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Strengthening Community Education

School Track Every society is thriving to become knowledge society, which is aspiring for the creation of knowledge. The schooling today is no more with rude discipline. And the entire society is in a process of creating knowledge. No more class rooms are within four walls, it would be a virtual window to see the whole world, even galaxy, planetscapes, etc. No more schools are just learning centres. It should be an essential part of community by helping the society in updating knowledge, says Johnson Andrews Fernandez (, of Corporate Management of Schools Alappuzha, Kearala. Multimedia Interactive Classrooms, Virtual Class Rooms, Publishing and Maintenance of Digital Library, Intelligent Network of Teachers, Internet Applications and Communication, Archives of Local Knowledge, Village Knowledge Centres, Helpline for students and parents and Ham Radio are some of the features with the schools and the Digital Learning programme, that brought the recognition of a Power School for the Diocese of Alleppey. It was one of the finalists in the Digital Learning Power School Award process that culminated in August along the forum of Digital Learning India 2007 conference. Johnson Andrews Fernandez shares the power of the Corporate Management of Schools.

Power School The Corporate Management of Schools is a charitable and educational society, now incorporates 25 schools lining the coastal belt of Alappuzha district in Kerala and caters to the educational needs of 17313 students, mostly hailing from socially, economically and educationally backward families. The schools have the facilities to bring out the best in these students with a workforce of 615 teachers.

What is Digital Learning programme? DLP is a network of corporate management schools by Optical Fibre Cable. We call this network as information super highway with 1 A School in Kattoor under the Diocese

Digital Learning | Vol 3 Issue 9 September 2007

and developmental differences; enhance communication and collaboration to build partnerships beyond the classroom, expanding the community of learners and enhancing the quality of learning; create new education communities by increasing the modes of teaching and learning and the range of people who can be involved.

G.B. Bandwidth, that makes any multimedia file transfer possible within seconds. The entire school activities are monitored by the management. And a live class can be given by a teacher with multimedia presentation from the office of the management of schools while interacting with the students.

How helpful for students? Digital Learning programme enables teachers to: • create new learning environments based on a blended learning approach, which allows students to explore and experiment, think critically and work creatively, reflect and plan, use feedback and selfassessment, and create new knowledge; • make teaching and learning more effective and efficient by using customised tools that aid preparation, programming, assessment, and reporting; • customise learning experiences to recognise individual, cultural,

For the effective implementation of this project on D L P we have classified the 24 schools into three clusters on the basis of their geographic location. The office of the Corporate Management will be the centre for monitoring and scaffolding these clusters. The service of the expert teachers has already been ensured for the success of the project. Educationalists and other experts who can make constructive contribution will also be brought in. There will be team of experts who will analyse and suggest progressive measures for updating the activities. Utmost care will be


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