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Sergio Colorado. John Jaime. Luis Fernando Fl贸rez. Daniel Cano.

BIKER`S. Motorcycle Speed. The World Motorcycling Championship is the main event of this type. Now consists of three categories: Moto3 (4-stroke motorcycles, 250cc engine capacity and with only one cylinder) Moto2 (4-stroke motorcycles, 600 cc 4-cylinder) and MotoGP (4-stroke motorcycles up 1000cc engine with cylinders free number). During the history of the championship, there have been other categories: 50cc, 80cc, 250cc, 350cc, 500cc and 1000cc.

BIKER`S. Motocross. The motocross rider is a discipline that develops in unpaved circuits or cross country and in which the various participants contend a race in order to finish in first place at the finish. It is one of the most spectacular forms of motorcycling, which combines the speed with the skills necessary to control the bike with the natural irregularities (and sometimes artificial) terrain, with sharp turns, bumps, potholes, violent changes ground, waterways, etc., and on an area of land that generally is muddy. All this means that in racing motocross jumps and skids happen. With the passage of time, the motocross disciplines has resulted in parallel, as the free-style and supermotard, the latter a cross between motocross and motorcycle speed is performed on mixed surfaces (asphalt and gravel).



Trial. Motorcycling is a discipline in which pilots must overcome obstacles without touching the ground with the body or falling. Essential skills are balance and movements planning to move in the path. This discipline is particularly popular in Spain and the UK.

BIKER`S. Enduro.

The Enduro is a form of motorcycle tours aimed at making usually outdoor cross country, or controlled circuits, similar to motocross but longer distance. It is similar to a car rally in which competitors must perform tours of routes established in specified time intervals. The term "enduro" comes from English endurance ("resistance").




Supermoto is a fusion between the road motorcycling and motocross. The races take place on tracks with sections commonly terrain within the same circuit, approximately 70% is asphalt and the remaining 30% is land and normally get a jump. Motorcycles are often creations made from dirt bikes with wheels or tires of racing motorcycles. Drivers also wear a combination of career and SUV suits, usually of leather helmets and boots SUV. Unlike normal road races, the predominant emphasis on slow runs (maximum speeds below 100 mph / 160 km / h), short and twisty tracks, where the competitor's skills are more important than the performance of the machine.

BIKER`S. Rally Raid. Is a discipline of motorcycle racing and golf to be played through. On each test day, participants must travel hundreds of miles from one town to another. Unlike a traditional rally, usually no roads outlined, but run on dunes and steppes. Therefore, one of the keys of this type of racing is orientation. Prior to the advent of satellite navigation systems, pilots and co-pilots were guided by maps and compass. During a raid each participant must withstand intense heat, sand and wind, having to cross major obstacles that sometimes even the vehicle can stay stuck in the sand so it is important to take the necessary tools to remove. The most famous race is the Rally Rally Raid Dakar, but also disciplines such dispute in the deserts of North America, South America and the Middle East.