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rchitect and BIM Manager. AlA ways seeking to improve the design, understanding the project as a living thing that always can grow and evolve.

s an Architect specialized on A architectural heritage I´m interested on increase the lifetime of the

building thanks to new and innovative uses, always preserving the ¨soul¨ of the buildings, their history and story. As a designer I take in account the environment, functionality and inner comfort of the buildings, based on a strong concept, to develop the best solution for each project.



n architect must be always learning, always improving. Keep up to date with regulations, technology and trends is a key point for an architect to understand the needs of his time. Design based on those needs and take that reality into the future as a witness of its time.


house is one floor, one roof and a view of the sky. Sometimes the absence of the neighbor


uildings are built during the Concept Design Phase. Everything else is just the steps to bring them to life.


rchitecture is imagination, a mental process that allow us to imagine something that does not exist. Drawing, Language and Mathmatics are the tools to explain. BIM takes those tools to the next step, allowing us to give all the information needed.

The abstraction process of designing cannot be completed without the materialization of the concept

Physical model for the conceptual project: The Rift, Church in Camino the Santiago



Internet Town

Inclusive Primary School

Music School

Elderly Retirement

Vocational School

Food Industry Park

Retail Mixed Use Tower

Television Tower

Haikan Labs

Panda Museum Tourism

Sports Center

Public Square Regeneration

Shanghai Museum

Powerlong Mall

Internet town Schematic DesignCo

irculation as the generator of the project, the C continuous flow of people, the inter personal relations and the information flow of those rela-

tions. The ribbon that connects all the functions in a continuous element flowing through the building.

radition is brought to the project as a requireT ment. Materials, patterns and the composition of the spaces following the compositive theory of Chinese traditional gardens.

Architect: Diego MuĂąoz Wuzhen Internet Town Wuzhen, China

ºº I

Inclusive Primary School Construction Documents

n relation with an existing siding that is used as part of the intervention, becoming an adapted linear park that cross the city and links existing cycling paths, reinforcing the movility aspect of the project.

he school is designed matching all special T regulations for adaptability, flying over the linear park and creating a not existing connection.


ovility, Interconnection, Adaptability are concepts that can be read along the whole project.

Architect: Diego MuĂąoz Adapted School for Children with physical disabilities LeganĂŠs, Madrid


Haikan Labs, Lin’an

Huang Fan, Diego Muñoz


Semi-Arch Lin’an, China


lean and rational intervention based on functionality. The volumes broke themselves connecting with others generating green rooftops and connecting both halfs of the site solving the problem of the height difference.

he building creates a green rooftop for the city that brings the activity from ground to T the sky. The project was awarded with the ¨Best Project 2017¨by the American institute of Architects (AIA) Shanghai.

Architects: Todd E. Pillgreen, Bing Yang, Senem Chenetoglou, Diego Muñoz RDC111 Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou Binjiang Rooftop Garden BuiltCo

Haimen Sports Center Concept

Architects: Fan Huang Diego MuĂąoz Morris UK Haimen, China


he project tries to understand the site and be in relation with it, like a drop of water to the lake and then to Yangse River but also letting the river go into the project. new facility for a new urA ban area with the objective of bringing activity to the city as a

sports Icon for the whole province.



Hamman Tourism Resort

Jiale Surf Resort

Bazhong Hotel

Yibin Business Hotel

Changzhou Jia Ze Town

Cixi Yatch Club

Exterior Hotel Teahouse

Hamman Tourism Resort Concept

Architect: Diego MuĂąoz Finalist project IV Concurso Catedra Hispalyt Competition Luxor, Egipt

erging with Hassan Faty´s M work the project brings new functions at the same time that shows respect for the site and the entourage.

sing traditional materials U and constructive techniques the project creates spaces that understand the tradition with a contemporary look.

Jiale Surf resort

Architects: Tood E. Pillgreen, Bing Yang, Diego MuĂąoz


RDC 111 Haikou, Hainan

intervention located in the beach world rated 13th by surf associations. The New project proposes a resort including hotel, surf facilities and residential.

he design trys to apply the principles of a Chinese traditional garden mixing them with T the materiality of Architecture. The points of view, the circulations, the relation with water and reflections.

Architects: Fan Huang, Diego MuĂąoz NUAUD (Semi-Arch) Changzhou

Changzhou Jia Ze Town BuiltCo


Tianmashan, Bazhong Hotel Under Construction

to topography and Adapting taking it as a shape generator. he project takes a step into the T nature trying to mix with it in an intervention that propose small

hotel units along the site following an organic path from the main building.

Architects: Fan Huang Diego MuĂąoz Guang Yang Semi-Arch Bazhong, Chengdu

Residential Interior Design


Q House

Yuhuan Pension Plan

Songjiang Villa

Tanger Residential Plan

Madrid Square Housing

Alfafar Residential

Cultura Barbershop

Caelis Art Gallery

Commercial Flight HQ

Path of Diversity

UpShip House

Q House, Fengxiang BuiltCo

laying with the volumes, creating half floors and P different heights making the space gain dynamism. Existing regulations took a main role during

design phase. Playing with the limits of those regulations help the design to evolve.

he technical dificulties provoqued by the site T ground material were solved becoming an important element of the design. Take these conditioning elements as design generators.

Architects: Guang Yang Fan Huang Diego MuĂąoz Semi-Arch Fengxiang, Shanghai

Tanger New Residential Area Concept

he project tries to genT erate a new urban area around the new Tanger

port. The topography and orientation play a main role on the design. s a Residential but also A Urban intervention, the project studies the needs

for facilities and the position of them, creating ¨facility rows¨that cross the ¨residential columns¨.

he fast growing rithym T requires prefabricated functional components that

allow quick design and construction for the residential units.

Architects: Diego Muñoz Port Residential and Urban Facilities Tanger

UpShip Airbnb House Built

Architects: Guang Yang Fan Huang Diego MuĂąoz Semi-Arch Shanghai

he renovation folT lows the principle of simplicity. errace´s furniture T were also design for this project in particular.

Cultura Barbershop Built

arbershop B following a 60´s American style, as

client´s requirement. The result is a mix of styles with two differnt parts that merge together in harmony. Architect: Diego Muñoz Putuo District Shanghai


Path of Diversity


xhibition framed into the project ¨Feel it-Feel E the Difference¨by Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI). Held simultaneously in six

European Countries and exhibited in Cultural Sites as ¨La Casa Encendida, Madrid¨.

Architects: Javier Morales Diego Muñoz Alvaro Granero Luchena Arquitectura Madrid Alcalá de Henares Getafe San Sebastián de los Reyes Huelva



Jiangling Sports Center

Graphical Arts School

Jiangling Residential

Plane Renovation

Tiantong Cultural Village

Xikou Cultural Village

Dome Reconstruction

Ayllรณn Restaurant

Baoshan Street Renovation

Rural Hotel

Jiangling Sports Center he old electrical components factory becomes T the entrance for the new urban renovation intervention. Bringing facilities to help with the develop-

Under construction

ment and life quality of this rural area.

he building itself provides the perfect conditions T of space for the development of sport activities. The structural elements, the cranes, all is preserved and given a new function.

Architect: Diego MuĂąoz Morris UK Jiangling, Hubei

Graphical Arts School Concept

he intervention proposes T a floor that gains volume configuring furniture and interior space. Almost like nature going inside a ruined building and spreading along it. he original structure is T preserved keeping the history and story of the

building, telling us what it was and what will be. Another preserved element is the goods railway that becomes the main circulation inside the building. This kind of intervention allow us to play with the facade creating new sources of natural light.

Architect: Diego MuĂąoz Ancient fruit market Madrid


Tiantong Cultural Village Built


reservation is key in this intervention. The project is located in a real traditional site. The tipical wall its buildings show has been exported to the whole province. project based on local people needs, a renovaA tion that must take in account the improvement of the living conditions.

Architects: Diego MuĂąoz Guang Yang


einterpretating the tradition to create interiors that reflects the culture of the site, but also brings a look of contemporarity.

Semi-Arch Tiantong Cun, Ningbo

Xikou Cultural Village To be builtCo

in the deIThentervention pressed area of Xikou. project required a

change of functions and an improvement of life quality for locals.

he concept mix tradition T and contemporary design. s an element to ¨bring A life back¨to Xikou, a graffiti competition hold in

Xikou was proposed. Some of the walls that were impossible (due to the budget) to intervene on were proposed as the canvas for the competition.

Architects: Guang Yang Diego Muñoz Semi-Arch Xikou

Urban planning Infrastructure


Chengdu Bridge

Castellana Urban Garden

TajuĂąa Cultural Landscape

Nanchong Riverside

Shenzhen Footpath Bridge

Qianfeng Urban Planning


Tajuña Cultural Landscape Concept

evelopment of a rural area creating landscape D Icons that organize the circulation between the cities based on the previous analysis of the existing facilities and needs.

of an Urban Planning on each one Iter.mplementation of the cities making them work as a facilities clus-

Architect: Diego Muñoz Carabaña, Orusco, Tielmes, Madrid


Nanchong Shunqing Riverside To be built

enerate a series of platforms that save the G height difference while giving dinamism to the site. Street furniture integrates with the architecture elements creating a continous flowing spaces following the water stream.


he project projects itself to the river avoiding visual and acoustic contact with the nearby highway.

Architect: Diego MuĂąoz Freelancer for SMEDI Nanchong, Sichuan

Shenzhen Footpath Bridge Under ConstructionCo A

s part of the Shenzhen new area development, the bridge takes the role of pedestrian circulation. Linking buildings and green areas avoiding the noise of the wide crowded roads.

he bridge is understood as a second level for the T ground floor. Because of that accesibility takes a main role on the design.

Architects: Fan Huang Diego MuĂąoz NUAUD (Semi-Arch) Shenzhen

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