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18-25th November



Sergio Colorado. John Jaime Hincapi茅. Luis Fernando Fl贸rez. Daniel Cano.

Honda golwind 1880cc is a touring motorcycle introduces to unites states in 1975 over the course of its history, it has numerous modifications. In 1975 it had 999cc in present the model had 1832cc, GPS (global positional system), airbag, reverse, radio among others interesting things‌

Hurry up the skeleton motorcycle is behind you.

ENCLOSED MOTORCYCLE. This bike count with an aerodianmic shell, and gets more than 200 miles per gallon.

WOODEN MOTORCYCLE. Motorcycle made of Wood by Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto.

FOUR WHEELED MOTORCYCLE. AMC motorbike, was designed by nick shotter, this kind of motorcycle let to his driver almost lie in the road plus with a much higher degree or safety.

BMW C1 Is an electric motorcycle with a rope, roll cage and seat belts.