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Noise Policy Hagerty Library Noise levels vary widely within the library. The following designations are defined in order to provide an environment that is comfortable, inviting and conducive to study for all users.



Low Noise (Quiet) Area

• • •

Minimal talking, No group study Cell phones OFF or turned to silent/vibrate

Medium Noise Area

Normal conversational noise (low talking) Small group studying Cell phones OFF or turned to silent/vibrate

Group studying Group conversational noise

• • •

High Noise (Collaborative) Area

• •

• •

Location •

• •

Second floor study carrels and tables Lower level quiet study area (Room L01) Entrance level computer area Entrance level study tables Lower level computer labs (L13C & L14) All group study rooms Bookmark Café Lower level study table and carrels

See library floor plan on reverse side for additional information.

General Noise Guidelines; Be considerate of others. Areas near the service desk generally will be noisier than elsewhere. Headphones may be used, but volume must be set low so noise is not audible to others. Laptops and library computers may be operated, but sound and audio features must be turned off. Cell phones and pagers should be turned to silent or vibrate. Talking should be kept to a normal level. Created 11/8/10

Noise Policy Hagerty Library 1


Entrance Level

Second Floor

LL Lower Level

Hagerty Noise Policy  

The new noise policy for Hagerty Library.

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