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? y T i V i T a E r C Whack


! k c a h W W

! k c ha “whack on the side of the head”

LeT’s OpEn ThE MeNtAL lOcKs iN OuR head This document that you are about to experience will walk you through with different techniques to become more creative. Most of the time our minds are closed and sometimes we need to unlocked it. “think something different”. Now, count 1, 2, 3 and free your attitudes and let’s explore how to be CREATIVE together.

ThE RiGhT AnSweR The educational system taught us to look for ONE right answer, but for some situations there might be more than just one right answer.You can find the second, third or tenth right answer by asking “what if?�, reversing the problem, breaking the rules, etc. The most important thing is you just have to look for the answer yourself.


Is Lady gaga a singer or ???

Exercise 1 What time is it?

What is this icon?

ThAt’S NoT LoGiCal Logic is an important creative thinking tool. Its use in the practical phase of the creative process. There are two kind of thinking soft and hard. The soft thinking is in the imaginative phase of creative process, and a hearty helping of hard thinking in the practical phase.

y. b a b ard

b o d I

h d n a ft o s h ot

When pre-school children were shown this picture and question, they all answered “left.” when asked why, they answered “Because you can’t see the door.”

still don’t know?? see below In which direction is the bus pictured below traveling?

Exercise 2

FoLLoW ThE RuLeS Breaking the rules won’t necessarily lead to creative ideas, but you have to be flexible with the rules to discover another rules.

nd a k a ste t a e I

ak e t s r I wea

Exercise 3

Draw a house without lifting pencil

re e h y Tr re e h y r T e r e Try h

Be PrAcTiCaL The world was build by people who listen to their imagination, and build ideas they found there. Everyday we should ask ourselves “what if” questions, because it will lead to a practical idea and then you’ll come up with an innovation idea. Also, don’t judge before you become and artist with the open-minded attitude.

e h t t pa ? u w g o g h e s e I h f i t t n i a Wh ammy Gr

Egg! ! gg E Egg!

Exercise 4 H2O H2O H2O

What are three impression you will have if salt can change into sugar by mixing water to it?


PlAy iS FriVoLoUs Play time! “Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father.� When you have a problem, play with it. Use this play with it attitude to move and to push around and have fun with it.You can be more creative when you play.

Exercise 5 Stress? Go out and have a back to your problems later

with your friends. Come “I'm toni gonna d g tear ht, I'm rink my s g love and cry onna d tears r Lad me, bab , cause I ink my y Ga y.� kno ga w yo u

ThAt’S NoT My ArEa g n i s n I ca I can and on walk nway ru e h t y!! b a b

When we are trying to generate new ideas, information-handling attitude can limit us and sometimes prevent us from looking outside areas for ideas. We need to have explorer’s attitude. There are many ideas that need to be discovered. Also, give yourself sometimes to exploring new things and if you developed something unusual, let it lead to something unexpected. See the obvious , sometimes the most helpful ideas are just right in front of us and we shouldn’t ignore the obvious part.

Exercise 6 Think about people, places, activities or anything that you can explore for ideas?

“For being different, it’s easy. But to be unique, it’s a complicated thing.” Lady Gaga

DoN’t Be fOOlish A good way to think of the fool is compare your thinking to the transmission of a car. Sometimes before you move your car forward you have to reverse the car first, then you can move forward anew. Just like when we couldn’t find the right answer to solve our problems, we need to get out and put our thinking on a mental freeway to find a better solution. - Play the fool part and see what crazy ideas you can come up with. - Reverse your perspective. - Laugh at yourself.

t s u j “I’m

” l o o f y l a ho

Exercise 7 Put yourself in a fool situation

h oh, o Oh,

, oh

I'm in , h o ,


ith ve w


Jud -as,


AvOiD AmBiGuiTy We avoid ambiguity because of the communication problem it can cause. The one way to be more creative is to look for an ambiguity in the world around you. so Don’t avoid it. -Try to look at something and think about what else it might be. -Allow random, unexpected information to stimulate your imagination. -Listen to your dream. -Cultivate your own source of ambiguity. I had thi star. A s dream, an d I rea nd I w as alm lly wan that I o ted to st a m was re be a o n a s l t l y fearl er in t Lady Gaga he wa ess wi y th my ambiti ons.

Exercise 8 Draw a picture of a dream that you’ve had recently





To ErR iS WrOnG A Large part of creative thinking is not being afraid to fail. Let yourself fail because you will learn from it and then you can try again with a new ideas. Before you start on new idea or project, ask yourself “what bad things can happen if we’re successful? “what good things might happen if we fail?”

I fell of

f the ch air but I

still roc k

the sho w!

Exercise 9 Think about the project that you did in the pass and it wasn’t successful and what did you learn from it?

Lady Gaga falls on her butt in New York City while on set for Vanity Fair Magazine Photoshoot in sky-high heels.

But Hey! she came up with the new idea for photoshoot

Paparazzi Paparazzi Paparazzi Paparazzi Paparazzi

I’m NoT CrEaTiVe Don’t ever let yourself think that you’re not creative.You have to believe in your ideas, and you have to continue building on them. With this attitude you will become a creative person without notice it. “When y ou make m your job to have m usic or write or cr condom less sex w ind-blowing, irr eate, it's really e sp it about at the time h whatever idea onsible, .” it is you'r Lady Ga ga e writing

Exercise 10 Draw a CAT here

Are you creative? Yes


? ? ?


r e h t o n A n o k c a h W ! ? d a e h r u o y BE able to adopt four main roles Explorer: look for something that you’ll use to build your ideas. Artist: ask “what if”question, break the rules or create your own. Judge: ask “Is this idea any good?” to make your decision listen to your gut, judge for your own. Warrior: take your idea into action.

“A record deal doesn't make you an artist; you make yourself an artist.” Lady Gaga

Last Whack! Take a whack at it Don’t wait for your idea to happen. Make it happen Put a lion in your heart Don’t be scared. Get support Be in the healthy and positive environment Get rid of excuses No more excuses you fight or you die. Flex your risk muscle Try new things Have something at Stake Set up stake so you’ll be motivated to make your idea successful. Be dissatisfied Dissatisfaction will help you gain more opportunities to develop a better ideas. Use your shield Don’t let people reaction get you from acting on your idea. Sell, Sell, Sell “It’s not creative unless it sells” Why people want your ideas or products? Set a deadline If you have a deadline, you’ll put away your excuses and get down to make your idea happen. Be persistent Don’t give up

CoNcLuSiOn Life is too short to be afraid of failure. If you have an idea make it happen before you are running out of time. Be creative of what you do everyday. Think about something that you never think of before.Free your mind and open the door to a new way of thinking. Now Go Get it!

ith w p e e l if I s t a ivity h t t a e g r n i c h my rd t i e e k a w t s i o t th aga g n e G i v y o a g d h a I e “ a.” L hey’r n i t g e a v n o y gh m some u o r h t e from m



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