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Brief 1:

Typographic Animation

*Choose a sentence, phrase or collection of words related to a movement or set of movements. *Produce a stopframe animation using the typographic letter forms from this sentence, phrase or collection of words. *Your stop-frame animation must have a minimum duration of 30 seconds, and a minimum frame-rate of 12 fps (frames per second). *You are expected to use photography, and may photograph your letter forms in places and spaces that relate to your ideas. You are discouraged from using pre-made images as backgrounds.


I intially struggled to start with this brief as the idea of creating a visual story to fit in with a phrase was quite alien to me. The phrase i decided to use was “in one ear out the other”, something i could relate having recently moved in with my girlfriend. I tried to get the look of my animation to be something like the openting titles

of the channel 4 sitcom “the inbetweeners”, as felt this was a more intersting take on what is quite a played out technique. Using photographs of myself and my girldfriend i depicted the story of a nagging girlfriend being ignored by her boyfriend. I felt that scenerio was quite an accurate way to illustrate the phrase.

Read left to right (start top left, finish bottom right): screenshots taken from animation

In one ear, Out the other

Brief 1 typographic animation  
Brief 1 typographic animation  

layout for brief 1