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Skillet's delicious fare isn't just for the food truck anymore.

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Washington is quickly becoming one of the nations hot beds for distilling liquor.


If you want great entertainment, Jazzbones in Tacoma is for you!


Check out who we have on our playlist for next year.

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Taking body artistry to the next level.


Flashback to a style era than spanned the Atlantic!


Cory Rain Peasley is musically & fashionably talented.

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Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music.

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Seattle development and investment firm Hunters Capital LLC is pleased to help bring one of winter’s classic pastimes to Capitol Hill for the holidays. Offering a time-honored tradition, the Capitol Hill ice rink will open December 6 in Cal Anderson Park and will serve as the new center of holidays on the Hill for this increasingly diverse and eclectic neighborhood.

DEAL #1 Buy 1 ice skating, get one free (with advance purchase) deal is to be made by email: when customers mention "DList MAGAZINE"

DEAL #2 $2 off Hot Toddy or bottle of Ninkasi Sleigher beer at Cure at the ice rink when customers show their skating ticket stub

DEAL #4 Free gift wrapping at the ice rink when customers mention "DLIST MAGAZINE"


Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music.

hours: 4pm-2am, Food until 1:30 am

DEAL #3 Buy 1 hot chocolate from Vita at the ice rink and get 1 free when customers show their skating ticket stub

ALBUM Releases Written by Kinsey Litton


amy winehouse lioness: hidden treasures island records | december 5


robin thicke love after war interscope records | december 6


the black keys el camino v2 records | december 6

With all sales proceeds from this album going to Amy Winehouse’s charity, The Amy Winehouse Foundation, her posthumous album compilation is filled with songs reminding us why we loved her. From a single composed with her good friend Samantha Ronson as well as “Body and Soul” sung with Tony Bennett, the album is a perfect combination of her soulful voice and her talent for catchy and constructed song writing. “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” celebrates Winehouse’s impressive natural talent and her down-to-earth soul.

Robin Thicke is possibly one of the most underappreciated male singers in the business. With his wide range of vocal ability and sexy raspy singing voice, Thicke is the perfect example of a male solo artist done right. Thicke has clear influence from artists like Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and other soulful, sexy R&B singers, which, combined with his unique voice, makes for great music. Make sure to listen to Thicke’s newest (fifth) album with your significant other to guarantee a good night.

Born and bread in Akron, Ohio, the members of the Black Keys began in 2001 and have since released seven successful albums along with winning the hearts of indie rock fans around the world. Known for phenomenal acoustics and instrumentals along with refreshingly new lyrics, the Black Keys are a good example of a band that has retained a high quality throughout success.


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rick ross god forgives, i don’t def jam records | december 13

After experiencing two seizures caused by exhaustion and lack of sleep on his most recent tour, Rick Ross has truly proved he’s a boss. Known in the rap industry for his coveted beats and cameos, Ross has only been on the scene for a short time, but has certainly proved his worthiness. With five albums in five years under his belt, Rick Ross is sure to keep the hits coming with hit newest album, “God Forgives, I Don’t.”

Video Game Releases Written by Glace Bondeson


The legend of zelda: skyward sword nintendo | NOVember 20 | wii


mario kart 7 nintendo | december 4 | 3ds


star wars: the old republic bioware | december 20 | PC

This may not be a December release, but “Skyward Sword” will definitely be one of the biggest titles of the holiday season once it hits shelves on Nov. 20. Already receiving stellar reviews, the newest game in the “Zelda” series promises to be one of the best of all time. While most Wii systems have been gathering dust for the past couple of years, this release will definitely make a lot of gamers brush off their console and pick up their Wii-mote once again. Be sure to pick up a “Skyward Sword” for yourself or anyone who owns a Wii during the upcoming holidays.

4 5

The “Mario Kart” series has always been some of the most beloved and downright fun games of all time. The latest game for 3DS will be no different. “Mario Kart 7” will be available for the newly released Nintendo 3DS and will help to expand the system’s library after a disappointing start for the handheld system. The game will feature a number of tracks and characters from past “Mario Kart games” as well as plenty of new surprises. With the ability to race online via Wi-Fi and challenge your friends’ times, “Mario Kart” will keep 3DS owners happy until the next big Nintendo release.

This winter, “Star Wars” fans from all across the world will be flocking together online to take on the galaxy in “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” Set more than 2,500 years before any of the events in the films, players must join either the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire to determine their destiny. The game features MMO game play with a vast world for players to explore with their online companions, similar to “World of Warcraft,” and will have around 20 planets to visit throughout the galaxy. The game is sure to please fans of the series and MMO fans alike, despite only being available for PC and having a yet-to-be determined monthly pay-to-play price tag, which could turn fans away.

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friends with benefits december 2

the help december 6

cowboys and aliens december 6

The stars of this movie, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, steal the show with their clear chemistry and knack for comedic timing. Their skills combined with a well-written script and Will Gluck, the director of 2010 hit “Easy A.” The movie tells the story of two individuals exploring the idea of a mutual sexual relationship void of feelings. The movie debuted third at the box office and received rave reviews claiming the movie was “a breezy, funny comedy.” For lovers of rom-coms with witty characters and plenty of laughs, check this movie out.

This movie was by far the biggest unexpected hit of the summer. Based on the Kathryn Stockett novel of the same title, “The Help” proved to be a fan favorite for many reasons. The movie follows a white journalist in the 1960s at the peak of the civil rights movement. T h e m a in ch a r a c t e r , E u g e n i a P h e l a n , d e c i d e s t o roc k the boat by writing a controversial book from the perspective of the black maids and service women working for white families. With an impressive cast list and a clever and thought-provoking script, this movie appeals to all audiences.

If for no other reason, movie lovers should rent this movie solely because of the list of people involved in its production. “Cowboys and Aliens” boasts a fantastic group of people behind it including Jon Favreau, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and Daniel Craig. With a list of this many influential people in the film industry, the movie is consequentially beautifully put together from start to finish. The plot centers around a group of renegades that must band together to save a town that has been abducted by aliens. Check out this Hollywood smorgasbord. It won’t disappoint.

the hangover part 2 december 6

rise of the planet of the apes december 13

midnight in paris december 20

Granted, this sequel is pretty much the same concept as the first, but seeing as the original “Hangover” was hysterically funny, “The Hangover Part II” is more of a good thing. With the same cast as the original film and even more (old and new) cameos, this sequel is sure to make you laugh. The second time around, the boys leave the country for a wedding abroad for homely dentist Stu. Upon landing in Thailand, the ridiculous gang of guys unleashes hell once again at their own expense. This movie is perfect for a date or night with friends looking to enjoy some harmless humor.

“The Planet of the Apes” series has long been revisited by directors and writers throughout film history. This time around, the movie serves to both reboot the old “Planet of the Apes” series and also serves as a foundation for what will be its own film series. Starring James Franco, Freida Pinto and John Lithgow, the film follows the main character Will Rodman (Franco) as he experiments on apes in an attempt to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. In doing so he accidentally mutates them into possessing a human level of intelligence. The film’s cinematography and graphics alone should convince you to check it out.

The newest installation in the Woody Allen repertoire is a perfect example of why he is an icon. The film’s stars, Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson, are a married couple visiting France. When Gil (Wilson) decides to wander off on his own, he discovers his own version of Paris set in the 1920s. This film, like all good Woody Allen films, explores the idea of nostalgia, romance and modernism. As Gil explores Paris each night at midnight, he is transported back to a time to experience the way it once was. Considered one of Allen’s best films since the ‘90s, it is a must see.


Every time Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured ice water over his head.

Written By Barlow Payne


12/21/11 Directed by David Fincher Starring - Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Stellan Skarsgard and Christopher Plummer


12/02/11 Directed by Steve McQueen Starring - Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan This one only gets four stars because of Fassbender’s involvement. He is my heterosexual mancrush at the moment. That and the story is about a sexual addict whose exploits are thwarted when his little sister comes to town to live with him. Indefinitely. I hate it when my sisters try to ruin my sex life. I always feel like the villain with the girl on the train tracks when the super-hero comes along and saves the day. Drat! Foiled again! It seems a little artsy, but who knows? It will probably be pretty awesome. If anything, you will definitely see boobies.

First off, let me just say that if this movie is anything like the book then it will, definitely, not be for everyone. It is hard hitting, unflinching and above all, unforgiving. Anyone that gets queasy or overly uncomfortable watching scenarios involving rape, torture or the true evils that humanity is capable of, go check out another movie. I hear We Bought a Zoo is going to be fun. The story is, kind of, run-of-the-mill. It’s the material that makes this story so brutal. It involves a reporter, Mikael Blomkvist (Craig), whose career has been recently tainted and a young female computer hacker, Lisbeth Salander (Mara), with a checkered past. The unlikely duo are hired by a wealthy man (Plummer) to investigate the disappearance of a girl who was last seen forty years ago. The character of Lisbeth is, by far, the most interesting person in the story (as reflected in the title). As I was saying before, if this movie rivals, at all, the subject material in the book, then there will be more than a few uncomfortable moments, most involving her. Lisbeth is forced to deal with her “Guardian”, a man with truly despicable intentions

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

and, subsequently, actions. I won’t go into detail, I will just give you a warning. Any scene involving him is about to get creepy. Just saying. After reading the book and seeing the already amazing Swedish version of the film, I gotta say, if you love cinema and are not easily shaken, go check this movie out. Hell, go rent the original version of the film (as long as you don’t mind subtitles). Trust me, with David Fincher at the helm of this one, the old one will probably just make you more excited. Fincher is no slouch when it comes to dark movies. With films like Fight Club, Zodiac and Se7en under his belt, no one can argue that his chops for dark and gritty films are a little more than acceptable. I will definitely be checking out this film. If you have a strong stomach, I urge you to, as well.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

12/16/11 Directed by Guy Ritchie Starring - Robert Downey JR., Jude Law and Jared Harris

12/21/11 Directed by Brad Bird Starring - Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg

Yes. Yes. Yes. This one is for you, James Zachodni, Editor-in-Chief of DList Magazine, who hated the first one. This time around they are dealing with none other than Sherlock's arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty. An equally intelligent, twice as deviant man who is just as obsessed with the details and Mr. Holmes. A perfect antithesis. If you are a fan of Guy Ritchie film's or just the first Sherlock film, I am pretty effing sure that you will not be disappointed in this one.

Yes, I know it’s another Action movie starring Tom Cruise. Who Cares? They are all pretty good, anyways (Except for Mission Impossible II: Mission Impossibler). Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt and it seems that they are using almost the same story line as the first. He and his team have gone rogue after being framed for an international terrorist incident. As I said, Who cares? It’s a Mission Impossible movie. As long as there are guns and fighting and gadgets and explosions and gadgets and cars and chases and gadgets, it should be awesome, right? RIGHT?


Written By Glace Bondeson


(Price: free)




red karaoke honeycomb

orld War II is one of the most important and influential periods in our country’s history and will be remembered as so forever. The app brings an amazing collection of information to the iPad in a beautiful way, featuring images, videos, interviews and much more. Designed in such a way that kids will find it easy to use and fun, this is a great resource for students and for anyone looking to learn more about the history of our great country.

(Price: $8.99/month)

square card case android



quare Card Case is a very interesting concept. The app can be linked to a bank account, which in return will allow the user to shop at select stores which use the service and instead of paying by usual means, you will just give your name and the company can charge depending on your purchases. The idea seems a little strange, given you will still need to give your name and ID to the waiter or clerk, and the idea of a grocery store using the service is basically nonexistent, which is the only time waiting is a hassle.


ed Karaoke takes all the fun of a karaoke bar and brings the experience to your Android tablet and iPad. Featuring a vast library of more than 45,000 songs and counting, this is the world’s largest karaoke database that would take a lifetime to get through. The application uses the front camera on your device to display the user’s image on the screen with the song text overlaid. This is a must-have app for anyone hosting parties or just loves to have fun singing on the bus.

Mobile phone apps



he mobile trend of rating restaurants and bars has been popular for quite some time, but the new Oink app plans on taking that concept one step further. Oink allows you to view reviews of your surrounding locations, but also gives reviews of what is inside various locations. So the next time you are out at a new restaurant and have no idea what to order, pull out Oink and quickly find what others found enjoyable and what items you might want to avoid.


world war II interactive

geek bits

the new york times



Windows Phone

available all phones

ith the world of technology and electronics expanding further each day, it gets hard to keep up with all the latest news and tips. GeekBits is a new app for the Windows Phone 7 that filters through all the tech news and displays topics based on your personal interests. With the easy-to-use interface, GeekBits is easy to navigate and can quickly find all the geeky news you crave in one simple package.

he New York Times is one of the most read news sources in the country and now users of any mobile device can quickly access that news from wherever they are in the world. The application is basically what you would expect, a mobile version of the newspaper with less articles and more advertisements. There is a paid subscription available for the app, which will enable all the content from the print version, but for $34.99, I can pass on these articles.

Price: FREE

Most cows give more milk when they listen to music.

Price: $34.99/month

find out the newest fun things in technology with an app that sums it all up for you.

get the new york times on your phone to get all of the news you need without the paper subscription.

STREET EATS FIND PLUSH SEATS Written by Jacklyn Tran Photography by Sam Cook SKILLET DINER TRANSCENDS THE FOOD TRUCK EXPERIENCE INTO A COZY EATERY ON THE HILL. With the brisk cold air quickly settling in for the impending winter, finding different ways to escape the chilly days and bitingly frosty nights in exchange for a warm and fuzzy feeling is increasingly of the essence. Wrapping one’s hands around a steaming cup o f h o t cocoa, a warm fire blazing in the fireplace

or bundling up in a soft blanket may do the trick. But for those who prefer to break away from hibernating through the season, one would simply need to take a step into Skillet Diner on Capitol Hill to feel a wave of warmth and comfort wash over.


rom the very first impression of the stationary Skillet Diner (as opposed to their ever-popular Skillet Street Food mobile Airstream trailer that led the way for this bricks-and-mortar version), all signs pointed to delightful. From the wafts of wondrous aroma, a prelude to the amazingness that was to come, to the faint sizzling, crackling and popping of hot skillets on the stove as background noise and the merry, flannel-wearing staff, each component added to the buildup of anticipation and sent me into trembles of excitement. As I was seated, I quickly checked off all the characteristics that would be found in a classic American diner: a casual atmosphere (easily considered modernly simple at Skillet with one wall full of skillets attractively hung and mason jars of pickled or preserved vegetables tastefully lining a window sill), late hours (serving until 12 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday), a charming counter with barstools, a sassy and fun attitude (courtesy of our server Steven on that particular evening) and a good range of good old comfort food. The amazing kale caesar salad ($7) united an earthiness of kale leaves, with a creamy tang of dressing, a crunch of buttery croutons, a sprinkle of shredded parmesan and boquerones that, given the opportunity, I would have gladly eaten a full plate of these tasty morsels. A side order of roasted beets ($6) with a large dollop of goat cheese and orange zest was set before me as I overheard a fellow diner happily exclaim, “This place is blowing my mind right now!”


To win a gold disc, an album needs to sell 100,000 copies in Britain, and 500,000 in the United States.


"ALL MY WILL TO EAT IN MODERATION FLEW OUT THE WINDOW." Even before laying my eyes on the pork belly and cornmeal waffle ($13), I had already anticipated my obsession with it. How could I not, with the prospect of a maple braised portion of tender and heavenly pork belly, a sweet and savory balance that lent itself well with the two fried eggs and buttery waffle that accompanied it. At that very moment, all my will to eat in moderation flew out the window as I took one bite after another after another as though in a mad dash. A huge portion of Draper Valley southern fried chicken sat on a handful of roasted potatoes with a cornmeal waffle ($19) drizzled in honey. Impressively crispy battered bites of the moist and juicy hot chicken were a little sweet, a little peppery and a lot of undeniable goodness. A large slice of espresso pecan pie ($6) was an exceptional level of ooey, gooey decadence, one of the best that I’ve had the joy of ever experiencing. Last but not least was the fried waffle and bacon caramel sundae ($8). Candied bacon bits and caramel sauce dripped over two scoops of organic vanilla ice cream and triangles of warm waffles, constructed in sculpturelike form and acting as an edible trophy to commemorate the end of our delicious meal.

Skillet founder Chef Josh Henderson began the Skillet Street Food movement in 2007 and has been going strong since. When opening Skillet Diner this past May, he drew from the same vision he had in 2007, to provide “great food prepared with care, technique and the best of ingredients; an innovative experience that consistently surprises and satisfies; and a feeling of being personally connected to Skillet, in all its manifestations.” The diner’s executive chef and GM, Brian O’Connor, further shared, “We strive to provide what people want: familiar food, ingredients that are sustainable and local as much as possible, all at a great price point.” Final verdict: Skillet Diner warms the body and the soul with food that tempts you to want to lick the plate and the skillet


Tell 'em Kathy sent you... Written by Kathy Casey


he turn of the last century was a frenetic time. The end of the Victorian period brought about a shift in sensibilities and people were beginning to unbutton their collars a bit, so to speak. It was a time of liberation, the dawn of jazz music in America, and of course, the golden era of cocktails. Pre-prohibition bartenders were making

the most of it and creating some of the great classic cocktails that we still drink today: the Manhattan, the Gin Fizz, the Sidecar … to name a few. Then prohibition arrived directly on the heels of World War I and things looked grim for the enthusiasts of the perfectly-crafted cocktail. It was now the era of bathtub gin, speakeasies, the Charleston and other “activities of questionable morality.” You can scarcely discuss the Roaring Twenties without mentioning jazz and booze in the same breath. Prohibition sent spirits producers and distillers into basements, back rooms and barns to produce bootleg liquor, oftentimes of highly dubious quality. They might be history, but there is still a

deep cultural affection for the allure of those bygone days. Just look at the popularity of modern speakeasy-style bars and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” hit show. Thankfully, the iconic cocktails of those times are still with us and the spirits used to make them have vastly improved. Today’s inspired mixologists are paying homage to the past and building on the classics to create new twists on golden era cocktails. In my version of the Clover Club, homemade raspberry puree adds a hand-crafted flair to this vintage tipple. A cool speakeasy-style party can be just the thing to spice up your holiday entertaining this season. If your guests know the password to get in to your place that is! Whether you just mix up some classic cocktails and put on a few jazz albums or go full-out with costumes, ambiance and live music, the golden era of Cocktails makes great inspiration for a fab fete. Shake up a fab cockt a i l , turn up the Louis A r m s t r o n g a n d ra i s e a toast to the golden era...and all that jazz!

Clover Thyme Club Housemade raspberry syrup brings this cocktail back to its golden era roots. Fresh thyme adds an herbalicious flavor note. See how to make this and other inspired vintage cocktails at

Makes one cocktail • 1 sprig fresh thyme • 2 ounces gin • 3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice • 1/2 ounce Housemade Raspberry Syrup (recipe follows) • 3/4 ounce pasteurized egg white or 1 small organic egg white.

Bend and drop the thyme into a cocktail shaker. Measure in the gin, lemon juice, Housemade Raspberry Syrup and the egg white. Fill the shaker with ice. Shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds to froth the egg white. Strain into a large martini glass. Garnish with a small piece of thyme.

Raspberry Syrup


Makes two cups

• 2 cups fresh raspberries • 1 cup water • 1 1/2 cups sugar` Place ingredients into a Vita Mix blender cup. Secure lid and process until smooth. Place pureed raspberry mixture into a small sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, then reduce heat to a simmer. Let simmer for about five minutes. Strain cooked syrup through a fine mesh strainer. Let cool and refrigerate for up to two weeks.

The first recorded use of the flute, clarinet, oboe, and trumpet was in ancient Egypt.

SAUSAGE FEST Written by Kate Opatz


s “using the whole animal” becomes as much of a menu catchphrase as “local” and “seasonal” are, we’re likely to see more and more sausage on menus around town. Many restaurants have begun to butcher their own whole animals and once the most recognizable and marketable portions of an animal have been used, sausage is a delicious way to make use of what’s left. It’s not an original idea, of course. In addition to being an efficient use of all parts of

an animal, making sausage that is cured, dried or smoked is a method of preservation. By salting the meat and encasing it – usually in intestine – it will last longer. This process has been done throughout history. In addition to restaurants including sausage on the menu, Seattle boasts a growing number of specialty sausage shops. Rain Shadow Meats, Bavarian Meats, Local 360 Mercantile and Bill the Butcher are just a few of the many such stores. Here are a few more of the best sausage options around town.

Dot’s Delicatessen



4262 Fremont Avenue North

1511 Pike Place

86 Pine Street

Master Butcher Uli’s little nook in Pike Place Market offers what is easily some of the best sausage around. Eat one in the small café or take some of the extensive selection with you.

With the new incarnation of the restaurant Campagne comes an amazing sausage. Chicken and chanterelle mushrooms are the fillings while steamed potatoes and mustard butter accompany. If that’s not winter food, I don’t know what is.

The new Fremont brick and mortar of the Seattle Sausage Company, Dot’s is sausage heaven. You can buy it to cook yourself or hang out and eat whatever sausagey dish is being served that day. Think cassoulet, choucroute garni or a sausage platter.

Le Pichet 1933 1st Avenue You’ll frequently find house-made sausage at Le Pichet and it’s never dull. Most recently, the menu offered roasted seafood sausage with yellow potatoes, chanterelles and a Calvados-black current broth.

The Wurst Place 510 Westlake Ave N Brand new in South Lake Union, the Wurst Place sources sausages from all over, many of them bordering on bizarre (rattlesnake, zebra, bear). Many beers on tap contribute to the perfect sausage-eating environment.

The Swinery 3207 California Avenue SW House-made fresh and smoked sausages of all meats and origins abound at the Swinery. But if you have to choose one, it should be the bacon bratwurst. The house-made pickles are wonderful as well and are a perfect pairing for bratwurst.

Luc 2800 E Madison St On the dinner menu at Luc, house-made lamb sausage appears in both the cassoulet and as its own dish with braised cabbage and potatoes. But even better is the fact that the sausage can be found on the happy hour menu as well.



une 12, 2008 may seem like an innocuous date, but for the Washington state liquor enthusiast, it was a momentous occasion. This was the day state laws changed, allowing craft distilleries to start making and selling spirits. Since then, we’ve seen a blossoming of small batch spirits produced throughout Washington. Offerings include everything from the standard, sustaining vodkas and gins, to single malts and un-aged whiskies and onward to more obscure brandies and absinthes. The Northwest, once only a haven to micro-breweries and wineries, is now home to good old-fashioned booze. From Bainbridge Island to Bow, from Seattle to Spokane, craft distillation has truly taken root throughout the state. Distilleries are required

to use at least 51 percent Washington produced ingredients, but most are using far more. They’re even opting for organics and delving into products not very commonly produced. Here in Seattle, these products couple nicely with the city’s burgeoning cocktail scene as bartenders continually look to combine locally sourced ingredients. Now, it’s possible to walk into bars throughout the city and order a craft cocktail made entirely of ingredients produced within a hundred miles of home. As the distilleries produce and sell these gins and vodkas, many are working on and some are already selling, whiskies, brandies and single malts. To maximize their potential, these need to be aged for long periods of time, usually at least two years,

Written by Aleko Lilly

in various barrels before being bottled and sold. Single malts (Americanmade scotch) take longer and require a slightly more deft touch, so it’s rare to find a distillery that focuses solely on these. However, Washington distilleries are already excelling at both. You’ll find whiskies aged in charred oak or used pinot noir casks and single malts to rival Scotland, each with its own distinct character. Washington whiskies tend towards the sweeter side, mostly due to the large amount of wheat used in production and the short aging times. However, bourbons and ryes are on the way and many others are still in the barrel, aging to perfection. These aren’t the only products coming from local distilleries. Other offerings include absinthes, brandies,

grappas, pisco and an array of liqueurs flavored with local ingredients. Wherever you look, Washington distillers are coming up with new ideas for new products and developing new twists for old classics with great skill. There is little doubt that Washington distillers are producing spirits with a fresh and exciting perspective. They are turning out must-have products that can stand up to anything already in the liquor cabinet. With the passage of I-1183, the climate for these craft distilleries is going to change. No one seems to be able to quite tell what will happen, so for now, to ensure that these fine spirits stick around, pick up a couple bottles at your local store. Or better yet, stop by the source!


Makers of Pacifique Absinthe and Voyager Gin, both award-winning spirits, you’ll find their tasting room located near the wineries of Woodinville.

Oola – Opened only months ago and just blocks from 12th Avenue’s cocktail corridor, stop in and try their vodka and gin. Whiskey is forthcoming.

Bainbridge Distillery – Washington’s first USDA

Sound Spirits – Smack in the heart of Interbay, Sound produces vodka and gin from malted barley giving the vodka notes of vanilla and banana. It’s one of the more distinctive vodkas in the state.

Dry Fly Distilling – Located far east in Spokane, Dry Fly was the first of the craft distilleries and produces one of the more mature whiskies in the state as well as gin and vodka.

organic certified distillery. They’ve got the full lineup (gin, vodka, whiskey) produced in small batches with organic Washington grain.

Batch 206 – Producers of their namesake vodka and Counter

Sun Liquor Distillery – Born of the ever popular

Woodinville Whiskey Company – Makers

bar, Sun has just released its first batch of Hedge Trimmer gin.

of Peabody Jones Vodka as well as white and aged whiskies, bourbon and soon rye, Woodinville also offers a packaged oak barrel and unaged whiskey for you to do it yourself.

SKIP ROCK – Located in Snohomish, Skip Rock is currently producing potato vodka with plans for more products in the future. www.

BROVO LIQUEURS – Billed as “Lady Made Liqueurs,” broVo offers a unique lineup of low proof liqueurs for mixing including Douglas Fir and Rose Geranium.


The US share of the world music market is 31.3%

Gin, Batch 206 currently produces in Oregon as they build an Interbay distillery.

Golden Distillery – Up in the tiny town of Bow in the Skagit Valley, Golden makes single malt whiskey, so far the only local distillery to take that leap.

Ellensburg Distillery – Offering a lineup of whiskey, pisco (Peruvian grape brandy), and cream and honey-herb liqueurs, Ellensburg chose not to go the standard route. It’s an interesting line of products out of the center of the state.

GETTING TO KNOW: ERIK FOLK Written by Sheena Nguyen Photograph provided by University of Washington


rapping up his senior year, University of Washington kicker Erik Folk may very well be regarded as one of the best kickers in Husky history or at the very least, one of the most clutch kickers the Husky faithful have known in recent memory. In this year’s season opener, with three field goals attempted and made at the 53, 47 and 40 yard lines, Folk started out perfect, earned the honor of Pac-12 Player of the Week and hasn’t strayed far from his mark now that the season has progressed. He makes the most daunting of kicks appear effortless, whether the field goal mark is beyond 50 yards or seconds are ticking down on the clock and the entire game is on the line hanging on the crucial difference three points can make. “The same thing goes on in my mind for every kick, whether it’s a PAT or a long field goal or a kick to win the game,” Folk explained. “It’s to help our team so I just tell myself and give myself little reminders to go up and through the line, stay straight back and follow through. I know if I do every one of those correctly, I’ll make every single kick.” He grew up with a natural kicking ability as a soccer player and also had that kind of talent running in his family. His older brother, Nick, is currently the kicker for the New York Jets in the NFL and has been a major influence in Erik’s career as well. “It all started with my older brother Nick,” Erik recalled. “When he was in high school he played soccer, but he had a broken wrist at the time and went out for the football team. He couldn’t really do much, but the coach told him he could be the kicker since he was a soccer player so he started from there. My other brother did the same and I just followed in their footsteps.” Following in his older brother’s footsteps did not prove to be so straightforward though, as Erik was stricken by injuries early in his college career. But he was still determined to make a name for himself; a reason Washington was very fortunate to have him since he was pursued by a number of other schools as well. “The thing that kind of pushed me away from Arizona is that I was kind of living in both of my brothers’ shadows my whole life,”


The British, the highest per capita spenders on music, buy 7,2% of the world music market.

Erik said. “We’ve had the same teachers, the same soccer coaches, everything and football coaches. I’ve kind of been in their shadows my whole life and I kind of wanted to get away from all that and make a name for myself.”


e is certainly doing just that since he has overcome his injuries, which was one of the most trying periods in his career. “There was a time after my hip surgery sophomore year that I was kind of questioning if I actually wanted to be playing, whether it was worth what I was going through,” Erik added. “But I’m glad I stuck with it and I haven’t had an injury since. I think it was just the fact that I wanted to help the team out and I just didn’t want to give up. I got the scholarship here and I didn’t want to do anything to not earn that. I didn’t want to waste that opportunity. I just knew that as long as I got through everything that it would all work out and it definitely has.” Now very solid in his footing at Washington, Erik is able to look ahead to his dream of playing in the NFL. “It would be a tremendous experience and honor to play in the NFL,” he commented. “But if not, that’s what school is for.” Erik, a business major with a focus in marketing, has done a tremendous job of balancing both school and football, and according to him, it is one of his proudest accomplishments during the last four years. “I think being able to do well in school with football going on throughout the season is probably my proudest achievement because football consumes a lot of our time and being able to get good grades on top of that and to be able to manage your time effectively, you have to work hard at it,” he said. With the kind of work ethic, commitment and attitude that Erik has consistently put on display on the gridiron time and time again, he is the kicker any team would be lucky to have on its side when the time on the clock is running out and all it takes is that one kick to win the game.

WWW.JAZZBONESTACOMA.COM 2803 6TH AVE. TACOMA WA 98406 (253) 396-9169

JAZZING THINGS UP IN TACOMA "SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE" is a hard statement to live up to but jazzbones is definitely coming close.

Written by Elisa Beall Photography by Sam Cook & Samil Pena Jazzbones isn't like any other nightclub/bar/music venue/foodie destination. General manager Dan Rankin has focused on the things that has made the southend epicenter an eclectic unique and inspiring music and food experience. For 11 years now, Jazzbones has been the host of everything from comedy shows on Tuesdays, an all out nightclub on Fridays, to a crowd of 200 plus people in attendance for Monday night Rockaraoke, which is Jazzbones' rendition of karaoke where you can sing with a live band backing you up. Scattered throughout the rest of the week, you will find the broad stage donned with an eclectic mix of live musical performances, from hip-hop to jazz, R&B to rock, Tim Reynolds to KRS One. The monthly lineup is fitting, thoroughly satisfying any musical need. The 8500 square foot main floor not only hosts the sizable dance floor, stage and main bar but a sushi bar that combines traditional Japanese cuisine with California and Northwest influences. Not only will you find sushi-grade raw tuna poke spiked with black sesame and ginger sans seaweed but handfolded wontons using farmers market produce, burgers made from grass fed 100% certified Black Angus beef from Misty Isle Farms and a Tabascoinfused New Orleans flavor-packed rÊmoulade that punches up alligator and frog leg appetizers. These are some of the menu items that set Jazzbones apart from your typical nightlife destination. The intimate experience of the "Balcony Gallery," a name given to the nightclub's second floor in 2004, with full balcony seating for stage viewing, VIP areas with table-side service and an ultra exclusive "green room" that displays full wall murals from artists James Allan Tucker and James Hume is an area of Jazzbones that is not to be missed. This is a well-rounded venue with all the right ingredients to break the monotony of your usual week routine. Jazzbones is completely different from the redundancy of a normal club, bar or loft. Hosting entertainment from every field, Jazzbones creates a melting pot of artistry and entertainment for the southend.


In May 1997, Paul McCartney broke his own world record by obtaining his 81st gold disc.

Written by Joe Gustav Photography by Fresh to Death


onsider 2011 the first significant wave of a new British invasion. Whereas the 1960s conquerors charmed their way onto American shores with catchy love songs and bowl cuts, these invaders are reaching overseas audiences with the up-tempo insistence and bluntness typical of their songs. Dance music, and in particular its bassheavy little brother dubstep, has caught o n like never before in North America. Now, after having already made its mark in its native country, Nero (with frequent collaborator Alana) is set to expand its North American domain, but not quite in the brutal manner of its namesake. “The chart success we've had in the UK has been a total surprise for us,” Nero said of its August debut “Welcome Reality,” which entered at No. 1 on the British charts. “We really just want to spread our music and make it easily accessible to anyone who is interested in hearing it. We have an amazing fan base in the U.S. and we want to build on it.” The production duo of Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray has seen their star rise for some time. In


2010 they won Best Dubstep Act in the Beatport Awards and were tagged as an act to watch with their nomination in the BBC’s Sound of 2011. “Welcome Reality” singles “Me & You,” “Guilt,” and “Promises,” which debuted at No. 1 in the UK, escalated the buzz, helped by the breathy vocals of unofficial band mate Alana. “I think the dark, gritty and melodic nature of Nero's production works well with the airy and feminine nature of my vocals,” Alana said. “They seem to naturally complement each other.” A smattering of visual accompaniments also adds to the music, with videos enhancing the music’s sci-fi vibe; Nero cites classics like “Blade Runner” and “Ghost in the Shell” as big influences. In 2012, Nero and Alana plan to continue working together, promoting “Welcome Reality” with incessant live touring and h o p e f u l l y hitting the studio to work on new tracks. They will be kicking off the new year at Resolution 2012 on Dec. 31 at WaMu Theater.

Nero and Alana talk dance music’s popularity in the U.S., the “dubstep symphony” and more at the DList MAGAZINE blog.

Written by Joe Gustav Photograph courtesy Black Cards


he opening beeps and bloops of “Crack for Kids (Take Me Down Higher)” bounce along over insistent drums and joyful yelps before sirens signal a brief cooldown and the first verse. Leading into a female singer’s rhetorical query of “Don’t you know that I am a rager,” it’s the kind of thing you would expect to hear on a dance floor. It’s not what you would expect to hear from Fall Out Boy’s most prominent member. During FOB’s indefinite break, bassist Pete Wentz has moved on to electro-pop project Black Cards, with drummer Spencer Peterson and singer Bebe Rexha. Originally inspired by Jamaican reggae classics to try something

different, Black Cards has morphed into an allout party project birthed by Wentz’s tumultuous past year. “For me it’s intensely personal,” he said. “The last year has been a pretty tough one for me, but I feel like this summer I kind of shook it off. I have been in a band for eight years that was all about catharsis. I feel like I owe it to myself to just go on stage and have fun again.” Fun, or at least this sonic version of it, may not be exactly what fans of the emo-influenced pop-punk band fancy. FOB’s shadow looms inescapably large, platinum-several-timesover large, but Wentz is not too concerned with acclimating listeners. He’s throwing the music

out there and hoping they come along for the ride. “We certainly have steadfast FOB fans that won’t accept our individual projects, but we’re also lucky enough to have people that are willing to open their ears to something new,” he explained. “We really feel once people come out to a show and feel the energy we have going, they’ll want to stick around.” So far, so good. Black Cards has received favorable responses from performances a t Lollapalooza and CMJ, as well as a short fall club tour. They’re aiming to put out their as-yetuntitled debut sometime in the middle of 2012, as soon as it’s “perfect” and meets the band’s expectations.


Written by Joe Gustav Photography by Pamela Littky


debut album with 450,000 copies sold, a followup that entered at #13 on the Billboard charts, four Top 20 hits and his latest album dropped at #4 in the Top 200 in August. Doesn’t exactly sound like someone waiting to blow up in 2012, does it? But singersongwriter Mat Kearney, for all his successes, still hasn’t quite reached the summit of American music stardom. “Creatively I'm shooting for the moon and we aren’t there yet,” he said. “I guess if you believe in what you do you want lots of people to hear it.” A lot of people have already heard his new album, “Young Love,” earning it a top 5 Billboard debut. Kearney crafted beats and rhythms, such as the headnodding hand claps of single “Hey Mama,” before the lyrics, the same way he composed his first album “Nothing Left to Lose.” It’s a consciously hip-hop approach to songwriting for an unlikely rap fanatic who describes his latest album as “what it would sound like for Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West to hang out together: beats, gut wrenching stories, beautiful melodies, big choruses.” There was even talk of a “Hey Mama” remix with Common and Q-Tip that unfortunately did not work out. Kearney will kick off the new year with the second leg of the Young Love tour, stopping in Seattle to play the Showbox at the Market on Feb. 16. It will be one more step to reaching the next level for an artist who has already experienced his fair share of success, but is always looking forward to bigger and better things. “I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed,” he said. “But I wouldn't say I'm comfortable.”


The Space Needle had the second revolving restaurant in the world, built in 1961.

Written by Joe Gustav Photograph courtesy Anjulie

To break out of Canada, you've got to be an extrovert,” said Anjulie, a pop artist from Oakwood, a suburb of Toronto. “You've got to be an alien with extraordinary abilities.” Born Anjulie Persaud, the singer/ songwriter is putting her other-worldly talents to use after some music industry struggles. In 2008, she released her self-titled debut featuring hit single “Boom,” on Starbucks' label Hear Music. For her upcoming sophomore release (which she hopes to drop in the U.S. in March) she’s switched management and labels, now calling Universal Republic home. The business-side changes informed her

new single, “Brand New Bitch,” which is certified platinum in Canada. “It's a coming of age record. It’s about being a new person,” she stated. “I was making all these decisions very quickly and a whole bunch of stuff was changing, which I think is like how you get out of a relationship and you've been with somebody for a long time. You almost have to figure out how to be without them.” The Anjulie of now is a dance-oriented musician who is not averse to a challenge. She has fought her way to get where she is now. In her recent video for “Stand Behind the Music,” she uses imagery from protests worldwide in a show

of solidarity. “It's kind of like a call to arms, like standing up for what you believe in,” she explained. “For me, I'm definitely not comparing what I go through in the music industry to what other people go through, losing their jobs and their homes, but I am comparing the fight. Everybody fights, day to day.” Anjulie will continue to push to get her music heard in the coming year with the release of her new album. It’s certainly been worth it. “I feel like, for the first time in my whole life, I made something I really wanted to make.”


Written by Elisa Beall Photograph courtesy Miguel


n 2004 he released "Getcha Hands Up" while signed under Black Ice Records. Not satisfied with the direction or sound being created, he decided a creative leave of absence was necessary. “I was unhappy with the box I had left myself in,” he said. “I wasn't being true to myself." With the revisit and rebirth of his creativity, Miguel resurfaced in 2010 with the single "All I Want Is You." He created his own genre, which he calls eclectic. "I want people to appreciate my perspective,” Miguel said. “What I call eclectic I would describe as seeing a unique painting. Using colors and textures from classified funk, hip-hop and soul. I think the blend of those elements and my perspective and my style of delivery, even down to annunciation of certain words, is all delivery and part of the representation of my lifestyle.”


Many immediately invited Miguel a n d his eclectic soul into their music collection. Others had criticisms that hit far beyond a mere opinion of his music and traveled into the waters of his sexuality. As each single dropped, with each video released, gay rumors swirled. “I think if I were White no one would question my preference. My sexuality, I truly believe, u n d e r those circumstances, wouldn’t be a topic. But because I have brown skin and black people are used to a certain presentation, a certain way of speaking, a certain dressing, the moment they see something that is not along those lines, they’re quick to judge it. I don’t pay attention to it. I was raised not to. I was raised to embrace diversity. I have gay fans. Shout out to my gay fans. I’m not gay, but I promote individuality and that’s all that matters.”

The Space Needle had the second revolving restaurant in the world, built in 1961.

Analogizing the ignorance of homosexuality to that of people’s antagonism of mixing genres, Miguel is an open activist of both. "I have reached a point where, like I mentioned I can influence positivity on a grand scale. Be it to embrace other things or things that you wouldn’t necessarily introduce to yourself or be open to,” he explained. “I really hope to be a bridge in some way, shape or form. You know bridging music to the urban crowd and bridging urban elements to other spectrums. The more cultured we become, the more we realize how similar we really are, the less reason we have to separate ourselves from each other. So where I can influence positivity, I will.” His New Year’s goal is to push the boundaries of R&B. There is no question from me that the Jive artist will continue to swiftly climb the totem pole of fame.

Written by Elisa Beall Photograph courtesy Myles Snider


he ‘90s golden hip-hop era gave birth to some of the industry’s strongest alliances; Biggie Smalls and Tupac, Snoop and Dr. Dre, Mos Def and Talib Kweli. At its creation in ’98, Black Star was considered more of an underground movement than the anticipated album it has evolved into today. “We dropped the first album post Biggie and Pac's death,” Talib said. “The music scene was in a fray, we wanted to be a voice. To speak against the violence.”  Since then both artists have ventured off to their own successful careers. Talib has dipped into writing with the publication of his first novel. "I am no preacher and I am a relatively young soul on this earth,” he explained. “However, I feel I

have gained a lot of knowledge along the way that can be worth something to the people." Mos Def has gotten his feet wet with acting, having various movie roles and also appearing in this season’s “Dexter.” “I was very excited about my role in ‘Dexter,’” Mos Def said. “It's a very dark character. It's also a very dark show. It's challenged me as an actor.” Reuniting their career paths and resparking their musical duo, Black Star announced the release of “Fix Up.” “We weren't even planning on creating another album. Music should be made from your heart, not the demand of fans,” Talib said. “We knew we wouldn't do it if it didn't feel right and this year it felt right.”

Mos Def went on to say that, “We were inspired by Madib and Dilla, so we started creating.” Black Star graced Seattle with the tour of its new album, Nov. 5. Opening at the Showbox SODO were group members Mic Flont, Carol Tagawa, Uce Wayne and Cham of OTOW Gang. They delivered a roaring crowd a taste of our city's underground hiphop scene. “Opening was a strong stage of humility. Black Star was a very influential group to us growing up,” said the OTOW Gang. Black Star did not disappoint awaiting fans, delivering two full sets of music and 10 minutes of spoken word poetry. “Tell the Emerald City we're back.”


Written by Elisa Beall Photography by DDavis Management


ontroversy has surrounded Chicago rapper Common from the moment his voice was given a platform. His unapologetic verbal attack on West Cost rap demeanor in one of his first singles, “I Used To Love H.E.R,” can clearly attest to this. Since the release of “H.E.R,” Common has been placed in a constant state of defensiveness, never quite being allotted a break to revel in the success of his career. "I know I've been type-casted as the very intense serious rapper,” he said. “But that's OK. Internally I am at peace with that. I defend what's right, what speaks the most to me.” Whether it was the political battle fought between him and Fox News concerning his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and invitation to the White


House or the heavy criticism of his acting roles, years past don't seem to parallel in comparison to the microscope he was placed under this year. "It was an interesting year. Seemed like my name was in everyone’s mouth. Bad publicity is still publicity, but damn." After the rain, however, there is a rainbow. For Common, the rainbow came in the form of his new album, “The Dreamer/The Believer,” and a reoccurring role in AMC series “Hell on Wheels.” "The album was supposed to drop in ‘09, but I wasn't ready. I think I needed to evolve as an actor before I released more music. And I did, so I knew it was time,” Common explained “As for ‘Hell on Wheels,' I just really believed in the

The Space Needle had the second revolving restaurant in the world, built in 1961.

project. The spotlight it places on construction and settlement of the First Transcontinental Railroad wouldn't be complete without involving the perspective of African-Americans. I researched African-American history during the time heavily for this role. Landing a character representing my people and dropping this album has wrapped up 2011 on a good note." Next year is already shaping up to be a good one as well for Common. "Yeah, 2012, we in there! I'll be touring the new album, Nas and I are collaborating and I have a role in the Disney film 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green.' I'm excited for all of it." We are too, Common, we are too.

Written by Joe Gustav Photograph courtesy Hyper Crush

Digging into retro cultures and styles can be overdone easily,” said Donny Fontaine, rapper for electro outfit and ‘80s enthusiasts Hyper Crush. “Which is something we sometimes can’t help.” Restraint is, thankfully, not a word in Hyper Crush’s vocabulary. The trio of Fontaine, vocalist Holly Valentine and DJ/keytarist Preston Moronie craft bombastic, blunt electro-hop that eschews subtlety in favor of debauchery. Songs such as last year’s “Ayo” featuring Diplo and new single “Werk Me” are unabashedly fun party tunes. Fontaine and Valentine’s chanted refrains over self-produced dance beats are the progressive counterpoint to the group’s nostalgia for neon, acid-washed jeans and 8-bit video games.

Hyper Crush will come unhinged once again on the sophomore effort “Night Wave,” to be released on the label of the same name which they created after splitting with Universal Motown. It’s been more than three years since they dropped their proper debut, “The Arcade.” They have also released three mixtapes. “With mixtapes you kind of throw a bunch of ideas and songs around with samples and hope it helps you buzz a little,” Fontaine said. “‘Night Wave’ is a lot more serious to us. We put our all into each song. We really get to flex on this record and showcase our skill and diversity.” Hyper Crush will also be showing off on New Year’s Eve for Resolution 2012 at W a M u Theater, alongside Nero, Congorock

a n d Tritonal. Though the North American electronic scene is becoming ever more crowded due to its increasing popularity, Hyper Crush is confident it can stand out. “At the end of the day we’re kind of a pop group, but we write, produce and mix all our own material,” Fontaine said. “The vision of Hyper Crush is our own and has been for five years, way before electronic music hit U.S. radio and every pop/rap act jumped on it.” Hyper Crush is ahead of the curve while still looking back, barreling balls out into what promises to be a big 2012.


Written by Joe Gustav Photo by Frank Hamilton



t feels weird saying we’re Discovering WD4D, a veteran local DJ who proudly reps Beacon Hill. He was named champion of Seattle’s 2010 Battle of the Mega-Mixes, is a resident DJ at the city’s longest running b-boy night and is a founding host of KBCS 91.3’s Zulu Radio, a show now old enough to attend kindergarten. Still, it’s his work as a producer that may be the real gem and is a diamond that has until now mostly laid obscured in the rough. 2010’s brief EP of R&B remixes, “PostHyphy-Romanticrunk” showed off an exciting, innovative style influenced by an array of electronic; 2012 promises to reveal more of his expansive, slapping sound with brand new collaborators, including past Decibel feature JusMoni. Before WD4D introduces himself, time for the monthly social media plug: send in nominations for the next artist to be Discovered by tweeting @DListMagazine #Discovered. Get Discovered in DList.

NAME: WD4D, aka Waylon Dungan AGE: 34 FROM: The Town SOUNDS LIKE: Heartfelt bangers and future love ballads from planet Beacon. WHEN I'M NOT MAKING MUSIC I'M: Finding new music, working on promo, cooking up a meal, swimming at the pool and/or skateboarding.


WHAT'S NEXT: Dropping another EP on Seattle label, Fourthcity Records (Truckasauras, Laptop Battle). An instrumental collaboration with the uber-talented Suttikeeree (aka Dead Noise) titled "After School EP2." Should be available around the time this goes to press. Really excited for the project I'm currently working on with JusMoni. Been DJing for her since the get go, but now we're producing a short EP featuring a new, distinct sound for both of us. Some of the old Back2theFuture!

The Space Needle had the second revolving restaurant in the world, built in 1961.

CATCH ME AT: 611 Supreme every Monday night for The Good Look. Tuesdays at LoFi for Seattle's longest running hip-hop/bboy/future-beat weekly, Stop Biting. And until I really start making the big bucks, you can catch me at The Station Cafe on Beacon Hill making a mean macchiato Monday through Wednesday afternoons. Follow me on Twitter @WD4D.



Photo by Frank Hamilton

Dan Deacon, USF @ The Neptune Theatre Dan Deacon, the bearded mad scientist of the recorded and performing arts, brings his usual eclectic, eccentric caravan to Seattle’s revamped Neptune Theatre. Since 2007’s “Spiderman of the Rings,” Deacon has been an indie-music favorite for his complex but always fun electronic compositions and his constant drive to push the boundaries of live performance. Most recently, he performed as part of the Wham City Comedy Tour, a self-described “batshit variety show.” Always bubbling over with energy and new ideas, Deacon is preparing to release his first album in nearly three years, this time on indie giant Domino. DList talked with Dan Deacon about the new record and what fans can expect from his ever-progressing live sets. Catch Dan Deacon at the Neptune. For more info and tickets visit

DLIST: You recently signed with Domino and announced a new album coming out early next year. What kind of sounds are you experimenting with? Any other details you can give fans?

DAN DEACON: This new record has the largest acoustic element than my previous work. I think there are something like 30 musicians featured on the record. I’m really excited for it to exist! DLIST: Before coming to Seattle, you'll have performed with the Wham City Comedy Tour. How do these non-music gigs influence your more traditionally musical show?

DAN DEACON: It’s a nice shift to play to a seated audience and perform in a show that isn't music based. It’s a real


No one knows where Mozart is buried.

change. Theater has always been one of my biggest passions and it’s nice to get back on stage and try something different than what I'm used to. DLIST: In other interviews you've said that you're interested in creating a unique, live performance experience. How do you hope to push the boundaries of this experience on tour?

DAN DEACON: I think this tour will be a sort of summation of my current live solo-performances. Next year will mainly be a year of ensemble performances and new experiments in media and technology. This stretch of West Coast dates will be epic ragers in a classic fashion.

Read what else Dan has to say at the DList blog.






9 14 16 28 31


Now a bit of a holiday tradition, hippy-rap icon The Grouch leads his cast of merrymakers to The Croc for one night of hard-spitting holiday cheer. A certain brand of West Coast is definitely in the house. One with a conscious bent, but also consciously slapping and never slacking on the rhymes. Joining The Grouch’s past collaborators Eligh and Zion I is Evidence of Dilated Peoples.

www . thecrocodile. com

Nadia Ali, Darude and Ronski Speed w/ Johnny Monsoon and Darrius Washington @ Showbox SoDo

Before it became popular stateside, before widespread knowledge that “techno” is not an allencapsulating term, dance music gained its widest exposure as stadium pump-up songs. These nameless but instantly catchy and eventually recognizable compositions turned more than one set of virgin ears ablaze, pondering something along the lines of, “Hey, I like that song. Maybe I should listen to more of it in a less family-friendly setting, away from a team that sucks.” Darude’s “Sandstorm” is one such song. Catch it in its proper setting when he plays Showbox SoDo with Nadia Ali and Ronski Speed.

Swagfest 2: End of the World Party w/ DJ Swervewon and Rudy @ Neumos

Not to be a downer but... you guys know this could be the last DList Magazine ever, right? Like the world is going to end in 2012, what with the Mayan calendar ending and them being right and all about their other predictions? So yeah, you should probably embrace the whole end-ofthe-world thing, just in case, because if the world does end, it’d be really sad if you didn’t. The second edition of Swagfest (swag) encourages party-goers to embrace the end of days (swag) with the costume or theme of their choice, which is mandatory (swag swag swag). Swervewon, the best hip-hop DJ in the Northwest, and Rudy, the production half of always-raucous electrorappers Slow Dance, will be spinning your so-apocalypse soundtrack.

Portlandia The Tour @ Showbox at the Market

IFC’s off-beat sketch comedy Portlandia is awesome, skewering so many people I know, and proving once and for all that Portland is a weirder, shittier Seattle. Adult hide-and-seek leagues, the farm-raised fetish and people with interesting facial hair all get their fair share in a town where the ‘90s allegedly never ended. “Saturday Night Live’s” Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of South Sound rockers Sleater-Kinney, nail caricatures in an eccentric comedy with unusual pacing and dry humor, but also an exquisite taste in musical guests, such as Aimee Mann the house cleaner. Armisen and Brownstein are embarking on a six-city live tour, playing songs from the show and imparting behind-the-scenes insights. Also, Mike McGinn is the mayor from Portlandia.

Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme, The Braxmatics, DJ Leopold Bloom @ The Tractor Tavern

DList Disclaimer: you should go to Resolution 2012 at WaMu Theater, which will boast this issue’s featured artists Nero and Hyper Crush. But seeing as how some people like options, may we suggest another New Year’s party with a completely different vibe. The 2011 Young Northwest pick in music, Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme will be bringing the funk to Ballard’s Tractor Tavern. The 12-person ensemble gets down like few others in the Northwest and will surely bring smoothed-out dance grooves to one of the city’s premier dives. Ring in the new year at the Tractor, but also GO TO RESOLUTION 2012. Thank you.



Written by Evan Carter Photograph by Nate Johnson


zul is a Mayan word from the Yucatan Peninsula meaning lord, master, leader; standing above others in character or reputation. This is also what Dzul Studio in West Seattle represents. Even though it isn’t located in the heart of downtown, Dzul leads the Northwest in custom art. More than 80 percent of its tattoos are custom drawn in house. We asked owners Alex and Jacob Dzul to explain their meaning of their studio. “Dzul is about you. Whatever you want to represent, we will interpret it through custom art for your


skin, clothes, car or wall,” Alex explained. “We can transform your idea into an original tattoo. Dzul is about individualism. We embrace all design styles. At Dzul, three services a r e offered; tattoos, piercings and airbrush/bodypainting. It’s an exceptionally talented family, with Alex focusing on the business and airbrushing, Jacob mastering Tattoos and their sisters Elizabeth and Catalina Dzul handling the piercings. Dzul carries a great selection of piercing jewelry. It is extremely focused on the arts and has chosen to get away from its clothing line and add more rooms


for tattoos and piercings. This is great news for those of you out there wanting some ink. The rooms are private so you can close the blinds or leave them open while you are watching your 52inch flat screen TV. All the channels are available as well as Netflix, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something to keep you entertained. The staff of Dzul is constantly researching and upgrading. T h e y travel all over the country f o r festivals and demonstrations. Y o u may have seen them at the Bite of Seattle, The Tattoo Expo in Seattle and Portland or Hempfest. They are working on a design book featuring their tattoos, airbrushing and art. In the summertime, they have plans to

host an art exhibition to launch their new book. The professionalism and d r i v e of the Dzul artists is one of the main reasons they have such high-end clientele. They receive the big jobs such as airbrushing the “Freaknight” dancers and tattooing local sports stars and radio personalities. Much of the Seattle music scene has come through these doors as well. “We do a lot o f their tattoos as well as airbrushing for some of their larger shows,” Alex said, when asked about the local music scene. Not only do they cater to the musicians, they have their fair share of theater performers stop in before their shows, even some from out of state! Dzul uses a latex paint that can

stay on for hours, even days. “A few months ago, a theater performer came in and told us her bodypaint had to last for at least three days because she was leaving straight to the airport,” laughed Alex. Y o u w il l be abl e t o t e l l ho w passionate this family is a b o u t a r t b y just taking a look at their shop. They are surrounded by airbrushings, custom illustrations and pictures of their original tattoo work. Once the new rooms are built, Alex will be getting back into tattooing and encourages everyone to stop by in the springtime and check out his new artwork.


Few can resist the temptation to indulge during the holidays, when more calories and fat are consumed than any time of the year. While it is hard to turn down grandma’s pecan pie, you can plan ahead to prevent packing on the pounds. Fitness and nutrition experts, Rachel Elizabeth Murray and Amanda Jarstad, shared these tips for holiday survival.

Freeze away fat. A laser that melts away fat? It might sound too good to be true. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology that targets the stubborn tummy and love handles. It is a safe procedure cleared by the FDA that gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells with no needles, surgery or downtime. In about a one to two hour treatment, you can expect an average 20 percent reduction of fat in the treated areas in as little as three weeks following treatment. Dr. Peter Jenkin of Dermatology Associates is the only doctor in Seattle offering this new treatment. You can get more information about CoolSculpting at

• When baking, avoid eating dough. Use a teaspoon. rather than a tablespoon to drop cookies, so your cookies are smaller. • Bake as much as you want. Just savor one or two and give away the rest as gifts. • Research healthier substitions in recipes such as whole wheat flour, stevia, smart butter, applesauce and egg whites. • Choose lean proteins such as shrimp or chicken skewers and veggies with hummus or low calorie dips for holiday party platters. • Stick to clear

booze such as vodka and soda with a squeeze of lime or limited red wine. • When approaching the dessert table, choose one piece to savor then walk away before being tempted to keep noshing. • During traditional meals, fill up on the lean protein and veggies first, avoid the rolls and use a salad plate for your dinner in place of the larger dinner plate. • Be sure to get in a workout before your big meal or party to jump-start your metabolism. • Blast calories with a post-dinner activity such as football or Wii.

For more great nutrition and fitness information visit

Written by Tricia Mann HCG in an injection or sublingual form daily coupled with a low carbohydrate diet that does not exceed 500 calories for about one to four months. The HCG allows for the body to consume its fat stores efficiently, making up for the calorie deficit and preventing feelings of hunger.

When working out just isn’t working The HCG diet has been around for more than half a century and has had a resurgence of popularity from mentions support by Dr. Oz on his television show. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a glycoprotein hormone produced in pregnancy by the syncytiotrophoblast (a part of the placenta). It is heterodimeric, a biological entity consisting of two structural similar subunits called the alpha and beta subunits and is primarily composed of amino acids. It works in conjunction with the hypothalamus and the endocrine system to maximize the function and regulation of metabolism and weight, specifically in relation to adipose (fat) and lean muscle redistribution. To sum up the program, it consists of daily consumption of


Another benefit of the modified program is that it allows enough calories to have the energy to work out. This shorter plan is easy to sneak in between holidays or as a postholiday detox. HCG Quicktrack is available through Dr. Dawn Hunter at Radiant MedSpa with a prescription. It is not recommended to start any diet without seeing a doctor, especially at this low of calories. According to Hunter, the homeopathic HCG sold over the counter typically does not have enough concentration of HCG in it to give results, meaning the body will just be losing weight due to lack of calories. That means the body could be consuming its lean body mass rather than burning fat as the traditional diet intends to do.

Some people still find this a difficult regime to stick to, so Dr. Dawn Hunter of Radiance MedSpa introduced a 14-day program, HCG QuickTrack, which increases calorie consumption to 800 calories a day. This program offers flexibility but still blasts away 10 pounds during the duration of the program. This is a great diet for someone that wants to lose weight for a trip or wants *facts gathered from to accelerate his or her results from exercise. Please visit for additional information.

The leading female singer in an opera is called the prima donna.

LESS PRIMPING, MORE SIPPING! New Services at Gene Juarez to Save Time and Glam Up Your Holidays

Written by Loren Boyd Photograph by Danielle Bortone-Holt

WWW.GENEJUAREZ.COM 2684 NE 49TH STREET SEATTLE, WA 98105 (206) 522-98105


his holiday season, it’s out Gene Juarez’s U-Village location, I with the old and in with the immediately felt at home. My day of new. Say goodbye to mascara, pampering began in the spa with the flaky dry skin, frizzy hair and smudged “Brighten Up” skin treatment. Gene manicures. From lash extensions to Juarez is excited to introduce Targeted shellac nail polish, Gene Juarez has you Skin Solutions, each essentially a covered with exciting new services that “mini-facial” addressing a variety of are quick, effective and perfect for on- skin concerns, great for pre-party the-go lifestyles. Getting party-ready preparation, everyday skincare or has never been so fun and effortless. maintenance between facials. Twenty “We have the advantage of offering minutes and my skin had been all types of services at the highest exfoliated, leaving it firm, glowing and quality. Our artists are passionate about feeling amazing. their craft and also about providing Next, I had eyelash tint and outstanding guest experiences,” said Novalash extensions applied, another Leanne Siguenza, marketing manager service new to Gene Juarez. We’re at Gene Juarez Spas & Salons. talkin’ big, beautiful eyes that don’t From the moment I arrived at even need mascara and last three to


The horse's name in the song Jingle Bells is Bobtail.

four weeks before a fill is needed. The process was relaxing and a hundred percent painless. I then moved to the salon for a foil and haircut. The hair artists made sure to address my concerns and the results were outstanding. Check out the keratin treatments designed to smooth and de-frizz, leaving hair silky soft and more manageable as each strand is wrapped in protein. Another great way to save time getting ready and protect from harsh winter weather. My spa day finished with a shellac manicure, the latest technology in nail care: a thick coating of high gloss polish that sets and dries in two minutes with the help of UV light. Shellac pedicures

are also available, so rock those sassy heels! “Don’t hesitate to come in and observe the salon,” said Kim Lundin, creative director at Gene Juarez. “Take advantage of our complimentary consultations in order to find an artist you connect with. All lifestyles, all personalities…There is an artist for everyone.” My experience at Gene Juarez U-Village was incredible. I could not have been treated better or been happier with my services. Cheers to less primping and more sipping! For a location near you, information about services or to book an appointment, visit

NYE2012 5th Annual

Black & White

Masquerade Ball

Doors open at 8PM • DJ Warren

Pre-sale tickets ($25) available at the bar included - champagne • appetizers • mask & more

456 N 36th St, Seattle 206.634.2575


DList Magazine presents the delicious patterns, textures & layers you crave. Take a little bite here and there, or indulge in the whole enchilada.


Assistants: Kayleigh Capelle, Courtney Byrd, Nicole Geissler & Rebekah Rochelle Hair: Taco Yarbrough and Wilena Lee Makeup: Tricia Mann & Yessie Libby Models: Zjanna, Leah Santa Cruz, Jennifer Le (SMG), Mikaela Willie (SMG) & Taylor Alfen (SMG) Special Thanks to Ava Queen Anne Apartments & Red Balloon Company

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Taylor) Dress/Nune Hov; Jacket/Madina Vadache; Shoes at LULY YANG; Flower Necklace/Soho Hearts; Gold Necklace/Lauren Harkness; Earrings/Dangelz. (On Vedran) Blazer/ Wyattorr at THE FINERIE; Chinos/WECZ at ZEBRACLUB; Button Up at BUILT FOR MAN; Shoes/Stylist’s own. (On Mikaela) Vest/Babkul; Leggings/Wolford; Necklace/Lauren Harkness; Earrings/Dangelz. (On Zjanna) Halter Top & Jacket/Megan Cherewantanko; Shorts/Lolly; Shoes/Messeca at THE FINERIE; Necklace/Stella & Dot; Earrings/Dangelz . (On Michael) Hoodie/Avva Project & Button Up/Civil Society at THE FINERIE; Pants/KR3W at ZEBRACLUB; Shoes/Stylist’s own. (On Leah) Dress/Reverse at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Shoes/Diba; Cuff/Young &ng; Headband/Stylist’s own. (On Jennifer) Dress/6 Shore Road; Blazer/Cop.Copine at BLUE LUNA; Shoes/Luichiny; Bowtie/House of Papillon; Ring/Lauren Harkness.

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Mikaela) Dress at LULY YANG; Sweater/Kimchi & Blue; Shoes/Luichiny; Necklace at THE FINERIE; Headband/L. Erickson. (On Michael) Fur Coat/Stylist’s own; Chinos/WECZ & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at ZEBRACLUB; Sweater/Moods of Norway at THE FINERIE. (On Taylor) Jacket/Megan Cherewantanko; Dress URBAN OUTFITTERS; Shoes/Messeca at THE FINERIE; Earrings/Lavish by Tricia Milaneze. (On Vedran) Pants, Sweater & Jacket at BUILT FOR MAN; Shoes/ Stylist’s own. (On Zjanna) Coat/Ms. Wood, Necklace at THE FINERIE; Body Suit/Wolford; Shoes/Luichiny; Earrings/Soho Hearts. (On Leah) Dress/Heilyke at THE FINERIE; Jacket/Isabel De Pedro at BLUE LUNA; Shoes at LULY YANG; Necklace/Julia deVille; Earrings/Lauren Harkness. (On Jennifer) Dress/Nune Hov; Blouse/Yoana Baraschi at THE FINERIE; Shoes/Benjamin Adams at LULY YANG.

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Mikaela) Coat/Heilyke at THE FINERIE; Bodysuit/Wolford; Skirt/Megan Cherewantanko; Shoes/Luichiny. (On Michael)Pants & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at ZEBRACLUB; Jacket/Moods of Norway at THE FINERIE. (On Taylor) Shakespeare Skirt/Alexander Aesthetic; Scarf/Stylist's own; Headpiece/Lauren Harkness; Bangle/Soho Hearts. (On Zjanna)Coat/Desigual at BLUE LUNA; Tights/Wolford; Booties/Bronx. (On Leah) Gown at LULY YANG; Arm Warmers at BUILT FOR MAN; Necklace/Stella & Dot. (On Vedran) Jacket at BUILT FOR MAN; Chinos/WESC & Shoes/ Palladium at ZEBRACLUB. (On Jennifer) Dress/Isabel de Pedro at BLUE LUNA; Coat/Ainslie, Knot Necklace as headband & Tassle Necklace at THE FINERIE; Shoes at LULY YANG.

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Jennifer) Plaid Gown, Key Necklace/Megan Cherewatenko; Crown/Young &ng; Leather Cuffs & Ring/Lauren Harkness. (On Michael)Shirt/KR3W & Shoes/Palladium at ZEBRACLUB; Vest & Pants/Isaac B. Evolution at BUILT FOR MAN; Bow Tie/HOP. (On Leah) Rose Gown/Megan Cherewantenko; Copper Bracelet/Lauren Harkness; Black Bangle, Beatle Cuff, Donoma Bracelet/ Soho Hearts; Snake Shoe/Vero Cuio at THE FINERIE. (On Taylor) Sequin Pants/Sparkle & Fade at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Maddy Crew Neck/Babkul; Belt/Sweet Chemis & Bracelet at THE FINERIE. (On Zjanna)Lace Shift/Madina Vadace & Corset/Abigail Glaumlathbury at THE FINERIE; Earrings/Soho Hearts. (On Vedran) Leather Jacket/ZAK, Shirt/Penguin, Pants & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at THE FINERIE; Watch/Stylist's own. (On Mikaela) Plaid Jacket/Megan Cherewantenko; Pants/BDG at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Scarf at THE FINERIE; Shoes/Luichiny; Necklace/Soho Hearts

{LEFT TO RIGHT} (On Mikaela) Dress/Madina Vadache & Pouch Belt/Sonia by Sonia Rykiel at THE FINERIE; Necklace/Stella & Dot; Booties/Diba. (On Michael)Fur Coat at BUILT FOR MAN; Shirt/ Descendant of Thieves, Jeans/KR3W & Shoes/Vanishing Elephant at ZEBRACLUB. (On Leah) Jacket/By Smith & Fur Shawl at THE FINERIE; Cigarette Pants/BDG at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Earrings/ Lauren Harkness; Shoes/stylists own. (On Taylor) Dress/Megan Cherewantenko; Jacket/Christopher Collins at THE FINERIE; Boots/Diba; Bracelets/Nialaya. (On Zjanna)Sheet Music Corset Skirt/ Alexander Aesthetic; Shirt/Nom de Plume at URBAN OUTFITTERS; Shoes/Luichiny; Necklace/Soho Hearts. (On Vedran) Blazer/Vanishing Elephant & Shoes/Palladium at ZEBRACLUB; Button Up & Draw String Pants at BUILT FOR MAN. (On Jennifer) Dress at LULY YANG; Tights/Wolford; Cuff/Lavish; Earrings/Soho Hearts; Necklace at THE FINERIE; Shoes/Bronx

We can't get enough of the fashion influences born from the mod music era. Especially the mob of trendsetting Rock 'n Roll groupies that threw themselves wholeheartedly into the culture. Groupies, we salute you. Photographed by: Fiona Pepe Styled by: Kayleigh Capelle & Fiona Pepe Pr oduced by: Jenascia Chakos Assistants: Nicole Geissler, Jamie Kesselman

& Rebekah Rochelle Hair & Makeup by: Erin Skipley for NARS Cosmetics Wigs by: Meghann Oliberos Model: Elle DeBell (SMG)

Blazer at LUCKY VINTAGE; Leather Shorts/Kova & T at URBAN OUTFITTERS

Dress & Sunglasses at LUCKY VINTAGE; Necklace/Lavish Accessories; Socks/Stylist's own

Dress/Everly; Boots/Jeffery Campbell; Earrings/by boe

Dress/Khloe at VUE SOCIETY; Ring/by boe

Cape/Bonnie Cashin & Roller Skates/Chicago Roller Skate Co. at LUCKY VINTAGE; Leggings/BLANKNYC at ZEBRACLUB

Turtle Neck/Sparkle & Fade, Pants/RVCA, Booties/Ecote, Headphones/ Panasonic at URBAN OUTFITTERS


29 OCCUPATION: filmmaker/waterspor ts camp athletic director/musician “I enjoy creating in any medium and doing whatever makes me happy. I suppose this makes me a hedonist.” CURRENT CITY/ NEIGHBORHOOD: Stevens Pass DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: “Cinema more than anything. I try to live like the lead character of a film I would want to watch. Even clothing can be an adventure. Why not challenge yourself to be the best dressed to wherever you’re going? Our favorite heroes don’t look good on accident!” WHAT INFLUENCES YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? Cinema more than anything. I try to live like the lead character of a film I would want to watch. Even clothing can be an adventure. Why not challenge yourself to be the best dressed to wherever you’re going? Our favorite heroes don’t look good on accident!


HOW DOES THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST INFLUENCE YOUR STYLE? “I like books and coffee. We’re into that, right? If you’re carrying a book, does that make it an accessory?” WHAT’S YOUR IDEAL OUTFIT FOR A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN? “Whatever pops.” WHO ARE YOUR TOP 3 FAVORITE DESIGNERS? “Coal, Capita and Full Sail. Clean, dark and delicious.” WHAT THREE ITEMS FROM YOUR WARDROBE WOULD YOU SAVE FROM A FIRE? “Maybe my biker jacket. I’d likely just smile and watch it all burn.” HOW DOES IAN (THE BOUTIQUE WE PULLED FROM) FIT INTO YOUR WARDROBE? “Their style is on point. They had this futuristic hoody.

Oh man, I want it! But at 350 bones. I'd rather sponsor a child.” FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP: “TraderJoe's,Craigslist, the thrifts. Basically anywhere with quality for less. You don't need to spend a lot to look good. It just takes a little more effor t.” FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT: “Big Mario's on the hill. A shot, a beer and a slice of pizza. They never let me down.” FAVORITE PLACE FOR DRINKS: “The Mos Eisley Cantina, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.” FAVORITE PLACE TO GO DANCING: “On stage.”











The Space Needle had the second revolving restaurant in the world, built in 1961.


december 2011 SEATTLE EVENTS

1 2


seattle center | November 25- DEcember 31 Sponsored by the City of Seattle and celebrating all things cheerful and holiday, this year’s Winterfest is yet another place to visit during the holiday season. Complete with an ice skating rink, various performers from around the city, ice sculpting competitions and more, Winterfest is a smorgasbord of winter activities. Celebrating 50 years since the Seattle World’s Fair, this year’s Winterfest honors all things Seattle that make us proud to be inhabitants of this lovely Emerald City. Head over to the Seattle Center to take a walk around and ingest some holiday joy.

19th annual gingerbread village sheraton seattle | november 29 - january 1 One of the benefits of the holidays is it gives us all an excuse to do ridiculous things like build life-size gingerbread houses. This season, the Sheraton Hotel will once again team up with local architect firms to build some gingerbread houses to put us in the holiday spirit. The houses will be on display for more than a month, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re strolling downtown and decide to stop in or want to take the family for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pose with lifesize gingerbread houses, makes sure to check it out.


the kooks


the wizard of oz


showbox at the marker | december 2 Formed in 2001, The Kooks have come a long way since the days of playing small concerts at music school and basement stages. Though the band began only 10 years ago, it has gone on to set music records and gain more fans than a majority of hopeful alternative bands. The music is the perfect combination of dance-worthy, shake your hips songs and melodic acoustic ones. With hits like “She Moves in Her Own Way” and “Naïve,” the live shows are known for the band’s immense talent and energy. This show will deliver no less than that.

comcast arena | november 5 For lovers of the classic film that remains a staple in people’s movie cabinets, head over to Comcast Arena to watch a beautifully adapted play version of the tale. Whether hosting guests in town for the weekend or in need of a place to take the kids for an evening out, the “Wizard of Oz” traveling play has received fantastic reviews. Playing at two times on Dec. 3, the “Wizard of Oz” is perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon or evening. Tickets are available through the Comcast Arena Web site and begin at $26.00.

christmas ships festival

seattle shoreline |nov 26 - December 3 This holiday season offers a ton of options for events and fun places to go to get in the holiday spirit. One option is the Christmas Ships Festival, headed this year by Argosy Cruises. Make sure to take a night off with the family or loved ones to go down to the pier and watch beautifully decorated boats sailing in the Sound. Parading around the coastal areas of Seattle throughout the week, ships decorated in various holiday colors and lights provide for some beautiful winter sightseeing for all your visitors in need of Seattle entertainment.


florence + the machine


bob rivers twisted x-mas


jay-z & kanye west: watch the throne




dlist new years party "RESOLUTION"

wamu theatre | december 8

Having just released her sophomore album, “Ceremonials,” lead singer Florence Welch continues to prove her place in the music industry. Her music evokes an immense amount of talent both vocally and musically well beyond her years. With only two albums under her belt (“Ceremonials” and “Lungs”), Welch’s music is mind-blowingly well-composed for such a new artist. Consistently praised as one of the most talented and unique young artists, her live concert is sure to be just as amazing as her consistently fresh and fantastic music featured in her two albums.

snoqualmie casino | december 15 The holiday season along with holiday joy and celebration also brings around a number of potential uncomfortable social situations; seeing the family for the holidays, Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws and an immense amount of alcohol. For a break from all of the holiday madness, head to Snoqualmie Casino with some good friends to enjoy some good old fashion laughter. The show features a number of comedians including Bob Rivers and Richard Lewis and other performers sure to bring you out of the Christmas slump.

tacoma dome | december 16

Tickets for this concert sold out so quickly online that only those waiting diligently by their computers managed to buy any. However, chances are scalpers will be running amok at this year’s most anticipated concert. After the release of their first collaboration album, the two biggest names in rap are traveling across the globe to perform their hits live to blow us all away. Individually, the two artists have rocked the Billboard Charts as well as live performances and radio playlists. Their power combined is sure to make for the best show of the year.

SKY LOUNGE|december 23

Join DList Magazine and Rich Kids Brand for a Holiday Fashion Party at Sky Lounge. Guests will be invited to enter a raffle for "presents" from Santa from Rich Kids Brand and Jewel Mint. Rich Kids Brand will be presenting their "Holiday Line" with a live performance from a surprise guest artists.

wamu theatre | december 31

The biggest New Year's Eve event in the northwest hosted by DList Magazine and USC Events. Over 5000 attendees expected. Headlining artists include Nero, Tritonal, Congorock, Hyper Crush and DJ Benzi. Tickets available at and

For more Seattle events check out


Photography by Brian Oh


Listen to more than music. Listen when you think it's quiet, and you'll discover it's not really all that quiet.

One of the nation's biggest electronic music festivals, Freaknight, rolled into WaMu Theater on Friday October 28. The sold-out event played host to 15,000 dance music fans that partied to some of the world's top DJ's/ producers including Tiesto, Dada Life, Cosmic Gate, Sub Focus, Feed Me, Eoto, Felix Cartal, Pendulum, Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and more.


Photography by Danielle Bortone-Holt

The second annual "Wild Turkey - Pre Thanksgiving Day Bash" hit Belltown's premier lounge, Amber, on a cold and blustery Wednesday night. Despite the weather a huge crowd made it's way to the event that was hosted by DList Magazine with performances from Universal recording artist Anjulie along with San Francisco's famed Rock-It! Scientists. DJ Christyle warmed the crowd up along with complimentary Amber appetizers.


Thank you readers for a great 2011!


not all addictions are unhealthy.

never fried (unhealthy). never baked (undelicious). we take a little heat, add some pressure, and pop! it’s a chip so delicious and crispy you won’t notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. and with a craving-crushing 20 chips per serving, 120 calories and 4 grams of fat, who wouldn’t want to pop one in their mouth?

© 2011 popchips, inc.

DList Magazine | December 2011 | The Music Issue  

The December 2011 issue of DList Magazine featuring music from Nero, Anjulie, Black Cards, Black Star, Common, Miguel, Hyper Crush and more.

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