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Sergio Colorado. John Jaime. Luis Fernando Fl贸rez. Daniel Cano.

BIKER`S. Motorcycle Speed. The World Motorcycling Championship is the main event of this type. Now consists of three categories: Moto3 (4-stroke motorcycles, 250cc engine capacity and with only one cylinder) Moto2 (4-stroke motorcycles, 600 cc 4-cylinder) and MotoGP (4-stroke motorcycles up 1000cc engine with cylinders free number). During the history of the championship, there have been other categories: 50cc, 80cc, 250cc, 350cc, 500cc and 1000cc.

BIKER`S. Motocross. The motocross rider is a discipline that develops in unpaved circuits or cross country and in which the various participants contend a race in order to finish in first place at the finish. It is one of the most spectacular forms of motorcycling, which combines the speed with the skills necessary to control the bike with the natural irregularities (and sometimes artificial) terrain, with sharp turns, bumps, potholes, violent changes ground, waterways, etc., and on an area of land that generally is muddy. All this means that in racing motocross jumps and skids happen. With the passage of time, the motocross disciplines has resulted in parallel, as the free-style and supermotard, the latter a cross between motocross and motorcycle speed is performed on mixed surfaces (asphalt and gravel).



Trial. Motorcycling is a discipline in which pilots must overcome obstacles without touching the ground with the body or falling. Essential skills are balance and movements planning to move in the path. This discipline is particularly popular in Spain and the UK.

BIKER`S. Enduro.

The Enduro is a form of motorcycle tours aimed at making usually outdoor cross country, or controlled circuits, similar to motocross but longer distance. It is similar to a car rally in which competitors must perform tours of routes established in specified time intervals. The term "enduro" comes from English endurance ("resistance").




Supermoto is a fusion between the road motorcycling and motocross. The races take place on tracks with sections commonly terrain within the same circuit, approximately 70% is asphalt and the remaining 30% is land and normally get a jump. Motorcycles are often creations made from dirt bikes with wheels or tires of racing motorcycles. Drivers also wear a combination of career and SUV suits, usually of leather helmets and boots SUV. Unlike normal road races, the predominant emphasis on slow runs (maximum speeds below 100 mph / 160 km / h), short and twisty tracks, where the competitor's skills are more important than the performance of the machine.

BIKER`S. Rally Raid. Is a discipline of motorcycle racing and golf to be played through. On each test day, participants must travel hundreds of miles from one town to another. Unlike a traditional rally, usually no roads outlined, but run on dunes and steppes. Therefore, one of the keys of this type of racing is orientation. Prior to the advent of satellite navigation systems, pilots and co-pilots were guided by maps and compass. During a raid each participant must withstand intense heat, sand and wind, having to cross major obstacles that sometimes even the vehicle can stay stuck in the sand so it is important to take the necessary tools to remove. The most famous race is the Rally Rally Raid Dakar, but also disciplines such dispute in the deserts of North America, South America and the Middle East.


USUAL RISKS Common situations in urban traffic We hope that don't happen you! If you go ahead in a line of cars on the left, unless it is absolutely impossible for any of them turn to that side (because there is a wall for example), take great care: After doesn’t matter if had turn on or not the flashing light, or if had continuous line or not. Advance a line of cars, even if it is "legal" (not passing through a single line or double continuous line),

this has its risks, and is one of the typical city shocks, if the driver of the motorcycle had not been carefully, watched and gone slowly, the accident could be strong. Never hasten a line at high speed, do slowly, especially if the traffic lights which you are heading remains red, there isn’t hurry. Take maximum care if there is an entrance to another street, to a gas station or a parking lot. If you see a car with the wheels turned to the left, or the driver is looking to the mirror or with intermittent light turn on, is obviously a sign of "do not pass".

If the turn right is close, be careful if you are passing a car on its right, either if is properly for your rail and it is in the second, or as in the graph by the narrow area between the car and the curb. Again, the least if they catch you off guard is if they had had the intermittent light or not, and if they had watched or not: they go by car, are on their own, and they may decide at the last minute that they need get on that street (or the parking lot or gas station, any access is potentially dangerous for you). This type of stroke is another "classic", and is usually mild unless you were riding fast, something that you should never do when you pass someone in city traffic on his/her right, precisely because there is constant danger of stalling throwing right, or rotate in an access

Before a right turn you should prepare to dodge the car above you on your left, it turning to your right. Pass on the right quickly is NOT a good idea... Too late: dodge or try to stop? In this case, that could be as the previous case (car on your way to turn right) but we have something more extreme, a car comes in front you decides to turn on its left (your right), possibly without notice or turn on the intermittent light and it

didn’t calculate your speed and it has time (if it does it good there weren’t any problem ... but you have to be prepared for the worst). Have clear that it is always good idea try stopping, motorcycles currently have very good brakes and especially with the help of safety ABS, if you can’t stop in time, at least you will reduced the speed and the consequences of impact will reduce significantly. Is it possible to avoid it? Maybe, but you do not know exactly what move the car will do (it has not seen you, but in the end it will) to make a violent movement you must applied a lot of force on the handlebar in addition to coordinating the brakes perfectly.

FZ1N Fazer 1000 C.C. Naked 2006

The FZ1 was produced for the United States in 2001. Models produced in the period 2001 to 2005 were known as FZS1000 Fazer in Europe later a black engine was introduced and this was called the FZS1000S. They had a modified Yamaha YZF-R1 motor in a steel tubular frame. The FZ1 was carbureted. They were virtually unchanged over this period, except for different colour options. In some European countries the 2005 model saw the introduction of an exhaust based catalytic converter, albeit of a rudimentary design.

The F12berlinetta opens a whole new generation of 12-cylinder models of the Prancing Horse, Ferrari being the most powerful and high performance.

The V12 engine at 65, of 6262 cc direct injection at 200 bar, offers unprecedented performance for a 12-cylinder atmospheric, both in terms of power and speed. Has a maximum power of 740 hp at 8,250 rpm, with a specific output of 118 hp / l, an absolute record for this class of engines. Responsiveness and brutal acceleration are assured thanks to a maximum torque of 690 Nm, 80% of which is already available at just 2,500 rpm. Advances have also been made with regard to exceptional fuel consumption and emissions, with a decrease in both cases 30%, to settle at an average of 15 l/100 km and 350 g / km of CO2, respectively, making F12berlinetta of a reference in its segment. Its wheelbase also has been shortened, the engine and the driver's seat are placed in a lower position and back is more compact, thanks to the new scheme suspension and gearbox. In short, a car is shorter, lower and narrower than the previous V12 coupe. The weight distribution is also great (54% rear), while the center of gravity has been lowered and moved to the rear of the chassis.

458 Spider

The 458 Spider marks the beginning of a whole new generation of Ferrari convertibles An effortless marriage of technology, design and beauty, this model is also the first car that combines a rear midengine with a retractable hardtop, which brings both unprecedented comfort in the passenger compartment when closed, and the unmatched performance of a Spider. A story that changes with the times, but also continues a glorious tradition, founded largely on fabulous convertible cars designed for sunny days: Spiders, Cabriolets and Barchettas. They are really wonderful to drive vehicles because they only have the open sky above one, which makes getting behind the wheel is a truly unique and unforgettable sound from the engine, feel the speed of the car, smell the scents of a world swirls around you. The Ferrari 458 Spider offers a whole new range of emotions and adds a real sense of sportiness and power with which to enjoy weekend trips to two. The clever mix of sounds provided by the 570 horsepower car, incorporating the right notes and make music to your ears: music that acts as a brilliant soundtrack that not only can enjoy the pleasure of driving a vehicle of the brand Prancing Horse, but also to maintain a quiet conversation on board.


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