor also all from local sources). A taste of the menu: Originally meant as an appetizer during its inception, the PB&J Bon Bons ($5) have since taken on quite the following and the demand for them as both a starter and des-

While In BELLTOWN also try one of these great restaurants

sert has been met by its addition to the dessert menu. One bite into the fried, crunchy exterior and a creamy ooze of peanut butter fills your mouth, joining the taste of sweet jelly that it was smeared with. The amazing fried chicken roulade ($18) had my taste buds singing, topped with a sunny-side-up egg and laying on a bed of bacon mousse, white corn cheddar cheesy grits and braised collard greens. Tender, braised rabbit leg ($24) joined brussel sprouts, sweet potato puree with a light and airy cider marshmallow.

Wasabi Bistro | 2311 Second Ave | • Spur | 113 Blanchard St | • Tavolata | 2323 Second Ave | 2234 First Ave Seattle, WA 98121



Din Tai Fung Ernie Sapiro

Din Tai Fung established its reputation as the leader in xiao long bao (often referred to as soup dumplings) long before it opened its doors in Bellevue’s Lincoln Square in November 2010. The small buns which are traditionally steamed in bamboo baskets, first originated from eastern China, while Din Tai Fung, a Tawainese-based restaurant chain, dates back to 1958. Since then, Din Tai Fung’s large following has allowed for locations to spread all over the world with the Bellevue location being just the second in the U.S.

Just before entering, a view into an area of the kitchen can be observed as a large kitchen staff circles their work area, meticulously weighing f lour, rolling dough or stuffing and pinching together dumplings. Inside, minimalist décor in shades of brown and gray abound in a dining room that is tidily and efficiently set up. A taste of the menu: Fresh, juicy pork dumplings ($9.50) and shrimp and pork shao mai ($11.25) were pockets of savory delight that arrived steaming.

While on THE EASTSIDE try one of these great restaurants

The trick to properly consuming one is to place one in your soup spoon before piercing it with your chopstick to release the hot broth inside, then dipping the dumpling in a sauce mix that consists of one part soy sauce, three parts vinegar, along with your option to add shreds of ginger or hot chili sauce. Non-dumpling options include braised beef noodle soup ($8.50), Shanghai rice cake with chicken ($8) and vegetarian and glutenfree options such as seaweed and bean curd in vinegar dressing ($4.50).

John Howie Steak | 11111 NE 8th St | • Pearl | 700 Bellevue Way NE | • Cafe Juanita | 9702 NE 120th Pl | 700 Bellevue Way NE #280 Bellevue, WA 98004




south lake union

Ernie Sapiro

In the sea of restaurants that continue t o assemble in the South Lake Union area, re:public has continued to be a stand out among the others. You can find New American cuisine full of valiant f lavors through modern culinary interpretations. Brick walls, exposed beams, low lighting, f lickering candles and a massive bar stocked to the brim creates the perfect atmosphere to linger all evening, whether for a

nice meal with a significant other, a catch-up session with the girls or a rockin’ good time spent all night at the bar with a big group of friends. A taste of the menu: A bright tuna crudo ($12) laid fresh pieces of tuna brilliantly over slices of Cara Cara orange before being sprinkled with toasted poppy seeds and chili.

While AT SOUTH LAKE UNION try one of these great restaurants

Steamed manila clams ($10) were bathed in a spicy tomato conserva with house sausage, fresh herbs and a mild nutty f lavor of the fregola sarda. Broad ribbons of house-made papparadelle pasta ($17) united with a beautifully rich, braised, fall-apart tender beef cheek ragu with a touch of truff le and a heap of grated grana.

Brave Horse Tavern | 310 Terry Ave N | • Harborside | 1200 Westlake Ave N | • Cuoco | 310 Terry Ave N | 429 Westlake Ave N Seattle, WA 98109


DINE downtown

RN74 Ernie Sapiro

Fr o m c e leb r i t y c h e f a nd r e s t au r a nt e u r , M i chael Mina, the much anticipated RN74 opened last year to an enthusiastic crowd. Here you can find modern American and regional French cuisine full of gusto and grace, craft cocktails and an extensive international wine list emphasizing the Burgundy wine region of France. The charismatic restaurant resembles a French train station with dim lighting, a train board in the dining area that lists "The Last Bottle Served" (last call wines that are available at special pricing.) Business cards

take on the look of a train ticket and luxurious leather-tufted furniture is available to take a seat in, the full ambiance giving off a casual yet elegant feel about it, just the way first class should be. A taste of the menu: Shareable snacks include items such as black truff le popcorn ($5) with a sprinkle of chives and sea salt and house-made soft pretzels ($8) with whole grain honey mustard. A beautiful cylinder of ahi tuna tartare ($19) arrived with a quail egg yolk resting

While downtown try one of these great restaurants

atop. Once arrived, the server proceeded to prepare the plate tableside, bringing t o gether Scotch bonnet pepper, pine nuts, mint, toasted sesame habanero oil and diced Asian pear to the mix. A boldly f lavored Liberty Farms duck breast “A L’Orange” ($34) was seared to perfection over braised fennel with a burst of blood orange and Cara Cara orange compote. Served alongside was a luscious Bluebird Grain Farms farro risotto with a foie gras mousse.

Andaluca | 407 Olive Way | • Dragonfish | 722 Pine St | • Lecōsho | 89 University St | 1433 Fourth Ave Seattle, WA 98101


DINE ballard

Volterra Ernie Sapiro

At Ballard restaurant Volterra, husband and wife team Don Curtiss and Michelle Quisenberry have been pleasing palates with their Tuscan-inspired menu since 2005. Here, local ingredients merge with years of Italian tradition through the hands of executive chef Don Curtiss, who once upon a time w a s so captivated and inspired while visiting the city of Volterra on a trip through Tuscany, that he was moved to open his restaurant with the charming city in mind. Low lighting in a large warm dining

room enclosed by deep red walls opens up to a sizeable bar where delicious cocktails are moderately priced, like the Tuscan limoncello rosemary drop ($8) of limoncello, vodka, fresh rosemary, lemon sour and a rosemary sugar-rimmed glass. A taste of the menu: The aroma of the house-made lamb meat balls ($12.50) was intoxicating, served with tendrils of roasted spaghetti squash, goat cheese cream, Calabrian chilis and Italian

While in ballard try one of these great restaurants

green olives. House-made, organic egg pasta was tossed with smoked pork jowls ($18), locally harvested wild mushrooms, truff le butter and organic Parmigiano Reggiano for a satisfyingly earthy combination. Roasted wild boar tenderloin ($22.50) w a s ge ne r o u s ly dr e nche d i n a r ich a nd creamy gorgonzola and mustard sauce that was aptly available to coat each rosemary roasted Yukon Gold potato on the plate if one so pleased.

The Counter | 4609 14th Ave NW | • Bastille | 5307 Ballard Ave NW | • La Carta de Oaxaca | 5431 Ballard Ave NW | 5411 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107



Feelin' Crabby

Keeping company with Starbucks and Pearl Jam as the Seattle’s token exports is seafood. Many would argue that it’s the most flattering representative. And of all the area’s seafood, the Dungeness crab holds a special place. The crustacean first became famous in the Olympic Peninsula town of Dungeness, Washington, and is now harvested from Kodiak, Alaska to Northern California. Dungeness crab season is winter, which means it’s more plentiful and more affordable. With more meat and fewer barbs, Dungeness are a better option than Alaskan king crab. Additionally, they’re a delicacy you can enjoy without guilt – the crabs are considered sustainable and most certainly local. Here are a few places around the city where you can find the best preparations. - KATE OPATZ

TRENDY: Etta's 1024 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122

UPSCALE: Flying Fish 300 Westlake Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109

EASY: City Fish 1535 Pike Place Seattle, WA 98101

At Etta’s, Dungeness is available both in the form of crab cakes and whole steamed crab. The steamed crab is as classic and pure as can be, with only grilled lemon and butter to distract from it. And from 4-6 pm on weeknights, there’s Crabby Hour. There’s steamed crab by the leg, half crab or whole crab, crab dip, crab salad, and a crab sandwich. It’d be hard to ask for more.

Though more of a financial commitment than many places ($27/pound), the salt and pepper crab at Flying Fish is guaranteed to be fresh and excellent. It’s kept company by sesame noodles, a daikon salad, and a spicy dipping sauce.


For an extremely efficient and to-the-point way of enjoying crab, stop by City Fish in Pike Place Market. There you can get a cup of lump, no-shell-involved crab, extremely fresh and made purely as a snack for strolling the market. It might even persuade you to spring for a whole crab to cook at home.

We caught up with Food Network Chef Robert Irvine to talk about rebuilding restaurants, staying healthy and what’s harder; “Chopped,” “Dinner Impossible” or Chef Anne… - EVAN CARTER


DISTINCT I appreciate you giving us a little time. I really do. So where you at right now? What are you doing? Robert: Right now, I'm on I-4 on the left to South Carolina. I was just in California. So kind of a crazy schedule we have. But it's all fun. You’ve cooked for the British Royal Navy, the Royal Family, U.S. government officials and celebs. You have three shows on the Food Network (“Dinner: Impossible,” “Restaurant: Impossible” and “Worst Cooks in America”) two books, so…what's next for you? R: What's next? Well we just opened a restaurant before Christmas in between doing “Restaurant: Impossible”. In 60 days, hopefully, I'll have another new restaurant. So just lots of things going on at the same time, but all fun. I'm getting married in between all that too! That's awesome. I'm such a huge fan. I'm a huge fan of Food Network in general, but how can you handle all the stress? R: I'm going to say I think the military teaches you how to deal with that stress in various ways. They don’t do you any favors. And I think I grew up with that. You know “Dinner: Impossible” was an amazing show in that it was probably the only reality show that was real. I didn't know anything that was going on. I didn't know I was going to cook. I didn't know who I was going to help. I didn't know anything about it. And I swear on my children's life that was real. So it's really within you putting your skills at task or can you get it done against the time, the elements, and the one thing that I had which I'm very proud of, and then if possible we never reproduce a dish twice. And all we have to say is we did eight seasons and an average 24 dishes for our show, four episodes from scratch, to thousands of people. We never reproduce it. So what made you want to jump in to “Restaurant: Impossible?” R: As far as dealing with real people with real issues, we're their last hope. If we don't go to them, they have a massive opportunity of failing. They are in danger of losing their families, their business, their homes and in some cases their lives. I mean some people have taken their lives because of the debt. And that's very sad. And I think each and every one, yeah it's a T.V. show, but in the truest form, nobody can script that. We have people tell me little kids are left behind when people commit suicide. You know these are real things. And I take it personally that it is my job to fix these problems as fast as I possibly can in two days and with $10,000. $10,000 is not a lot of money, especially when talking about rebuilding a restaurant. Are most of the restaurants you have helped still in business? R: It's kinda funny literally before you called, I saw Tweets about a restaurant called Pastori's. A man had a great meal, but the French

fries looked burned. So I called my executive chef, I said call Pastori's find out why their fries are burnt. They literally had a baby when my chef called. I keep in touch with all the restaurants we help. Out of the 37 restaurants we have helped, 34 are successful still. I keep contact with them via my executive chef and keep an eye on what they're doing. Checking their menus and helping with financials. We are about to do a “Where Are They Now” show. Why is “Restaurant: Impossible” different from other restaurant shows? R: I give some tough love and make the work speak for itself. And a lot of people often say to me, you know, you ripped off Gordon Ramsay. Well, let me tell you, we didn't. You know, this was a show that should have been done a long time ago where we actually DO ALL THE WORK. There's a point where tough love obviously has to be given because they're in denial, most of these people are. And you know, holding the key to the fire and still don't know what's really going on in the restaurant. I'm just a guy that pushes everybody to the limit. When you walk into that restaurant for the first time, what are some of the first things that you look for and automatically know, these guys shouldn't have done this? R: I think the first thing I notice is, and I'm presuming everybody notices, is the smell of the place the minute you walk in the door. And then you look at the f loorings, carpets, look at the walls, look at the decor. And all simultaneously, look at the staff. Are they smiling, are they happy? And then I know, before I even eat. Lastly is the restaurant clean? The place has to be immaculate. What are things people should think about before opening a restaurant? R: It's funny, everybody seems to think that they want to be a celebrity chef. They want to open a restaurant and throw money away. Unless you have a year’s salary for all the bills which you intend to pay based on your budgets, don't do it. Because you know, things happen to die now and again. It's all got to be paid whether you have business or not. If I walk in and said to you OK, what is your labor cost for today? How much money did you spend today? What is your food cost? And how much actual money did you make today? You better be able to tell me. Have been to Seattle before? R: Oh, yeah. What are some of your favorite restaurant out here? R: Seattle is such a great restaurant city. I think Canlis is very nice. You know, I also believe that Tom Douglas restaurants and bars out there are really good. I go to a restaurant depending on the mood I am in. Speaking of traveling so much and just eating healthy in general, what are some tips for eat-



ing healthy in the restaurant industry when you don't get a lot of breaks? R: I start by trying to eat breakfast in the morning when I get up, oatmeal and egg whites. Some type of protein always with my meal. I try to eat every two hours. And you know what the funny part is? Even though you’re used to fast food chains now, you can still get a grilled chicken on a whole wheat bun, just don't do the lettuce and the mayonnaise and everything else. You know? And I don't do carbs after 3:00PM. There's always a healthy option. Instead of using mayonnaise and ketchup, you can use hot sauces and lemons and limes and you can get things without mayonnaise. Are you more comfortable cooking for 600 people or 60? R: I think it really doesn't matter. My mantra is all about can I be consistent from the first plate to the last plate of 600. And the same with 60, it's all about consistency and that's what makes great restaurants successful. If I come in to your restaurant one day and it's great and I tell friends and I come in a week later and it's not so good, that's what is going to kill you. What do you think is more difficult, “Chopped” or “Iron Chef ?” I'm a huge “Chopped fan” so I had to ask. R: I’ve got to say, when I did “Chopped,” it was difficult, but I believe when I did “Dinner: Impossible,” “Dinner: Impossible” was worse than any of them. We all know about your rivalry with Chef Anne. How do you really act behind the scenes? R: Oh I don't know, I have this love/hate relationship with her. (Laughs) But it's just great competition and we're really good friends, but we love to get together and compete. I think life is just a series of moments and you enjoy the journey. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, and I'm not a good loser, by the way. I don't like to lose. But I look on every episode of whatever we do. The journey began from point A to point B and it's all cool, it's all good. Probably helped someone along the way. Anything you want to leave us with? R: I just appreciate what magazines, radio and the Internet are doing for the food/restaurant industry because without you guys letting people know what's going on around, they wouldn't be informed. I think that's a big part of marketing, whatever we do, whether that be restaurants, stores, pizzerias, whatever it is, I think it's very important that you keep doing what you're doing because that's huge for us. And we appreciate what you do for us. Follow Robert Irvine: Twitter: @robertirvine1 Online:


Scotch, Scotch, Scotch What do you think of when you think about Scotch? Your father or grandfather's drink of choice? That ver y distinct "peaty" smell? Well the beloved whisky from Scotland is quickly becoming hip for the 20-somethings as much as their parents. And fellas, nothing says "confidently cool" to the ladies like ordering a Scotch.

The Bottle Many people may not recognize the brand new Dewar's 12 bottle. It has been upgraded and given some much needed recognition to key accomplishments like its 200+ tasting awards and now bears the "1846" stamp which was the year John Dewar's opened his first wine and spirits shop in Perthshire, Scotland.

The Taste The Price Scotch is one of those indulgences where you don't want to go too economical. This is generally true because much of the time you will be drinking it neat or with a little amount of ice or water which will really showcase the flavor of a good or bad Scotch. However with Dewar's 12 the quality comes at a reasonable price of under $40 per 750ml bottle.

The Technique

Rich and tangy on the initial taste with deep oak notes. Vanilla, caramel, and smoke show up with little touches of tobacco, leather, and orange peel. Dewar's 12 has a bit more weight than many other Scotch's in it's price class and leaves a good amount of legs on the glass between sips.

There are a million ways to drink vodka, gin, rum and even tequila. But with Scotch you have to abide by a couple simple ways to imbibe. Many drink their Scotch "neat" which means in a room temperature glass, no ice. For the beginner, let us recommend adding a "rock" or iced-cube. The dilution from the ice melting will make the Scotch easier on the beginner's palate. Don't ever add more than a couple cubes of ice as you don't want too much water. You can also consider the traditional "Scotch and Soda." Pour your Scotch over ice and add a splash of soda water.

Now that you know your Scotch, visit one of these fine establishments to tr y it for yourself. BALLARD: Macleod's Scottish Pub 5200 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107

BELLEVUE: Daniel's Broiler 10500 NE 8th, 21st Flr Bellevue, WA 98004

TACOMA: Ale House 2122 Mildred St W Tacoma, WA 98466



Artusi Old school italian pinache with a modern twist. welcome to your new favorite bar. - Aleko Lilly Lindsay Borden Photography Anne Cho (cocktail) Walking into Artusi is like stepping into the showroom of a slick, sleek Italian design store. Fortunately, the design is permanent and the only things for sale are the cocktails and cheap eats; yin to 14th avenue east’s beloved Cascina Spinasse’s yang. At Spinasse, it’s all old world charm and a classic Italian trattoria vibe. Artusi is a totally different story. Chef and owner Jason Stratton has created a magnificent modern space in which to showcase the best of all things Italian and he’s done it without losing a sense of comfort and welcome. His staff is expert at enhancing that feeling. From servers to bartenders, to chefs stuck back in the tiny open kitchen, every person exudes a sense of warmth. That they are also quite clearly committed to the enterprise that is Artusi only adds to the sense that this is a bar both for a relaxing unhurried evening of snacks and cocktails and a bar to nerd out in and learn about the flavors of Italy. This is also a bar with the balls not to stock flavored vodka. To that end, Stratton described Artusi as, “focusing on Italian spirits and flavors and showcasing those in cocktails and throughout the bar… to the exclusion of some more obvious spirits.” They do this incredibly well. From their signature Marinetti’s Automobile to cleverlynamed and expertly-crafted cocktails like the All Amaros’ Parties, Miller’s Crossing and Tenderoni, there is a distinctly Italian flair. Nearly every cocktail is graced with the presence of an Italian vermouth or amaro (bitters liqueur), European vinegars sprout up consistently as a substitute for citrus and some are even based on grappino (grappa, but for beginners!) All these 1535 14th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

heavy, herby ingredients are for the most part balanced nicely by rums, ryes, gins and more. Artusi also sports an impressive Italian wine list and the little known but delicious Theresianer beers from Trieste. The food at Artusi is equally impressive if not Marinetti’s Automobile - The quintessential Artusi cocktail. Made with rye, more exceptional than the booze and works well as Liquore Strega, Carpano Antica, fig vinyou slug back so many drinks. A white mushroom egar and a cayenne-soaked Amarena and boiled egg salad sounds simple, but with the cherry, it is a twist on a cocktail. The genaddition of “salsa Apicius,” a Roman-inspired con- esis is 1932’s Futurist Cookbook published by Filippo Marinetti. The book was a coction, is anything but. This is Stratton at his best, collection of modernist cuisine introducbringing together local ingredients with Italian tra- ing food and drink that touched all the dition to create memorable cuisine. Brussels sprouts senses and Artusi embraces that idea in with currants, walnuts, Meyer lemon and fresh this multi-faceted cocktail. pressed olio novella (freshly pressed, spicy olive oil) is brilliant and lively as well. Another favorite came in the surprising form of braised tripe, yes, tripe, served as a sort of ragout over orzo pasta. It was a dish that was at once unexpected and astounding. Artusi is both those things to its core. It takes the sterility of modern design and makes you feel at home. It gives you cocktails that marry bitter, tart and herbal back into flavors that dance on your tongue. It shows you food you’ve never seen and leaves you wanting more. It is a slice of all things great about Italy, but accessible and approachable for all.


DISTINCT On television, he plays the fantasy football league commissioner amongst his closest friends, works as a lawyer and has a wife and daughter; essentially the most “grownup” member of “The League.” In reality, Steve Rannazzisi is also a member of a fantasy league with his coworkers (the cast and crew of “The League”), works as an actor and a comedian, and is a loving husband and father. But he won’t call himself a grownup. DList sat down with Rannazzisi to discuss everything from the frustrations of fantasy football to Eskimo brothers. Before the show had begun, Rannazzisi and one of the show’s creators, Jeff Schaffer, had been the only members of the cast and crew to have ever played fantasy football. They created a league so that everyone would become familiar with the terminology and actions. Much like in the show, the title of league champion continually eludes Rannazzisi. “It has been unsuccessful for me,” he said. “I think I’m way better than I really am. I’m overconfident every year and every year I shit the bed, I really do. It’s horrible.” Though with football season coming to a close, Rannazzisi does take part in other activities during his downtime and most of them revolve around his family. “My son is crazy but he cracks me up,” Rannazzisi shared of his 3-yearold. “His favorite movie is “E.T.” and I’m like, ‘Oh this kid’s gifted!’ He’s not

watching crap.” Aside from being constantly amused by his kid, Rannazzisi also enjoys playing golf, spectating sporting events (he’s a huge Giants and Yankees fan) and just watching TV. According to Rannazzisi, it’s rare that he gets a chance to do these things because of all the projects he is working on like “The League,” putting his own independent movie that he wrote into production and doing standup. He wouldn’t exactly describe himself as always having been the comedian type. While growing up, however, he did frequently recall getting in trouble for his quips as he was going through Catholic school. “I had a problem keeping my thoughts to myself,” he stated. “One time I remember we came back from a field trip and the whole class was in trouble and my teacher was just screaming at us…He was like, ‘I’ve got two words for you: pain in the ass.’ And I just looked around and was thinking someone else has got to do this right and I just raised my hand and I was like, ‘Mr. Dunn, you know that’s four words, right?’ He just lost it.” Rannazzisi has always had the ability to point out the ridiculousness of the situation at hand, which is what makes him so entertaining to watch and to be around, but he is also able to keep it together when the time calls for it. In the last episode of the first season, there is a moment when Rannazzisi, as Kevin, doubles over and exclaims, “I hate my friends!” According to Rannazzisi, the real story behind this was that in the take prior, he had been kissed on the mouth by Nick Kroll, who plays Ruxin on the show, in a moment of pure excitement. Before the next take, Rannazzisi asks Kroll not to kiss him on the mouth again, but he did not expect what came next. “So we’re doing the take, he goes to kiss me on the mouth, but instead he sack-tapped me so hard, it felt like he punched me, like he just wailed my balls,” he described. “I immediately doubled over, but I kept it together because I knew we had it.” Rannazzisi explained that moments where cast and crew have to stay composed have happened in more episodes than just the last. “Whenever you see the camera shake, they try to take it out in post-production, but you can still see it shake a little bit, that’s because the camera guys are laughing and the cameras are on their shoulder and they’re trying to hold it together,” he said. “But that to me is like we have gold here.” As much of a comedian as Rannazzisi is, he is also extremely poignant and smart. Making everyone around him laugh seems to be just sheer coincidence.

Steve Rannazzisi the stand up comedian is in a league of his own - SHEENA NGUYEN Provided by Parlor Billiards



Singing Together Seattle R&B duo Malice and Mario Sweet make music and marriage look effortless. - JOE GUSTAV Gathigi Gishuru In music and love, the most attention-grabbing un- including single “Speed of Light,” feature Malice and Mario singing the same lyrics at the same time dertakings are intense emotional bursts likely fated to burn out after one genius album or an all-con- in perfect unity. “It's way harder than it seems,” Crystal said. suming three months, tops. The ones that last - that lead to lengthy, productive careers or a lifetime of “To have two completely different voices and we still have to work on the enunciation of things. We say attachment - are ostensibly effortless. To the outside perspective, they do not require work, while in fact, words differently. To sing at the same time, live, doing that is way difficult.” they are the products of dedication and passion. “We try to just feel it,” Mario explained. “We Mario and Crystal “Malice” Sweet make both endeavors look easy. Seated amenably in a restau- look at each other when we're singing a lot of times, just really try to connect with how we want to vibe rant booth, his left arm casually draped around his and flow so that it feels natural. So that it doesn't wife of three years, the red in Mario’s scarf matches seem forced." her burgundy long-sleeve top, his gray coat subtly Forced may be one of the last words one would complementing both. Surely they did not coordiuse to describe their music. The vocals stay in a fonate outfits; one would assume it’s just an example of two minds unconsciously on the same wave- cused range and the lyrics are earnest without gushing. No one is belting torch songs here. length. Their voices make a similarly pleasant and It would also be a poor choice for characterproficient match on the Seattle R&B duo’s debut izing their relationship. They met in college through “Happy 2 Year,” re-released as a deluxe edition in mutual friends who would go on to be The Physics, November. one of the Northwest’s best hip-hop acts. It wasn’t Originally dropping last Valentine’s Day, the love at first sight “He was so cocky and such an ass,” husband-and-wife singers’ EP of sweet neo-soul Crystal remembered, but it grew through shared duets gained acclaim locally and globally for their understated yet immersive love songs. Many cuts, musical talent.


Soon they were together, then married at Seattle arts hangout The OK Hotel on New Year’s Day, before building a name together as The Physics’ backup singers. Naturally, a project of their own was next. “I had no idea that I'd ever be singing with my wife,” Mario said. “That I get to share it with her is dope. I don't have to explain to her the rush that happens when you perform in front of a sold out New York crowd. She can feel that with me.” Malice and Mario Sweet have lent their vocals to upcoming releases, including Grynch’s new album, and are “85 to 90 percent” decided on the beats for their next project. According to Mrs. Sweet, the songs will showcase that "not everything is sunshine and fairy tales, but will have some positivity to it." Mario also plans to release a new edition of the “Seattle’s Best Free Compilation,” a carefully curated collection of 206 rap releases. One thing they haven’t thought much about is Valentine’s Day plans. Both Sweets are working toward master’s degrees at City University and February is thesis time. As with most things music, life and love, they’re fine not knowing what’s next.



Get familiar with February's "Discovered" artists. - JOE GUSTAV Jinda Photography

In their video for “Jekyll & Hyde,” Seattle-based live hip-hop collective Theoretics unleash a diabolical fiend onto a Victorian-chic version of our fair city. For the real-life city and all its many scenes and styles, the band’s seven members have set loose a beast of different kind: a Dr. Funkenstein for the new era with a new-found love of big beats and dookie chains, but still living to tear the roof off this sucker with any sound that will get the job done. Theoretics’ aforementioned Kickstarterfunded video is a theatrically-impressive visual accompaniment indicative of the quality this group exudes and the care they put into their craft. Simply put, few hip-hop bands do it right and Theoretics are the exception. MCs Mark Hoy and Chimaroke Abuachi lay down inspirational party rhymes over a funk-jazz-hip-hop-electronic fusion that holds up well on record, but begs to be experienced live. They shouldn’t be too hard

to find, playing around town often and have a new album in the works for 2012. Get to know Theoretics below as they join a growing number of Northwest artists who have been Discovered. Know someone else deserving of joining the ranks? Step 1: Get on Twitter. Step 2: Nominate them @DListMagazine #Discovered Name: Theoretics Age: Our first gig was about two years ago, opening for the Budos Band at Neumos, but we’ve been jamming together long before that. Our first album dropped about nine months ago. From: In and around Seattle, mostly. A few of us are from Oregon and New York. Sounds Like: Seven-piece mad scientist hip-hop. Our


first album has lots of rock, funk, jazz and classical music influences. Our new material has a serious electronic edge. When I'm Not Making Music I'm: Everywhere. Teaching your kids or your neighbors to make beautiful music, delivering your mattresses, pouring your coffee, writing your code, sitting behind you on the bus reading sci-fi… What's Next: We’re working on lots of new material we hope to release later this year. We’ve been exploring a different sound from our first album; more synths, breakbeats, glitchy drums. We’re really excited. Catch Me At: The Crocodile on Feb. 17 with The Coup. There will be live hip-hop bands all night! Find us at or at


aFEB. 03

Beats w/ Knxwledge, Brownbear, DTCPU, Al Nightlong @ Vermillion

aFEB. 07

Wilco released the

aFEB. 11

Girl Walk // All Day: Girl Wilco @ The Paramount Talk’s All Day Seattle Premiere critically-lauded live double@ Neumos

The first Friday of every month finds spun-sound

album Kick Television in 2005. They are currently

It’s not quite Girl Talk: The Movie, but Girl Walk //

enthusiasts heading to Capitol Hill bar/art gallery

streaming a live recording of a December concert

All Day is set to mash-up master Gregg Gillis’ 2010

Vermillion for -- what else -- Beats. Located on

in Milwaukee for the price of one Facebook like.

SOPA-backhanding revelation All Day. The film,

11th between Pike and Pine, the monthly showcase

Frontman Jeff Tweedy has a live solo album that

by director Jacob Krupnick, follows three improvi-

of sample auteurs with deep crates (and ridicu-

is pretty darn good. With those three facts in con-

sational dancers journeying through the Big Apple,

lously expansive hard drives) celebrates DJing as

sideration, I would presume that Wilco is a good

and screens with a multi-media interactive live per-

the art form and instrument it is when at its best.

live act, one that would merit “can’t miss” status,

formance of dance, DJ, and more. The tour touches

This month’s edition of Beats is headlined by

even if Yankee Hotel Foxtrot wasn’t one of the best

down in five cities, our lucky town being one of them.

Philadelphia’s Knxwledge, a globally renowned

alternative albums of the past two decades. Since

Girl Talk made a name for himself by throwing the

beatsmith. Like the best things in life, Beats is

they are playing at the historic Paramount Theater,

best parties around; expect this medium-transcend-

completely free.

I would also presume this particular performance

ing extravaganza to be just as captivating as his re-

would merit “mandatory attendance” status.

corded ADD amalgamations.

aFEB. 17

Damien Jurado album release @ The Neptune

aFEB. 17-19

aFEB. 25

The Presidents of the United States of America @ Showbox at the Market

J. Pinder’s Careless album release party @ The Crocodile

release of his 10th album, Maraqopa, at The Nep-

Countless Seattle-area 80’s babies were told not

A couple years ago, a lot was made of Seattle rapper

tune. Jurado and frequent collaborator Richard

to repeat the lyrics to the fun and foul-mouthed

J. Pinder’s supposed move to Atlanta to find greener

Swift are the OGs of Puget Sound big-beard-and-

pop-punk tracks of three-chord humorists The

pastures (and national recognition), and the predict-

Local alt-folkster Damien Jurado celebrates the

f lannel tunes, but purportedly delve deeper into

Presidents of the United States of America. Plenty

ed exodus of local hip-hop talent that it signaled. As

new, psychedelic territory on their latest, and Ju-

repeated those lyrics ad nauseam to sheltered el-

Pinder will gladly tell anyone, he never planned to

rado’s 6th with esteemed and awesomely-named

ementary school classmates. Those secret swear-

leave the 206 for good. The talented MC celebrates

label Secretly Canadian. For the live celebra-

ers are now all grown up, and will be packing the

the release of his first official full-length at The Croc

tion, Jurado will be joined by a new 5-piece band.

Showbox at the Market for three nights of PUSA.

with hometown homies Dyme Def, Eighty4 Fly,

Maraqopa drops February 21st.

Royce the Choice, and GMK.



Hyperfunk we want the funk! Seattle's dance music guru shares his thoughts on edm and why he goes hard for seattle. - Joe gustav Jason Woodill This month’s Decibel DJ is a local mainstay who has shared stages - and a car ride - with the biggest names in the world Few, if any, local DJs can claim a more storied tenure in the Seattle electronic scene than Hyperfunk. A Jersey boy who fell in love with tracks spun in the New York underground, Hyperfunk has seen it all. He’s been through the ups and downs, from legislative crackdowns clearing dance floors to cracking get-downs attended by thousands, all the while mixing equally drastic peaks and valleys at his trademark up-tempo speed. Hyperfunk is USC Events’ resident electro DJ, a perfect partnership given both parties’ collective hand in growing our city’s scene. He’s spun all across the U.S. and Canada, rocking stages for the biggest names in electronic music including Tiesto, Prodigy and Moby. His “pride and joy” is free.BASS, his weekly no-cover Thursday night residency at Trinity Nightclub that he has held down since 2008. DList caught up with Hyperfunk to talk Puget Sound EDM and one memorable car ride. This month, catch Hyperfunk opening for world-renowned DJ Christopher Lawrence at Volume (172 S Washington St) on Friday, Feb. 10. For more details, visit

You've been involved in the Seattle scene for a long time. How have you seen it grow and evolve? I got into it at a time when it was blowing up all over America. Then they had the big war on drugs and there was a huge rave crackdown. It used to be cool and then it became really underground. It was a crazy time. I remember going to parties that were really well-promoted and would only have 100 to 200 people at them. Now, if you threw the exact same party, you'd have 600 to 1,000 people there no matter what. There are so many people now who love electronic music. Do you think there's anything that sets the Seattle electronic scene apart? I've spent a lot of time on the road playing a lot of different cities and what I found here, and I'm partially responsible for it, is that Seattle DJs play a lot harder. We take things a little bit more upbeat and in-yourface. It's a big difference. When I play in Vancouver, for instance, other DJs are blown away by the tempo that I play and the fact that people are super into it. I play so much faster than a lot of the DJs up there, which they find just hilarious.


You've shared the stage with a bunch of big names. Do any interactions with these artists stand out to you? I met Benny Benassi in 2005. I've opened for him in five different states and two different cities in Canada. I went to Portland and opened for him the night before my first ever USC show, which was him at the Showbox in Seattle in 2008. I drove down and it was a horrible trip. I got a flat tire, the roads were closed for floods. I made it with 15 minutes to spare before my set started. After the show, it turns out we're in the same hotel. He asks, "What time is your flight?" but I drove. He said, "I hate the little propeller planes they put us on to go from Seattle to Portland. Would you mind if I rode there with you and your friends?" I didn't tell my friends he was coming. I said, "I've gotta grab something from the front desk," when we checked out. I came out with Benny Benassi. He's such a cool dude. He talked to us the whole way back. Hear Hyperfunk’s thoughts on EDM’s propulsion into the mainstream over at the DList blog.

Leap Year Specials $5 Famous French Dip with Fresh Cut Fries $5 Reignman Cocktail $3 PBR Tall Boys (16oz) February 25th, 9PM 70’s House Party

Wear your best 70’s costume

*Prizes & Drink Specials

Live Guest DJ’s Every Weekend Friday & Saturday’s 9PM No Cover Voted 2011 “Best Lounge” 621 1/2 Queen Anne Ave North, Seattle WA 98109


Pump Up

The Volume Keeping up with the ever changing landscape of nightlife, Volume has what you want for a good time. - ELISA BEALl

demographics," Chew added. Pushing forward to meeting that goal, Club Volume will be added to the weekly Thursday Art Walk circuit, with the aim of being there for art viewers when a drink break calls. “The Art Walk is becoming a staple for the Seattle crowd,” Chew said. “We're excited to be associated with it.” This is a local venue that covers your party needs as well as your changing taste. Your celebration necessities and dance floor therapy sessions await inside. "Come have a great time, let your hair down, that’s all we ask," Chew said with a smile. Make Pioneer Square's newest night club a part of your weekend plans this year.

Anne Cho Three bars, two DJs and a dance floor large enough to dance away the worries of the work week. Located in the heart of Pioneer Square, Club Volume has stayed true to the ideals of a real night club. The club demands nothing from the attending public other than they let loose and have a good time. Dress code is lenient, drinks are reasonably priced, VIP booths are plentiful and the 18 and up crowd is welcomed on Sundays. After a few months, new club venues begin to lose their appeal. Doormen recognize your face, bartenders make your drink before you open your mouth to order, the DJ sounds like a CD on repeat and the decor becomes less alluring. Club owner Matt Chew combats this inevitable redundancy by promising a constant renewal of DJs, décor and drinks. “I see clubs get branded as the place that only offers one thing,” noted Chew. “I'd like ours to be well-rounded and to feel brand new each time.” Under construction recently, Club Volume took on a new look, in time for the new year. Also in store for 2012 are Open Mic nights, offering a stage for local artists. Live band performances and star-studded appearances are also on deck for the new year. "The goal is to create a melting pot of 172 S Washington St Seattle, WA 98104



Good Enough

To Eat!

Creating beauty products is much like creating a culinary masterpiece. Much goes into selecting the perfect blend of ingredients to give you the preferred texture and results. Give these expertly crafted products a try! - TRICIA EASTMAN

Containing only vegan ingredients, these Christie Brinkley skincare creams have light air y textures that feel delicious on the skin. The day and night cream contain an array of ingredients designed to repair the DNA in the skin. DNA Renewal System 30 Day Kit: $99.95

Massage oils can be messy and may even stain those Egyptian cotton sheets. This solid body massage bar made with shea butter melts when heated by rubbing onto your skin or someone else’s, creating a nice slip without feeling greasy. Babeland Body Massage Bar: $2.50


UFC 144 viewing party at Sky Ultra Lounge presented by Par 7 Vodka and WhoopAss Energy drink. 6PM-10PM Giveaways all night with a Grand Prize Giveaway of $500 cash Find WhoopAss Energy drink at


Dressing Room BRIAN & MARK CANLIS + THE FINERIE = FANCY FUN Photography by Julia Duffy Domrose Interview by Steven Dolan Produced by Jenascia Chakos and Nicole Geissler Styled by Mark & Brian Canlis Additional clothing provided by The Finerie

(This page) On Brian: suit, shirt, tie & shoes/Brian's own; socks/Bugatchi Uomo/The Finerie $19.75 On Mark: suit, tie & shoes/ Mark's own; shirt/Bugatchi Uomo/The Finerie $149 (Opposite Page) On Brian: tie, belt & pants/Brian's own; sweater/Dorsia by Simon Hart/The Finerie $149; shirt/ Reporter/The Finerie $185; shoes/Oro Nero/The Finerie $175 On Mark: hat/Mark's own; sweater/ Moods of Norway/The Finerie $149; trousers/The Finerie $275; shoes/ Moods of Norway/The Finerie $198

Describe your personal style. Mark: There’s what we wear to work and there’s what we wear the rest of our lives. They’re definitely separate. I don’t wake up and put a suit on, but I wear one 10 hours a day. Brian: Because we’re so formal at night we’re often really casual during the day. Lots of jeans and Converse, but it still has to be clean. It has to be neat because people can walk in the door anytime and you have to represent the brand so I can’t be a slob. M: There’s no reason to be a slob. B : You can still be comfortable and professional. That’s what we try to do. What inf luences your personal style? M: Our schedules influence it, like during the day we’re rolling tables around. It’s definitely influenced by what we’re doing. B: I think there’s also an influence from our grandfather. Peter Canlis opened the restaurant in 1950 and you look at the photos from back then and it was a fashion show of the coolest, hippest. M: There was a lot of timeless swagger. H ow d o e s S e a t t l e i n f l u e n c e y o u r p e r s o n a l style? B: I feel like we fight Seattle. M: We totally fight Seattle. B: Especially because we’re the only restaurant in the city that really asks people to dress up. M: People freak out of it as if we’ve asked them to do something so personally offensive. Is it more of an expectation than a requirement? B: Out of 35 tables, only 10 of them we enforce a jacket dress code, but the rest of the dining room, we’re a lot more lenient. M: There’s also an expectation that you be polite, that you be cordial, that you be a man about it. Style isn’t just what you’re wearing. Style is the way you’re acting. Style is the way that you carry yourself. B: It’s the men that are the biggest offenders. A woman walks in in this gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg dress or something and the guy is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. At some point I guess it wasn’t cool to dress up as a guy, but that’s changing. In pictures of our dining room from the ‘50s and ‘60s, all the women have hats and cigarettes. M: The men are all done up. B: And if you’re going out to such a nice restaurant and enjoy that food and wine, then why not? You feel more special when you dress up, right? M: If you want to just be in your pajamas, then order in Thai food because that’s a great night. Thai food and pajamas, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re coming to Canlis, come correct. Have fun with it. It’s not an attitude, it’s not like dress up or we’ll kick you out. It’s like dress up, it’s fun. B: So we brought back housecoats. We have a whole closet full of coats, but we also loosened it in the way that a great pair of jeans can be stylish. M: We also dress our staff. Hugo Boss, we got them to dress all the guys. And the girls, we have some custom-made stuff for them. So you think it’s important to dress up for respect and the enjoyment of it? M: I think it’s a social thing. The way you dress is a respect for the people around you. At least the people

you’re dining with. It shows that you care. At some point, caring got uncool and that’ll change again. It’s cool to care. You don’t have to be all fussy. Take off the “whatever” attitude pants. Break down to me how your work day inf luences the way you dress. M: We get to the restaurant in the morning. We put on a suit around 5 p.m. and we wear it until midnight. When you get to the restaurant at like 10 in the morning, I’m into it, but I’m not into it for like 20 hours a day or 18 hours a day. So I put on my favorite pair of jeans and a T-shirt and I head in. And then I think to myself, ‘Alright if someone walks in and sees this, they’re going to think that’s Canlis?’ so maybe I upgrade a T-shirt or cooler shoes or just some sort of piece that says I wasn’t entirely asleep when I got dressed this morning. Top three favorite designers, brands. B: I think we love Hugo Boss. We have a stylist, Luke Woellhof, manager of Hugo Boss at Mario’s, who helps dress us. M: Here’s the thing. Hugo Boss in and of itself, is not perfect. Luke’s style with Hugo Boss is perfect. I like these guys. The maker of this sweater makes cool clothing. What’s it called? B: (Checks the tag) Inhabit. I’ve never heard of them. M: (Jokingly) I’m so cool you’ve never even heard of them. I like Mark Nason. I think he makes cool boots. B : Let’s see. Shoes, I like [Salvatore] Ferragamo. They’re my favorite shoes on the floor. They’re comfortable, they’re sturdy. M: Italian shoes are the best, period. B: For jeans, I like Levi’s. Spending $200 on a pair of jeans doesn’t make sense to me. M: I disagree with that entirely. B: That’s fine, but I get jeans for 30, 40 bucks at Levi’s and I think they’re great. M: I wear my jeans for 30 minutes in the dressing room. With jeans, it’s a personal interview with myself. We become friends, we bond and then it’s over. These are [Hugo] Boss. How does The Finerie fit in with what you both wear? M: They have good stuff. I was impressed. B: I was impressed too. M: They go into like, Norway, and they find cool things that are nice, but not absurdly expensive. I do think that fashion can get out of hand in the price category. You don’t need to do that to yourself. B: You can dress really well without spending a fortune. I think what’s also cool about The Finerie is you walk into Nordstrom and it’s overwhelming, but when you go to the Finerie… M: Someone with fashion and style already did the sorting for you. B: It’s small and everything there is interesting. M: I think when it’s artistic like that, less is more. Favorite place to shop? B: I like Coleman. Of course we like Hugo Boss at Mario’s. M: I would definitely go back to The Finerie. I feel like we shop when we’re out. If we’re going into Europe or something, that’s when we’ll pick up a bunch of cool shoes. I have a pair of underwear from the equivalent of a French Target and they’re amazing. B: If I’m buying a gift, I like to go to Nordstrom be-


cause someone will take care of you and just be like, “I got this.” Favorite place to eat? Steven: I think I know what the answer is. B: Well, no, you can’t say Canlis in an interview. M: Canlis. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, nothing touches this restaurant. It just doesn’t. It’s kind of confident, it’s not trying to be cocky, but dollar for dollar, if you’re going to spend money, it has to be Canlis. Do I go there all the time? No way. La Carta de Oaxaca, I’m in love with. B: I love Spur. It’s best combo of food and cocktail. Favorite place to get drinks? B: Canon, Rob Roy. M: What do you think of Bathtub Gin? B: With the tape recorder on? (laughs) I love it. M: I had a great time there. It didn’t make your list of favorite places. B: I love Bathtub Gin for the ambiance, for the coolness, I feel good. I like to be upstairs at the bar. M: They let us order pizza. We definitely brought in a bunch of pizza. Those guys are awesome. B: If I’m going to drink a cocktail, I want to able to hear myself think and have a conversation, so I tend to go to places a little quieter that really care about the craft. M: Part of a cocktail is the ambiance. I want to be with people that I like and I want to have a great drink. W h a t a b o u t wo r k i ng a t t h e r e s t au r a nt p r o vides for a unique sartorial experience? M: We get to see everything. If anyone has style, they’re bringing it in. B: We’ve complained a lot, but the majority of people dress up and look amazing. It’s fun because all of the managers are really competitive about our style, about our ties. We compete for who gets the most compliments. M: I have a suit right now that’s killing it. Unstoppable. Thank you Luke. Honestly, I think we’re there to serve people, not to judge people. I think what matters most is that they care, not that they get it right.

SALON You needn’t be fooled by the swinging soundtrack of Sinatra or the 1920s-inspired interior. Valentine’s is not just another throwback barbershop. The business has been christened a “men’s grooming salon,” complete with a wide range of services including manicures and facials especially tailored for men, many of which are done in a private room. With services such as the King of Kings and the Emperors Treatment taking as long as 3 hours, this is no ordinary men's salon or barbershop, this is the next level redefined. The owner, known simply as Valentine, started his business in 1993 in Ballard with only $800 in his pocket. The barbershop, not yet what it is today, established a presence early on that catered to all hair types and structures. “When I did open up, I didn’t realize, but I was the only barbershop in North Seattle to cut black hair at that time,” Valentine said. The business moved to Greenwood in 1998, still maintaining its DNA with a DJ booth and graffiti as mainstays in the shop. Though it has been since renovated and taken on a new aesthetic incarnation, that legacy remains on one wall covered in old promotional posters and graffiti art. From a young DJ Scene, to your favorite professional ball player, to our current Mayor Mike McGinn; Valentine has likely cut every local celebrity at least one time in their career. Valentine emphasized his desire to educate, having trained an extensive list of former employees who have also become entrepreneurs. “My job is to make you greater than me. If your boss isn’t, then he’s letting you down,” he said. He is also involved with community centers, paying special attention to at-risk youth males, often giving them haircuts. “It’s not just catering to the business men, it’s taking care of all men,” he asserted. As he has done with employees, he hopes to push such youth to succeed. On the horizon for Valentine’s is a product line of hard shaving soap, pre-shave oil and aftershave, as well as another location out-of-state. With all this positive energy, Valentine shows no signs of slowing down. Valentine's ensures the highest level of skill, style, and service to all their guests. Their stylists are taught to understand the uniqueness of each individual hair type and structure. They provide these in an atmosphere that is relaxed and open to all men of the world, regardless of age, ethnicity, or beliefs.


Valentine’s in Greenwood provides a haven for men of all hair types to clean up. The old-world appearance is a striking counterpoint to a modern vision. - Steven dolan provided by Valentine's 7912 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103



Rene Ropas

Having been in Belltown for only eight months, fashion start-up Rene Ropas is already making its mark on Seattle fashion with its eco-friendly styles. - STEVEN DOLAN Tuffer 2604 Western Avenue Seattle, WA 98121


“Be Beautiful. Be Inspired. Be Unstoppable.” is the mantra by which the young Seattle fashion brand Rene Ropas operates. Morgan Carson, its creator and designer, believes in empowering her customers by creating garments out of recycled vintage fabrics. Her fall ready-to-wear collection, Infiniti, hangs on racks, an ode to a housewife gone askew. Carson utilizes historical inspiration and brings it into modern conversation with color and cut, among other details. “Everything I do is really fun and classically fit, so it really fits the curve of the body really well,” she proclaimed. “It’s intended to make any silhouette look good… and be bold. Because our target is, like, the unstoppable woman, so she’ll wear anything.” A particular example from the Infiniti line that Carson points to is the “Billow trench.” The garment with its long silhouette, magenta base and yellow and black plaid gingham paneling, calls to mind a 1950’s housecoat on acid. The zippers running at the opening and collar add all the more rebellion. All of the Rene Ropas ready-towear is made-to-order. Clients come in and Carson picks looks and a selection of fabrics follows. Each garment is made to fit the client’s body. In addition to ready-to-wear, Carson designs an avant-garde line each season that adds spectacle to her fashion shows. Her last major show, the Rene Ropas Dollhouse Prom, saw models in dresses detailed with LED lights. Carson also sells and modifies vintage menswear pieces, noticing a change in the way men wear clothes. “There’s something going on in the culture. The men want a place to play dress-up,” she said. “They freaking love it. They come in, they twirl, they have so much fun.” Lately, for the brand, Carson had the opportunity to present runway shows at the Sundance Film Festival. The incredible collection can be viewed on her website, www.reneropas. com. While the Rene Ropas storefront has only been in Belltown for eight months, Carson says her business has grown rapidly and she attributes such growth to her guiding principles. “I don’t ever hear in my mind, ‘No,’” she said. With positivity and determination, it will be no surprise if Rene Ropas continues to evolve with exceptional momentum.

Photography by Mike Chard Produced & Styled by Jenascia Chakos Styling Assistants: Courtney Byrd, Nicole Geissler, Jamie Kesselman Hair and Makeup: Fresh Face Stace for SMG Models: Rose with SMG & Demetrius with TCM

(Rose) Top/Belldini $29, Tights/Urban OUtfitters $14, Necklace/By Boe $145 (Demetrius) Sweatshirt/LAB:CO by B:Scott/Urban Outfitters $89, Pants/Your Neighbors/Urban Outfitters $58

(Rose) Dress/Royal Bitch Couture $85, Shoes/Luichiny $79, Bag/krickette by krkt $392, Bracelet/Urban Outfitters $24 (Demetrius) Shirt/Civil Society/The Finerie $75, Pants/The Finerie $125, Shoes/Bronx $129

Bodysuit/MINKPINK $50, Ring/Marina Fini $100

(Demetrius) Cardigan/Hawkings McGill/Urban Outfitters $49, Glasses/Eyeking/Urban Outfitters $14 (Rose) Bracelets/Lavish Accessories $109 each

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Jennifer) Plaid Gown, Key Necklace/Megan Cherewatenko; Crown/Young &ng; Leather Cuffs & Ring/Lauren Harkness. (On Michael)Shirt/KR3W & Shoes/Palladium at ZEBRACLUB; Vest & Pants/Isaac B. Evolution at BUILT FOR MAN; Bow Tie/HOP. (On Leah) Rose Gown/Megan Cherewantenko; Copper Bracelet/Lauren Harkness; Black Bangle, Beatle Cuff, Donoma Bracelet/ Soho Hearts; Snake Shoe/Vero Cuio at THE FINERIE. (On Taylor) Sequin Pants/Sparkle & Fade at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Maddy Crew Neck/Babkul; Belt/Sweet Chemis & Bracelet at THE FINERIE. (On Zjanna)Lace Shift/Madina Vadace & Corset/Abigail Glaumlathbury at THE FINERIE; Earrings/Soho Hearts. (On Vedran) Leather Jacket/ZAK, Shirt/Penguin, Pants & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at THE FINERIE; Watch/Stylist's own. (On Mikaela) Plaid Jacket/Megan Cherewantenko; Pants/BDG at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Scarf at THE FINERIE; Shoes/Luichiny; Necklace/Soho Hearts (Rose) Dress/6 Shore Road $145, Top/Adolfo Sanchez $200 Wedges/Luichiny $79, Watch/Urban Outfitters $34, Earrings/Jewelmint $30 (Demetrius) Sweater/Obey/Urban Outfitters $58, T-Shirt/Deter/Urban Outfitters $24, Pants/Civil Society/The Finerie $125, Bra-marlies dekkers $100; Shorts-HoneyCooler Handmade $145; Blouse-Babkul $145; Hudson/Urban Shoes-Report; Earrings-By $50 Shoes/ OutfittersBoe $245

(Rose) Dress/Sparkle & Fade/Urban Outfitters $59 (Demetrius) Shirt/Civil Society/The Finerie $98, Jacket/Civil Society/The Finerie $115

(Rose) Bra/Stylist's own, Pants/Adolfo Sanchez $105, Earrings/by boe $125, Bracelets/15 Charmed $20-$50 (Demetrius) Tank/Urban Outfitters $20, Pants/Your Neighbors/Urban Outfitters $58

(Rose) Dress/Royal Bitch Couture $50, Hat/Panda/$80, Scarf/Urban Renewal/Urban Outfitters $20, Shoes/Luichiny (Demetrius) Jacket/Charles &1/2/Urban Outfitters $59, Jeans/The Finerie $215, Shoes/Bronx


FEBRUARY EVENTS Seattle Children's Hospital Film Festival

Don Quixote

Though the Seattle Film Festival has come and gone, make sure to stop by and check out some of the films showing this year at the Children’s Film Festival. Perfect for the whole family, the festival will include some live action elements in conjunction with the 100 children’s films from more than 30 countries around the world. JAN 26 - FEB 5

Put on by the Seattle Opera, “Don Quixote” is one of the most classic tales of a man and his journey through the world. With beautiful costumes, perfectly on-point singing and fantastic instrumentals, this showing of the 1605 novel is sure to please. FEB 3 - FEB 12

1Capitol Hill Cinemas

3 McCaw Hall


Northwest Flower & Garden Show

An Evening with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert

Running for four days and taking up the entire Washington State Convention Center, The Northwest Flower and Garden Show is truly a highlight of the winter months here in Seattle. It will feature a number of exciting events like a container show, floral competition and even a play garden. FEB 8 - FEB 12


8 WA State Convention Center


10 The Second City: Laugh Out Loud Tour

The company that started the careers of famed comedians like Tina Fey, Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert brings a show filled with hilarious improv and sketch comedy. The show has received rave reviews from its various performances around the world.

This live sit-down with two of the most well-known males in TV cooking, Bourdain and Ripert, are sure to be more enlightening than audiences are prepared for. These two unlikely friends will recount their journeys and cooking adventures throughout the world.

6 Cupid’s Undie Run Valentine’s Day for the single person can be a bit of a drag. And what better way to meet your future Valentine’s Day date than to partake in a city-wide undie run? The first 120 people to register will receive a free pint of beer and the proceeds go towards research for Neurofibromatosis.

11 The Paramount 11 Fremont Natalie Cole Age 61 and not a single line on her face that proves it, Natalie Cole is the similarly talented daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole. With nine Grammy Awards under her belt, it is clear age will never get in the way of Cole’s performing.




16 Pantages Theater 17Emerald Queen Casino 18





Stars On Ice

Harlem Globe Trotters

WWE Smackdown TV

This year’s Stars on Ice Tour lineup makes it well worth the rounding up of the kids and hauling down to Key Arena. Even for individuals whose interests do not include ice skating, no one can deny the ever-impressive repertoires of these young athletes.

On the (hopefully) long list of things to do in your life, seeing a performance from the Harlem Globe Trotters had best be close to the top. This group of mind-blowing talented athletes has been in action since the 1920s and it is no mystery why.

25 Key Arena

26 Key Arena

Everyone enjoys watching grown men smack each other around a bit. And though this show may not be for the whole family, if your girlfriend is cool, a date may be the better way to go. The show will be filled with plenty of cringe-worthy moments, all of which will be taped and playing live on TV.


28 Key Arena




Photography by Fiona Pepe Styling by Jenascia Chakos & Fiona Pepe Produced by Jenascia Chakos Assisted by Tricia Eastman Hair by Jenascia Chakos Makeup by Fiona Pepe Model: Silja Danielsen from SMG Cakes provided by Macrina Bakery & Cafe

Jacket/Lucky Vintage $350, Romper/Rene Ropas $275, Earrings/Stylist's own

Bodysuit/Lucky Vintage $30, Bed Jacket/Lucky Vintage $36, Hat/Lucky Vintage $36

Dress/Trendy Wendy $45, Necklace/Anthrolpologie

Cropped jacket/Adolfo Sanchez $355 , Romper/Rene Ropas $170, Wedges/Luichiny $85

Tutu/Hell Bunny/Trendy Wendy $45, Tights/Urban Outfitters $14, Gloves/Lucky Vintage $20, Shoes/Luichiny $79

Top/Rene Ropas $275, Tutus/Trendy Wendy $16 each

Top/Vue Society/Blue Luna $80, Shorts/Rene Ropas $125, Necklace/Stylist's own


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