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mation tal expectations, changing curricula, and advances in education technology are both an opportunity as well as a threat to school systems. The range of our expertise and experience includes hardware, software and implementation services for total transformation. The multiple factors for which clients choose us include next generation content ideas, immersive teacher training and cost efficient and future proof technologies. We have recently launched a series of seminars, which shall take us to over 10,000 schools in 100 cities in 2011.

from being free to premium content. Next generation content would be on the cloud and would be deployed in an array of mobile and 3G devices/ tablets. We see the next generation content reflecting advances in learning pedagogies such as activity based learning, or use of gaming approaches and simulations. Since we have been developing content for a decade now, we have done multiple iterations to ensure that we do develop the next generation of content and continue to be thought leaders.

How do you see the future of digital content in the Indian market? What would be the next generation of it? We are able to predict a proliferation of digital content, which would vary in quality and shall also vary

Still there is a huge gap in a traditional text book and digital content model. What are the factors narrowing this gap? We see a new generation of interactive e-books bridging this gap between the two. We have set up an R&D cell which

as they have to make the classrooms and teaching more interesting for the students. The average performance of the child is highly enhanced with the use of digital content and group interactions.” With the availability of Internet in all homes in urban areas, the access to information is easily available. “We have been using digital content in our classrooms and have found it especially beneficial in the teaching of subjects like Science, History and Geography. The language labs also prove to be extremely beneficial for the students as they engage in more interactive content than going through the dry interactions based on text-books. For Mathematics, we have seen that the interactive white boards have been extremely beneficial in making the topics more interesting and interactive,” she adds further Rural schools can also benefit from the Edusat programme that has created curriculum based content for the stu-

is working on the same. We do think that our organisation shall be thought leaders in heralding this change. As a company, we have been known to spot ideas in education technology early, for example, we were the first to introduce Interactive Whiteboards in the country five years back. How can unauthorised use of digital content be controlled? How do you address right management and piracy related issues? We need strong laws to spur a culture of innovation and products development in this country. Right now, we don’t have strong incentives to protect the original and innovative thought in content. Right now, we are using proprietary security systems to protect our content.

dents. The simple delivery of some topics beyond textbooks increases the interest and enthusiasm of the students manifold. These technology tools are being actively adopted by the teachers as they realise it as the need of the hour and help them to engage with the students beyond textbooks. Cynthia Gomes, Principal, NCT Convent and Aryaa Gurukulam School shares that, “Technology is everything that is invented after you were born and it is not what the software does, instead it is actually what the user does. Any smoothly functioning of technology will give you the appearance of magic and the teachers and students together must be the change that they want to see in the world. So even though we have more and more of digital content and educational technology entering our classrooms, the most important foundation of education is to ask questions, and curiosity should continue. With the innovations and addigitalLEARNING / May 2011


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8 8 cover story cover story By Pragya Gupta 9 cover story digitalLEARNING / MAy 2011 Please share your customer engag...

digitalLEARNING-May-2011-[8-14]-Cover story-Digital Content the  

8 8 cover story cover story By Pragya Gupta 9 cover story digitalLEARNING / MAy 2011 Please share your customer engag...