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From the Editor Hello Key Clubbers! Welcome to the fourth issue of the sixth volume of the Key Club Hub. In this newsletter, you can find information about recent events and learn more about future events. I have been incredibly proud to serve as your key club editor the past few months and hope to make this school year a great one! Make sure to sign up for upcoming events at! If you want more service hours, contact me, and you can write an article for our next newsletter! Hope this is a wonderful service year! Yours in Caring and Service, Sarah Horowitz    

Spike Out Hunger- Volleyball Tournament Teams of 5 or more were formed to play Volleyball at Livingston High School. We collected can foods, sold pizza and snacks and played volleyball throughout the night! All proceeds were donated to the NJ Federation of Food Banks.

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More Pictures from the Spike Out Hunger Volleyball Tournament

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Recurring Events


Every Saturday, from 1:45- 3:15, Key clubbers assist senior citizens at the Care One assisted living center. We usually play Bingo, but we also hold events such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween crafts, multicultural day, fashion shows and more!

LACD Sports Clinics Another organization Key Club assists is LACD, a committee devoted to improving the lives of those with special needs and disabilities. LACD sports clinics are every Wednesday!

Bake Sale! Every other Thursday (following key club meetings), there is a bake sale! Bring in food or volunteer after school at the sale- each are .5 hours of volunteer time!

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Contact the Board… President- Eileen Deng (Senior) Vice President- Amy Liu (Senior) Secretary- Vanessa Hu (Junior) Treasurer- Caleb Chow (Senior) Editor- Sarah Horowitz (Junior) Webmaster- David Lin (Junior) Class Representatives Freshman Representative- Danny Hubert (Sophomore) Sophomore Representative- Ed Hou (Sophomore) Junior Representative- Avika Bansal (Junior) Senior Representative- Connie Liou (Senior)    

CareOne: Every Saturday LACD Sports Clinic: Every Wednesday District Convention: March 23-25 Elections: March 21

For more information, visit:


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Key Club January 2018 Newsletter  
Key Club January 2018 Newsletter