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20 Brief 8 : Protest graphics Process: *Design a one-colour protest graphic on a computer – the work must include text (slogan) AND image. *Copy the work BY EYE (don’t print it) from your computer screen onto A2 size paper. * Cut the A2 paper copy to make a stencil. *Apply acrylic paint or aerosol paint through your stencil onto an A2

placard. Considerations: Make your slogan from as few words as possible. Make the design as simple as possible, . . . even if the idea behind it is complex. Ask your friends/ peers if they think your design says what you think it says, . . . before you finalise the work.


I decided to create my graphics around a news story i had heard earlier this year about different county councils trying put a new energy scheme into place. The idea was that they would turn off sections of street lights off in attempt to save money. Obviously it was not considered a great idea and i for one don’t par-

ticularly agree with it. I based my idea around the statement that doing this would be stupid. So by i created a slogan around this saying that dimming the lights would be a dim idea. I tied the slogan together by having a lightbulb in the middle where the filment was replaced with a equals symbol.

Protest piece  
Protest piece  

Brief 8 semester 1 GDNM YR1