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Evaluation of MSP2 Ning Social Network Conversation Rubric




Quality of Responses

Responses are relevant, in-depth and wellthought-out. They expand on the conversation and elicit further discussion.

Responses are relevant but short. Some do not further the discussion.

Responses not always relevant. They are consistently short and do not further the conversation.

Number of Responses

Participants contribute many responses and develop deeply threaded dialogues.

Participants contribute several responses in several conversations.

Participants contribute few responses.

Participant involvement

Responses are well distributed among participants, and all are deeply engaged in the discussion.

Responses are distributed between participants and Project Team members (including Teacher Leaders)

Conversations dominated by Project Team members (including Teacher Leaders) and only a few participants.

Source: iDiscovery Learning Community Scoring Rubric

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MSP2 Social Network Conversation Rubric  

This instrument is used to measure the quality of online conversations and comments of the members of the Middle School Portal 2 social netw...

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