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2008 - 2010 architecture selected works Dan Kwak Art Gallery House - Grand River Housing - Hotel Orangenight - OPP Modernization - Halton Aqua Naturalle


2008 - 2013

School of Architecture, University of Waterloo Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies

2009 May - July

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver Summer architectural course

2003 - 2008

Argyle Secondary, North Vancouver B.C. High School Graduation Diploma


Dan Kwak 1.519.781.7131


Windows + Mac AutoCAD Revit Sketchup Adobe Suite Microsoft Office 2010 January - April

Stantec Architecture, Toronto Student Intern - organizing FTP files - preparing design presentations and submissions - generating site plans and landscape plans for police stations - colouring floor plans, elevations and sections

2008 - 2009 2010 May - August

Waterloo Engineering Endowment Foundation (WEEF) Council, Faculty of Architecture

123 St.Andrews Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N1S 1N1


- producing design and construction drawings - organizing layers of drawings in AutoCAD - calculating and colour-coding areas - filing addenda, notices, etc. - making physical building models - rendering and photoshopping - elaborating on design drawings - creating cost-estimate documents - preparing design presentations - photographing works for pulishing


watercolour, photography, mountain biking



250km solo cycling journey from Vancouver to Penticton, BC

Conceptual Sketches

Every design begins with research and ideas that evolves through countless alterations and attempts.

Art Gallery House

outdoor deck

master bedroom

living / bath rooms

workspace guest entrance

art gallery observer deck resting area

Metal parapet Flashing

Roofing 20mm concrete slab 100mm air space 18mm protective sheathing Air / Vapour barriers 45mm insulation 10mm cover board

10mm exterior architectural cladding 15mm air space 18mm sheathing 40mm cavity insulation Air / Vapour barriers Timber studs 25mm poured concrete wall 10mm gypsum board

dining / kitchen


18mm double glazing / argon gas-filled cavity

Finished ceiling Steel lintel

Finished floor Poured concrete slab Vapour barrier 40mm insulation

Window ventilator Aluminum window sill Flashing

weeping hole protective film

ground floor

second floor

third floor

In a constricted property, the client, who is a contemporary art dealer, needed a small art gallery. The project focuses on the harmonious intergration of the gallery and the residential unit.

Art Gallery House

To amplify the spacious sensation inside, the art gallery occupies two storeys of height with the semi-floor observation deck. Between the gallery and the residence lies the garden core that operates as a buffer for passive air circulation and natural light penetration.

Grand River Multi-housing

An interactive neighborhood is achieved by deploying a massive, wooden deck that bridges houses. The primary design motif was to eliminate the distinctions between houses and gardens and to formulate a natural assimilation of the landscape in the neighborhood; the residents are directly led to the outdoor and fully enjoy the advantages of the local landscape.

Hotel Orangenight

The exposed structures are to represent the modern building technology. The design concept lies in the application of steel tube structures and curtain walls. The primary focus in this project was to explore the numerous possibilities of modern building methods and materials.

Stantec Toronto office OPP Modernization

OPP Modernization was a competition work to design sixteen Ontario Provincial Police stations. As a student in the team, I worked on the site plans and landscape plans under the supervision of the project manager and a landscape architect. I was responsible for elaborations on several drawings for the design presentations and also for organizing the FTP files.

Halton Aqua Naturalle Water Park


2 3




Situated in Halton Region, Ontario, the project is a development of 50 m x 250 m property for a water park. In order to provide the amount of water required for the park, an aqueduct is installed that runs for kilometres. The project examines various methods of water circulation and the interaction between water and people.

Architectural Portfolio  

Dan Kwak's Architectural Portfolio for Autumn

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